Carlton South Public School

Term 1 Week 3 2019

Principal Report

Welcome to 2019

We are already well into Week 3 and the holidays seem like a distant memory. It has been full-steam ahead since then and many of you would know that we were able to place the students in their permanent classes on Thursday of Week 1.  All up 660 students have been placed in twenty-six classes for 2019. We have had to farewell a few teachers over the break and welcome some new staff aboard. Firstly I would like to acknowledge Mrs Michelle Pearson, Mrs Christina Ilinkovski, Mrs Maria Christoforidis and Miss Jennifer Givins for their contribution to our school community over the years. Miss Pearson has been successful in securing a permanent teaching position at Liverpool PS, Mrs Ilinkovski has picked up a permanent teaching position at Chester Hill PS and Mrs Christoforidis has been appointed permanently at Newtown PS. Miss Givins has relocated to northern NSW at Tenterfield and will be working at Sir Henry Parks Memorial PS in 2019. Thank you, farewell and good luck in the next phase of your teaching careers! As mentioned, we have had a few new teachers appointed to our school in a temporary capacity for 2019. We welcome Miss Kate Loaney who joins us from Hurstville Grove Infants School, Mrs Sharon Lamerton from Hornsby South PS and Miss Angela Pecenicic from Belmore South PS. We also welcome back Mr Matthew Elson who re-joins our school community after an absence of one term. If you see any of these new teachers in the playground or classroom please make them feel very welcome.

School Development Day Variation

Many of you would be aware that late last year I informed families that Carlton South Public School will be partnering up with Ramsgate Public School to explore ‘Visible Learning’ in 2019. Both schools will be working alongside Corwin who will fulfil the role of professional learning consultants for both schools. In order for both schools to work together collaboratively Carlton South PS and Ramsgate PS will be participating in teacher professional learning from 9­:00-3:00 on Friday, April 12. This is the last day of Term 1 and Carlton South PS will be closed on this day. The final day of student attendance for Term 1 will be Thursday, April 11. We have worked with Kogarah Community Services to ensure that vacation care is available to families on the Friday whilst our teaching staff are involved in professional learning. Please contact Kogarah Community Services if you wish to arrange care for your child or children on Friday. In addition, the first day for student attendance for Term 2 will be Monday, April 29. Students are expected to return to school on this day. So in effect, the Term 2 School Development Day has been swapped to the final day of Term 1. More information will be available to you all closer to this date and we will also send a note home soon to clarify this variation. If you have any questions, please contact the school. For more information about Corwin, please visit

Jubilee Avenue Road Closure Thursday February 28

At approximately midday on Thursday February 28 a section of Jubilee Avenue (between Princes Highway & Park Street) will be closed and no motor vehicles will be able to access the area between Carlton South PS and the newly named ‘NetStrata Jubilee Stadium’. The road closure will not affect pedestrian access. It is advised that parents and carers who collect students at the conclusion of the school day, park their motor vehicle on a nearby side street and walk to the school for afternoon collection. NetStrata Jubilee Stadium will be hosting two International Football ‘Cup of Nations’ matches featuring the ‘Matildas’ and this will necessitate the road closure. The match between Argentina V South Korea will commence at 4:30pm and this will be followed by Australia V New Zealand at 7:30pm. Once again our school site will be utilised by Georges River Council for car parking and ideally we would like the school premises to be vacated by 3:15pm on Thursday afternoon (28.02.19).

Congratulations Mr Lee!

It was fantastic news to begin the school year! Mr Jeryee Lee and his wife Faye welcomed a baby girl on Wednesday January 30. Baby Carissa was born at 4:50pm in the afternoon, weighing 3.5 kilograms. She has settled in well at home, feeding well and Mr Lee describes her as a bit of a ‘night owl’. If you get a chance to see Mr Lee in or around the school be sure to congratulate him. Hopefully he will be able to catch up on some sleep soon! Congratulations Jeryee and Faye!

Meet the Teacher 2019

We are hoping all of you will take up the offer to meet with your child’s new teacher next week. These sessions will commence at 5:00pm in our school library. Information was sent home to all families last week, so if you are not sure of the arrangements, please contact the school or even better, check out the ‘SkoolBag App’. After the initial meeting in the library, you will have a chance to visit your child’s classroom and meet with their 2019 teacher.

Have a fantastic rest of the week!

Darren Galea



Meet the Teachers - Each evening will commence in the Library at 5pm

Monday February 18 Early Stage 1 (Kindergarten)

Tuesday February 19 Stage 1 (Years 1-2)

Wednesday February 20 Stage 3 (Years 5-6)

Thursday February 21 Stage 2 (Years 3-4)

Carss Park Excursion Stage 1

Monday February 25 Assembly MacKenzie Hall SRC Induction 9am

Friday March 1 Clean Up Australia Day


Tuesday March 5 Jersey Day Year 6 Fundraiser

Wednesday March 6 High School Information Evening

Deputy Principal Report

Welcome back to all of our families to a new school year. I hope that you all had a wonderful summer holiday with your children and that you enjoyed some quality time as a family. A warm welcome is also extended to all of our new families from Kindergarten, as well as all of the new families to our school community.

Carlton South students have settled extremely well into their new classes and routines have already been established. It was wonderful that we were able to place students in their 2019 classes on the second day of school, allowing teachers to capitalise on the students’ enthusiasm at the start of a new school year. Students from Kindergarten through to Year 6 are already working extremely hard and many have already identified goals for their learning this year, or in the process of formulating them. We will discuss learning goals in the next newsletter as this is something that we are looking to implement in 2019, as part of our focus on formative assessment.

Starting school can be a huge transition, not just for the children, but for families as well. There is always so much to learn about in terms of how schools operate, what happens at school, how children learn and how to communicate with teachers. It can be extremely hard handing over your child, not knowing what happens at school and not getting the information you want from your child. It is a transition period for all and one that can be supported and facilitated by building quality relationships with the classroom teacher and trusting them that they are taking care of your child. It is an exciting time when your child starts school, one that everyone should take the time to create happy memories. I’d like to wish all of the Kindergarten students and their families the very best as they embark on this new adventure. Here are some tips for those families who are experiencing school for the first time.

  • Respond to anxiety with support – it is important to remember that anxiety is a normal feeling to a new situation. All of us who are experiencing something new can become anxious. Keep calm and be enthusiastic with your child about starting school. This sends a message that school is fun, they can cope and that it is exciting to start a new school year.

  • Role play ‘school’ – let your child be the teacher and you be the student and swap roles. This is a way of talking about feelings. Role play what might be coming up and who might be there to assist them.

  • Read picture books about starting school – reading is beneficial on so many levels and reading books about starting school allows them to develop understandings about what happens at school.

  • Model calm behaviour – it is natural to be concerned if your child becomes distressed in the morning. However, the way you react to these behaviours is the way your child will learn to cope with new situations.

  • Wind down after school – when children are tired, their ability to cope can be greatly reduced. Being at school requires a lot of energy so allow your child time to wind down and spend some time relaxing after school. Limit after school activities until they get used to the new school routines.

  • It is extremely important that we all understand it is normal for students to feel nervous and reticent about their new class. Please remain positive about school and your child’s class as this will help the settling process. We also understand that parent anxiety exists, but we would like to reassure you that we have wonderful staff that care about your children and will look after them socially, emotionally and academically.

    We want to ensure everyone is making progress and that every young person is known, valued and cared for.

    Remember if you have any issues or concerns, please bring them up directly with your child’s teacher first. They are in the best position to support you through your concerns and more often than not, the problem can be solved quickly before it becomes worse.

    Student Voice - Back to School

    To highlight the enthusiasm that students have on returning after the summer break and as part of our student voice initiative, we have collected some thoughts from students on ‘Back to school’.

    I like school because it’s fun.

    Zion, KW

    I like playing outside.

    Vibha, KW

    I like playing and drawing.

    Duncan, KH

    I like playing LEGO.

    Mattias, KH

    I like to dress up and I love to draw and I also love to play kitchens.

    Aara, KH

    I like school because I play with friends.

    Isabella, KD

    I like playing and learning.

    Jonathan, KD

    I like school because it has the canteen and I like my classroom and I like Mrs Radonjic and I like learning.

    James, KR

    I like school because we get to do art and we get to do drawing.

    Mariah, KR

    I like making new friends in my new class because we have fun.

    Saira, 1H

    I liked going into my new classroom and writing sentences.

    Derek, 1H

    I like everything about coming back to school. I especially like being in 1H because it was my brothers class too. I like coming back to school because I get lots and lots of education and that makes me more clever every minute.

    Mira, 1H

    My first week of school was fun! I enjoyed reading and playing.

    Axel, 1S

    I had an exciting first week, I got to see all my friends!

    Kleo, 1S

    When I came back to school I was a bit scared because maybe I'm not going to be with my friends. But when it was time to go into my new classroom my wish came true. All my friends were in 2CL with me.

    Stefani, 2C

    On the day we went back to school I was happy and scared. I was happy because I got to see my friends. I wanted to go in my new class that day. My holiday was great! I missed Carlton South.

    Indigo, 2L

    I like being back to school because we can do art and I like being in a double class because our teacher is nice and our teachers are Mrs Colvin and Mr Lee. I love 2CL it is the best class I ever went in.

    Catherine, 2L

    I like school I missed Carlton South in the holiday. So far my favourite subject is Math. My teacher is Mrs Colvin I like making new friends.

    Nyasa, 2C

    I was excited about coming back to school because I knew Year 4 teachers would be nice. I was a bit nervous because I didn't know if my friends would be in the same class.

    Caitlin, 4C

    I felt very happy about coming to school because I have a great teacher and I love to learn Maths, English and writing.

    Joel, 4C

    I had an one of a kind experience going back to school meeting old friends, seeing teachers everyone was curious about which teacher we will get. When Thursday came we all went to the Old hall and Mr Nobbs told everyone’s classes until our one arrived we got Miss T . She is amazing and in the couple of weeks I have really enjoyed it all of our classmates are very nice. She makes us very motivated she really helps all of us enjoy our work. She is a inspiration for all of us she is a great role model. I  enjoy coming to school cause we are in year 6. It’s really a amazing experience and I am really looking forward to what this year holds.

    Susumna, 5 / 6 M

    This year I am sure it will going to be great. I can finally feel the soft uniform again. I’m excited to see my new year 6 teacher and all my new classmates. I hope everything will be going smooth and great. When we got to know who will be in what class, I got some of my year 5 friends in my class. The classroom I’m in is actually my year 4 room!

    I’m looking forward to learn new things, make more friends, doing fun stuff with my teacher and classmates.

    Hannah Z,  5/6M

    It was the last school week and I felt very nervous going back to school since I didn’t know what class i was going to be in. At the First day of School I wondered if my friends were going to be in the same class as me,While The teachers were announcing out who would be in each class..I was Super nervous!I was thinking if I would be alone in one class.But then the Last class was getting called out and none of my friends got called out yet! So then I knew I was not going to be alone.Turns out we were together! But I still felt just a bit nervous since I didn’t know if Miss T was going to be nice...or strict. TURNS OUT!She was very nice. She didn’t push us too much….Well not yet I assume. I’ve had lots of fun in 5/6M and I hope it gets even better!

    Shahaan, 5/6M

    Suzi Chosid

    Deputy Prinicpal

    Stage 3 News

    Welcome back! I trust you all had a brilliant summer. All our senior students appeared eager and happy to return to school and were equally excited to join their new classes. We have had a bit of a shake-up in Stage 3 this year. Ms Tiffany Muir, Mrs Yvette Standen and Mr Dave Renshaw are working with Year 5 students in the three classrooms off the Google room in the West Building. Miss Maria Tsevrementzis has a 5/6 class and they are in the demountable classroom closest to MacKenzie Hall. Ms Jenny Bletsas and Mr Brett Thomas are working with Year 6 students in two of the other demountables. I will be taking all the Stage 3 class for RFF. If you do have any issues or concerns or have information to pass on to your child’s teacher, please contact them and arrange a time that is convenient for you both. Information about the year will be presented at our ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions that are scheduled for Wednesday, Week 4, 20 February.

    High School Information Evening

    We will be holding a High School Information Evening on Wednesday March 6 Week 6 starting at 6pm. This evening is designed to present you with the information needed to correctly complete the ‘Moving into Year 7 in a NSW Government School in 2020’ form. Parents will be able to collect their child’s form on the evening or if they are unable to make the evening, their child will be given the form the next day. The Principals of Moorefield Girls and James Cook Boys Technology High Schools will give a short presentation on the night.

    High School Open Nights

    The local high schools all hold an Open Night. These nights are a great way to see the local high schools and will help make an informed decision about where to send your child. More information regarding the open nights can be found on either the specific high school’s website or by contacting the school directly.

    James Cook Boys Technology High School Tuesday 19 February 6pm & Thursday 7 March 6pm

    Moorefield Girls High School Tuesday 5 March 8:30-10:30am

    Blakehurst High School Tuesday 5 March 5-7pm

    Sylvania High School  Tuesday 26 February 6pm

    Selective High School Placement Test

    For our Year 6 students that submitted an application for enrolment in a selective high school for 2020, the placement test will take place on Thursday 14 March 2019. If you have applied, more detailed information will be forwarded to you closer to the date. 

    Stage 3 Camp

    This year, Stage 3 will be travelling to Canberra for the Stage 3 Camp. In the coming weeks I will be sending home information regarding camp, which will include an itinerary and payment options. The dates we have booked for camp are Wednesday 28 August – Friday 30 August. If you have any questions about camp, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

    On behalf of all the Stage 3 teachers, we are all looking forward to having an amazing year this year working with your children.


    James Nobbs

    Stage 3 Supervisor

    News from 1M

    After a nice and relaxing break, 1M have come back to school ready for the exciting year ahead. This week in class we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. We loved reading the story of how the Chinese Zodiac Cycle was created and enjoyed looking at pictures of how people celebrate Chinese New Year. After learning about Chinese New Year we had fun creating our own paper lanterns to hang up in our classroom. We are looking forward to a wonderful year of learning, excursions and fun times.

     Miss McEwan

    Hurstville Grove Junior Guides

    Meet: Girl Guide Hall, Terry Street, Blakehurst

    When: Thursday nights during school term

    From:  6.30pm to 8.00pm


    Ages: 5-10 years

    Cost: There is a fee of $140 payable to Girl Guides NSW & ACT for yearly membership and insurance costs and a fee of $40 per term payable to the unit. 

    There is no obligation to join and trying out is free.  Our first meeting is being held on Thursday, 7 February 2019 and we run each week during the school term.  Parents are welcome to stay and watch what the girls get up to.

    Guides are an Active Kids Provider so parents can off set the yearly fees payable to Girl Guides NSW & ACT by applying for the $100 grant.  I understand that parents may also have access to the Creative Kids grant to assist with fees but I do not have any specific information about this particular grant.

    There are two leaders (Bellbird (me) and Quokka) and we do a range of different activities, games, crafts, science experiments, camps and other events.  Girl Guides encourages leadership skills, team work and independence.

    Girls are welcome to come and visit and try out the activities to see if they are interested in joining. 

    Parents can email us if they want any more information or contact me on 0420 380 006. Thanks


    Hurstville Grove Junior Guides