Cecil Andrews College

Term 4 Newsletter 2018

Principal's Address

2018 has been a very successful year with many significant achievements for our students at Cecil Andrews College. In accordance with our motto, 'Achieving Excellence Together', our collaboration with partnerships and the community have enabled students who chose to get the most out of their education, to achieve to their full potential. Deloitte have now signed the MOU and students continue to engage in workplace learning at school and in the fantastic industries we work with and with skillful mentors alongside them. South Metro TAFE have lectured in Engineering in our STEM Centre seeing growing numbers of students enrolling.


For the last two years, Asta Morton from Skilling Australia has assisted us with brokering and strengthening our partnerships with Austal, Civmec, Datacom, Deloitte, HP, Thales, Curtin University and South Metro TAFE and we genuinely appreciate her support and positive attitude. She has been a dynamic and effective partner in meaningful learning resulting in successful student outcomes. She will be moving on to take what she has learned to establishing the Northern P-TECH Pilot.


We have delivered on our endeavour to provide an inspiring, positive and inclusive environment for students to learn best in. As the Southern Perth P-TECH (Pathways in Technology) Pilot students have many and varied opportunities to better prepare students for the future in a changing world. We have seen students mature and show the values we uphold with our graduating class confidently prepared for pathways in school and beyond, setting a high benchmark. The Year 12 students clearly displayed inclusivity and took on the 'family' culture that we strive towards displaying great leadership and role modelling.

Mr Craig Power our Engineer who has been working with students on projects, won ‘The Professional Engineer of the Year’  Award for WA.

I am honoured to have won a '20 in 20' WiTWA Award which is acknowledgement of the work I do in leading a 21st century vision in which technology is at the forefront. I also received an Excellence Award from Skilling Australia for outstanding leadership and commitment to STEM Education in Australia.

Power awarded WA Professional Engineer of the Year

WA Engineer Craig Power took away the Professional Engineer of the Year award at the 2018 AEEA's held in Perth.

STEAM Maker Conference

On 31st August and 1st September, Cecil Andrews College held the STEAM Maker Conference which provided a range of professional learning opportunities to Primary and Secondary Teachers and School Leaders from around Western Australia to attend. Participants engaged in interactive STEAM workshops and lectures that provided them with STEAM based ideas and networking opportunities.

The STEAM Maker conference had a range of innovative and world renowned presenters who had brought in a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with our Teachers. With a focus to Mathematics and inquiry skills, Shaham from Scitech provided our Primary Teachers with an insight on how to make maths more of an inquiry process. The STEM Learning project, presented by Natalie Dowd from Scitech, provided our Department of Education Teachers and School Leaders with an insight on integration of the different learning areas as a learning program. Kim Flintoff, Learning Futures Advisor from Curtin University, presented valuable information on Global Goals, Games and Challenge-based STEM with the focus on how it would empower our students in their learning. Teachers had the opportunity to see Ric Johnson from Rostrata Primary School present a STEAM show and tell of ideas and activities that Teachers can use within their classroom. Lisa Breen from Austal provided Teachers with an insight of how educators can build essential workplace skills within students so they are prepared for the workplace and jobs of the future. Leonie Clelland and Veronica Aske from Treendale Primary School presented Teachers with a variety of Digitech integration ideas with a Primary School setting and how it is adopted by Teachers. Rachael Bott from Creative Moves WA presented an interactive workshop for Teachers on integrating Performing Arts into STEAM.

We were fortunate to have Virginia Ellis from Barker College as our STEAM Teacher in Residence at the college who not only presented at the conference on Effective STEAM integration across P-12, but worked alongside our Teachers and Students on demonstrating integration of STEAM based activities within the various subjects. This was a valuable professional learning opportunity for our Teachers to capacity build within STEAM and how they could integrate those skills within their classes.

During the conference, our students exhibited their STEAM projects in a student-led display in the Engineering lab. Students conducted a show and tell to distinguished guests and Teachers from other schools on their project and what they have achieved. Some of the projects included 4x4 in Schools, SUBS in Schools, FRC and FLL, and the drone choregraphed dance as well as smaller scale STEM projects. We also had the STEAM Primary Extension program which was conducted by Jodie Lewin for students from around our feeder Primary Schools. Students immersed themselves in a series of STEM-based activities and were able to develop their skills in mechatronics. The conference celebrated with Helen Townsend and Bella Harvey with the Art and Technology of Song writing that also allowed our students to work shoulder to shoulder with the artists. Drew Mayhills performed for our guests with a combination of music and technology.

I would like to thank the presenters who provided our Teachers and Students with the amazing opportunity to be immersed in the world of STEAM. It was a highlight to our school community.

Charges & Voluntary Contributions

The school relies heavily on payments to cover the cost of materials, services and facilities used by all students in each educational program. Payment of the Voluntary Contributions is only optional if there is genuine hardship, and goes directly to your child's resources. School Charges are compulsory, if you would like to know more about your current balance or are unable to pay the full amount due, we have a time payment option available, please see the front administration staff for more information. Your continued support of the school allows us to provide all students with a wide range of learning opportunities and this is greatly appreciated.

Payment via EFTPOS (onsite), cash, cheque and direct debit into our bank account are all available payment options to you.

Cecil Andrews College bank details are:

Cecil Andrews College

BSB 633000

Acct 153500723

Ref Students Name (E.g.: JSmith Yr9)

Please provide the students name for easy reference .


Just a reminder to all parents and guardians of Cecil Andrews College students that if your child is absent for any reason, the College attendance officers need to be notified. The easiest ways to contact the College attendance officers is via phone at Student Services on 9234 3401 or on the 0408 099 112 MessageU and Skoolbag App.

Also a reminder that when collecting your child early for any reason, the process is made much easier if your child has a signed note from a parent or guardian explaining when and why your child needs to leave early. This means your child will not be questioned by their classroom teacher as to why they are leaving, and the College attendance officers will have a record of their explained absence.

Term Dates 2019

Click here to see the Term Planner for 2019

Lowes Uniform

The Administration Team have decided to continue to allow the school polo shirts to be worn for 2018. The uniform advisory committee will be meeting to review the current uniform. Non-school uniform shirts, denim, leggings, hoodies are not acceptable.

All uniform items are in store and available for purchase. Lowes provides a range of services to assist you in selecting and buying the most appropriate items for your child. Lay-by is available and can be exchanged next year if your child has a sudden growth spurt over the holiday season. Take advantage of Lowes ongoing promotions, discount days and vouchers that are ongoing throughout the year and promoted in the enrolment packs.

You can keep up to date with all the offers from Lowes via there online store.


Lowes staff are more than happy to deal with any other uniform issues you may have. Remember to use up your uniform allowance assistance if it is available to you and don't forget that gumtree or the quokka is a great way to sell your no longer needed uniform items. Selections of uniform items are also on display in the front office at Cecil Andrews College.


This time of year is also a great time to remind parents and students about attendance and uniform. It has been fantastic to see so many students in correct school uniform and wearing it with pride. Please find below the school’s uniform policy.



White shirt with crest (Years 11 & 12)

Light blue shirt with crest (Years 8 to 10)

Navy Pullover with crest

Navy college trousers

Navy micromesh long leg shorts

Navy tracksuit pants

Navy blazer with crest (optional)

Bomber jacket (optional)


Navy tartan check dress with crest

Navy tartan check skirt

Navy pullover with crest

Navy pants

Navy shorts

Blue stocking tights


White shirt with crest (Years 11 & 12)

Light blue shirt with crest (Years 8 to 10)

Navy blazer with crest (optional)

Bomber jacket (optional)

Student Services

We have had a busy end to 2018 with students working hard to complete work and confirm grades. This term we have had a focus on Student Health and Wellbeing and have had guest speakers in the school addressing Student Mental Health and Online Safety. Helping Minds and R U Legal addressed our Year 7 – 10 students producing informative discussion amongst the students.  In addition to this we had our Mental Health Awareness campaign and our Canteen fundraiser.

We would like to thank our school community for your ongoing support not only with providing assistance where necessary but ensuring that students are in uniform, are attending school and promoting the STARR expectations. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy Holiday! We look forward to a fantastic 2019 with you and your children!

Aboriginal & Islander Education Officers

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is nearly the end of the year and we still have a lot to do before the end of 2018.

Thank you to all the Parents and Guardians that have supported the New Aboriginal Islander Education Officers, we are hoping that we have a great year 2019.

Early 2019 we will be calling, emailing and sending out letters for parents/guardians to come in and to help us to create a committee that will support the school and understand school policies, and maybe re-assess the policies that will help out parents/ guardians as well as students.

We would like to welcome the New Year 7’s for 2019 year also.

In the New Year we will have a new rule that we will be enforcing that any student out of class without a pass will have intent to suspend letter. After that warning they will be suspended.

We are trying to keep the students in classes for them to get an education; if they fail to comply with this rule then it is their education that is being affected.

Uniforms: you can get your uniforms from Lowes in Armadale Shopping Centre, as the school does not store the uniforms anymore.

Mobile Phones: These are to be out of sight and on silent  and only to be used in the classes where the teachers permits. Please consider this as we have had a lot of phones go missing.

Attendance:  If your child/children are away please phone the school, as it is against the law to keep students away from school. Please contact Student Services on 9234 3401 or SMS plain Text 0408 099 112, if your child is away.

Our school Motto is STARR:  - Safe – Trustworthy – Achieving – Resilient – Respect we have these posters all over the school and every now and then classes talk about what it means to the students.


We have the Clontarf Program for the boys and the Girls Academy for the girls, as well as Follow the Dream – or for the Year 7’s Create your Dream.

To be in these programs it is an honour, not exactly a right, as these programs have boundaries that they need to adhere to.


Enjoy the Christmas Break and have a safe and Happy New Year.

Mrs Gemma Gorton & Mr Wayne Ninyette

Breakfast Club

The students are able to enjoy hot food, warm drink or fruit juice with fresh fruit for breakfast before beginning their class lessons every Monday to Friday 7.30-8.40am. They have the choice of ham and cheese toasties, baked bean or spaghetti jaffles, pancakes, sultana bread toasted, French toast or cereal if they prefer. The students not only come to eat and drink but socialise with their friends and chat to the Chaplain also. The number of students varies from 50 to over 80 each day. It is a privilege to serve and encourage the beautiful young people who come to Cecil Andrews College and I really enjoy this part of my role as Chaplain in the school.

I would like to thank the staff who donate bread and other groceries, and also those who come into the Breakfast Club, spending some of their precious time with the students. I believe this is very important as your presence helps students to see their teachers in a different light.  

I thank staff for your encouragement and support. Please know that I appreciate you and value each of you.  


If anyone would be interested in donating food items, the following would be really appreciated:

Long life milk, eggs, sliced cheese, ham, tins baked beans and/or spaghetti, fruit juice, self-raising flour, fresh fruit or sliced bread.

Gael Varian


Nurses Corner

What a great year it’s been.   I’ve really enjoyed my first year here at Cecil Andrews College, getting to know the students.  Some of the highlights I have been involved in are Mental Health Month, Bandanna Day- (we raised $500 for CanTeen); and a presentation by the Amanda Young foundation on Meningococcal Disease for the year 10’s, which was interesting and informative.

Something to think about for summer is being sun safe. Did you know Australia has one of the highest rates of Melanoma diagnoses in the world? Two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70.  This is a link to a free app that can give you an indication of UV in your area SunSmart app.

Don’t forget to:

  • Slip (on some clothing)
  • Slop (on some sunscreen (make sure its Australian Standards and not expired)
  • Slap (on a hat)
  • Seek (shade)
  • Slide (on sunglasses)

For more information you can go to http://www.sunsmart.com.au/

Happy holidays!

Vicky Gotte

Community Health Nurse (Mon, Wed, Thursday)

A Fond Farewell After Four Decades

Click here to read about Mrs Anne Lindorff

Year 12 Breakfast

2018 Subjects Awards Winners

Certificate III in Engineering - TechnicalKayla Roemer-Hanisch
Certificate II in BusinessBianca Rainsford
Certificate II in Creative IndustriesBryce Powell
Certificate II in Information, Digital Media & TechnologyAxel Touchell
Certificate II in Music IndustryTovila Pau'u
Certificate II in Sport and RecreationDaniel Sullivan
Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational PathwaysAilish Shepherd
Mathematics Applications ATARNathan Merritt
Materials, Design & Technology Metals 12Jake Maley-Orr
Materials, Design & Technologies Wood 12Cameron Tracey
Physical Education Studies General 12                                               Alarra Brown
Dance General 12       Shanaea Rukuata-Joynson
Certificate II in Music IndustryShanaea Rukuata-Joynson
Geography ATAR 12Callum Butler
Physics ATAR 12Callum Butler
Human Biology ATAR 12Michelle Martinez
Chemistry ATAR 12Michelle Martinez
Career & Enterprise General 12Emma Lyndon-James
English General 12Emma Lyndon-James
Food Science and Technology 12Emma Lyndon-James
Applied Information Technology General 12                            Franz William Francisco
Integrated Science General 12Franz William Francisco
Mathematics Essential General 12Franz William Francisco
Certificate II in Visual ArtsFranz William Francisco
Donna Faragher MLC Leadership and Service AwardBryce Powell
P&C Encouragement AwardSteven Palo
ADF Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork AwardMadeleine Smith
Matt Keogh MP Encouragement AwardCallum Butler
Sports Person of the Year AwardJake Maley-Orr
Indigenous Education Award

Alarra Brown 

Madeleine Smith

Australian Super Award for Excellence in Vocation              

Education and Training

Kayla Roemer-Hanisch
Caltex Best All Rounder AwardKaine Burgess
Dux Michelle Martinez
Ken Willis Literacy ScholarshipKevin Arago
Richard Hunter Numeracy ScholarshipKevin Arago
Northcott Count Me In Education ScholarshipLaura English
SIr Charles and Lady Court Exemplar AwardMichelle Martinez
Dr Tony Buti AwardMarco Oosthuizen
City of Armadale High School Scholarship AwardGeorgia Butler
Cecil Rolo Andrews AwardAilish Shepherd

Year 12 Presentation Night

The Year 12 presentation and Awards Ceremony was a fantastic event.

It ran very smoothly and was very well attended. This shows the community allegiance has been built through a clear sign of growth.

It was very rewarding to have our former student Beatrice Belarmino deliver a very empowering keynote through her own tenacity.

Nathan did an excellent job of leading and organising the major Ceremony with his meticulous planning.

I acknowledge Margaret the backbone of the year 12s with her dedication who did an extraordinary job going out of her way with the finest of details. Her work ensured that the that the year 12s had a special night and were honoured, her ongoing support of the students, writing references, a lot of work on the final slide show and a magnificent speech to send them off to with food for thought. It was clear that the students took pride in who they are today and that has been fostered under Margaret’s nurturing over time. I have seen them step up and take on leadership and responsibilities.

Thanks to Pauline who holds the event together with her background knowledge and has a high standard of excellence. She takes a pride in her work and spends a lot of time inviting VIP guests and checking everything, has the communication and interpersonal skills through constant interaction forward planning and interest in ensuring that medallions are done well, fixes errors so certificates are correct and medallions  and overall presentation of everything details, folders programs. The students have the memories from their folders of what their classmates achieved. Each year Pauline takes the time and effort to review and improve the awards and so on so that the community can see how we value the students and could easily be what is expected at a top private school.

Kendall and her catering team have cheerfully and professionally been working since last term and in their own time to provide the refreshments with so much variety (don’t forget the banquet that was provided at the Anniversary Assembly).They did a brilliant job.

Paul McLean we thank for his dedication in getting the year 12s through and helping especially in the kitchen.

Harrison not only did a great job in recording wonderful memories of the event but accompanying Shanaea on the piano.

Thanks to all of the staff who attended and helped. It was a really good turn out, and a really positive event for the College.


Mrs Stella Jinman

Fairway UWA 2018

This year we had three students accepted into the Fairway UWA program and all gained a great benefit from the support and study lectures offered throughout the year.

The program is an alternative pathway to studying at the University of Western Australia and is aimed at students completing Year 12 under challenging circumstances. They offer assistance with WACE studies and university aspirations – the program helps the selected students reach their true academic potential.

Valery Atienza, Callum Butler and Steven Palo applied last year as Year 11 students and commenced with the three day residential Summer Program during the January holidays, followed by a Winter Program in the April school holidays. Further support was offered with Master Classes as well as online learning resources, mentoring and study skills development. All students and their parents were impressed with the level of commitment and opportunities offered by the program.

The Graduation Ceremony was recently held at the Wesfarmers Lecture Theatre in the UWA Business School and the Honourable Fred Chaney AO gave the Keynote speech – very inspirational.

Current Year 11 students Shakila Karimi and Lyka Vargas have been accepted as part of the 126 new students to Fairway UWA 2019. This is a very exciting opportunity for these students and we look forward to watching their development.

Senior School Update

The year is done and dusted and planning for 2019 has already commenced.

The Year 12 students finished their year with a very moving Anniversary Assembly on Thursday 18th October followed by their Year 12 Farewell Breakfast, cooked by their teachers, on Friday 19th October.

The Year 12 Presentation Night was a truly memorable occasion with many students being recognized for their hard work. The students were so proud in their gowns and sashes and some incredible photographs were taken by Visual Arts teacher Mr Harrison Smith. Copies are available from the College. The incredible keynote Speaker was 2015 graduate Beatrice Belarmino – very inspiring to all who heard her message. The evening ended with a scrumptious supper supplied by Ms Kendall Read and her student helpers

Our ATAR students started their exams with Chemistry on Monday 29th October and all exams were completed by Friday 16th November. Now, we wait for the results! We are sure all students tried their hardest and they will be able to start deciding on pathways once the results come in just before Christmas. I have asked all ATAR students to consider selling on their books to the upcoming students – please see me with your books and chosen price.

As SCSA has changed dates for uploading final Year 12 results for 2019, current Year 11 ATAR students have returned to school for three weeks after their Semester II exams. This means that Year 12 students will only have 30 weeks next year (instead of 32) and will have their Year 12 Breakfast on the last day of Term 3. Presentation Night 2019 has therefore been arranged for Tuesday 15th October – the first day back in Term 4. This is different to our traditional time, Tuesday of Week 3.

Senior School Ball: We had a highly successful Senior School Ball this year on the last Friday of Term 2, 29th June, at the Pan Pacific. Planning for next year’s Ball has already commenced, the date being the second last Friday of Term 2, Friday 28th June. Venues still need to be examined and chosen. The Ball is one of the major highlights of the year for the students who attend, but please – a word of caution; it is a formal occasion and formal wear is expected, but do not go overboard with costs. A great night can be had without spending a fortune.

Fundraising: In order to maintain the same ticket costs as the last few years, we have booked a date with Bunnings Armadale to hold a Sausage Sizzle. This is Sunday 16th June. Money raised helps offset ticket costs and affords us a few special ‘extras’. All helpers and donations gratefully accepted!

Leavers Jackets 2019: After many meetings, planning discussions, student surveys and further design submissions, the design for the Leavers Jacket 2019 was chosen and orders for Round 1 have been submitted. The orders were submitted early November for delivery at the beginning of Term 1 2019. I have had notice from West Wear that Round 2 needs to be submitted early in Term 1 for delivery early in Term 2. Therefore, Round 2 orders must be to me before Friday 22nd February – orders take 8-10 weeks to manufacture. Paper work has been prepared and is available.

Parking: This is a further reminder that ALL students wishing to drive themselves to school must apply for a Parking Permit. Students and parents will first be asked to read and understand the Car Parking Policy. Students will show me their driver’s license and sit a short test; once permission has been given, they must display their permit at all times whilst on the school premises. Permission to carry passengers can only be granted once the permission form has been signed by the Driver, the Driver’s Parent/guardian, the Dean of Senior School and a Deputy Principal. All applications are made to me directly. There is to be no movement before 2.55pm. During school hours, students can only exit school grounds if they have formally signed out AND they have been given specific permission by the Principal, Associate Principal, a Deputy Principal or the Dean of Senior School. No student is exempt from the official school Parking Policy. Parking on the school premises without a permit may lead to penalties being put in place. This includes being banned from parking at school for a month for the first offence. The Policy has been adapted for the safety of all as we have an increasing number of student drivers this year.

OLNA: As you are aware, students must have Literacy and Numeracy in order to achieve WACE in Year 12 or even entry to TAFE. This is undertaken by either achieving Category 8 in NAPLAN in Year 9 or Band 3 in OLNA in years 10, 11 or 12. The first round of testing will occur in 5th to 29th March 2019, with the second round occurring 2nd to 27th September 2019. We will be offering all Year 12 students still to achieve OLNA the opportunity to practice online with a program by OLNAWA. This has proved to be a valuable learning tool if students are prepared to put in the practice at home and during Study Skills. This will be available to Year 12 students from early in Term 1.

Study Skills: In 2018, we had one period a week allocated to Study Skills. This was an opportunity for students to learn about how best to manage their time, study, manage stress or for me to have guest speakers. These guest speakers were from TAFE, universities and other organisations with the express intent of supporting our students. Study Skills will again continue in 2019. This is not an excuse for playing computer games, ‘chilling’ or leaving school. I appreciate your support in encouraging your child in engaging well with this time, using the teacher support allocated to help them if they are encountering difficulties with their work.

I hope this gives you some idea of what has happened recently and what is ahead for 2019. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any questions or concerns you have regarding your child in Senior School. I hope I can solve some, or at least point you in the right direction.

Wishing you all well for the holiday period ahead.

Mrs Margaret Jones

Dean of Senior School


ABCN Mentoring Program

This year many Cecil Andrews students have taken part in the Australian Business Community Networks (ABCN) Mentoring Programs.  These included GOALS for Year 9 students, Women in Leadership for Year 10 female students and Interview to Impress for Year 10’s.

GOALS was a Year 9 program which consisted of 6 sessions throughout the 2018 year with 19 students in corporate offices in the city inclusive of Bank West and IAG (Insurance Company).  Each student was matched with a mentor and throughout the sessions learnt different life skills and goal setting techniques.

FOCUS: Women in Leadership consisted of 8 Year 10 female students. Throughout two sessions at the Wesfarmers Tower in Perth the students learnt leadership skills and the qualities required. One student quoted:  “The most useful thing I learnt during Focus was becoming comfortable being a leader and how to be a better and more effective leader. I will use these skills when I am teaching Dance to students at school”.

Interview to Impress was held at Navitas in Brookfield Place in the CBD and 15 Year 10 students took part. This program focussed on providing students with Interview technique skills with a group of corporate mentor. “This was an amazing opportunity, thank you mentors for sharing your personal interview stories. I feel more confident going for an interview now” was a quote from one of our students.

All three programs have provided the students the opportunity to see the working life first hand. They have enlightened the students on the skills required after school to be a successful. The students involved represented the school in an admirable way and should be proud of their achievements in these programs.

Miss K Franklin

Year Coordinator

A Leap of Faith! - Year 7 Transition

Transitioning from the comfortable top rung of primary school leadership to the lowly rung of secondary school infancy can be a daunting leap of faith for Year 6s. On the 20th and 21st November Cecil Andrews College did its part to relieve this stressful event with the help of some highly engaging teaching staff and exemplary Year 8 student leaders.

Cecil Andrews College invited year 6 students from Willandra, Challis, Neerigen Brook and other  primary schools in the area to join in with some exciting activities at the secondary school campus. Students became MasterChefs in our commercial kitchen, Robotics experts in the multi-million dollar STEM centre, Da Vincis in our art room and problem solvers in our science labs.

Mr Smith had the Year 6s busily creating clay ornaments with funky patterns etched in to them with a simple kebab stick. Ms Read, our fully qualified chef, fattened her students with tasty pancakes and Mr Evans had his drivers chasing remote control cars around a two-jump track with sharp twists and turns.

To top off the day the Cecil Andrews College Year 8 Rock Band put on a 6-song show for the potential new students, rocking them with songs from Weezer, Foo Fighters and Pink; a tip of the hat to the excellent Performing Arts program that is run each year by the talented team of teachers and students.

It was a day to showcase the unlimited opportunities Cecil Andrews College provides its students and we cannot wait to welcome in our new crop of smart, creative and respectful Year 7s!

Health & Physical Education

Interschool Athletics Carnival

On Friday 19th October we took a group of students to the WA Athletics Stadium for the Year 7-10 Interschool Athletics Carnival. The students were phenomenal and I couldn’t be more proud of them. Every student gave it their all and never gave up. We finished 4th overall and took home the Meritorious Award (highest score when dividing score by the number of students that school has) which goes to show we have some exceptional athletes. Special mentions need to go to Patricia Hansen who came 3rd in the Year 8 Champion Girl Award and Jordan Douglas who won the Year 8 Champion Boy Award. We look forward to doing it again next year.


Mr Squires

7 - 10 Division Gold

Kinross Col1374
Cecil Andrews797
Southern River701


Welcome to our new HASS teachers

We would like to welcome our two new HASS staff members who joined us in fourth term. We are really excited about their enthusiasm and the way they have fitted in so nicely with the rest of our team.

Hello fellow Cecil Andrews College Colleagues. I am Daria Rudakova (left). I was born in Kaliningrad, Russia and grew up in Western Australia.  I am a second year Graduate, currently teaching in English and HASS. Fun facts about myself: I am a certified nerd. This year I completed my Ph.D. in Russian History from UWA. When I’m not busy moulding the minds of our youth, I can be found lifting heavy things I probably have no business lifting or practicing party tricks like walking on my hands at my local CrossFit gym. I look forward to working with you all in 2019.

I'm Ashley Burton (right) and I started teaching at Cecil Andrews College this term. I have joined the English and HASS team after a career change as previously I spent 10 years working in politics. I have enjoyed getting to know the students this term and look forward to next year. 

Cecils Year 10s Connect with Ugandan Students

In Term 4, 30 Y10 students exchanged pen-pal letters with high school students from rural Uganda. Both groups loved sharing their experiences, asking each other questions, and finding out what it’s like living in a very different country. 

“We have so much in common,” said one Cecils student after reading her pen-pal letter. “We both play heaps of sport and hate maths!”

The two student groups are also exchanging documentary films about their lives. The Cecils documentary is in the final stages of editing, and will soon be viewed by young Ugandans! If you would like to view the documentary (either at our Community Screening on Tuesday 11th December or at a later date), please contact Ryan Steed at ryan.steed@education.wa.edu.au

9.1 Zoo Geography Field Trip

The 9.1 class participated in a field trip in Week Two of Term Four to Perth Zoo as part of the Geography curriculum. The Year 9’s were learning about biomes and how they have been affected by human activity and climate change. They went to Perth Zoo to participate in a workshop called “The Danger Games” which provided them with detailed information about animals that are currently endangered, the main threats to their continued endangerment, and the adaptations of animals to the environment. During this workshop they experienced live animal encounters with some of these endangered species. After the workshop, they visited each of the zoo’s “biomes” to discover endangered animals and reasons for their endangerment and filled in a field trip booklet.


Upon their return from the zoo, students extended their knowledge from the zoo by researching a single animal to complete an extended response task. They were required to discover the main threats to the animal, and how humans and the animal could adapt to these threats. With the background information from the zoo, they displayed an impressive grasp of geographical terminology and a depth of knowledge of the content in their responses. 


Sampling & Measurement Excursion

On the 18th of September students from sampling and measurement went on an excursion to test different water bodies around the Armadale region. Included below are recounts of the experience by the students.

"The excursion of the 18th of September was spectacular in many ways as we got to get out of school grounds and conduct experiments in a naturalistic environment having a joyful time on the way studying sampling and measurement" Sam Laki

"I think that the excursion we went on was a great opportunity to understand more about sampling and measurement. It gave us the opportunity to work with different equipment and to test samples. It gave us the chance to understand why we need to sample water and what we need to understand about water. We were lucky enough to be able to work with two wonderful teachers (Miss Grierson & Mrs Honetana) who were there to help us make this excursion possible. I hope next year more students enrol in this course as it will give them a better understanding of things around us." Mahdia Naseri

Scitech Shell Nxplorers Program

The Year 8 Academic Extension class has been a part of the Scitech Shell NXplorers Program which is an international STEM program that incorporates all the skills and knowledge of all the different learning areas. Cecil Andrews College were 1 in 4 schools in Western Australia along with South Coast Baptist College, Lakelands Senior High School and Warwick Senior High School to participate in the program. The aim of the NXplorers program is to develop smart thinkers to solve tomorrow’s global challenges and to be able to equip our next generation of individuals with 21st century skills that they need to access the jobs of the future.


The main question asked to students was “How can we be more sustainable with our food and energy at school?”. Students worked in groups to discuss possible solutions that were practical and achievable in our school setting which evolved into different ideas being prototyped and made out of recycled materials on a smaller scale model. Some of the  students came up with ideas to create a small scale recycling plant to break down food scraps to utilise on vegetable gardens and some students had the concept of increasing vegetable gardens around the school to produce fresh produce for our students to be able to access. Students were also asked to think about the scaling the idea into a larger model and how they would go about it. 


On 11th October, Thursday, the students showcased their ideas and models at Scitech where Scitech and Shell Representatives as well as students’ families were able to look at the students’ work being exhibited. Our students presented themselves in a positive manner to the attendees and were commended on their efforts by Scitech and Shell Representatives. Due to the success of Cecil Andrew College’s involvement, we have been invited to participate in next year’s program with another group of students.


I would like to congratulate the Year 8 Academic Extension students for their involvement in the Scitech Shell NXplorer’s program and also thank their Parents and Carers for being supportive of their involvement. I would like to also thank Scitech and Shell for having Cecil Andrews College as part of this amazing opportunity!


Ms. Lean

STEM Teacher

Design & Technology

STEM Challenge

A team of our year 9 students (Gemma Pichini, Jay Roughton, Rhiannon Behrens, Hailey Le Grange and Callum Judd) attended the annual STEM challenge at Hale school.


The concept challenges students to engage, think creatively, devise, plan and work collaboratively with others to solve problems. The group had been involved in a rafting accident in a remote rain forest and had to survive using only a limited amount of resources. To enable their rescue they needed to build a shelter and a retracting signal flag. They also had to decode ancient hieroglyphs to reveal directions out of the jungle. 

First Tech Challenge - Year 9 STEP

The specialised Year 9 STEP class have formed a robotics team to participate in the First Tech Challenge. We have been responsible for designing, building and programming an all-round 18 inch robot over the past 5 month season. This robot will compete on a challenging, and out-of-this-world space themed game.  The team will form alliances to compete against other teams to collect as many points as possible. The first scrimmage will be held at Curtin University in the last week of term 4. It’s been a very rewarding journey.  

Out of the Woods Competition

Congratulations to Gemma Pichini, Cameron Tracy and Katelyn Cochrane.

On having their projects accepted into the annual out of the woods competition held at the Claremont showgrounds during August.

Austal Ships Tour

During June, our upper school Engineering and metalwork students made an industry visit to our PTECH partner Austal ships and the new building and construction futures centre in Belmont. This was an opportunity for our students to gain an understanding of the relevant education requirements and career pathways into these industries. 

Civmec Tour

During October, we took a group of our year 9 & 11 Engineering and Metalwork students to Civmec in Henderson and the Building and construction futures centre in Belmont. The purpose of these visits was to provide students with an employment pathway that links their school subjects with our industry partners. Students also gained relevant information on career pathways and were entertained with some inspiring virtual reality activities.    

STARR Lunches

We would also like to thank all those students who attended the bbq and pizza lunches at the end of term. We appreciate your willingness to demonstrate all of the STARR qualities in our department, in particular safety and resilience. It makes our day! 

The Arts


This term in Drama we have been very busy. We said good bye to our two practise student teachers Ms Mason and Mr Murphy.

In week 1 the Upper school Drama students performed their production of Dags by Debra Oswald. They were supported on lights and sound by students from younger years.

“Despite all the troubles we pushed through and made a great performance. We learnt if we persevere and put the effort in we can achieve anything!”

– Sonya Goodchild (year 11)

In week 2 the year 9/10 Drama students performed their production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. The year 10’s took on the major roles and the year 9’s took on supporting and backstage roles.

“The performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by our Year 9 and Year 10 Drama Students was amazing.  It was a lovely mix of modern and traditional Shakespeare theatre and they carried of the Shakespeare dialogues with great finesse!”

 – Anne Lindorff (teacher)  

In week 5 some year 7 Drama students volunteered to run the CAPA café at the Lego League Tournament and auditions were held for next year’s whole school production the musical Into the Woods Jr. by James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim. It was very difficult to cast as we saw so many talented students auditioning.

In week 7, year 10 drama students and the Creative Industries certificate students took on sound and lighting production roles to support the Art’s Festival and orientation day.

In week 8 the years 7-9 Drama students performed at the Drama showcase Jigsaw which showcased short scenes/monologues.


C Underhill

Drama Specialist Teacher

Whole School Production 2019

Be careful what you wish for as Stephen Sondheim’s and James Lapine’s cockeyed fairytale comes to life in this adaptation of their groundbreaking, Tony Award-winning musical.  Into the Woods JR. features all of your favorite characters – Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack (and his beanstalk) and the Witch in this lyrically rich retelling of classic Brothers Grimm fables.

The musical centers on a baker and his wife, who wish to have a child; Cinderella, who wishes to attend the King's festival; and Jack, who wishes his cow would give milk. When the baker and his wife learn that they cannot have a child because of a witch's curse, the two set off on a journey to break the curse and wind up changed forever.

Cast List for 2019's whole school production Into the Woods Jr:

Narrator / ChildStephanie Thompson (Yr10)
Wolf / Cinderella's PrinceHarrison Battersby (Yr 11)
RapunzelImogen Denison (Yr 7)
Steward / Cinderella's FatherAlex Smith (Yr 8)
The StepmotherShevon McCormack (Yr 8)
LucindaSienna Patetrson (Yr 7)
FlorindaMellisha Morley-Smith (Yr 7)
Rapunzel's PrinceSebastian Havea (Yr 8)

Tyasia Tonihi (Yr 7)

Chloe Edwards (Yr 8)

Kiara Gliddon (Yr 8)

CinderellaAngel Paton (Yr 10)
JackJamie Beck (Yr 8)
Jack's Mother / GrannyKatarena Wharepapa (Yr 9)
BakerCorbin Marcum (Yr 11)
Baker's WifeMakaya Kemp (Yr 11)
Little Red Riding HoodHayley Dorrignton-Davies (Yr 7)
Witch Rebecca Goodwin (Yr 10)
Milky WhiteJordan Sweetman (Yr 8)
Cinderella's Mother / EnsembleLily Bushnell (Yr 7)
Mysterious Man

Dean Welch (Yr

Melski Mural & Visual Art Development

Work is underway to redesign the front of the visual art department. Melski McVee has been commissioned to paint a mural. The design incorporates a Western Spinebill, Banksia, Fringed Lillies, Blue Banded Bee, Western Quoll, Painted Lady Butterfly, Hakea Flowers and Splendid Wren - all found in the surrounding bushland of the school.

The work should be completed by the end of the year. See: W: https://www.melskiart.com/  |   I: @melskiart  |  f: melskimcvee

The visual art department is undergoing a facelift.  The visual art staff and students have been working frantically to paint out the inside and turn the department into (more of) a gallery space. Stay tuned for more exciting developments soon.

Nathan Setzinger

Arts Festival

The Cecil Andrews College Art Festival took place on Wednesday, 21st November. It showcased artworks made by our Year 7-12 students over the course of the year, as well as musical performances, a teacher dunking machine, a bouncy castle, and soft serve ice cream. Hundreds of visitors enjoyed and celebrated the outstanding work by our talented artists and musicians on this memorable occasion.

After-School Arts Club

Students in year 9 Visual Arts and the After-school Art Club worked hard during the first 5 weeks of term 3 to create a sculpture of the Loch Ness Monster for the Highlander Gathering at Minnawarra Park in Armadale. Constructed from recycled garden pots and fabric the sculptures form was made to reflect the image taken of Nessie in 1934 by Robert Wilson, a London Physician. The colour palette of this sculpture was also chosen to reflect the local tartan of the Loch Ness region which is red, green and black. I think you will agree that the students have done a great job.

The sculpture has been designed to take its place in the water in the same way that Nessie inhabits Loch Ness. This was accomplished making a frame from welding rods built around a wooden pallet. We planned to attached fuel cannisters to the base of the sculpture but due to the renovations on the lake this was not possible.

Clontarf Academy

The Clontarf Academy at Cecil Andrews College works in close partnership with the staff, executive and leadership teams to improve the educational outcomes of the boys and provide them with a range of development, training, employment, sporting and broader life opportunities. We continually work to develop and build the capacity of all boys, focusing on communicating and reinforcing our key messages and expectations in an effort to create a solid foundation for Academy members to start or continue their Clontarf journey.


Term 4 has provided a great opportunity to continue building upon the work done since the start of the year. Some of the highlights of our Academy program are listed below:

  • Some our boys having the opportunity to meet Prime Minister Scott Morrison
  • Academy members Mark Thomas and Dylan Curley completing Year 12
  • Senior student major trip to Brisbane / Gold Coast and Cairns
  • Participating in the Katanning Basketball Challenge, Wadjemup Cup at Rottnest Island, Big Bash Cricket Carnival and Kulbardi Klassic in Northam
  • Hosting the Cecil Andrews staff morning tea in our Academy room
  • Terrific numbers at our morning training sessions
  • Partner activities with staff from Bunnings, Notre Dame, Bunzl and Hitachi
  • Boys in Years 7-9 completing an Introduction to Umpiring course as part of their contact time
  • End of term incentive activity with the Surfing WA Surf School at Trigg Beach
  • Clontarf CEO Gerard Neesham and the Hon Senator Nigel Scullion MP – Minister for Indigenous Affairs visiting the Academy room


The key event of the term was our End of Year Awards. It was a cracking evening and it was great to see the Performing Arts Centre filled to the brim to with invited guests, school staff, the boys and their families to celebrate the 2018 Academy program. In attendance were Deputy Principals Donna Paice & Nathan Morton, Lexi Rollins (University of Notre Dame), Nicola Vanni (Bunzl), Graham Sampson (Armadale Rotary Club) and Dr Tony Buti MLA & Member for Armadale.

The major award winners are listed below: Attendance: Todd Bennell & Kade Derschow Training: Zac Warner Leadership: Jack Blurton & Cheyden Farmer Education: Aiden Warner, Douglas Farmer Clontarf Spirit: Israel Bucktin, Tyson Appleton, Ethan Farrell, Dylan Avsar Most Outstanding: Braydan Seelander, Darryl Mason, Alby Yappo, Jayden Little


On behalf of Brett, Joseph and I we would like to thank the parents/guardians of all the boys in our program and acknowledge the College staff (teaching and non-teaching) for their support throughout 2018.


We wish all families a safe and relaxing summer break.


Darren Davis


Cecil Andrews Clontarf Academy

Girls Academy

Our Award Night for the Girls Academy

Winners: Desma Williams, Paris Harvey, Amelia Eades, Jeliah Laylan, Teija Morrison, Shevon McCormack, Desley Taylor

Follow the Dream

It has been great to see some new faces in Follow the Dream this term. Students have been making good use of the opportunity to work with tutors to help them get work completed and to prepare for assessments.

There has also been time for some excursions. Danielle Kent, Darryl Mason, Teija Morrison and Zach Drage participated in the “Year 8 Discovery Day” and got a feel for being a university student. They learnt about DNA extraction, Sports Science and medical procedures like plaster casting. They gave Mrs Jinman a shock when they returned to school with their arms in plaster!

At the end of term 3, two Year 11 students, Jeliah Laylan and Desley Taylor, were selected to attend the Australasian Council of Women and Policing Young Leaders Session at Crown Perth. They were inspired by the speakers and were even addressed by the WA police commissioner, Chris Dawson.

Other exciting news this term was Madeleine Smith being invited to attend an interview for the SCASA “Excellence in VET award” for her work on her Community Service Certificate course. The results will be announced in January, so we are keeping our fingers crossed!

We are currently working hard to prepare for our end-of-year presentation at the end of term. The students are preparing speeches and making gifts to thank the tutors for working with them throughout the year. Look out for a report on this event in the next newsletter! 

Congratulations to all students who have put in the extra hours after school working in Follow the Dream this year. Your commitment to learning is commendable. 

Upcoming Events at the University of Notre Dame

Twilight Tours

22 November & 6 December, 6.00pm

Ever wondered about the history of Freo's West End?  Explore our town university on a personalised twilight tour. You can find out about the secrets of times past and discover our historic buildings which are now home to Australia's #1 university for quality of educational experience.


1-on-1 Advice Sessions

26 November to 6 December

Considering your uni options but unsure of the right degree for you?

Meet 1-on-1 with our advisors, who can introduce you to a range of programs, pathways and study options that align with your strengths and interests.


Register today at www.notredame.edu.au/events

For further information, contact Notre Dame on future@nd.edu.au or 9433 0533

WAAPA Summer School Programs

This Summer WAAPA at ECU, Mt Lawley is offering an exciting performing arts program for students from Years 1 to 12. The Summer School includes classes in RAP, Acting, Dance, Drama, Screen Performance, Music Theatre and of course, how to perform Shakespeare. For information about the fantastic courses click here!



OLNA – NAPLAN -- Study Skills – Essay Writing – Subject Revision & Preparation

For all students entering Year 7 – 12 in 2019

The January Preparation Program aims to prepare students for Term 1 (2019) before the academic year begins. The classes will revise those important components from the 2018 syllabus that are vital for success in the new-year. The program will also preview what students can expect in their courses in 2019.

Courses will be conducted at:

Christ Church Grammar School and Hale School

Sunday 20th to Friday 25th of January, 2019

Dr. Robert Hallam at Master Mind Australia on 9486 1377