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Hindmarsh Edition 22: Term 4 Week 2

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  • Play Space Development
  • COVID Precautions
  • NAPLAN 2022
  • Debating
  • Reception and Preschool Transition
  • Religious Education News
  • Happy Diwali
  • Reminders & Upcoming Events
  • Year 5/6 Leadership Initiative
  • Preschool News
  • OSHC News
  • Parenting Ideas
    Article: Tricky Friendship Days
    Article: Disarming anxiety before it becomes a disorder
  • Community Noticeboard

Diary Dates

Term 4

Thursday 27th October📸 School Photos
Wednesday 2nd November🎨 The Arts Show
Thursday 3rd November🏄‍♀️ Year 4-6 Aquatics
Monday 7th Nov - Thursday 10th Nov🏊‍♀️ Rec-3 Swimming Lessons
Wednesday 9th Nov - Friday 11th Nov⛺️ Year 5/6 Camp at El Shaddai
Monday 12th December✝️ End of Year School Mass
Wednesday 14th December🎓 Year 6 Graduation Dinner
Thursday 15th December Last Day School, Term 4

From the Principal

Welcome back to the final school term for 2022. I hope your child has settled back into the school/ pre-school routine. 

Play Space Development

There is much action occurring on our grounds with work underway ahead of schedule for our new grassed oval and play equipment. The students have been fantastic so far in adjusting to the reduced play space which will be in place all this term. I am sure many families will be especially thrilled to see the removal of the artificial turf, as am I. Our student leaders are preparing to open the Hall for organised lunch time play which should alleviate the congestion in the yard. 

At this stage, the new grassed area will be available for our use for the beginning of Term 1 2023.  Following that, the new play equipment and play spaces will be available for all students to use just a few weeks into Term 1 next year.  Whilst we have had to make some modifications to equipment pieces due to budget constraints, by and large the opportunities for play remain as plentiful and varied as the original plan.  For a reminder of the overall original plan, please visit 

COVID Precautions

As you are aware, the mandatory isolation period for those who have COVID has now ceased.  However, it is still important to ensure, as much as possible, that this virus does not spread.  Please note: 

  • If your child is unwell please keep them at home  

  • If they have cold or flu symptoms, they should get tested for COVID-19 

  • If you they do have COVID-19, please stay at home until the acute symptoms (runny nose, sore throat, cough and fever) have cleared. In consideration for the health of others, when children return to school, we ask that, where possible, they wear a mask while indoors until 7 days have passed since the symptoms first started or since they tested positive, (whichever is earliest). 


Families with students in Year 3 and Year 5 would have received their child’s NAPLAN report late last term. These tests in numeracy, reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation are taken by students across Australia in Year 3, 5, 7 and 9.  Families receive a report which shows how their child’s performance is placed in relation to the average of the school and the nation-wide averages. NAPLAN is intended to give schools and systems information regarding the effectiveness of their programs and thus all of our teachers will be engaging in analysis of the results in the coming weeks.  


A number of parents have approached the Board and asked us to consider introducing Debating as an extracurricular option for our senior students. This would see us gather a team of students who would train (likely at lunch times or after school) and then take part in an interschool competition organised by Debating SA.  This organisation can also provide training for coaches. More information about the interschool competition can be found  Like for all extracurricular activities, we would require parents to take leadership in this area for it to be successful.  If you have volunteer clearance and an interest in debating, please get in touch to discuss further.  

Reception and Pre-School Transition

This week saw the first of our transition sessions for our 2023 Term 1 Reception students as well as those who are beginning Pre-School in Term 1 next year.  Kim Williams has returned to facilitate the two Reception transition groups who will attend on four Tuesday and Friday mornings respectively this term. Please join me in welcoming our newest school and pre-school learners! 

Wishing you and your family a wonderful term.  

Leadership Contact Details

Marianne Farrugia
Assistant Principal Learning & Wellbeing
Rita Garreffa
Assistant Principal Religious Identity & Mission
Katie Downie

Religious Education News

Hello and welcome to Term 4!

My name is Katie Downie and I am St Joseph’s School new APRIM (Assistant to the Principal Religious Identity and Mission). I am very excited to be at St Joseph’s School and look forward to meeting all the students and families over the coming term.

Last weekend, Marianne, and I attended the Adelaide Diocesan Assembly at Nazareth Catholic College. A Diocesan Assembly is a gathering of representatives from various communities (school, parish etc.) within the Archdiocese of Adelaide to discuss the life of the local church and make recommendations for the work and mission of the Archdiocese. The 2021 and 2022 Diocesan Assemblies are part of a larger movement of synodality, being a church on the journey together. The Diocesan Assembly ties in with the Australian Plenary Council and 2023 International Synod in Rome. Together on the Way represents the next phase of our diocesan synodal journey. In the first phase (2021) people throughout the diocese were asked what they thought were the most important things to discuss as the Church in Adelaide. After discernment and dialogue around those points, we’ve moved to the next phase which is focused on discerning and committing to actions and strategies.

We come away from this assembly with a number of ideas which we will put into action and implement into our school as well as working with the Parish to enhance our relationship. This is an exciting time for St Joseph’s School, Sacred Heart Catholic Church and the Archdiocese of Adelaide as a whole.

Upcoming Mass/Liturgy

This Wednesday, our Year 5/6 classes will celebrate Mass with Fr Lancy in the chapel. Their Mass focusses on Mission and the money they raised for Catholic Charities last term. Next Wednesday at 9am, we will come together as a whole school to celebrate All Saints Day with a liturgy in the hall. All families are welcome to attend.

School Highlights

Year 3/4 Celebrate DIWALI – Monday 24th October

This term we are inquiring about different celebrations around the world. So far, we have learnt about Chinese New Year, Hanukkah and Diwali. On Monday it was Diwali, so we celebrated by making Coconut Barfi. Coconut Barfi are sweet treats that people eat during Diwali. It was very fun making them, lucky they were simple to make! They were very sweet and yummy!  

By Maya & Lam – 3/4AB 

Reminders & Upcoming Events

Friendly Reminder

Just a reminder the school phone number has changed with the NBN upgrade.

☎️ The new phone number is 8424 6400.

Please update our number in your contacts as the old number has now been disconnected.

The Arts Show

An Evening of Art and Music - where the Art Show and Instrumental Evening come together

📅 Date: Wednesday 2nd November

🕕 Time: 6.00 pm

📍 Location: MacKillop Centre of Learning

🎟 Entry Fee: $5.00 per family - this also covers the purchase price of your children's art work. Available for pre-purchase only via Qkr!

🍱 Individual Snack Boxes: cheese, dips, fruit/veggies, cold cuts and a sweet treat - Vegetarian option available. Available for pre-purchase only via Qkr!

🥤 Soft drinks/water: available for purchase on the night

Year 5/6 Leadership Initiative

Supporting good leadership and a respectful and happy school community

Year 5/6 Leadership Initiative

Each year we encourage and invite our senior students to demonstrate a personal commitment to service and act to make a positive difference to the lives of others and to their school community to which they belong. 

In doing so, the Year 5/6 students have the opportunity, to be recognised for their efforts and acts of service as they work to lead and direct others in such a way as to bring credit and ‘positive change’ to self and St Joseph’s School.

During Term 1, we reintroduced a leadership initiative program through the School Community Service Award.’

How does it work?
Commencing from Term 1 this year, students who wish to participate in this initiative, will be required to complete 3 ‘community service acts’ within the school community.

They will also be required to complete each ‘service act’ on 3 different occasions throughout the term.  As evidence, class teachers and/or school staff will be required to date and authorise confirmation and completion of their service. 

In addition to completing 3 different ‘acts of service,’ the Year 5/6 students will also be expected to consistently maintain and uphold a high standard of leadership qualities, skills and behaviour.

Term 3 Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following students from the senior unit who have led and are continuing to lead the school community with responsibility, maturity and positive role modelling.

They have met the expectations of the senior unit and have also shown leadership and initiative by serving others in a number of community service activities. 

The students should feel very proud of their achievements and we look forward to their continued service and positive role modelling during the course of the school year.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.”

Eat a Rainbow - Red 🍎🍓🍒🍅

Last week the Preschoolers introduced red fruit and vegetables to their Eat a Rainbow table. They played “Who am I?” guessing games with photos of red fruits and vegetables and have introduced and stories activities featuring red fruits and vegetables such as apples, tomatoes and pizza.

Preschool Pizza Shop 🍕

A pizza restaurant has been created to compliment our Italian learning for term 4. The children have embraced it with much excitement as they role play being shopkeepers, chefs, and hungry customers.

Play kitchens and restaurants are a particularly popular resource for pretend play, as they give children the opportunity to imitate situations that they are familiar with. Whether they are playing the role of a head chef, waiter, or customer, children can imagine themselves in new roles and cook up exciting scenarios. 

Vacation Care Highlights

What a fun filled vacation care the children had during the October School holidays. Our excursions included a trip to the movies, Melbas Chocolate Factory as well as a visit to the Giant Rocking Horse,  Mega Courts, Zone Bowling and a variety of incursions such as OSHC Sports Day, Bingo Jack, Animals Anonymous and wheels day.

Children were able to get up close and personal with a quokka and owl, as well as a python any many other animals. Our trip to Melbas was exciting, as children were able to peruse the store and purchase products, and then have fun exploring the wildlife park at Gumeracha.

At OSHC this term, we are celebrating various cultures and focussing on a different country each week. We started our term by celebrating  Australian and Indigenous cultures and this week we are learning about Diwali and all the celebrations associated with India. Children are able to experience not only the country, but cuisine, art and craft as well as sports.

Parenting Ideas

Article: Tricky Friendship Days

The intensity that comes with tween and teen friendship dramas can be difficult for parents to live with.

Article: Disarming anxiety before it becomes a disorder

Parents are in a perfect position to equip children and teenagers with the tools to manage anxiety and minimise its impact on learning, wellbeing, and happiness.

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