Virginia Primary School Newsletter

Issue 7 , 6/05/2020

From the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,


I would like to welcome everyone back to term two. We are extremely excited and happy to see so many of our students return back to school and are aiming for 100% attendance by the end of this week. We have been making contact with families on an individual basis to ensure that we continue to support the learning of all students and to also remind parents that it’s business as usual here at school.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again acknowledge the incredible work our teachers and SSOs have completed in preparing for a very different Term 2, and the shift to face to face. We are pleased to note the encouraging and positive news of the current COVID-19 situation, which is credit to everyone following SA Health’s advice. As a school, we will continue to follow our CE and SA Health’s directions to ensure the safety of all - students, staff and wider community.

I would also like to thank our families for your continuous support and understanding. We have had to put measures in place that have been challenging for all involved as they are not part of our normal practice. Here at Virginia PS, we pride ourselves on connecting and interacting with our families, however under the current circumstances we have needed to make some of these changes to ensure that the school is a safe place for everyone by abiding by the rules. Schools across the state are minimising adults entering school premises due to the adult-adult transmission as much as possible.

We are super proud of the resilience demonstrated by our students with the ‘kiss and drop off/pick up by the gate or school yard (for our young ones). We ask for everyone’s cooperation and ask that parents don’t congregate in the yard and adhere to the social/physical distancing guidelines from the government. We have put signs around the school as reminders to try and help. We truly appreciate everyone’s support and understanding around this matter as we usually welcome such positive interactions.

As a school, we will maintain the high levels of hygiene practices in place. Our playgrounds get cleaned on a daily basis before recess and lunch, including frequently touched surfaces around our school such as; light switches, door handles, handrails, benches and table tops. We also have plenty of tissues, hand soap and hand sanitiser in every classroom.

Apart from all the work invested with COVID-19, I would also like to share the work that our teachers undertook on our Pupil Free Day. We completed further training and development around One Plans. One Plans describe a child or young person's special educational, health and social care needs. They explain the extra help that will be given to meet those needs and how that help will support the child or young person to achieve what they want to in their life. Here at VPS, we work hard to differentiate and meet the needs of ALL our learners. Having these Pupil Free Days enable us to invest extra time to further improve and strengthen our work, so again, we appreciate your support.

Apologies for my lengthy report, however I want to continue to be transparent, especially during these extraordinary times.

I know I have said this before but feel it necessary to once again express my gratitude. The way our staff and community have followed the directions of our department and SA Health is very much appreciated.

Please don’t hesitate to make contact with us if you have any further questions as we are here to support in any way we can. 

Thank you,

Voula Pounendis

Year 7 to High School

Starting Secondary School in 2021?

Last week our year 7 students were given a Secondary School pack addressed to their Primary Care Giver. Inside was a booklet explaining the new process for 'Starting Secondary School in 2021'.

As of 2020 secondary school applications are now an online application. Each student has been allocated a unique URL.

Emails have been sent to parents with this link and for parent/caregivers we have no electronic address for, we had enclosed a letter with your child's unique URL. This MUST be completed by Friday 22nd May.

Families living in the Virginia  area are automatically zoned to go to Mark Oliphant College (MOC) which is situated at Munno Para West. There is currently no bus that runs from Virginia to this area; it is left to parents to arrange transportation. 

However, many families in the area, choose to apply to Gawler High as their public school as there is a school bus that runs from Virginia, travelling along Gawler Road to Angle Vale Road then to Gawler High. For alternative routes please contact Gawler and District College B-12 on 8521 2400.


In the brochure enclosed in the pack & attached,  gives information on what you need to provide for ‘Registration of interest for non-local (out-of-zone) schools’. Please make sure you read this brochure and follow the steps required.

 If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact the school on

8380 9292 or email

Please read click on the download button to read more


Wellbeing | Character Strengths

There are many ways we learn and experience a positive sense of wellbeing. Wellbeing can be experienced through practicing mindfulness, building relationships, demonstrating kindness and more. However, did you know that an effective long-term approach to boosting wellbeing can stem from simply knowing your personal strengths of character? Research suggests that learning and identifying your character strengths, along with putting them into regular practice can improve your wellbeing and quality of life!

We all have valuable strengths, and it is important we have the opportunity to explore what those are in order to flourish and thrive! Positive Psychology research identifies 24 universal character strengths which we all possess to some degree. Our character strengths are positive elements of our personality, and with regular practice, can help us cultivate higher levels of wellbeing and happiness. We all naturally express certain character strengths more readily than others; creating our unique character. Throughout the year, classes have been exploring and learning the meaning of the 24 character strengths. Additionally, every week classes discover more about each character strength by reading the ‘character strength of the week’ in our morning student news.

What are the 24 Character Strengths?

Curiosity Ÿ Perspective Ÿ Creativity Ÿ Judgement Ÿ Love of learning Ÿ Bravery Ÿ Honesty Ÿ Perseverance Ÿ Zest Ÿ Love Ÿ Kindness Ÿ Social Intelligence Ÿ Hope Ÿ Humour Ÿ Gratitude Ÿ Spirituality Ÿ Appreciation of beauty and excellence Ÿ Teamwork Ÿ Fairness Ÿ Leadership Ÿ Forgiveness Ÿ Prudence Ÿ Humility Ÿ Self-regulation.

Interested in exploring and finding out more about your family’s top strength? Why not take the character strength survey and continue the conversation at home?

Mother's Day Stall 2020 - Fundraising

Riley's Big Ride

We are sure everyone would like to join us in congratulating Riley on his recent BIG effort with his ride from Melbourne to Adelaide.   

With recent events happening not only here, but around the globe with COVID-19, changes had to be made to Riley and his Pop's original plans as borders were closing. Of course Riley and Paul (Pop), wanted to make sure they were across the border before the lock down time of 4pm. Luckily they made it and were able to finish the South Australian part of their journey. In the end, they covered 651kms in 6 days, just over 25 hours of riding time, averaging at 26kmph!

In just under one year they have accomplished 6,000kms in just training alone - what a huge accomplishment that is. 

You can read more of their journey on their blog at

Now that they are home, the riding hasn't stopped and I hear Riley is already thinking about his next Big Adventure.

Congratulations Riley & Paul - we are super proud of you.

You can also head to the Two Wells & District Echo Newspaper to read their article on Riley & Paul who graced their front cover in March.


Playgrounds - COVID -19

Recently  SA Health & State Government have taken steps to reopen public playgrounds after 13 days straight of no new cases of COVID-19.

This is great news I’m sure for many families and children across the state. Many playgrounds will be open by the end of the week ready for the weekend, including St Kilda Adventure Playground & also our local playground here in Virginia adjacent to the Community Centre.

Whilst this is wonderful news, please still be aware of social distancing and take along your own hand sanitiser/hand wipes so you can make sure everyone’s hands are cleaned after use. 

Enjoy, but please stay safe. 

Social Media Fact Sheets - Social Media & Mental Health

Be Smart, Play Your Part!

With recent events and children spending more time online, we thought it might be useful to read up on the Social Media & Mental Health advice from National Online Safety. This fact sheet addresses familiarising yourself with sites your child is accessing, discussing "Real Life" connection, regular breaks from social media, hobbies/interests, support and other information.

We have also created an album on our school Facebook page with more fact sheets for you to utilise. 

Take a moment to have a look at the attached Social Media & Mental Health fact sheet. You might also be interested in the following Facebook page

Lucky Book Club Changes - Scholastic

COVID-19 has disrupted Lucky Book Club ordering at the moment.

To reduce risks to families, Scholastic has decided not to produce paper catalogues for Issue 3. Instead they will be taking orders online.

To access the virtual catalogue please click on the link

To place an order click on a catalogue page and you will be redirected to LOOP. An App can be found on Google Play or iTunes. If it is your first time using LOOP, you will need to register. Please make sure you add your child’s name and class (room number). 

Orders for Issue 3 will close Monday the 11th of May 2020

Parenting Ideas Articles - Leading the way for children during the Coronavirus pandemic

Please take a moment to read the latest article from Parenting Ideas on Expectations on Children. 

Click on the download button to read the full article

Get the latest on topics such as resilience, confidence, wellbeing and developing your children into the best they can be, through the following link


Term 1 Snapshot

Term 2 Calendar 2020


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