St Andrews PS Newsletter

22nd of November 2019

Dates to Remember

Term Four Dates
  • Hip Hop Lessons next two Tuesdays at lunch - 19 & 26/11
  • Thursday 28th Nov    - 4/5/6 Big Day Out Excursion
  • Friday 29th Nov          - First 'Step up' Transition with new 2020 Preps - 9:30 - 11:00 am

                                                - 4/5/6 Assembly

  • Thursday 5th Dec - Grades 2 - 6 Netball Clinic
  • Friday 6th Dec       - 'Step Up' Transition with new 2020 Preps - 9:30 - 11:00 am
  • Tuesday 10th Dec - Grade 6 state wide transition

                                          - Christmas Night Market at STAPS

  • Friday 13th Dec     - Final 'Step up' Transition -10:00-1:30 with BBQ

                                          - Whole School Dress Rehearsal

                                          - Student Reports to go home

                                          - Final Assembly

  • Week Eleven - 16-18th Dec - Scheduled Parent Teacher Interviews (Parents to schedule - please see below)
  • Tuesday 17th Dec    - Christmas/Santa Fire Truck Visit
  • Thursday 19th Dec - End of Year Concert at Eltham Community Centre
  • Friday 20th Dec      - Last Day of School - 1:15 Assembly with 1:30 dismissal

Principal News

Parent Feedback Sessions

Firstly, I'd like to say thank you to all of the parents who made time to come in for a chat with Mel and myself last week. It was so lovely to get into the nitty gritty with you all, brainstorm ideas and make plans for 2020, problem solve and answer some burning questions. If you missed the sessions and would like to let us know of an idea you have or a question you have you can fill in the link here or come in for a chat. 

Reports/Parent Teacher Interviews

Your children's reports are being written at the moment and will be sent home on Friday December 13th. In the report envelope you will recieve an invitation to meet with your child's teacher after school in the last week of school. If there is anything in the report that you would like to discuss, please complete the form and return it on the last Monday of school. 

Day for Daniel Fun Run

Firstly, I want to thank Nat for organising such a fantastic day! Not only did the students demonstrate an outstanding level of energy and determination during the run, blasting our expectations out of the water, but they also raised an extrordinary amount of money for the foundation. I commend the families who raised money, not for the prizes, but simply to support a great cause. Beyond the run, the students spent the day discussing how to be safe, how to look out for one another and where to go for help if and when it's needed.  Enjoy the video of the day below.

Fire Danger Rating/ Relocation Reminder

After a long cold spell, we've hit the fire season head on this week. We respect the decisions of the families that chose to stay home on Thursday. Safety first always. A reminder that on Severe and Extreme Fire Danger days we will locate to Hurstbridge PS , giving you as much notice as possible, and we will be closed on Code Red Days. We'll be walking through our emergency drills here over the next few weeks and encourage you to ensure your fire plan is up to date and family is aware. 

We are so proud of our Students of the Week - Showing that they are Caring, Responsible, Courageous members of our school.

Chan's STEM BLog

Week 6 in S.T.E.M. involved creating some resources for our school to be more waste conscious. Last week was all about the power of the sun. Check out how we used it in the S.T.E.M. blog:

Classroom News

Last Thursday we were proud to dress in red and run as many laps as we could to raise money and awareness for the Daniel Morecombe Foundation. We hope you enjoy the short film of our start to the day. If you'd like to donate to this cause, please click here. 

Grade 2/3

It's go time in the 2/3 room this week, with our Celebrations unit in full swing and Poetry Anthologies in the making. Next week the students will be sharing a presentation on the celebration of their choice and we can't wait to see how their research has gone, and the fabulous presentations they come up with! Our presentations will be displayed outside the 2/3 room, feel free to come and have a look! 

Parents can look forward to a receiving a completed Poetry Anthology by the end of the term. This week we have been working on Couplets and Acrostic poems!   

Jack and Lumi - Two of our resident poets

Community News

This weekend at Wadamuk Community Centre

This 3 hour workshops explores the transitions from the Tween years into Teens.

We look at : -

  • Changes in dynamics with puberty and growth. Understanding the changes in the brain and the body. Do hormones really affect behaviour and how do you create connection when kids pull away. Why its important to let our kids go and spread their wings.
  • Managing Technology. Understanding a tweens/teens digital world. How to navigate technology and trust our children as well as keeping them safe.
  • What conversations should I be having around Puberty and Sex?  What age-appropriate conversations should you be having and what you need to look out for. How to navigate Pornography and our highly sexualised world.
  •  Alternatives to Threats and Punishments. There is another way besides slammed doors and raised voices. Keeping connection amongst changing dynamics.
  • Coping with Resistant, Defiant or Aggressive Behaviour.  Understanding and looking behind the behaviour. What is your child really saying and how you can maintain great boundaries as well as staying connectted.
  • Exploring What Triggers you as a Parent. Why do my kids push my buttons? Exploring our own teenage years and how to heal my past so I can have a great relationship with my child.

Lael's background is in Childbirth Education and Pre and Postnatal Counselling. She has been working with Aware Parenting for over 10 years, having personal experiences with her newborn through to her older children. She has been an Aware Parenting Instructor for 6 years and runs regular groups as well as private sessions. She is currently writing a book on how to raise teenagers with Aware Parenting as well as teaching Sex Education to teens and parents on how to talk to your kids about Sex in the modern age. She is a mother to her 19 yr old son and her 16 yr old and 11 yr old daughters.This workshop is interactive and there will be many opportunities to ask questions about your own circumstances.

$60 per person

Please feel free to contact Lael Stone - 0411 660 884 ( )

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