Our Lady of Lourdes Primary Newsletter

Term 1 Week 11, 6th April, 2023

Key Dates

Friday 7th April Good Friday
Monday 24th AprilStaff Development Day
Tuesday 25th April ANZAC Day Public Holiday
Wednesday 26th April1st Day, Term 2, Students return
Friday 12th MayMothers Day Breakfast and Stall 

Easter Sunday 9th April 2023

The Gospel (John 20: 1 - 2)

Early in the morning on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and saw that the stone was moved away from the entrance. She ran at once to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one Jesus loved, breathlessly panting, “They took the Master from the tomb. We don’t

know where they’ve put him”.

... On the way to Mass

Imagine you were approaching Jesus’ tomb that early morning. How would you have reacted to the earthquake and the angel of the Lord descending from heaven? What would you have thought about the angel’s message?

On the way home from Mass ...

After the women were told about Jesus rising from the dead, they were told to “Go tell” this good news.How can we also “Go tell” this good news?

The Prayer

Great God of light, you come to us while it is deepest night; you overcome the power of death. Alleluia! We come from the shadows to stand in your presence, unafraid. Alleluia! Fill our hearts with joy on this day of resurrection. 

Alleluia! Amen!

The Question of the Week


How can you show this week that you truly believe in the resurrection of Jesus?

Where do you need the hope, peace, and freedom of the Resurrection in your life right now?

Primary Students

To whom could you tell the story of Jesus’ rising from the dead?

The Action

So if you’re serious about living this new resurrection life with Christ, act like it. Raise up a fallen friend. Lift up a lonely heart. Bring the morning to someone who is wrapped in darkness. Take one step beyond discouragement and fear, and find Easter. Someone near you needs hope. You are the designated messenger of Easter hope and joy. Alleluia, Love is alive! Happy Easter!

Project Compassion - Thank You !

During the season of Lent, Students at Our Lady of Lourdes were encouraged to donate some of their pocket money into their class project Compassion Box. During Father Shadi’s homily at our Ash Wednesday Mass, he spoke to the students about going without so that we may help the less fortunate and follow in the footsteps of Jesus. The students listened carefully and we were able to raise a total of $664.80.

I was able to visit all classes and add an incentive to help entice their generosity by rewarding the class that raises the most money with an ice block treat. I am very happy to report that Year 1M raised a total of $142.15 and they enjoyed their ice blocks at lunchtime. 

Thank you to all students and their families that were able to donate to such a worthy cause. We are very fortunate to belong to a beautiful and very generous community.

Thank You and Happy Easter

Thank you to all the students and staff who have worked so hard this term. Kindergarten have settled in well and are making great progress with their learning and making new friends.

I wish everyone a Happy and Holy Easter and a relaxing break over the next two weeks.

Principal/ Citizenship Awards

At the end of each term we hold an assembly to present the Principal and Citizenship Awards. Each class teacher selects one student from their class to receive a Principal’s Certicate and one student to receive a Citizenship Certicate. The criteria for selection is listed below:

Criteria for Principal’s Award

  • Students may have shown one or more of the following:
  • Achieved high standard results this term
  • Continually produced work of a high standard
  • Have shown outstanding effort in their school work
  • Participated most enthusiastically in all class activities
  • Made great improvement/progress in their school work

Criteria for Citizenship Award

  • Students may have shown one or more of the following:
  • Treated others with care and respect
  • Helped other students
  • Considered the feelings of others
  • Demonstrated the values taught in our school
  • Cared for the environment
  • Displayed skills taught in our Social Skills Program

Principal/ Citizenship Awards Congratulations

Winter Uniform

All winter uniforms are now available for purchase. The students will be changing to winter uniform on Monday 15th May.

Orders can be placed via Qkr app by MasterCard. The QKR app is a safe and convenient way to order and ensures your uniforms are delivered to the school.

Please see uniform size chart below

Any questions please email to: elle@ozfashions.com.au

OzFashions Uniform Size Chart


Parking Fines

School Fees - Please Finalise Overdue accounts

School Fees Instalment 1 payment was due on Wednesday, 15th March, 2023.

If your school fee account is outstanding and you are not on a flexible payment arrangement, please finalise your account now. 

School fee accounts on a flexible payment plan arrangement, please check your scheduled payments are paid accordingly and there are no missed payments. Thank you

Kindergarten 2024 Enrolments Now Due

We are now taking enrolments for Kindergarten 2024, if you have a student to enrol please submit enrolment forms by the end of Term 1, Thursday 6th April. 

Enrolment forms can be downloaded from our website or collected from the office. Please return the completed enrolment forms to the school office with all the required documentation including originals.

Thankyou to P&F

A big thankyou to all involved in the P&F for their work with the morning tea 60th celebrations and the Easter Raffle. There was a lot of work involved in both these events to make this a success for our community. Thankyou.

Lost Property

We have a number of items in lost property, some items have been left behind at various events over the last few weeks. Please contact the office if any of these items belong to you. 

Sports News

Dance Fever

Dance Fever is returning to OLOL in Term 2 on Fridays.

K-2 will complete a Dance Program and Years 3-6 will complete a Skipping Program for 10 weeks.

Diocesan Cross Country

The Diocesan Cross Country will be held on Wednesday the 10th of May (Week 3, Term 2) at Sydney Motorsport Park, Eastern Creek. The students attending this event have received a hard/emailed copy of their permission note. This note is due to Mrs Rawlings by the 28th of April (Week 1, Term 2). The Diocesan Cross Country course is a challenging course and students are encouraged to train for this event during the holidays.

P & F News

Easter Raffle

A big thank you goes to all the parents who generously donated all the Easter eggs for the raffle. It was a great success and we had many prizes to give away! Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you also goes to the Zalloua family for the beautiful handmade cookies and to the Francica family for the beautiful Easter headband.

Mothers Day Breakfast and Stall

Our mothers day breakfast and stall will be back for 2023. It will be held on Friday the 12th of May. We need many volunteers to assist on the day. If you would like to be involved in selling raffle tickets, helping with the breakfast on the day, involved in cooking the barbecue or would like to help in the stall please fill out the volunteer form in the link attached below and please sign up for the area you would like to assist in. All volunteers are required to have completed building safe communities. More details regarding the breakfast and RSVP will be available early next term.

Mothers Day Sign Up Sheet

Mothers Day Raffle Fundraiser

We are now also organising gifts for the annual Mother’s Day fundraiser raffle.  Last year’s raffle was a great success due to the amazing generosity of our school community in donating gifts and prizes as well as purchasing raffle tickets. We hope this year can be just as successful. We are currently looking for donations no matter how small or large. If you have a new product, gift vouchers, services, or know any business that may be interested in donating to our fundraising raffle it would be greatly appreciated.  If you would like to donate, can you please bring the items into to the school office.  If you have any questions or need to discuss anything at all about the raffle, please do not hesitate to contact Laura Jorgensen on ololbhevents@gmail.com or Rebecca Joumma on  0415 673 025

Parish News

Children's Rosary Movement

Children’s Rosary participants gather together to pray the Rosary every Monday during the school term. Parents need to accompany children. 

Bring your Rosary beads and spend some time in prayer.

Where: OLOL Church

When: Monday (school term only)

Time: 3:30pm

Contact: anitamolina@hotmail.com

Community News

No Parking Zones