Churchlands Primary School Newsletter

Volume 22 - 04/03/2022

Principal's Message

I hope you are all taking good care of yourselves.

Week 6 here we come!

We have had an eventful few weeks with all the COVID-19 mandates however while the Executive and staff continue to modify and adapt with the changes, children have been enjoying school life! It is ‘business as usual’ with teachers doing an amazing job providing a normal learning environment for the students.

We have had a number of COVID close contacts however they have not directly impacted the school. Please remember

  • If you or your children have been identified as a close contact, please SMS Kim Fraser, Principal on 0400 994 926 as soon as possible.
  •  If you or your children have a PCR COVID positive result please SMS Kim Fraser on 0400 994 926 immediately and send through the text showing a positive result from the Health Department.

This information greatly assists the school in implementing our COVID safety plan and supports children with any remote learning requirements.

Children in years 3 – 6 have taken to the wearing of masks with surprising ease. Teachers have developed well thought out plans ensuring children have more outdoors learning/activities, extra crunch and sip breaks and supporting their mental wellbeing. Please continue to support your child in understanding the health and hygiene practices of wearing masks.

The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence is on Friday 18 March. The theme for 2022 is Kindness Culture which links with one of our PBS focus actions areas this term with a focus on speaking with Kindness. We take an active approach to ensure that our students are provided with skills to be able to respond to bullying in a proactive, resilient way. It is important that these skills are openly discussed at home, defining acceptable and non-acceptable behaviours and how to deal with situations. Research is very clear in showing that having the school and families collectively engaged in discussions on bullying will have a positive impact on our children with regards to bullying. The Federal Government initiative of Bullying No Way! is a great website for parents if you wish to gain more information on this.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Kim Fraser


Merit award recipients

Merit Certificates Week 4

Congratulations to our recipients for Week 4


 Jigme K, Lucas T

 Room 1

 Liam M, Isla B

 Room 5

 Gabriel G, Oliver A

 Room 6

 Millie O, Anna Y

 Room 7

 Jialu W, Charli L

 Room 8

 Ashley L, Kian M

 Room 9

 Joshua L, Drishti P

 Room 10

 Makayla M, Brendan G

 Room 11

 Anastasia A, Stella A

 Room 13

 Lachlan P, Mary C

 Room 16

 Finn D

 Room 17

 Archie B, Allegra G


 Room 5, Innes C & Caspar M


 Room 8


Year 3 & 5 students are now required to start getting prepared for NAPLAN trial tests later this term.  Click here to find out more.

PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) Update

Click here to see how we are teaching and encouraging expected behaviours in our students here at CPS.

We welcome our 2022, Year 5, Environmental Officers!

And meet our newest Enviromental Committee member, Mr Lee from Room 8, leading our students in recycling.


Raising a bilingual child in Australia - The benefits, facts and tips.  Read more here.

Running Club & upcoming PE events

The team have already run 159km on their 'trip' around the country. If you are interested in helping build on that total in Wednesday's Running Club, click here for more information on how to join.

Art News

The importance of teaching Visual Art to primary school children.  Please read more to see the benefits.

Don't miss these awesome exhibitions that are happening around Perth

Sculpture at Bathers:  19 Feb - 6 March

Sculpture by the Sea: 4 - 21 March

Music News


Please click here to see the latest VOICE Senior Choir and HOTNOTES Orchestra information and timetables.

CPS netball registrations are now open!

Registrations are now open.  Please click here to see more information and contact details on our website.

Parent and Caregiver Reminder

Please be mindful that students are not permitted on school grounds before 8.20am and should be collected at 3.00pm, unless participating in before/after school programs or before and after school care.  Classrooms are open at 8.35am to allow children to prepare for the day, students should aim to arrive at this time. Children who come in the morning must gather at the front of the school between the basketball courts and the main building.

Celebrating World Wildlife Day 2022

Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre has a family event coming up this weekend.  To find out more, click here.

Wembley Downs Junior Football Club Registrations & Girls AFL Open Day

Click here for more information to register your child for the upcoming footy season.

Basketball After School Term 1

Please see information for Redhage Basketball here.

Tennis Before School Term 4

Please see information for Coastal Tennis here.

Eclipse Martial Arts

Churchlands Taekwondo Academy

Classes have commenced

Please call Brad on 0428 347 770 to register or email Brad for more information