Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School Newsletter

Term 1- Issue 5. 31st March

Dates to remember:

  • Monday 6th April- Thursday 9th April

Student Free Days / Preparation for Online Delivery of Education 

  • Friday 10th April

Good Friday/Last day of Term 

  • Monday 20th April

Term 2 commences


Message from the Principal - Mr Denis Graham

Dear Parents and Friends of MTCPS,

I take this opportunity to give you the latest updates in relation to activities here at Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School.

Week 10

This week, the major focus in classroom programs is continuing to follow our curriculum scope and sequence and also to develop readiness for the possible delivery of a Continuation of Learning program.

It is essential that, during the course of this week, our students develop the skills necessary to learn effectively away from school. The specific tasks we are undertaking include

·         Sharing Seesaw Home Learning Codes and setting online activities for the students who are attending school, and for those who are currently absent and will be throughout Week 10.

·         Providing students with the opportunity to login to all of our online learning programs, so they can do so capably from home.

·         Sharing student login details to all of our current teaching and learning programs. Part of our learning process will be to continue using spelling, maths and other programs that students are familiar with. Your child’s individual login details will be emailed to you by the end of the week.

Week 11

The NT Minister for Education announced that ‘the final four days of this school term – Monday 6 April to Thursday 9 April – will be professional development days for staff to prepare for the continued delivery of education in Term 2.’

Students will not be required to attend during this time, however, our schools will remain open for the children of essential services workers and for any vulnerable children who may need to attend.’

On these four days, Mother Teresa will remain open to enable school staff to become familiar with the learning from home materials and how they are best delivered, and provide time to prepare take home materials for students as appropriate.


Week 11 provides Mother Teresa staff with the opportunity to:

o    Plan work and resources for the possibility of teaching online/ remotely if at the beginning of Term 2 the school remains closed. In the event of the school being closed, Continuation of Learning resources will be sent out to all families via email and the Skoolbag app.


Staff are designing the Continuation of Learning resource with the following parameters in mind;

●      Broad based - Activities are broad in content in order to make them accessible to all families.

●      Short term - This resource may be developed further if self-isolation is prolonged.

●      Independent - Students and families should be able to complete tasks independent of school staff.

●      Accessible - With hard copy or digital formats available, we aim to increase accessibility for all.


Beginning of Term Two

If students do not return at the start of Term 2, Continuation of Learning resources will be sent out on the first day of the school week. New work will then be sent out at the start of each subsequent week. Work will cover all subject areas including the specialist subjects. Throughout the week your child’s teacher/s will be in contact with you through email, Seesaw and, where possible, phone calls. Please ensure that the school has your most up to date contact details.

Care for children whose parents work in Essential Services

While the school is currently caring for children whose parents work in essential services, we are yet to be informed by the Northern Territory Education Department what this would look like next term if school remains closed.

 School counselling service during school closure

If you are concerned about your child’s responses to school closures now or in the future, Catholic Care provide free counselling services. They can be contacted on (08) 8944 2000 or


Contacting the school over the holidays

The school office will not be staffed over the school holidays. If you need to make contact with the school please email . This email account will be regularly monitored.

 Please contact the school on or 08 7969 5600 if there is any way in which we can assist. If families are experiencing financial difficulties now or in the future please do not hesitate to contact the school.

The Mother Teresa staff community keep in their prayers all who have been affected by the impact of the recent changes.

 May you all stay safe and well.

Kind regards,

Denis Graham

OSHC/Vacation Care

On discussions with Greg O’Mullane, Director Catholic Education and the Approved Provider, Catholic Church of the Diocese of Darwin Property Trust, and all CENT school Principals the decision has been made to operate our OSHC services as normal in Week 11, 6th – 9th April.

Our OSHC services will operate BSC and OSHC services to all children during this week.

Vacation Care will commence the following week 14th – 17th April.

Religion News !!

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are facing uncertain times ahead of us which naturally gives rise to fear. The Catholic Faith reminds its followers to stay strong to the gospel values of faith, love and hope. Pope Francis calls us all to remain united during this time.

Project Compassion

We have raised $122 for Project Compassion so far! Our house in the running for first place is MacKillop, who have raised $38.30 . We understand that this time may be difficult for some families, but we encourage you to ‘give what you can’ in support of the people in many places around the world who are not as fortunate. Caritas Australia’s efforts supports 23 countries in Asia, the Pacific, the Middle East as well as first Australian communities. The spread of COVID-19 continues to be an ongoing risk to these places, especially due to water and sanitation challenges, food availability and also the delivery of medical and emergency supplies.

Donations may be made either via our online fundraising page or by dropping in money in the boxes in the classroom or administration office.

We will continue donations until the 9th of April.

Prayer for COVID-19

On Wednesday, the whole school took the time to pray the Our Father together. Pope Francis invited Christians all over the world to pray the Lord’s Prayer at 12noon for strength in the tough times the world currently faces.

NET Team

Last Friday, the NET Team visited our school. The National Evangelisation Team is here in Darwin for 2020 and are working with schools across the diocese to spread the Gospel message amongst young people. After their initial introduction at assembly, they spent time with Years 4-6, answering questions and even playing a quick game.

We hope to have them visit again later this year.

School Prayer and Assembly

With the new restrictions around social distancing in place, we trialed a virtual prayer and assembly on Friday  in order to maintain some normalcy around routine. The students did very well in remaining reverent during this time.

Well done to Transition Lake for an amazing Gospel reflection.

God Bless,

Justina Fernandes

Back To School Voucher

Please note that the Back to School vouchers must be used by Friday 3rd. If you have not used your voucher and are in need of uniforms, please contact the office asap. If you have not yet used your voucher and do not need uniforms, the $150.00 can be put towards your school fees. Please contact the office to sign the voucher.

I Learn News

Chicken Duty.. Our Year 2 students have been on daily chicken duty. Feeding and collecting eggs each day with Mrs Webber ! Our chickens are laying roughly 12 eggs a day...

2020 School Term Dates