Christ the King North Rocks Newsletter

2020, Term 3 Week 2: Friday 31st July, 2020.

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

Welcome back to term 3. I trust you all enjoyed some relaxing down time with your families during the recent holiday period. A special welcome to any new families who have joined our community in recent weeks. Unfortunately we are still governed by many restrictions still in place as a result of COVID 19, thus resulting in the cancellation of many school and parish events for this term. It is imperative to maintain the COVID -19 protocols to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all members of our community during these difficult and trying times. 

Our Gospel this Sunday recalls Matthew’s account of one of the more recognised miracles of Jesus when he feeds the crowd of five thousand.  The actual miracle highlights the custom of Jesus 'breaking and sharing bread' which is referenced continually throughout the New Testament. Matthew is more interested in the leftovers than he is in the miracle itself. From five loaves and two fish we are told twelve baskets of scraps are left over. The twelve baskets of scraps, the remnants of the meal at which all were filled and satisfied, echo the sign of God through the twelve tribes of Israel in the Old Testament. St Matthew is reminding us that Jesus sees our need, does not turn us away, comes to where we are, as we are, and recreates and nourishes us through the abundance of his love, so we can be signs of His kingdom in the world.

Next Friday is Census Day across the educational sector. It is imperative that all students are at school [except if they are sick]. Data collected on this day determines educational funding and resourcing from the 2021 school year.

Semester One Parent Interviews will be optional for parents. Many parents have had significant contact with class teachers during the at home learning phase and since the children have returned to face to face teaching, making it highly likely that a Parent Teacher Interview following the school report, may not be necessary. Due to our efforts to adhere to Social Distancing protocols, we will not be conducting Face to Face Parent and Teacher interviews for this reporting period. For those parents who would like an interview with the class teacher, we will be using the School Interviews Online Booking site for parents to book a Phone Call Interview time in the coming weeks. More details next week.

As of this weekend mass attendance numbers on the weekend at CTK have been reduced to 100. Families intending to go to mass need to book through Eventbrite to secure a seat.  All reservations must be made before Friday 5:30pm.

Thank you to our families who have returned their children to school in their winter uniforms. There has been delays in supplies of various items of clothing due to the COVID situations. Parents who have ordered uniform items will be contacted when they become available. Please note children are to wear leather school shoes with their uniforms NOT sports shoes. Boys are to insure they are wearing the school tie with their winter uniform. This is NOT optional. Thank you for your continued support in this matter.   

Over the school holidays Parramatta Council have been proactive in preparing a proposal regarding the new drop off and pick up drive through in Burradoo Close. I have had an initial meeting with representatives from the local neighbourhood. Submissions from local residents regarding the projected closed last Wednesday. I will keep the community abreast of the proposal’s development over the coming weeks

Be sure to stay abreast of school news and COVID -19 updates and protocols via our CTK Facebook page, Skoolbag and the school website.

Have a great weekend!


Tony Hughes



Upcoming Events

Term 3, Week 3

Monday 3rd August

  • Sports Program: All Students in Sports uniform
  • Cool Kids Music Club 3.00-4.30pm 

Tuesday 4th August

  • Uniform Shop 8.00am-12.00pm - via appointment only.
  • PE: Year 6, Kindergarten
  • Drama Club at lunchtime Years 4, 5 + 6

Wednesday 5th August

  • PE: Year 2, Year 5, Year 4 [Group 1]  
  • Chess 3.00-4.00pm
  • Drama Club at lunchtime Year 2 

Thursday 6th August

  • PE: Year 3, Year 1, Year 4 [Group 2] 
  • Drama Club at lunchtime Year 3

Friday 7th August

  • Band groups throughout the day only.

Term 3, Week 4

Monday 10th August

  • Sports Program: All Students in Sports Uniform
  • Cool Kids Music 3.00-4.30pm

Tuesday 11th August

  • Uniform Shop 8.00am-12.00pm - via appointment only.
  • PE: Year 6, Kindergarten
  • Drama Club at lunchtime Years 4, 5 + 6

Wednesday 12th August

  • PE: Year 2, Year 5, Year 4 [Group 1]
  • Drama Club at lunchtime Year 2
  • Chess 3.00-4.00pm 

Thursday 13th August

  • PE: Year 3, Year 1, Year 4 [Group 2]
  • Drama Club at lunchtime Year 3

Friday 14th August 

  • Band group lessons throughout the day.

Advanced Notice: Mark in your diary for 2020

Friday 18th September

  • School photo day - ** SUMMER UNIFORM**

Term dates for 2020

Term 3      Monday,      20th July             to        Friday, 25th September

Term 4      Monday,      12th October     to        Wednesday 16th December


Thursday 17th December

Friday 18th December

Other School News

Captain's Chat

This term we have been so excited to come back to school.  Everything was a bit confusing at first but we got used to it very quickly because of the amazing teachers at CTK. They have made life so much easier for the students and have also been cautious about keeping us safe. This term we are delighted to welcome SISA back to CTK after the mandatory break caused by COVID 19. All that aside, having SISA back at school was making us all excited for the Athletics Carnival. Sadly because of the Corona-Virus outbreak, we are unable to hold the carnival this year. Our teachers know how much the school, and community have missed out on this year and didn’t want us to miss out on the carnival so they began thinking.

Something that our sport coordinator (Mr Debrincat) and some staff members at our school came up with, was that we are going to have a fun, sport day at school to make up for not having a sports carnival this year. This was a very smart idea because now the whole school is looking forward to it. There are also many other incredible events that are planned for us, since this year wasn’t really the same. The events are all under the blanket for now but we believe the whole school will enjoy them!


CTK School Captains - Laura and Jack

What's Happening in Year 3

Year 3 PDH

Keeping ourselves and others safe.

Year 3 has been testing how to wash our hands effectively. We used paint to check how much covered every part of our hands and discovered that it took a lot longer and we needed to rub all over our hands many, many, many times before every part of our hands were covered.

We learnt that washing our hands needs to take a lot longer and we need to be more diligent.

We also tested how soap works to remove germs. We used pepper as our testing material and watched as the soap and pepper reacted together. At first, the pepper stuck to our fingers but when we put the pepper into the soap and water, the pepper was repelled away from the soap. Just like germs are repelled by the soap.

We learnt that washing our hands thoroughly with soap and water is important to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy.

Library News


NOW IS THE TIME TO ENTER STUDENT READING RECORDS ONTO THE PRC WEBSITE. All students were given their log in details this week. Click here to access the information sheet on how your children can add their books. Sarah Cook Teacher Librarian


Learn to be a chess champion! Coaching for students at christ the King Primary School is held on:

Beginner/Rookie: Wednesday from 3.00pm to 4.00pm, starting on 22nd July 2020.

Intermedicate: Wednesdays from 3.00pm to 4.00pm, starting on 22nd July 2020.

Learning and playing chess helps children develop their logical thinking and problem solving skills, improves their concentration and focus, while also being a great source of enjoyment. Activities include group lessons on a demonstration chess board or interactive whiteboard, puzzle solving and fun practice games.

Students earn merit awards by making checkmates, or by displaying skills and positive qualities, which all good chess players strive to develop.

If your child is interested in taking part, you can collect an enrolment form from the school office, or email for a copy. For all enquiries, please contact Sydney Academy of chess on (02) 9745 1170.

ACARA Data Collection notice

ACARA Collection Student Background Data Notice: 

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) collects data from schools to determine the Index of Community Socio-educational Advantage (ICSEA). CEDP is currently working to provide relevant details to the Catholic Education Commission of NSW.  Data collected is de-identified of personal information​​.

Parents and caregivers must advise their school if they don’t want their child's data included in this report by 28 August 2020

Copies of Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) Standard Collection Notice and Privacy Policy can be obtained from the school office.


Term 3 School Fees statements will be mailed out to families in Week 3 (next week).

Thank you to those parents who have made payment arrangements and to those who have paid their accounts. 

You will note that there is no due date on this statement.  We are endeavouring to assist families who may be experiencing financial difficulties due to the economic downturn caused by COVID19.  As noted in the comment box of your account - Please pay 'What you can - When you can'.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any information, to make a payment arrangement or for any further assistance you may require.

Thank you,  

Susan Ritchie

Senior Finance 

Has your child been absent over the last 7 days? Have you notified the school?

Did you know that if your child is absent from school, you have 7 days to supply an explanation. The preferred method is via a skoolbag notification but you can also send an email or telephone the school.

If we do not receive an explanation within 7 days of your child’s absence, their attendance record will be marked as ‘Unexplained’.  This is a permanent notation on their attendance file.

Our appreciation and thanks to the families who continually notify the school whenever their child is absent.

Parish News

Weekend Masses Recommencing Details

This weekend, we will be allowed to have a maximum of 120 persons attending each Mass.


Parishioners attending all weekday Masses are required to complete their details on the registration form provided in the church foyer.

Wednesday to Saturday Mass at 9:00 am (note Friday Mass starts at 9:15 am)


Saturday         5:30 pm Vigil

Sunday            8:00 am & 10:00 am

Do I need to make a reservation for weekend Mass? Yes

There is a limit of 100 people at each Mass. excluding the celebrant and assistants. All Masses are regularly evaluated and updated accordingly. We have designated the Sunday 8am Mass for Seniors of our Parish but of course anyone may attend. It is still a government requirement to register all attendees to assist in contact tracing should it be required. Therefore the Eventbrite website from this weekend, will allow 100 parishioners to register to attend their chosen Mass.

 All reservations are to be made before Friday 5:30pm.

Volunteers are required for the Readings and to assist in operating the music PowerPoint. Please email the parish office: or phone 9871 8710 after reserving a place at your selected Mass.

Thank you for your assistance.


Please follow the instructions when making your booking. You need to separately book each person in your family and bring your ticket or mobile phone with your e-ticket to Mass. Please contact the parish office on 9871.8710 or via email: should you encounter any technical issues registering. Thank you. 

We wish you a Blessed week ahead.

Stay strong and safe,

Fr Ian McGinnity

Parish Office Information, Parish Mass Times, Reconciliation and Rosary

Parish office hours are Mondays - Fridays 9am - 4pm.

Our current contact details are phone: 9871 8710 and email:


Wednesday to Saturday Mass at 9:00 am

(note Friday Mass starts at 9:15 am)  


Saturday         5:30 pm Vigil

Sunday            8:00 am & 10:00 am


Saturday after Mass (9:30am - 10am) or by appointment

Jesuit Refugee Service Food Drive

The Jesuit Refugee Service would like to thank the families of Christ the King Primary School. Donations of basmati rice and other needs was overwhelming and extremely generous. These items will certainly be useful and appreciated by those who need it most.

Thank you to everyone.

Community News

Annulment Information Webinar

Each year the Catholic Tribunal Office in the Western Sydney Diocese and CatholicCare WSBM Solo Parent Services present an Information Session to help people understand the process of Annulments in the Catholic Church. Questions are answered in detail on all aspects of the Annulment process.  This year this event will be held as an online Webinar via Zoom.  

Date: Tues 04th August Time: 6pm -8pm Registration is Essential: To register for this Webinar, please call the Tribunal Office PH: 8838 3480 or Email Rita at 

School Notes

Parent Volunteers at CTK should visit the Parent Involvement page and complete the ‘Volunteer Form’ to be able to assist in any capacity as a volunteer within the school.
Parent Volunteers at CTK should visit the Parent Involvement page and complete the ‘Child Protection Training Module’ to be able to assist in any capacity as a volunteer within the school.
Click on title, go to Administration, print and complete the ‘Application for Extended Leave’ form to apply for student leave other than illness