West Lakes Shore School Newsletter

Term 3, Week 1 2020


It has been a great start to Term 3...

A big welcome to our new student Andrew Bellen in OC3.

We congratulate Mr Kieran Davidson who has been the successful applicant for a Term 3 Deputy Principal Position at Largs Bay Primary School. Kieran has worked extremely hard to develop his leadership skills here at West Lakes, having taken on roles in leading the Learning Landscapes Action Group, coaching staff in the use of Thinking Maths and the Brightpath writing assessment tool, and leading learning through team-teaching. We wish Mr Davidson all the best in this new opportunity.

Mitchell Boulton will take on the teaching role in SD2 and will be supported by other Year 5 team members. Mitch has already joined the team for the termly planning, spent time observing in class and has met with Mr Davidson for a thorough handover of student and classroom information. We know the community will warmly welcome and support Mitchell to settle in.

Ainsley Koenig will also commence a contract position working each Monday in OC2, providing release for key staff and working 1-1 with a student. We welcome Ainsley and many families will know Ainsley as she completed her final teaching placement in Ms Polese’s class in Term 2.


Our student senior leaders led the assembly to launch our Connected Curriculum ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds’. With our week 5 ‘Deep Blue’ science theme and our week 6 - Book Week 'Curious Creature' dress up parade, we are in for a great term ahead.

The school disco will make an appearance and, all being well, our Year 7 students will head off on the Wirraway camp. Mr T, Ms Meghan and Ms Martin will be in attendance with Mrs Press and Mr Storrie heading down on alternate days as additional leadership support. A huge thanks to Mr Storrie for his organisation of the camp and to Year 7 teachers for giving up their time to make sure our Year 7's get this fantastic opportunity. To ensure year 6 and 7 seniors in 2021 don’t miss out, we are planning to organise a seniors camp for all students in both year levels to attend.


As we plan the stages of change we want to keep families involved with plans for current Year 5 and 6 students who will head to High School at the end of next year. As a school we aim to ensure all these students will have their final year in 2021 as a year of seniors. Children will be given similar opportunities to undertake leadership roles and all will have senior tops. We are looking at best structures and current staff are undertaking High School open classroom visits, and will plan a collective team approach to the curriculum, structures and organisation of the 2021 classes. Once numbers are finalised we can organise the best possible structure that primarily supports every child to learn at their best and provide the foundations needed for them to go on to High School. Strong transitional processes will be incorporated into the model with clear transferal of data and student information.


If your child is moving to an alternate school in 2021 please can you inform the school office. As we plan the year ahead, knowledge of student numbers are essential as this defines class structures, resources and helps us to best plan for all children. We also urge any families seeking a Reception placement for 2021 to get in touch now. Our Reception transition program involves students visiting the school for orientation visits and supporting families with their individual requirements. Families are invited to participate in induction sessions, school tours and transition volunteer training whilst your child visits. These will commence early in Term 4.


2019 data shows we are at, above or well above in all means for reading, writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation and numeracy in years 3, 5 and 7. The school average scores are a reflection of the skills, dedication and commitment that all staff and families put in to ensure every child can achieve at their best. Our focus at West Lakes Shore is on the individual progress of every child, in every class, in partnership with every family. The site progress data is to be commended as we are well above and above for our 5-7 data in writing and numeracy - our 2 core areas of our School Improvement Plan. This is great data that shows we are ensuring more children are progressing beyond that expected. Please take a look on the updated my schools website to see our results. At West Lakes Shore School we have high attendance participation of 99% of students as we believe in ensuring rich NAPLAN data to inform the individualised support of every child.


The impact that a routine of regular reading can have is enormous. Just look how many more words and minutes they will read for. As a reader myself I took the opportunity in the holiday to relax and read 3 borrowed books. One of my favourites was ‘The Wedding Dress’. What are your child’s favourite books and how can you foster the love of reading with, and to, them? This term we launched our Connected Curriculum with Year 7 senior leaders reading a book about our world. It was delightful to see every student so engaged and actively listening.

Little People's Literacy Learning Information


Pandemics can bring fear, anxiety and considerable distress. What children watch on the media and hear adults talk about significantly impacts their thoughts and feelings... be mindful of little ears and help your child to understand what this means to them. Here are a few links to resources you may find useful.

Supporting children during the COVID-19 outbreak

Talking to kids about COVID-19

Have a safe weekend

Carol, Helen, Fay and Rozika



Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD)

Every year all schools are required to collect information about the numbers of students that they provide adjustments to under the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and Disability Standards of Education. This data is used as the basis for national funding.

The NCCD involves the collection of:

·         the number of students receiving adjustments to enable them to participate in education on the same basis as other students

·         the level of adjustment provided to students

·         student’s type of disability (if known)

 Under the model the definition of disability is broad and includes learning difficulties, health and mental health conditions.

If your child is identified for inclusion in the Collection, the required information will be included in this year’s data collection.

If you have any questions about the data collection, please contact Fay Anderson on 8449 7255. Further information can be found at: http://www.education.gov.au/nationally-consistent-collection-data-school-students-disability



Starting next week (Wk 2) we will be reintroducing our Nude Food / Wipe out Waste day. 

We encourage ALL families to pack a healthy lunch with minimal or NO wrapping.  There are lots of different websites around with great tips and ideas to reduce your waste.  

Take a look at the images below for more ideas and tips.



We are delighted that the GC have reignited the Community Network and we are looking forward to our first meeting on Tuesday 28th July, 6pm -  Week 2, Term 3, 2020.

This meeting will help us to jointly define the purpose and values and enable us to plan some key community events.

Please join the Community Network via our school Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/2757246461213331/?source_id=155561254508359 and send an email to Liz Ray - lizzy.ray@hotmail.com  to confirm your attendance at the meeting.

All family members are welcome to join our Community Network. We look forward to this exciting initiative to build community connections. A big thank you to Liz Ray for her leadership and planning of this.


Please click on the link to update your family information.

Please Note:  If you have moved house recently and not informed the front office, please let us know - you will be required to provide the following documentation:

  • Contract of Sale / Recent Council Rates Notice for the property if you purchased
  • Current Lease / Rental Agreement and Bond receipt if you are renting
  • Current Utilities bill - Power or Gas


Our local kindergartens are now taking enrolments for preschool in 2021. Did you know that children who turn 4 before 1 May can start at a government preschool from the beginning of the next year? Priority is given to families who live within a preschool’s catchment area. Speak to your local preschool director or principal, they’d love to hear from you. Head to the Department for Education’s website for more information: http://ow.ly/9efL50zS4Yg.

The web link below explains how to apply and enrol in government preschools and schools.  It also contains a calculator to determine when your child can start preschool or school.