Beverly Hills Girls High School



August 2020

Principal's Report

Welcome back everyone to Term 3. It’s a pleasure to be back and have students settling nicely into their school routine with a positive approach to their learning. With the COVID restrictions slowly lifting we are planning according to DoE advice for future excursions and sport. We remain as safe as possible and continue to provide sanitising and bacteria wipes throughout the school as well as additional professional cleaning services for high traffic areas. We continue to encourage students to wash their hands regularly and reiterate that they must stay home if feeling unwell and encourage testing if they present with any flu-like symptoms (sore throat, fever, cough, runny nose etc) as a safety measure.

The New South Wales Department of Education’s School Excellence Framework supports all NSW public schools in their pursuit of excellence by providing a clear description of the key elements of high-quality practice across the three domains of learning, teaching and leading. Our three-year school improvement plan (2018-2020) focuses on aspects of each of these domains as we aim for continual improvement in all areas. Earlier in the year the school executive team evaluated our progress against all fourteen areas of the Excellence Framework. ‘Working towards delivering; Sustaining and growing; Delivering; Excelling’ were the four measures against which we made our judgement. We are currently assembling and annotating evidence to support our judgement and this will be submitted for review and validation during Term 4. We will continue to discuss these and other aspects of school planning and evaluation at our monthly P&C meetings.

The School Excellence cycle aligns components of the School Excellence Framework, providing our school a process to plan, implement, monitor and evaluate strategies to drive improved student outcomes. In the first step in the School Excellence cycle, we are currently working on the situational analysis to assess our current state, which will be used to inform our school’s improvement journey in learning, teaching and leading. Conducting a situational analysis will allow our school to develop a rich and highly contextualised understanding of our school’s current situation. During our analysis we will collect qualitative and quantitative data, collate evidence, collaborate widely and engage with current research.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, NAPLAN testing was cancelled in 2020. In lieu of this, Beverly Hills Girls High School has opted in to the Department of Education Check-in assessment package. The benefits of using this assessment is that it supplements existing school practices, assisting us to identify how students are performing in literacy and numeracy and helping teachers tailor their teaching more specifically to student needs. Assessment feedback includes links to teaching strategies that will enable teachers to focus on ‘where to next’ for students. The check-in assessment package is supported with resources and professional learning to assist us to administer the assessments, analyse assessment feedback and plan for quality teaching.

A reminder again that for all Year 12 students and parents, the NSW Department of Education has released the HSC Hub for Year 12 students to assists you prepare effectively for our Formal Examinations. With these set for Monday 10th – 21st August (Week 4 and 5 of Term 3), all our Year 12 students would be well advised to access these excellent resources to support their study preparations and practices. Please reach out if you require any further assistance. I wish all Year 12 success in the upcoming examinations.

Our Year 12 Graduation assembly is scheduled for Thursday 24th September. Unfortunately, at this stage, due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to accommodate family members. We are, however, planning towards a live stream for families who wish to see their daughter graduate. Information regarding this endeavour will be made available shortly.

We will continue to advise and inform you as restrictions are lifted or restricted and appreciate your support with the ever changing and very complex nature of the circumstances that exist, not only within the school environment but in society at the present time. Thank you again for the support of the school as we continue to educate and support your daughters.

Our next P&C meeting will be held on Wednesday 26th August 6.00pm via Zoom. We welcome any parent/carer who wishes to join.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 632 1925 6784

Passcode: 665631

Kind regards, 

Maria Iemma


Pandemic Teacher Professional Learning

Zooming in on the Joys of English Teaching –

Last Conferences in a Time of Pandemic

Last holidays, English teachers from across NSW, Australia and from all over the world, were planning to gather together in Sydney for their Annual Conference.  The NSW English Teachers Association volunteers, including our Head Teacher of English, Ms Linda Gratsounas, had been working hard for over a year, and by February everything was nearly complete and anticipation was high!

Then… COVID hit.

When summoned to an emerging Zoom meeting on the future of the Conference, Ms Gratsounas, fully expected to hear that it would all be cancelled.  However, she reckoned without the wisdom, courage and imagination of those leading the Committee, who dared to imagine a virtual international conference conducted entirely by Zoom.

And what a conference it was!  Experts from around the world gathered together virtually, delivered presentations from their studies into the homes of teachers in cities and towns across the globe.  The focused on key issues impacting the teaching of English today.  They offered insight into new approaches and understandings in the English classroom.  They delivered practical workshops on drama, poetry, Shakespeare, media, writing and reading. And while they were delivering, volunteers like Ms Gratsounas facilitated the ‘chat’ space, answering questions, providing links and encouraging audience participation when appropriate.

Feedback tells us that there were lots of positives to a COVID impacted conference, including people in remote communities being able to participate from home and the way the ‘chat’ option allowed for a two-way conversation, even in a lecture situation.  And these lessons from remote learning are changing the way we think about classroom practice in many positive ways.

We would like our school community to know that for our teachers, learning is a lifelong commitment and that even during ‘holidays’ they are working in all sorts of ways to ensure we are able to ensure the very best education there is.  Below is a letter of thanks from the English Teachers Association, which we include to offer a sense of the professional commitment all our staff bring to the school every day.  

SPOTLIGHT on our Teachers: Thank you to Linda Gratsounas

Dear Ms Iemma,

I am writing to you to express our sincere thanks for the work that your staff member, Linda Gratsounas gave to the recent online AATE/IFTE ‘If’ 2020 Conference. As an English Teachers’ Association NSW member, Linda volunteered and generously gave hours of her precious holiday time over the course of four days (7 July – 10 July 2020).The AATE/IFTE ‘If’ conference was held for English teachers, academics and literacy educators from around the world and explored  the themes of Inventing Futures, Ideas in Flight and Implementing Frameworks. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was held for the first time online. This last minute event change necessitated an extraordinary amount of work by a team of skilled and dedicated ETANSW volunteers, committees and office staff as well as the AATE. Linda was a vital part of that team effort.The ‘If’ Conference was a highly successful event and garnered many plaudits. Without people like Linda, important professional development events like this major international conference could not be held. Linda is a credit to the English Teachers Association NSW and your organisation.Kind regards, 

Eva Gold  |  Executive Officer  |  English Teachers Association NSWPO Box 311, Lidcombe NSW 1825  |  Mob: 0422214476 | Skype: live:evagold_5ETA NSW Website  |  If…conference 2020

Deputy Principal's Report

Welcome back to Term 3. This term will be very busy for staff and students. Our staff are working hard to ensure that quality Teaching and Learning continues to be delivered to all our students. Our teachers are experts in pedagogy and work very hard to ensure all our students, your daughters, have access to engaging lessons. Our teachers are able to do this due to the ongoing professional learning that they undertake at every given opportunity. This is our commitment to the learning community of Beverly Hills Girls High School.

The professional development that has occurred recently has been in the area of Pedagogy, Curriculum Development and Wellbeing. Our teachers took part in Formative Assessment practices as part of our three year plan. They spent an afternoon, adhering to social distancing regulations, sharpening their skills on Learning Intentions and Success Criteria and how to effectively use questions to continuously assess students in their learning. This session was very well received by all staff and teachers have been very busy in their faculty areas programming these strategies into units of work. This will allow teachers to gauge where students are at at the end of every lesson and design work that is relevant and at the level of their students so that they are able to move students forward in their learning.

Our School Development Day exposed our teaching staff to an array of Numeracy and Literacy skills that will support students in these areas. Working collaboratively with the IEC (Intensive English Centre) the teachers were presented with strategies to benefit students and assist them to grow in their learning in a session called ‘Growing our Learners’. Teachers developed explicit teaching lessons around specific numeracy and literacy skills, which will be embedded across KLAs to assist students bolster their knowledge and understanding and allow them to practise these skills.  In the afternoon, staff were taken through the 'What Works Best Toolkit', visiting the eight evidence based quality teaching practices that are known to support school improvement and enhance the learning outcomes of our students. The eight themes include: High Expectations, Explicit Teaching, Effective Feedback, Use of Data to Inform Practice, Assessment, Classroom Management, Wellbeing and Collaboration. Teachers were asked to reflect on these themes in terms of their own teaching and discuss with their colleagues which theme resonated with them.  Teachers rated this workshop as a very valuable and informative session. Staff are working to increase the use of these themes into their practice to enhance student learning.

We are looking forward to more professional learning during Terms 3 and 4. The teachers at our school love to update their learning to enhance your daughter’s learning experience and to continue to excel in their craft.


Raquel Spratt

Deputy Principal.

Deputy Principals Report

Semester 1 2020 has finally come to an end. This challenging semester, which saw us learning from home for an extended period of time, seems like a distant memory now that we are back at school. Continuing the first semester into the first two weeks in Term 3 allowed teachers to complete assessment of students learning, prepare reports and finalize the Semester 2 timetable. One of the highlights of  the school year is our end of semester celebrations. The Aspire Learning – Celebration of Success assemblies for Years  7 to 10 went ahead on Thursday 3oth July in the new socially distant manner. The assemblies were to celebrate the achievements of our students across all subjects as well as excellence in uniform and attendance. Due to Covid19 restrictions, we were unable to invite parents to these events. The success of the assemblies was also due to the exemplary manner in which the students conducted themselves, celebrating all students’ achievements in a warm and respectful manner.

During the afternoon of Thursday 30th July, students in Years 7 to 10 were given the opportunity to reflect on their achievements during Semester 1 and set goals for their learning in Semester 2. Students were issued their Semester 2 timetable and instructed students on how to access their reports which appeared on the student/parent portal for the first time. The day was a wonderful success for all involved and we intend to continue the tradition at the end of Semester 2.

Semester 2 commenced from Monday 3rd August with a new timetable for Years 7 to 10 - new classes, new teachers and a fresh start for their learning. If students have any concerns or questions relating to their timetable they can request a review by completing the form available from the front office and returning it  to the box in the foyer. One of the timetable team will review the request and consult with the student to resolve the issue as soon as possible. We ask that students be patient and continue to attend their timetabled classes until such time as you are contacted by one of the team.

A new semester brings the advantage of a fresh start. New learning goals, challenges and plans for how to reach your potential. It is also an opportunity to make the commitment to attend every day, on time and be in perfect uniform. It would make the senior executive team very proud, if we can double the number of awards handed out for excellence in attendance and uniform at the celebration assembly at the end of Semester 2. 

As a school we are continuously looking for ways to improve our communication with our students, parents and the wider school community. In response to this, the school launched our Sentral Parent Portal early in Term 1. Accessible from your mobile, tablet or computer, the Parent Portal gives parents and carers the opportunity to stay in touch with the school from anywhere anytime. The Sentral Parent Portal will let you:

·         Be notified of absence, respond to unexplained absences or advise the school in advance of planned absences

·         Stay informed with your targeted news feed

·         Receive regular academic notifications of your child’s progress

·         Respond to direct teacher/school messages via email, SMS or Portal

·         Receive email and portal notifications, including reminders

·         Access to the BHGHS newsletter

·         Receive your child’s Student Report electronically

·         Provide permission and make payments for school activities

For the first time this semester we produced and published the reports on the Sentral Parent/Student Portal. To access the portal you need to have have a unique code and link it to your email address. All parents were posted information on how to log in to the portal, which included the unique code required for registration purposes. If you have changed your email address, having problems accessing the portal or wish to check if the school has your correct details, please contact the school via the school’s email or call on 9150 4280.

In support of our Year 12 students in what has been a very challenging HSC year, the school has initiated a range of programs, workshops and support services available to all of our students. The following is a list of the tutorials/programs offered to Year 12 students over Terms 2 and 3, 2020. These programs are aimed to support learning and in particular the preparation for HSC exams.

Getting Serious about My Studies Part 1. A 50 minute workshop covering time management, growth mindset, mindfulness, goal setting and achieving at a higher level.

Exam Preparation and dealing with Exam Stress Part 2.  A 50 minute workshop covering organising study time, exam techniques, dealing with stress and power of positive thinking.

Preparing for Exams – Saturday 25/07/20, 01/08/20, 08/08/20 – Based in the library/Learning Centre, students are able to attend between the hours of 9am-12.00pm. Students can work independently and/or seek support in developing skills in general exam technique, tips for answering short and long response questions, time management in exams and specific subject related content. The Learning centre will be staffed in the same manner as the Homework Centre.

Academic Writing- Tutorial Program – Wednesdays 17/06/20, 24/06/20, 30/06/20 (Term 2), 22/07/20 and 29/07/20 (Term 3). This 5 week tutorial program was delivered by one of our GTIL Cadet students and was aimed at boosting students HSC writing skills through the concept of Academic Writing. 

Holiday Workshops  and Tutorials. Subject specific workshops aimed at supporting students to prepare for trial/HSC exams and provide access to school resources and teacher expertise in working on Major works/projects for HSC submission. This occurs through consultation with individual teachers and based on availability of teachers. Many of our students were given the opportunity to work with their teachers during the holidays and benefited from the extra time and commitment offered by our teachers.

Online Tutorials/Learning Platforms. The following Digital Learning Platforms are also available for all students in most HSC subjects. Programs include:

ü   Edrolo (most HSC subjects)

ü   Stile Education (HSC Science Subjects)

ü   Atomi (most HSC Subjects)

ü   Clickview (all subjects across the curriculum)

ü   HSC Support – Wollongong Uni -

ü   NESA – Student supports and HSC

ü   Year 12 Google Classroom – Links to various resources and wellbeing programs.

Homework Club.  The school’s Homework Centre is back and running in the library for 2 afternoons per week, Tuesday and Thursday, 3.00- 4.30pm. Supervision is provided by staff. Students can work independently or utilise the knowledge and skills of the teacher on duty to support their learning.

Chris Williams

Deputy Principal.


NSW School Updates app

The NSW School Updates app allows parents and carers to receive operational status updates for NSW public schools.

NSW families can now get notified when their school becomes non-operational, wherever they are.

The app will complement the other means of communication available to parents and carers from schools and the Department of Education to ensure families receive timely, accurate information in a crisis.

The app is free and available now for iOS and Android users.

• Download for iOS - App StoreExternal link.

• Download for Android - Google PlayExternal link.

You can opt in for notifications about the operational status of as many NSW public schools as you choose.

Privacy information

The app doesn't store any personal or identifiable information. When using the app, it communicates with the department's servers storing a unique identifier for your device; the schools that you wish to receive updates for; and if you've opted into receive push notifications information to send notifications to that device.

HSC Changes

Wellbeing and Learning Support

As we return to the “new” normal, many of our students can use the start of the semester to take stock and reflect on the lessons of the past few months. Our senior students have the added stress of disruptions to their learning and adjusting their planning for the future. For all of us, it is important to continue to focus on our wellbeing.

At its most basic level, wellbeing is when you’re feeling good and functioning well. It includes feeling physically and mentally well, spiritually aware or connected, and that your life is worthwhile and has purpose. Information, such as the “Five Ways to Wellbeing”, can be found on the “Wellbeing Wall” outside Room 4.

 To support the wellbeing of students at our school, students and staff engaging in a number of initiatives. The SRC has been proactive by “Zooming” to all students in Home Groups with presentations to support mental health. Year 7’s Wellbeing Day introduced students to “Step Up”, a program with 2Connect Youth & Community for making a positive start to high school. Students in Year 10 completed Peer Mediation training to help junior students manage conflict. Before long, all of Year 9 will be participating in the Peer Support leadership program and Year 10 in “Maximising Me”.

 Year 12, who have had such a disrupted final year of schooling, have weekly fun activities that have included Pyjama Day, Crazy Hair/Headwear Day and Donut Day. As we count down to the Trial Exam period, students are encouraged to access #StayhealthyHSC, a social media partnership between NESA and ReachOut to support them on their journey to this year’s HSC.

 Wellbeing has a multiplier effect. When you’re happy and well, you’re more likely to experience positive relationships with others, a feeling of control over your life and a sense of purpose. At Beverly Hills Girls High School, we provide a caring environment and continually offer learning activities to support the resilience, health and wellbeing of our students.


Ms Sylvia Stock

Head Teacher Wellbeing & Learning Support

Year 12 Wacky Wednesdays

In an effort to further support the positive mindset of our Year 12 students following the period of remote learning and in the lead up to exams, we are running weekly activities. So far these activities include Donut Day, Crazy Hair Day and Pyjama Day. Our Year 12 students have endured a lot this year. In spite of this, we hope that small initiatives like this serve as a reminder to them to smile, think positively and know that they are cared for and supported by all in the BHGHS learning community.


Year 7 Wellbeing Day

On Tuesday the 28th of July, Ms Hamka and Ms Avgenakis put all their effort and time to arrange the best day for all Year 7 students. They made it really fun by introducing us to new people from the ‘2Connect Youth Program’, which helped us with our difficult transition into Year 7. They also ordered a lot of pizza and we watched a movie. We participated in our last session of Peer Support that was really touching given the amount of sessions we missed out due to COVID-19.

All of Year 7 had the best day and we are very thankful for the Year 10 Peer Support Leaders for giving up their time. We would also like to thank all the Year 7 staff for making our special day possible.


Written by: Sarah S, Nesrine G, Sabrina H, Zoiana G

Year 7 Gifted and High Performance Class go to Mars - STEM Project

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, there haven’t been many opportunities for field trips this year. However, this didn’t stop our Year 7 Gifted and High Potential Class planning and taking a trip to Mars (albeit just in their imagination).

The class participated in a STEM project which ran for the whole of Term 2. The students had to solve problems in the fields of Mathematics, Science and Engineering Design, both individually and collaboratively, in their mission to colonise a planet. The project also required the use of the infographic software program CANVA.

 The students had to think about and resolve problems like: which is the most suitable planet?; who and what are required for the year long stay on the planet?; what isthe most suitable design for the spaceship as well as the home base?; how can we best train for the mission?, and what organisms might look like if life had evolved on Mars?.

It was pleasing to see how the students’ confidence, independence and collaborative skills improved as the project unfolded.

A Martian Moth

Careers Corner

Despite these challenging times we face and not being able to take our students to explore different opportunities and enhance their development through leadership and mentoring, we have organised many of our stakeholders to bring these opportunities to us. Late last term selected students participated in Virtual Mega Maths day. For Term 3 and 4 there will be many opportunities for the students at our school to participate in various mentoring/leadership programs. Stay tuned…

Mrs Pangis


On Tuesday 2nd June 2020, selected Maths students of Year 10 participated in an engaging STEM incursion organised by the University of Sydney. Numerous activities were taught by UNSW teachers on Zoom throughout the day. Despite not being able to do the activities in person due to Covid-19 restrictions, we were still thoroughly engaged.

To start off, we participated in a mathematical activity where we learnt about the influence of angles in origami. We all folded our own unique paper masterpiece. Yes, they were paper cranes, but we were extremely impressed with our paperfolding abilities. Soon after, we completed science-based activities specifically about biology. The activities were focused on the wide range of insects in Australia.  We learned to identify numerous insects based on their physical features and later completed quizzes competing against other schools. We then completed more mathematical activities exploring the power of estimation in relation to astronomy. We learnt how to make mathematical estimations as well as how they can help us further understand the sheer mass of the universe itself. While estimating lightyears was quite tricky, the teachers were super open to questions! Lastly, we played a game based on a case study focused on the natural disasters affecting island countries. In the game we had to fund a chosen island affected by natural disaster with resources. While we were only using counters and based the probability of a natural disaster on a dice, we learned a lot. Making smart choices about money was the focus of the game, like being able to repair damage while building protection for future events.

On behalf of Year 10 I’d like to thank Mrs Pangis and Mr Goreta for organising this incursion for us, it was a great opportunity to learn something new during such challenging times!

By Reza Sariya Sultana

PDHPE Faculty

Welcome to Semester 2 in PDHPE!

Term 3 will see your child engage in new practical and theory learning opportunities.

Year 7We’re all in this together: During theory lessons, students will build understanding and skills to engage in respectful relationships. They will examine how the relationships you form with people in your life have an impact on your health and wellbeing. During practical lessons, students will participate in Striking and Fielding games to develop and refine their movement skills in a range of individual and team sports.

Year 8Get Active, Get Healthy: Students will explore the components of health, dietary and physical activity guidelines, food habits and then create and implement a physical fitness plan.

Year 9Game Sense Making sense of it’ focuses on the game rather than technique by emphasising the development of tactics and decision making. Students will work in teams and will be faced presented with challenges to solve in structured games rather than having to practice skills and apply them to game play

Year 10Latin American Dance: Students will work on refining movement sequences including the Cha Cha, Samba and Jive, and then have the opportunity to transfer their skills whilst working with peers to create their own dance sequence.

Students are reminded that it is Beverly Hills Girls High School expectation and policy that students change into full PE uniform when they have a scheduled practical lesson for PDHPE. The PE uniform design enhances a student's ability to participate in movement classes with ease. There is also the element of personal hygiene which is of extreme importance.

If for any reason your child is not able to bring their full PE uniform or participate in a practical lesson, they must bring a note from their parent / carer explaining the reason. Alternative and suitable clothing is expected to be brought for the lesson. 

PDHPE Health & Wellbeing

Pessimistic outlook linked to lower life expectancy, researchers find

By Tim Swanston ABC News 29th July 2020

The strength of both optimism and pessimism appear to increase with age. (Supplied: QIMR Berghofer)

If you're a pessimist and already feeling less than enthusiastic about the state of the world, maybe don't read on.

Key points:

·         Strongly pessimistic people are more likely to die earlier from cardiovascular diseases and other causes of death

·         But depression did not appear to account for the association between pessimism and mortality

·         The study found less than 9 per cent of respondents identified as being strongly pessimistic

Research from QIMR Berghofer's Genetic Epidemiology group has found people who are strongly pessimistic about the future are at a greater risk of dying earlier than those who aren't.

Study participants who scored higher as pessimistic were likely to die two years earlier on average than those who did not rate as pessimistic.

They were more likely to die earlier from cardiovascular diseases and other causes of death, but depression did not appear to account for the association between pessimism and mortality.

Lead researcher Dr John Whitfield said the data on pessimism came from a mid-1990s questionnaire of almost 3,000 participants aged over 50.

"We've been following up some of the people who've taken part in our studies," Dr Whitfield said.

"People who are pessimistic might be thought to not look after themselves and their health as well — they might think there's no point in following advice about diet and exercise and so on."

"There are indications that optimistic and pessimistic attitudes can have effects on brain and blood biochemistry, inflammation perhaps on the arterial wall.

"There are biological aspects as well as more social or personal psychological aspects to this."

The study found less than 9 per cent of respondents identified as being strongly pessimistic.

Dr Whitfield — who is an optimist by the way — said it might be the prompt needed for people to try and reduce their negativity about the world.

He also said the strength of optimism and pessimism appeared to increase with age.

Dr John Whitfield says the research may be the prompt needed for people to try to reduce their negativity about the world.(Supplied: QIMR Berghofer)

What about the optimists? 

Sorry, the researchers found no change in life expectancy the more optimistic you were. 

But a study from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health in Boston in 2016 found people who are optimistic have a reduced risk of dying from cancer, stroke, infection and respiratory disease. 

University of Sydney Associate Professor Muireann Irish said the QMIR findings showed an interesting association between pessimism and mortality. 

"This study is looking at a correlation … we don't want people to panic necessarily that having a pessimistic outlook on life inevitably means that your end of days are nigh," she said. 

"They resonate with a large body of evidence that does suggest that the way in which we conceive of ourselves in terms of our outlook on life makes us more or less likely to engage in positive or negative health behaviours. 

"We might want to consider is whether pessimism actually makes an individual more likely to be fatalistic or accepting of conditions or general health problems, rather than being resilient or open to change." 

The QIMR Berghofer study into outlook and life expectancy was published in the journal Scientific Reports.     


ü  Write in a gratitude journal every day. Make sure to be specific! ... 

ü  Listen to music that sounds the way you want to feel. ... 

ü  Share positivity by sending one thank-you email or doing one kind act every day. ... 

ü  Challenge your negative thinking. ... 

ü  Smile. ... 

ü  Follow your passion. ... 

ü  Meditate  

PDHPE There's more to say after R U OK?

2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and circumstances have made it even more important for us all to stay connected and, for those who are able, be willing to support those around us. In the lead-up to R U OK? Day on September 10th 2020, we’ll help Australians know what to say when someone says they’re not OK and guide them through how they can continue a conversation that could change a life.

 You don’t have to be an expert to keep the conversation going when someone says they’re not OK. By knowing what to say you can help someone feel supported and access appropriate help long before they’re in crisis, which can make a really positive difference to their life.

For more information and valuable resources please visit


PDHPE Faculty Guidelines for returning to sport


Infection and Control Procedures

Safety and hygiene

The following hygiene measures will continue to apply to all sport and physical activities in the St George Secondary Schools Sports Association Grade Sport Competition:

  • Practise good hygiene.
    • Staff and students are required to wash their hands prior to and at the conclusion of sport and physical activities. Encourage hand hygiene practices at regular intervals as required.
    • Maintain respiratory hygiene whilst participating in sport and physical activity, encouraging coughs or sneezes to be covered and tissues to be disposed of immediately. Always wash your hands after having coughed, sneezed or blown your nose.
    • Discourage spitting or clearing of nasal or respiratory secretions at all times. No shining of a cricket ball with sweat/salvia.
  • Do not play if unwell. Students are expected to stay away from school or be collected by a parent/carer should they become unwell during the day. Students should not be participating in sport if they are unwell.
  • Do not share items such as drink bottles or towels. Students should provide their own personal items such as water bottles, towels, clothing, mouthguards, etc as required for competitive sporting activities.
  • Implement cleaning protocols. All sport and physical activity equipment (including shared equipment and clothing such as school sporting singlets and bibs) must be cleaned at the end of each session. Equipment that cannot be cleaned after each use should not be shared.
  • Environment cleaning. Standard daily cleans as well as the cleaning of high touch areas should occur within sporting facilities, such as change rooms.
  • Apply standard precautions for infection control. Staff should continue to adhere to the Infection Control requirements outlined in the Requirements for All Sport and Physical Activity and First Aid procedures. Protocols for spills of blood and other bodily substances must be followed where any clothing, equipment and surfaces are contaminated by bodily fluid such as blood following a player injury.
  • Avoid shaking hands. Students should not shake opposition hands at the conclusion of a sport activity.
  • Parents unable to attend Grade Sport. As per DoE guidelines, parents are unable to attend grade sport at local venues/schools. Sports organisers to pass this information on to their respective schools.
  • Council sports grounds have been booked on behalf of the STGSSSA.


TAS Faculty


The TAS staff and school community would like to welcome Mrs Lathouras. We all look forward to working with her during Semester 2.


In all Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) units of work there is a strong focus on practical skills. The TAS teachers are extremely pleased that all practical lessons have recommenced since face to face teaching resumed. Our students have continued to excel in this area and have showcased their skills to the wider community.

Practical Food Preparation Lessons

At the end of Term 3, with Mrs. Redman’s guidance and expertise, all three Food Service and Catering classes consisting of Year 9 and 10 students planned and prepared a high tea (with the consideration of social distancing) for  a select group. The high teas were professionally served on the deck and the panel of tasters described the food as ‘delicious’.

The TAS staff would like to thank and congratulate all of the students involved.

On Tuesday, 4th August 2020, a group of Hospitality students voluntarily arrived to school early on a very cold morning to prepare a range of breakfast items for our visiting principals. They were extremely impressed with the quality of food that was prepared by our students and asked if they could return on a regular basis. The school community was made to feel very proud. We would like to sincerely thank the following students for their efforts and commitment:

-          Safa K

-          Halima S

-          Hannah Alyssandra S

-          Hannah Cassandra S

-           Joey T

-          Bethany X

In addition to our already stringent hygiene measures, we have increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing of all work areas to assure the safety and wellbeing of our students. Thorough hand washing and sanitizing procedures are followed throughout all food preparation lessons.  

Practical Senior Textiles Lessons

Year 12 Textiles and Design are currently at the completion stage of their Major Works. The students have demonstrated considerable talent in design and construction and are commended not only on their skills but for the perseverance they have shown, particularly during these challenging times. We wish them all the best and look forward to seeing their completed products, due on 31st August, 2020.

Year 11 Textiles and Design recently finished a unit of work based on construction and decoration techniques. The students significantly developed their practical skills through their experiences and are also congratulated on their efforts. 

Learning Resource Centre

The Beverly Hills Girls High School Learning Resource Centre, formally known as the Library, continues to be in the midst of exciting change to enhance the learning and reading enjoyment of our students and staff. The creation of distinct zones within the LRC provides a stimulating area for students and staff to research and study. To achieve this aim, the former carousal computer desks were removed and have been replaced with modern ergonomically designed desks in a sleek graphite colour. This has opened up the library so that the space can now provide a larger, relaxing reading area. More exciting changes regarding bright and comfy furniture in the reading area are in the pipeline.

When you walk into a bookstore, do you gravitate to a particular genre? Are you drawn to crime or thrillers? The allure of historical romances may be more your style. Or forget drama, are stories based on real Aussie sporting legends what fascinate you and is your bedside chest is littered with a selection of books in this genre. Whatever your taste in books, there is something comforting in walking into a bookstore and knowing where your favourite genre is to be found as you make a beeline to that area of the bookstore, pull up a chair and indulge in a few quiet moments of being lost in your chosen book. The Library Resource Centre has taken up the challenge and is moving towards genrefication of the fiction collections. Students and staff will be able to walk into the LRC and choose fiction books in areas devoted specifically to Romance, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction/Dystopian, Crime/Thrillers, Humour, Picture Books, Graphic Novels, Quick Reads and a General section. The LRC staff are enthusiastic in arranging the fiction collections to make this a reality soon!

We have left the best till last! Please come to the LRC and allow your senses to be indulged. Covering the entire western wall is a spectacular mural, which pictorially challenges our students to achieve the BHGHS motto of Women Can Do Anything, by reading! Education is the gateway to success. Reading for enjoyment is also a means to expand our minds, raise our spirits and rest our souls. Happy reading!

The LRC/Library will be open during the 60th anniversary celebrations. You are warmly welcomed to come in at any time.

Other news in the Learning Resource Centre

The LRC, in collaboration with the English Faculty, implemented the Renaissance Accelerated Reader project in 2020. The Renaissance Accelerated Reader program aims to improve literacy rates across the curriculum and foster a love of reading for leisure. Years 7 and 8 students were assessed to determine their current reading ability levels. Based on this knowledge, the students were trained to access the library’s book collections that aligned with their reading ability levels. Students then were required to borrow books in their reading ability range, read the books by a due date and complete a comprehension quiz based on their selected choice. This is an ongoing project and we eagerly await anticipate

Top library student borrowers

Year 7      Afifa A                           49 loans
Year 8     Sofia C                     94 loans
Year 9     Layla M11 loans
Year 10   Shameera S                 

25 loans

Year 11   Fatima M        8 loans
Year 12   Faria S 13 loans

What are BHGHS staff and community members reading?

Ms Nelson   The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant The Unbeliever Book 3 by Stephen Donaldson. A dystopian tale about a wasteland created by damage to the environment. Told from the perspective of a man who becomes the land itself.

Mrs Eaves   Eleanor’s Secret  by Caroline Beecham. Historical fiction about lies and redemption spanning World War II to the present day.

Mrs Croucher  Truly Madly Deeply by Liane Moriarty.

Mr Goreta is devouring any news from numerous sources about current issues and events, locally and globally.

Ms Aslanis  Shiver by Nikki Gemmell. A journalist seeking adventure accompanies an excursion to Antarctica. Despite the icy conditions her heart is thawed but leads to grief.

Mr Aligiannis  Stalin The Court of The Red Tsar Simon Sebag Montefiore. An account of Josef Stalin derived from his personal letters, photos and documents. This is also available in audiobook.

Ms Re  Educated by Tara Westover. A woman growing up in a fundamentalist Christian home is denied a right to an education. She takes matters into her own hands and fights to gain what she deeply desires, an education.

Ms White  Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton, a journalist. This is his first novel and explores the life of a young man who grows up in tragic circumstances. He takes his revenge  by turning his life around and gaining the success he desperately craves.

Ms Little Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. A classic set in 19th century Russia. A selection of themes include love, betrayal, disintegrating Russian society. Some consider it the greatest novel written in the modern Western world, do you?

Mrs Abou-Antoun The Broken Wing in Arabic by Khalil Gibran. A beautiful selection of prose by a master writer.

Mr Daniel Wallace, a visiting tradesman, The Art of War by Sun Tzu. From Ancient China, a masterpiece about waging a successful campaign during warfare. Throughout the ages kings, queens, political leaders, military personnel and the random business tycoons have adopted many of the strategies and tactics in their professional and personal lives.


Borrowing eBooks and Audiobooks

Did you forget to pick up a book from the library? Don’t despair, let your fingers do the walking. You can borrow a book sitting in your pyjamas whilst you sip a cup of cocoa. If you have a computer, tablet, kindle or smart phone you can borrow and read a BHGHS library book. Wheelers ePlatform is the app you need. Follow the instructions on the following pages to access this format. If you prefer to listen to audio books read aloud, Wheelers ePlatform is also the app for you.

How to Download the App

Download the app from your favourite app store now to access the BHGHS library's eBook & Audiobook collection!

All you need to do to access our e-Books and audiobooks is:

•           Download Wheelers E-Platform through Google Play Store or the Apple App store

•           Select Beverly Hills Girls High School

•           Log in with your school email address and password

•           Browse the library’s collections and borrow your chosen book(s) to read or listen. Enjoy!

New eBooks and Audio books available this month

Parent Portal

As a school we are continuously looking for ways to improve our communication with our students, parents and the wider school community. In response to this, the school launched our Sentral Parent Portal early in Term 1. Accessible from your mobile, tablet or computer, the parent portal will give parents and carers the opportunity to stay in touch with the school from anywhere anytime. The Sentral Parent Portal will let you:

  • Be notified of absence, respond to unexplained absences or advise the school in advance of planned absences
  • Stay informed with your targeted news feed
  • Receive regular academic notifications of your child’s progress
  • Message your child’s teachers
  • Respond to direct teacher/school messages via email, SMS or Portal
  • Receive email and portal notifications, including reminders
  • Access to the BHGHS newsletter
  • Receive your child’s Student Report electronically
  • Provide permission and make payments for school activities

Please note to have access to this valuable resource we need a current parent email address, as this will allow the school to send parents’ login details. If you have changed your email address or wish to check if the school has your correct details, please contact the school via the school’s email or call on 9150 4280.

Call for tenders - School Canteen Licence Beverly Hills Girls High School Broadarrow Road Beverly Hills NSW 2209

School Canteen Licence

 Tenders are called for the license  of  the  School  canteen  for  the  school  year commencing January, 2021 for  a  term  of  approximately three (3) years with the School having the option to extend the term for up to two (2) more years.   Annual   school   enrolments   will   be approximately 900 students.

General enquiries and requests for a Tender Information Package should  

 be  referred to:

 Catherine Rayner, School Admin Manager


Linda Fishwick, School Admin Officer

Telephone:  02)  91 504280

Tenders must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked

“Confidential - School Canteen Tender” and sent to:

 The Principal,

Beverly Hills Girls High School

Locked Bag 3

Beverly Hills    2209

 Tenders close at 3pm on  18th September, 2020

 A tender visit and briefing session is planned to be held in the near future.

All applicants must make themselves familiar with clause 2 of the tender offer.

Beverly Hills Girls High School 60th Anniversary - 'Then to Now'

In 2020, Beverly Hills Girls High School will have its 60th anniversary and we are planning to celebrate this momentous occasion in style on 20th November 2020. With a theme of ‘Then to Now’, we are aiming to showcase the long and distinguished history of our school and acknowledge the many students who have walked through its doors. With the date set, the next step is for us to gather together teachers, parents and, most importantly, students past and present to create the team who will make it all happen. We have some great ideas but we are definitely looking for input from the wider school community. 

If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining our team, please contact the school via the school’s email or call on 9150 4280 and leave your details. We plan to meet early in Term 1, 2020 to get the ball rolling.  Looking forward to meeting you then.

The Beverly Hills Girls High School 60th Anniversary Committee