Dernancourt School R-7 Newsletter

4th July 2019


Wow! End of Term 2 already?

 What a busy 10 weeks we have had! We have been delighted with many learning opportunities, including, assemblies, Footsteps, incursions and  excursions and casual day.  Integrated into all of these events are our daily learning programs which are always a hive of activity in engagement, inquiry, wonderings, enthusiasm, play and explicit teaching happening in whole class, group, pair and individual learning environments.  No wonder we are ready for a break from the routine in order to recharge our batteries and prepare for Term 3.   

Teachers have now completed and printed Mid Year Reports, they will come home with students on Friday, this will enable families to read through reports with their child, reflect on learning successes and areas for focus in term 3 and 4. Reports not collected on the last day, due to student absence,  will be available from the Front Office during the second week of the holidays.  In Term 3 we offer optional  Parent- Teacher discussions for those families wishing to discuss anything in the written report, or follow up on how to support your child's learning.  Notices on how to book time slots with teachers will  be in our first newsletter next term.

We hope you enjoy the 2 week holiday with your children, and look forward to continuing our work with you next term, to ensure your child is the best learner they can be.

Staff Update

Mrs Kelly Bonaguro has been offered, and accepted a teaching position at a school which is closer to her home. This role will enable Kelly to increase her teaching time and work with her preferred year level. While I acknowledge that this opportunity is ideal for Kelly, she will be missed! We wish Kelly all the best with her new role and teaching career.

Lauren Travis has been appointed to the P8 role, starting on Friday week 1 Term 3.

Natasha Perryman has been working with our J7 learners and will continue in this role while Kaye Coley is on leave. Natasha is familiar with our school having worked in P6 last year. We welcome Natasha back and look forward to working with her again.

Karly Neoh has been in J5 while Georgina Nikolopoulos was on leave. Karly quickly won a place in the hearts of our J5 learners and their families, and we thank her for all the work she put into their learning journeys. Georgina will return to J5 next term. We are not saying goodbye to Karly though, Karly will be working with our EALD learners and continuing with some Read, Write Inc lessons across R-2. 



The following students have completed the Premier's Reading Challenge

J5    Kaan, Seigneur, Madison, Kaliah, Inayah, Grace, Luke, Sammy, Ashton, Nate, Tommy, Radin, Mia, Noah, Jacob, Albert, Brooke, Harrison, Samuel, Hope

J6     Ben, Hadley, Rudra, Jace, Ava, Aarav, Ivy, Elliot, Lincoln, Divya, Andy, Amelia, Joshua, Aiden, Max, Temprence, Indi, Aaroosh, Samson, Drishti, Jaiveer, Ethan, Angel, Samarveer

P3    Sihang, Vanessa, Luke, Jason, Linda, Jamelson

P4    Koen, Devin, Mikael, Prunelle

P5    Samantha, Dristi

P6    Saiman, Alex

P8    Myrto, Chloe

P10    Digby, Rebeka



Congratulations to the following students who received an assembly award last Thursday.

J2 - Sophia, J3 - Cherie, J4 - Holly, J5 - Kaan, J6 - Jace, J7 - Corbin

P2 - Daniel, P3 - Zoey, P4 - Eade, P5 - Dain, P6 - Angas & Saiman, P8 - Floyd, P10 - Elise, P12 - Jack, P14 - Sarah

Well done!  Our next assembly is Thursday (Term 3 Week 3).  Please be seated by 2:15pm


Congratulations to Khai (P12) and Eleanor (P14).


Congratulations to Ava (J6),  Myrto (P8), Linda (P3) and Sunny (J4)


The crossing monitors for Term 3 are:  

WEEK 1    Jack, Daniel, Harper, Beth 

WEEK 2   Patrick, Drishti, Patrizio, Sammy 

WEEK 3   Twisha, Sarah, Kira, Eleanor 

WEEK 4   Aiden, Tyler, Ramsay, Reagan

WEEK 5   Sara, Jay, Lianna, Akshat 

WEEK 6   Tom, Aryan, Conner, Willow 

WEEK 7   Reikaya, Dion P, Larissa, Rebekah 

WEEK 8  Ceridwen, Nitya, Dion.W, Liam 

WEEK 9   Teejay, Eliza, Jasmine, Brooke

WEEK 10  Jack, Daniel, Harper, Beth 


Afterpay is now available for online orders!

The uniform shop is stocked for winter with jumpers, long sleeve polo shirts and fleecy or microfibre track pants. Order online through the Dernancourt School R-7 website ( or in store.

Not sure about sizing? All our items are available in store to try on during shop hours (Monday 2:45-3:45 pm and Friday 8:30-9:30am). Come in, find your size and pay on the day to take home immediately or order online and have your order packed and ready for collection on the next shop open day. 

The Uniform Shop will be open on the last day of Term 2 from 8:30-9:30am and the first day back for Term 3 from 2:45-3:45pm.

Any enquiries for uniform items can be directed to


The Earn and Learn program has ended and we have collected just over 30,200 stickers. Thank you to everyone who supported the program. These stickers will be redeemed for some new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) resources. Teachers are in the process of selecting these resources and details of the items chosen will be shared in a future newsletter.