St Joseph's Catholic Primary School Wandal Newsletter

8 February 2023

From the Principal

The Open Classroom afternoon was very well supported by our families. Many students proudly showed off their new learning experiences, the learning spaces and their teachers. If you were unable to visit yesterday, families are welcome to classrooms from 8:15 to 8:35 am and again in the afternoons to 3:20 pm. 

This Friday, our Parents and Friends Association is hosting their first family event for the year. The Movie Night will be held on the lower school oval. Gates are open from 5:00pm for families to set up picnic rugs and the food vendors will be onsite. The movie will commence screening close to 6:30 pm. 

The school tuckshop will be closed for the next three weeks, while we are still establishing effective staffing to cater for our students when the coordinator is absent. Volunteer support would be greatly appreciated after this closure to ensure the service runs to its full potential. If you, or any grandparents are available to assist in the tuckshop, even if on the odd occasion, Mrs Elise Wadsworth would welcome your help. The new menu has been very well received, with orders over 200 on some days. Keep a close watch on Skoolbag posts in the next three weeks for some alternate food days.

Have a great week

Bernadette Brennan

2023 Movie Night

From the Assistant Principal: Religious Education (APRE)

Rheanna Starr

Gospel Reflection

Salt in the ancient world was used not just for flavouring but, most importantly, as a preservative for food, preventing deterioration or decay, and keeping it life-giving.

So, when Jesus says: ‘You are the salt of the earth’, he is saying: ‘You are the ones who are to preserve the earth, to prevent its deterioration or decay, to keep it life-giving, to ensure it provides a place of habitation, hospitable to billions of living beings, including human beings.

We retain our saltiness by becoming the greatest humanitarians the world has ever seen.


Lent is fast approaching, the season in the Church when Catholics prepare for Jesus’ death and resurrection at Easter. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent.  You may be wondering where the Ashes come from. Palm fronds are gathered from Palm Sunday of the previous year and burned. Palm Sunday is celebrated the Sunday before Easter Sunday, the day that Jesus entered Jerusalem. Traditionally Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of fasting leading to Easter.

The day before Ash Wednesday is Shrove Tuesday, a day customarily of feasting before Lent. This year we will again hold ‘Pancake Day’ on Shrove Tuesday. St Joseph’s Wandal Staff will donate the pancakes for students to enjoy. There will be a Gluten Free option as well.  Students are asked to make a gold coin donation on Shrove Tuesday. All money raised from pancakes will be donated to Project Compassion. 

Catholic Social Teaching Principles

All classes have been identifying the Catholic Social Teaching Principles and describing what that looks like in their classroom.  The Catholic Social Teaching Principles are:

Dignity for the Human Person

Care for our Common Home

Subsidiarity and Participation

The Common Good


Preferential Option for the Poor

Year One has created class covenants or expectations using the Catholic Social Teaching Principles.  Year Six created a photo collage to visually represent how they live by the Catholic Social Teachings in their classroom, and Year Three has brainstormed examples of how they can model these principles.

Scroll through photos

Prayer Assembly Year 4 Gold

This week Year 4 Gold is presenting our Prayer Celebration.

It will be held in the undercover area at 8:35.

Our Prayer Celebration will focus on the World Day of Prayer for the Sick. May we try to be like Jesus by being kind and compassionate people who willingly support those who are ill.

Give us the heart and mind of a servant so that we can make a difference in the lives of those who need our help.

Term 1 Prayer Reflection

Week 3Year 4 Gold Prayer ReflectionFriday 10 February
Week 4No Assembly - Pupil Free DayFriday 17 February
Week 5Year 5 White Ash Wednesday Wednesday 22 February

Year 6 Leadership Assembly and CommissioningFriday 24 February
Week 6 Year 2 White Lent FocusFriday 3 March
Week 7Year 1 Gold Prayer ReflectionFriday 10 March
Week 8Year 3 White Prayer ReflectionFriday 17 March
Week 9Year 2 Gold St Joseph Feast DayMonday 20 March
Week 10Holy Week - All ClassesDate to be advised

Parish Newsletter

From the Assistant Principal Curriculum - APC

Janette McLennan

Learner Dispositions

Welcome to Week 3!  Our focus this week continues to be being a reflective learner.  This week I have been exploring the work of James Anderson, Expert in Growth Mindset, Learnership,

Learner Agency and Habits of Mind.  His recent writing has concentrated on ‘learnership’.  I really value the way that he put together the ideas of response and dispositions into the characteristics that make a learner engaged.  He proposes that ‘learnership’ is about:

How the learner responds when faced with a learning challenge

What characteristics or dispositions they bring to learning

How the learner responds to a mistake

How they engage with feedback

And how much time and energy they are spending on learning (and how productive that time is)

I found this to be really interesting reading.  It left me with the big question – How do we promote learnership?




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