Mary Immaculate Primary Newsletter

Term 2 Week 9 : Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Principal's Message

So What Should We Teach Now?

Over this term parents have of course been involved in a totally unique experience during Covid. Parents have experienced student learning in a way they never have before. They have new insights into what their children can achieve in learning. Most of the time the children have amazed them, when given the opportunity, at how talented and committed they are as learners. That is a huge part of what we do at MIPS - develop the children as 'learners' and not just students who complete a series of tasks.

Over two thirds of our parents have already completed their report input into what they have learned about their children's learning. I expect more will further contribute. This is amazing considering how quickly and responsively the parents have supported this unique initiative!

The NSW Curriculum recently underwent a significant and timely review. The main thrust of the review recommended that the curriculum allow for the students to go much deeper in their learning rather than superficially covering a series of facts and content. Parents may have previously thought that the important thing in learning is the memorisation of facts eg tables. Now I imagine they have a new-found appreciation for the 'big ticket' items in learning such as those about which we invited them to provide feedback to their children. Those items are the learning behaviours of successful learners such as their ability to seek and use feedback effectively.

MIPS has been on about the behaviours of successful learners for some time now and people who visit our school recognise that in the daily engagement of our students.

I invite you to access information on the new curriculum, encouraged by the fact that MIPS is well placed to work with this new curriculum.

 Mr Stephen Dowd


Learning At MIPS


(Practicing our addition and subtraction number facts without realising it)



Cards 1 (ace) – 10 (Remove the J,Q and K)


Players divide the cards evenly between themselves and place one card face up in the middle. The first player places their card next to the card in the middle. If it is a black card the cards are added together. If it is a red card subtract the number from the previous total. 




The first player flips 4 cards to make two 2-digit numbers and adds these together. 

The next player also flips 4 cards and adds the two 2-digit numbers together. 

The player with the largest number gets a point. The player with the most points wins. 


Flip 6 cards and make two 3-digit numbers to add together.  

Begin with 50 and flip 2 cards to make a 2-digit number. Subtract the number from 50. The next player flips 2 cards and subtracts their 2-digit number. Play continues by subtracting a number when it is your turn. The person closest to zero is the winner.




Congratulations to our MIPS Year 5 and 6 Maths Olympiad team who completed the second competition paper remotely and completely online last term. Our students went above and beyond to ensure they were still able to participate to the fullest. 


Last Wednesday the team participated in the third official competition for the year. Each competition is made up of 5 complex questions that provide a high level of challenge and require higher-order thinking skills. Our team has improved with each competition and we are so proud of them! 

 Mrs Bond

Mathematics Coordinator

Anaphylactic Student Awareness

Mary Immaculate Primary has several students who have severe allergic reaction to nuts and other allergens. This reaction is called Anaphylaxis. It is a severe, rapidly progressive allergic reaction that is potentially life threatening and requires urgent treatment.

As a preventative measure could we please ask you to consider the students in our school who are at risk of anaphylaxis by:

  • Avoid sending food to school which has nuts or nut products in.
  • Teach your child to respect children who have food allergies.
  • Teach your child not to share food, drink, food utensils or containers with anyone.
  • Encourage your child to wash their hands before and after eating.
  • Ask your child to get help immediately if their allergic schoolmate gets sick.

Upcoming Dates

Friday, 3rd July End of Term 2 
Monday, 20th July Term 3 Begins


2020 School Fees

If you would like to organise a flexible payment plan for 2020 school fees please email Liz Padlan on

For those that have been financially impacted by COVID-19, please click on the following link for fee relief information: 

CEDP Fee Relief

The fee relief form can be completed online or downloaded as a PDF. If you are completing the paper document, please scan and email to (Community Liaison at CEDP). All information will remain strictly confidential.

Uniform Shop

When exchanging items purchased from the uniform shop please send an email to prior to leaving the items at the school office in a bag labelled with your child's name and class. 

Online orders and emails for exchanges are to be placed on the QKR App by 4:00pm Monday and Thursday.  Uniform orders and exchanges will be delivered to your child's classroom on Tuesday and Friday mornings during the school term. 

Please email all exchanges to

All inquiries please contact Elle on 0421 216 414 or via email,

School Canteen

Paula's Pantry is open Monday to Friday: before school from 8:25am, lunchtime and recess

Lunches can be ordered at the canteen in the morning before school or online via the QKR App. When ordering online please ensure you place your order before 8:30am

 Frozen yoghurt is currently out of stock. 

Community News

Mary Immaculate Parish, Quakers Hill - Schofields


We thank you for your on going patience, prayers and support for our parish community during these uncertain times.

After consultation with the Diocese of Parramatta our parish has decided to make amendments to our sacramental program this year in light of the current restrictions on gatherings.

The parish First Eucharist and Confirmation programs will be postponed until further notice. A decision on these sacramental programs will be made as further restrictions are eased. As you would appreciate, the witnessing by family, extended family and friends of those completing these sacraments has been an important part of making these  significant occasions memorable. Therefore by delaying these programs it will maximise the opportunity for this. 

Because of this, we have decided to move forward the preparation for the sacrament of reconciliation. 

This sacrament is for children in Year 3 and above who have been baptised. 

We intend the preparation session to occur via Zoom (online video conferencing).

We will be inviting children and their parents to come to the church for the actual sacrament. Tentatively this will be done on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon/evening in the month of August 2020.

Please find attached the dates for the program. Registration for this program will begin on Sunday 21st June 2020 via our website. (

Please do not hesitate to contact our parish sacramental coordinator on the details below if you have any further questions.

Gerald “Ged” Oblea

Sacramental Coordinator

Mary Immaculate Parish

Ph: 02 9626 3326 and select option "3"

Mobile: 0477 151 279


Community Advertising

"Please understand we are happy to support local businesses and programmes. However, the following notices are supplied for community information.
This by no means surmounts to an endorsement by the school." (Principal, Mr Stephen Dowd)

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