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Term 2 Week 6

Learning Focus - Informative texts

On our Student Free Day this Friday classroom teachers will be assessing our students’ ability to write information reports. This is the first time our site has undertaken a whole site collection of this text type. In preparation for this assessment students’ years 2-7 had to practise their note taking skills when reading and listening to texts about a chosen topic. Students were provided with three note taking sessions to collate information and these notes were then used to write an information report during a writing assessment.

The importance of skimming and scanning when reading information is critical to students being successful across all curriculum areas and are key skills necessary to undertake research. These skills need to be developed from a young age.

You may have noticed that whilst your child could fluently read narratives in junior primary, they may have had difficulty reading non-fiction texts (and possibly still do!). Often this is due to unfamiliar vocabulary. Typically, a child needs to hear a new word 4 to 12 times before it is added to their vocabulary. When you introduce your child to a new word, try to keep a mental note of it and work to use it again in your conversations with your child. Kids love to learn new words so encourage them to use these words in context and build up a bank of words with similar meanings (synonyms).

If your child is undertaking research at home encourage them to note take using these strategies. Remind them that note taking is different to the way we usually write. We only record key words and ideas.

From the Principal


Thank you all for helping us celebrate the retirement of Judy James last Friday with our French themed dress up day.  As you can imagine, Judy was more than surprised to find the school decked out in red white and blue!

Judy James has been a teacher at Willunga Primary for 20 years, and with the Department for Education for 20 years prior to that.  In that time she has been responsible for educating hundreds of children and managing tens of thousands of dollars worth of site resources.  Judy's strength is that she always remained committed to ensuring that only the best quality resources would be used at our school and that processes were in place to manage them.  In 2016 Judy took on our ICT infrastructure even though at that stage technology was not her strong point!  She swiftly delivered a system that is reliable and consistent to use.  She lead the installation of 1:2 devices across the school along with excellent Wifi and back-end Infrastructure. 

It is a real testament to her drive and commitment to continued improvement that she has maintained her care of our technology and site based resources right up to her very last day on site.

Judy will be missed, although may be back to help us finish what has been a very messy year in a short term contract role later this year.  We wish her all the best for a future in which she is not responsible for our 16,209 site based resources!!!  Can you even imagine keeping track of that many items!!

Best wishes Judy, you have definitely left an indelible mark on Willunga Primary School and will be very much missed (especially at audit time!)

Alison Colbeck 


To WPS families

Thank you for your contribution towards my French day on Friday to mark my retirement. No-one let slip about the day, and as I was assuming that a farewell was off the agenda due to COVID-19, I was completely blown away by seeing staff and students in blue, white and red, with lots of berets, moustaches and French fashion!

It made my last day very special.

Judy James - Teacher Librarian

Mrs James and 1B on French Day

Semester 1 Reports

Reports are underway and we are trying to stick to our usual format as much as possible.  Due to the disruptions of Covid, (our switched planning, our learning @home and also our focus on literacy , numeracy and integrated unit for the first four weeks....) teachers are considering all evidence available to make an on-balance judgement wherever they can.  Teachers were happy to move ahead with reports and felt that overall they would have enough evidence to put together a useful document for you!

They are due out at the end of term, but remember, if you are concerned about anything to do with your child's learning you can email or make a phone time to discuss with the teacher at any stage.

Keeping connected to online support – a message from the Chief Psychiatrist’s Office

Children and young people grow up in a highly connected world. Online connections are integral to how they live. As parents and carers, it’s important to help your child manage how and when they are online.

While at times it may be necessary to limit their access, it’s important to remember that their online connections can be healthy and link them to supportive friends on social media or to mental health information and services.

Children and young people need to know its ok to reach out to mental health professionals when they need advice and support.

We want all children and young people to feel respected, in touch and mentally healthy. We can guide them through complicated relationships, no matter where they happen. Let’s work together to help them stay safe and keep connected.

esafety resources provide useful information and advice for parents and carers to help children have safe experiences online.

Mental health resources



Monkey Bar Equipment


After a rigorous and highly excited vote by the students, the new equipment to replace the Monkey Bars is shown above.  These should be completed and installed by end of July 2020.  Watch this space!

Student Free Day 5th June - OSHC available

Physical distancing at school drop off and pick up

Thank you again for helping us with the drop offs and pick ups by not entering the site.  Remember if you need help with anything you can ring the front office, or come to the kiss and drop.  Please remember that parents need to maintain the 1.5m physical distance between themselves and other adults (parents and teachers) at all times, including school drop off and pick up. It is something that we will need to get used to for quite some time.  

Last day of term 2 Friday 3rd July - 2.05pm finish

Uniform shop

NEW: We're really excited to announce our affiliation with @PonytailsAndFairytales and School Ponytails.

We now have school uniform hair accessories available!


Shop through their website at www.SchoolPonytails.com.au > Shop by school > Find our logo and our school community earns 20% from your purchase.

Shop for bows and sports products online, where there's PayPal, AfterPay, Cards, and Bank Deposit payments available.   If you shop through our school's page, they know to allocate the funds to our school.  We will also have a limited number of styles in our Canteen to purchase direct (they haven’t arrived yet…).

Thank you for showing support to the businesses that support our school.

Michelle Collins and Jackie McCance

Because of the impact of Covid on our planning, we have not published a term 2 Planner this year until now!  Due to current restrictions, we are unable to hold a lot of our usual events, although we are modifying many of them on site.  The attached planner provides a brief overview of our plans for the remaining few weeks working within the current level of restrictions.

  • 3rd June (then next 3 Wednesdays): Year 6/7 Kidz Biz (Growth & Development)
  • 5th June: Student Free Day - still going ahead but with an altered meeting schedule...  OSHC will be open if you need it.
  • 8th June: Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
  • 16th June: Governing Council Online edition
  • 26th June: Casual Clothes Day 
  • 3rd July: Last Day of Term 2. Early dismissal 2:05pm

The SMS absence line: Text only 0429 632 559. Must include name, date, reason and class. Please check you are sending SMS to this number for absences

Library News

With Judy James retiring last week we welcome Michelle Cormack and Deb Connor into the library space for the remainder of this term.  Michelle will be managing the teaching component of the library role while Deb will be ensuring all the resources are managed.  The library operating hours have changed slightly to 8.30am to 3.00pm.

Stop the Spread

Sue Camac's Pastoral Care

Same Same but Different (Part 2!)

In the last newsletter I talked about helping out at the recovery centre with regards to the bushfires during the summer holidays, then last holidays with Housing SA and how in relation to COVID-19 some of the issues faced are same same, but different.  For our students, school has resumed, but likewise it is same same, but different and we are needing to be creative in how we do things. A friend of mine who always took her reusable cup to coffee shops decided to be creative with the takeaway cups she was accumulating because of COVID-19.  She planted flowers in them then dropped them at friends' doors to brighten their day. (This is a picture of mine – most importantly it’s still alive!)   Anyway, lots of the students have been asking me in the yard are we still doing Willunga’s Got Talent this year and what about MasterChef?  Like our principal Alison Colbeck wrote in the Skoolbag message, we are going ahead with Willunga’s Got Talent - we are trying to do same same, but with a different twist!

This year Willunga’s Got Talent:

 same year levels - year 2 upwards

same price – 50 c

DIFFERENTmaximum 1&1/2 min videos

Entry names and money need to be to me by Tuesday June 9th. Entries ready to go in Week 9! 

Creativity is intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein

Foodbank SA

Willunga Primary School is proudly supported by FoodBank SA.

Are you doing it tough at the moment?

We are now able to offer vouchers for the Aldinga Mobile Food Hub and Foodbank Hubs at other locations for families who require assistance.

Each voucher entitles the bearer to 4 visits, one visit per week, free fruit, vegetables and bread, and reduced cost items from the Foodbank range.

Please contact Sue Camac or Jess Mason




No dogs on school grounds

Dogs are not permitted on school grounds at any time.  The school grounds include the Rec Park oval between 8.30am and 3.30pm.  We understand that a lot of people want to walk their dogs to and from school, but ask that you stay on the outside of the oval with the dogs.  At no time should a dog be left unsupervised or allowed off the leash.

Reminder - The schoolyard is NOT supervised before 8.30am or after 3.20pm. OSHC has exclusive use of the grounds outside of these times.

Do you have our apps? Skoolbag, Seesaw and Qkr


Just a reminder that this Friday 5/6/20 is a Student Free Day and OSHC is available.

Please have your child bring a hat to wear for outside play.

We are collecting milk/juice coloured bottle tops for our art project. If you have any laying around, we would love to have them. 

Grandparent and Special Person Day

We always love welcoming our Grandparents and special people into our school, but because of Covid, we needed to think creatively about how we could do that this year.  Here is a selection of ways we did this in 2020!

  • In 2A we interviewed our grandparents. With the information we wrote biographies on them to inform others of their lives. Our grandparents enjoyed us asking them questions and we learnt more about them too.
  • In 25E On Grandparent / VIP Day our class turned our interviews we conducted on our Grandparent or VIP into reports. We then typed these up using Word on the laptops. It was interesting to share the information about their school life and the games they liked to play.
  • 2C asked 5 questions of their Grandparents / Special People. Some surprising responses were...First jobs after school included:

Shining shoes and looking after 300 chickens; Favourite music included: The Beach Boys and The Beatles; pies were 10c and hot chips 20c; misbehaviour at school could result in chalk being thrown at you or some soap on the tongue!

  • The students in 25D drew a picture of what they like to do at school and wrote some sentences about what they are good at and what they are working on at school. They then spoke to their Grandparent or special person to find out what they enjoyed at school, were good at and had to work hard at. The students enjoyed sharing the collected information with each other in a discussion and hearing about all the different subjects that their Grandparents or special people had to do.

From the Garden

Thank you to Village Greens of Willunga Creek for their generous donation of seedlings for students to plant in our veggie garden during health lessons.

Please support Village Greens at the Willunga Markets on Saturdays.

In health lessons this week students have been able to taste fresh food from the garden.

Classes have tried steamed broccolini, fresh and crispy lettuce varieties and sauteed rainbow chard all served with a minted yogurt sauce.  Although not all students may like what they have tried, they are sometimes trying foods they haven't tried before and many students are amazed when they discover they like something they thought they never did, or never even knew about!

Hayley & Carmen

Enrolling Reception Students 2021

 We are currently enrolling Reception students for 2021 please contact Lynda Gregory (8556 2234 and press 1) as soon as possible to receive information on how to proceed with the enrolment of your child/ren. See attached letter for further details.

Webinar forum for parents and carers of children with disability

Parents and carers of children with disability are invited to join a free webinar this month on ‘Transition 2020 and beyond for students with disability.’


·         Ian May, Director Disability Policy and Programs

·         Jen Bratovic, Team Manager, Student Support Services

·         Helen Panos, Special Educator, Student Support Services

·         Anna Baulderstone, Program Manager, Year 7 to High School project

·         Judith Hodson, Senior Advisor, Specialised Education Options

When: Friday 26 June 2020 Time: 10.00am to 11.00am Register online.

This free online event for parents is presented by the Disability Policy and Programs team and Parent Forum Reference Group.

Contact: Elizabeth Barber, Senior Advisor Parent Engagement, Disability Policy and Programs, phone 8235 2871

Parenting SA free webinar


Come hang out online with your BZ mates and catch up with Bronson too! Alternatively, are you interested in joining Boys Zone?About this Event

**CURRENT BOYS - Join in on an online weekly hang out with the boys and enjoy being active, catching up and loads of different activities!

NEW BOYS - Register your interest in joining Boys Zone once we return to the Centre, where you can play pool, table tennis and enjoy court activities galore! We will be in contact with you soon :)

DATE: **Weekly on Wednesdays 13 May - 24 June 2020

TIME: 4 - 5pm

AGE: 10 - 16 years


WHERE: Online! Via the ZOOM App.

ENQUIRIES: Wardli Youth Centre on 8186 5133 or christiedownsyouth@onkaparinga.sa.gov.au

You will only need to book once to secure your place in each session.

Reconciliation Week

Term 2 Planner