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Newsletter Term 2 Week 8

Principal's Message

Dear Delany community,

We are inviting all families to our annual Delany Multicultural festival to be held on Friday 28 June in the afternoon. We will have food stalls, games, rides and spectacular entertainment on show. If you want to donate food or drinks please contact the College office.


Our Holy Trinity Parish celebrated The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, historically known by its Latin name, Corpus Christi, this week in which we acknowledge the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist—Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. It is traditionally celebrated on the Thursday following the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity. The feast dates to the Middle Ages and originated with a visionary nun and a Eucharistic miracle.


In 1263 a German priest, Fr. Peter of Prague, made a pilgrimage to Rome. He stopped in Bolsena, Italy, to celebrate Mass at the Church of St. Christina. At the time he was having doubts about Jesus being truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. He was affected by the growing debate among certain theologians who, for the first time in the history of the Church, began introducing doubts about the Body and Blood of Christ being actually present in the consecrated bread and wine. In response to his doubt, when he recited the prayer of consecration as he celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, blood started seeping from the consecrated host and onto the altar and corporal. Fr. Peter reported this miracle to Pope Urban IV, who at the time was nearby in Orvieto. The pope sent delegates to investigate and ordered that host and blood-stained corporal be brought to Orvieto. The relics were then placed in the Cathedral of Orvieto, where they remain today. 


This Eucharistic Miracle confirmed the visions given to St. Juliana of Mont Cornillon in Belgium (1193-1258). St. Juliana was a nun and mystic who had a series of visions in which she was instructed by Our Lord to work to establish a liturgical feast for the Holy Eucharist, to which she had a great devotion. After many years of trying, she finally convinced the bishop, the future Pope Urban IV, to create this special feast in honour of the Blessed Sacrament, where none had existed before. Soon after her death, Pope Urban instituted Corpus Christi for the Universal Church and celebrated it for the first time in Orvieto in 1264, a year after the Eucharistic Miracle in Bolsena.


The feast day is a reminder of the life-giving power of the Eucharist and its presence unite all Catholics as one holy family.


God Bless 

Mr Robert Muscat


Assistant Principal

These last two or three weeks are just about the busiest of the year for our staff. In between teaching and learning there have been numerous internal and external activities and excursions, preparation for Multicultural Day, assessment setting and marking, all culminating in Semester One report preparations. When the term ends, our staff will take a well-earned break.

The Delany community

Last Thursday we had almost 90 visitors to our College - the students from Year 5 from St Oliver’s, Holy Trinity and Holy Family Primary schools. As you might imagine, these days of hosting primary school students are very busy! Our young visitors experienced activities ranging from STEM to HSIE, and RE to video challenges. The feedback from the students and their accompanying teachers was overwhelmingly positive.

Once again the greatest advertisement of our fantastic school are our fantastic students. Eight Year 7 students, working with three Year 9 students, hosted our visitors for the day. Remember that our Year 7 students have only been at the school for 16 weeks! However we could not have had a better and more enthusiastic team to host and support the primary students. The Year 7 team: Reziah, Nathan D, Marie-Jo, Sebastian, Olivia, Porsha, Zelda and Annie. Our Year 9 team: Georgia, Christina, Ghassan.

The academic community

Year 10 students met with our School Learning Leaders on Wednesday this week. This begins the process of investigating subject choices for their HSC program in 2020 and 2021. We are providing as much information as possible to enable students to make sensible subject choices that will, we expect, enable them to succeed during their senior schooling. Parents and students are expected to attend a critical information evening on Wednesday 26 June commencing at 6pm.

Semester One reports will be published in the next two weeks for every student in years 7 to 11:

  • Year 11 students will receive them directly this week

  • Year 10 students will receive them at Wednesday’s subject selection evening

  • Year 7 to 9 reports will be posted home.

You are invited and welcome to contact any of your child’s teachers for further feedback.

The Patrician community

Next Friday’s Multicultural Day is our major fundraising event for the Patrician Delany Foundation. There is growing excitement around the College as the day approaches. There are a host of student performances planned, a cultural fashion parade (including yours truly), and promises of loads of foods from around the world. Did I mention the giant inflatable slide and obstacle course?!?

Please invite your friends and family. The festivities begin at 2pm when local Aboriginal representatives welcome us to Country and perform, then from 3pm the remainder of the afternoon kicks off. Don’t miss it!

St Patrick, pray for us.

Mr Anthony Blomfield

Assistant Principal

Religious Education

Reflection day

On Friday 24 May , Year 11 as a year group attended a reflection day that enabled us to look deeper into who we are as a person and also allowed us to reflect on the  past experiences that have shaped us into the young teenagers we are today . It was such beautiful and peaceful area where we got to sit around and talk about our life stories and talk about some of the things that have greatly impacted our lives . I think the most beautiful thing about this reflection day was being able to to sit together as a year group and hear our teacher's stories and how it has shaped them. I lost count of how many times I cried hearing  stories about their life because at some point I could relate to their past experiences . We also engaged in an ice breaker activity to get us started off which was so great because we were able to bond together and have a laugh . Although it was upsetting that our whole year group didn’t attend, it was still so beautiful and peaceful working together with a small amount of people. All in all together this day was a great experience for us as young teenagers and it also allowed us to grow as young believers of Christ .

ElisaPeta Mapapalangi

Year 11 student

Pedagogical Leader

Every Tuesday afternoon, our staff participate in a variety of professional learning opportunities. Over the course of this term, each curriculum area has been conducting an inquiry as teachers endeavour to respond to, Laureate Professor John Hattie's challenge to teachers of ‘Knowing thy impact’

Yesterday’s session was a great opportunity for our staff to collaborate and create resources for students to use so to improve their writing skills. Our aim is to provide students with the opportunity to write daily, support them to use familiar structures, encourage them to explore with rich vocabulary and teach them to incorporate various literary devices so their writing will improve in quality as will their desire to write.

Additionally, the Delany staff have also explored the concept that some students require more scaffolding and support than others, but all children can write and experience success given a purpose and stimulating environment.

Some of the inquiries our staff are committed to include:

  • How can we assist our Stage 5 students to develop the skills associated with the structuring of written texts through the use of scaffolds?

  • How do we assist our Year 9 students to attain the necessary skills to independently improve their writing, because they have become reliant on scaffolds?

  • Through explicit teaching of and reflection on problem-solving strategies and structured lesson sequences, what is the impact on student confidence and understanding?

  • How can we improve written literacy in Science?

  • How do we develop Stage 4 understanding of design and manufacturing processes in order for students to demonstrate creative solutions to problems and situations in the classroom

  • Our Stage 5 students need a better way to organise their ideas because we need them to make connections and transfer their learning beyond the classroom/ lesson.

Next week, our teachers will present their findings to one another, further displaying their constant commitment to improving learning outcomes for all Delany students.

Ms Sharon MaManus

Pedagogical Leader


School Fees

Thank you to all families that have made arrangements for school fees. Just a friendly reminder that if you are unable to keep your arrangement please contact our team and we will update the system accordingly.

Term two fees were due 5 June 2019. Please ensure you have finalised your payments or contact our team to make a new arrangement for your school fee payments.

 Notice of Discontinued enrolment 

Please note that a term’s notice in writing must be given to the Principal before the removal of a student or a full term’s fees will be payable. Library items must be returned during this period.    

 Bishop Manning Scholarships   If you have a child that will be attending Delany College next year please review the link to check the criteria for the Bishop Manning Scholarships. Our Catholic education scholarships are intended to assist families in genuine need who desire a Catholic school education for their children, but for whom the cost is out of reach. For these families, normally the only option is for their children to attend State schools. If you know of such a family please encourage them to contact their local Catholic school to inquire about a scholarship.    


Mrs Sheryl Temu

Senior Finance Officer



Elective History Excursion

On Thursday 13 of June, the History Elective class had the pleasure of attending the Police and Justice museum located in Circular Quay. During our trip we uncovered one of the most infamous crimes of Australia, the Pyjama Girl murder, located in Aubury, between New South Wales and Victoria. A farmer walking his bull had located a disfigured body, she had remained unidentifiable for 10 years, and was displayed at Sydney University for onlookers to assist in recognising her. After several years a new lead arose from the use of her dental records. Agostini her husband had confessed to “accidentally” murdering her. We had the privilege of reenacting the trial that took place decades ago. This was an enriching excursion that allowed us to understand the nature of crime and trial aided in our learning in the classroom.

Naomi Habib

Year 10 Student


Inquisitive Minds

On 13 June 2019, a group of Year 9 students attended the Cerdon Maths Program. We participated in many fun activities to help us learn and develop new skills that we can use in our everyday life. It was a very rewarding experience for all of us. We were able to socialise and collaborate with students from other schools. It was a fun day and we strongly recommend this learning opportunity to other students!

Mia El-Ayoubi

Year 9 student


On Wednesday 12 June, a select group of girls, along with Miss Rodrigues had the pleasure of attending a UTS lecture for Women Empowerment in Maths seminar. Once we arrived, we sat in a green room with students from different schools. The numerous possibilities of jobs spoken about included different areas of Maths such as coding and inventory control specialist. This was very informative as I never knew these jobs existed!

We participated in many activities revolving around varying mathematical problems which were fun yet stressful and challenging. We finished our day by having a Q&A with the students who facilitated the activities, providing us and the other students with the opportunity to ask any burning questions that were on our mind during the day.

Thank you to the students from UTS for allowing us to see the different aspects of Maths and thanks to the Delany Teachers for allowing us to experience a day of Women Empowerment in Maths.

Taylor Salloum

Year 10 student


Reaction drill exercises

Year 7 students doing reaction type drills to test or up-skill their focus and concentration. The first drill (with the cones) is a concept the Matilda's the Australian women's national soccer team, use in their practice drills. The second exercise is one used by Johnno's Boxing Gym, which aims to sharpen the reaction speed whilst competing or during technical sparring . 

Warren Johnson


Captivate 2019

On Monday 18 June our Year 7 Band students attended Captivate's Arts Factory at Nagle College, Blacktown .  Students from over 10 schools in the diocese attended with each school performing two pieces.  Our band played the pieces 'Power Rock' and 'Zap!' and won the Highly Commended Award.  Our students displayed great collaboration, teamwork and enthusiasm.  Our Year 7 Delany Band students practice as a group every Wednesday morning and also have weekly instrumental lessons with specialist teachers.  The effort our students have put into learning their instruments has definitely not gone unnoticed.  Well done to our Delany Band for your hard work!

Ms Lauren Kwon





From the Library

Premier's  Reading Challenge 2019

We have a number of students participating in the Premier’s Reading Challenge this year. “The Challenge aims to encourage a love of reading for leisure and pleasure in students, and to enable them to experience quality literature. It is not a competition but a challenge to each student to read, to read more, and to read more widely.” (PRC Homepage)

To complete the Challenge students need to read 20 books - 15 from the Premier’s Reading Challenge list, and 5 of their own choice.

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate Marc Bao-Idang from Year 7, as he has completed this year’s Challenge having read 20 books! Great work Marc!

Lynette Perrett

Library Manager

Green Thumb Strikes Delany

On Saturday, 8 June 2019, some garden beds at Delany College received some much needed attention. The existing soil was aerated and topped with some rich organic soil. Plants were carefully selected to match the climate and potential traffic conditions. It was then finally finished off with a dressing of some shredded pine bark mulch to help keep the pesky weeds away and maintain warmth in winter and moisture in summer.

Staff members donated some of their time over the long weekend to help assist with this project; a huge thank you to Frank Castrogiovanni, Sheryl Temu, Tayla Whitfield, Chris Šimic and Rannia Katrib who worked tirelessly to make this project come to life.

A special thanks to the team at Green Haven Garden Centre ( ) for their services and tips.  

Amal Nizam

Teacher with an occasional Green Thumb

Multicultural Day

Silent Auction

We are running a silent auction for the BEST NRL jersey you could hope for - the mighty Bulldogs. This jersey has been signed by the current players, and has been generously donated by one of our school families. The winning bid will be donated directly to our Delany Foundation tally.

A silent auction works when you place a bid or offer for this item, but you don’t know how much other people have bid. Each person’s bid is silent (or secret).

How it works:

  • You place an offer to purchase the jersey

  • The highest bid will win the jersey

  • The winner will pay the price they offered

  • If you place a bid and are unsuccessful you do not have to pay anything.

The auction will be closed at 5pm on Friday 28 June and the winner will be announced on Monday 1 July.

You can place a bid by using this URL:

Good luck!

Delany student selected in Australian team

We would like to congratulate Daniel Thwaites (Year 7) for an outstanding achievement.

Two weeks ago, Daniel’s team the "Ryde Hawks" competed at National Baseball championships and were undefeated through all the rounds.  There were 16 state ranked teams from all over Australia. The Hawks worked hard and remained undefeated through all the rounds to earn a position in the Gold Medal Game.  Although they played like champions in this game, they were defeated. This gave them the ranking of 2nd in Australia and earning them a silver medal.

Mind you, it wasn't all about baseball. The team spent one morning at a local nursing home where they provided and prepared morning tea and ran an exercise class for the residents.

Most excitingly, we have just received further news from Daniel’s family.  Daniel has been invited to join the U12 Australian National Team.  He will be flying out to Taiwan in 5 weeks to compete in the WBSC World Cup (World Baseball Softball Confederation).

Congratulations Daniel, and we wish you every success during your journey to Taiwan!

Monsignor McGovern Portrait Awards 2019

On Wednesday 19 June, Delany College hosted its annual Monsignor McGovern Portrait Awards Night. Led by the Art Department, parents and staff celebrated the artistic achievements of students from St Oliver's Primary School and Holy Trinity Granville.

Special commendations are to the following students:

Year 5 Winner 

Jerry Chen - Holy Family


Year 5 Highly Commended 

Alexa Suello - St Oilver's, 

Morgan Chen - Holy Family 

Luv Ruwali - Holy Trinity

Maxine Aira Garzon - Holy Trinity

Maria-Kayla Talisyon - St Oliver's

Morgan Chen - Holy Family


Year 5 Commended

Angel Armao - St Oliver's

Adya Tank - St Oliver's

Tanvi Gupta 0 St Oliver's

Matthew Jones - St Margaret Mary's

Sukkum Limbu - Holy Family

Nicholas - Holy Trinity


Year 6 Winner

Annette Ajay - St Oliver's


Year 6 Highly Commeded

Kayley Ramanos - St Oliver's

Daniel Soun - St Oliver's

Rohit Vijay - St Oliver's

Jolyne Vien - St Margaret Mary's

Atong Deng - St Margaret Mary's

Karen Fernandes - St Oliver's


Year 6 Commended

Christopher Aoun - Holy Family

Julian Georges - Holy Family

Ava Elikaie - Holy Trinity

Gabrriella Batistic - Holy Trinity

Alethia Sewell - Holy Trinity

Victoria Blandon - Holy Trinity 


Important Dates

-Year 8 Reflection Day

-Citizen Awareness Night at St Oliver's

Friday 21 June
Year 12 Hospitality excursion Tuesday 25 June
Year 11 2020 Subject selection information eveningWednesday 26 June
R3 Kinokuniya excursion (Year 7& 8)Thursday 27 June
Multicultural DayFriday 28 June
Italian Incursion DayTuesday 2 July 

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