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20/9/19  Sports Day

26/9/19  Knockout Soccer Final

27/9/19  Last Day of Term - 2:05 pm Early Dismissal

14/10/19 First day of Term 4 - welcome back to school

15/10/19   6W and 7E will be attending an overnight camp at Narnu Farm on Tuesday 15 October returning to school on Wednesday 16 October (Term 4, week 1). Students will be travelling to and from Narnu Farm by coach and staying in the camp accommodation.

22/10/19 Japanese Celebration and Open Day

25/10/19 World Teachers Day 

4/11/19  Pupil Free Day please note OSHC will be available for care, please make a booking

6/11/19  1st Transition Visit for 2020 Reception Parents Only - 9:00 - 11:00 am

13/11/19  2nd Transition Visit for 2020 Reception Students - 8:45 - 10:15 am

20/11/19  3rd Transition Visit for 2020 Reception Students - 8:40 - 11:30 am

27/11/19  4th Transition Visit for 2020 Reception Students - 8:40 am - 12:05 pm

27 - 29/11/19  Year 6/7 Aquatics

4/12/19  End of Year Concert

4/12/19  Year 7-8 Transition Visit for Mitcham Girls High

5 & 6/12/19  Year 7-8 Transition Visit for Hallett Cove R-12 School

12/12/19  Year 7 Graduation

13/12/19 Last Day of Term - 2:05 pm Early Dismissal

Sports Day 20th September Edition

Sports Day is next Friday, find attached programme and information

For all of your 2019 Sports Day information and Programme please click this link

Sports Day is a much anticipated day on the school calendar, a great deal of planning and practice goes into making the day the very best it can be for all.  We welcome students and their families to come along and enjoy watching and being involved in the activities.  As always we will have a BBQ on the day with bacon and egg sandwiches and the traditional sausage sizzle.  The canteen will be open to serve a variety of foods and beverages including Helen's famous cappuccinos and hot donuts.

To make the day even more successful we would appreciate help with early morning  set up, end of day pack up, bbq volunteers and canteen helpers.  If you can spare anytime at all please leave your name and details with the front office staff.  Your help will be very much appreciated.

Dear Parents/Caregivers,



NAPLAN results are due out within the next week. I will contact families via Skoolbag with information about how to collect them as soon as they arrive. While we have not received any comparative data, as an “online” school we have received our general school data for this year’s assessment already. At first look it appears we have done well particularly in general achievement and I look forward to receiving the comparative data about this and other more specific elements of our achievement. More information about our achievement will be made available in future newsletters once this is determined.


Congratulations to Nick Marks who has won the ongoing primary teaching vacancy. His well-earned placement will bring consistency and experience to the school’s programs.

As of next week, Jenny McFadyen will be reducing her hours and will only work on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Henny Smith will replace Jenny, Jo Berry will support Henny and we welcome new SSO Maddi Govan who replaces Jo in class programs, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

A number of teachers are currently on leave or will have leave in the next 2 weeks and affected families have been notified of their replacements.


Over the year we have many classes that go out on excursions. Teachers are often told verbally that our students are very well behaved and engaged in the programs. Occasionally we also receive written feedback. In the next section there is a copy of an email I received after our Yr 6/7 students attended an excursion to the Adelaide Show. Well done to these students and in fact all our students for always showing our values and excellent behaviour when out in the community on excursions.


Please save Tuesday 22nd October in your diary to be available to come to school and participate in a wonderful school event. We will be having a day of Japanese activities and celebrations including a picnic and the classrooms will also be open for a part of the day for families to visit. We are just organising the final schedule and this information will be available shortly.


This year we are trying something new!! We are going to have a twilight concert to be held on our oval on Wednesday 4th December. While final details including timing and structure are still being organised we are planning for the concert itself to begin at 6pm. So please save this time and date in your diary as well. More information including a much clearer timeframe will be provided early next term.


I remind all parents that it is inappropriate to interact with children other than your own for any reason other than a friendly hello as you pass. Students are being trained in protective behaviours and we seek support from our families to help ensure that they can learn to effectively keep themselves safe.

This also applies if you have concerns in relation to other children and your child. These concerns need to be raised direct with the teacher not with students.


On October 1st we are expecting works to commence to upgrade our oval irrigation system. It is expected to take until early November to complete. The oval will be unavailable for any use during this time. The Japanese celebrations will be held in other areas of the school.







Anne Rathjen


Letter of praise and congratulations

Subject: Students at the RA Show

 Dear Ms Rathjen,

Following my recent retirement, I took the opportunity to act as a volunteer at the current Royal Adelaide Show. Yesterday morning, Tuesday Sept 4, two of us volunteers were at a stand on the Yellow Brick Road and served many students wearing their Hallett Cove East Primary School uniforms.

My colleague and I could not be anything but impressed by your students. Not only were they neatly dressed in their uniforms, but they behaved with great courtesy and, without exception, used impeccable manners. They were a credit to your school and their parents. We noticed this positive approach from the very first students who came to our stand and it continued throughout the morning, and there were lots of students who we saw.

Please accept this congratulations to your school community from one who was most impressed.

Yours sincerely,

Lawrie Cresp (Retired Deputy Principal Oakbank Area School, previously DP at Norwood Morialta High and Murray Bridge High)

Would you like your child to develop playground resilience and wisdom?

The Highway Heroes program: Connecting 4 Friendships develops skills in making and maintaining friendships as well as deal with the "unfriendly" behaviour they may experience during playtime.

Students will learn:

* friendly and unfriendly behaviours

* ways to invite positive connections with others

* recognise the importance of body language

* how to deal with play/hang out refusals

* to identify rumours and gossip and what to do about it

* to identify and use positive tools and strategies to deal with small and big playground issues

If your child is in Year 4-6 and you would like your child to participate in this program please email Evie Donoghue (evie.donoghue503@schools.sa.edu.au)

Sessions will be held each Wednesday (3:10-4:00pm) in term 4 for 5 weeks (5 sessions).

Student places are limited.


8W is learning about the importance of sustainability and recycling, and are participating in the Lids4Kids drive.

Did you know that lids from milk, water and soft drink bottles and bread tags can be shredded and made into filament for a 3D printer? This filament can then be made into prosthetics for children needing a hand or an arm.

We would appreciate it if the whole school community could help us to collect the lids to help these children.

Please can you drop off the clean lids to 8W or the front office.

Thanking you all in advance for your support.

Karina Galloway and the students of 8W

An outstanding time for everyone, so much fun, so many laughs and all while we were learning!

Our excursion to the Aldinga Library related to the curriculum through Digital Technologies and class inquiry units with the Spheros’ and I-pad coding.  We were very fortunate the sun was shining and it was a wonderful day to enjoy a ‘Picnic and Play’ at the Port Noarlunga wooden playground with our buddies.  The excursion supported student well-being with positive relationships being encouraged and built through our ‘Buddy Class’ program.

As you may have seen in recent newsletters, we were lucky enough to win a grant thanks to the City of Marion to reduce waste at HCEPS.

So far we have purchased compost caddies for each learning area, and more compost bins and supplies so food waste will no longer be going to landfill. A great start.

We are hoping to go even further – to reduce the number of single use wrappers we are seeing in our bins, mainly from chip and muesli bar packets and cling wrap – but to do this we need your help and support.

We are teaching our students alternatives to single use wrappers, which could mean bees wax wraps or cooking slices or muffins at home. On Wednesday the 4th of September we held a  workshop on how to make beeswax wrap, students, teachers and parents attended the workshop.

The workshops were enjoyed by all who attended, we continue our journey on enhancing our whole school community's knowledge on the importance of nude food.


Nick Marks


Sports Update

Girls Soccer Final

Our 6/7 girls have been successful in making it to the finals for soccer, we would like to wish the girls luck in their games which will be played at The Parks, Angle Vale on 26/9/19.


Well Done to all of the students who participated in and represented Hallett Cove East in the SAPSASA Volleyball Competition, everyone played so well and showed great sportsmanship. Four teams qualified for the finals which were played on Wednesday of this week at Mars Stadium Marden.  The standard of competition was high and a step up from what we had previously experienced, our teams played well and made a real competition of each game.  Congratulations to all for representing our school and being great sports.  A big THANK YOU to the parents who helped transport and support the students, we could not have competed without your help.


Aaron Charlton

Well done Jett

Jett had a great week in Canberra with the State Under 12 School boys  football (soccer) team. The boys played great football all week, and leading into their final game, were undefeated. In a challenging final game, SA went down to Victoria 2-0. Other results during the week were wins vs NSW 1-0, WA 1-0, ACT 2-1, NT 3-0, NSW Invite 5-2, and a draw vs QLD 2-2. The boys came second overall to Victoria, coming home with a silver medal. On the Wednesday all teams joined together for an educational excursion to the AIS. 

SPORTS DAY IS COMING, if you have any spare time at all we would love your help cooking the BBQ or serving in the canteen.  Please leave your name with the administration staff if you can volunteer some time to help out on the 20th September, the more the merrier. 


Please note the canteen Winter Menu has been updated please click here to view the latest menu

For more information click on the links

The Smith Family are recruiting more families for their financial education and matched savings program.  This program ensures parents are able to afford the costs of their child’s education, including items such as school camps, laptops, uniform, books and extracurricular activities 

Kristin Martin, a well-known South Australian poet and children’s author, presenting an interactive session based on poems from her latest poetry collection, To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme. The children will enjoy Kristin’s sense of fun, love of nature and her unique style of presenting the session. Time for Q & A after, and book signing by the author. Books available for purchase for $ 20.00. Suits prim

Kristin Martin, a well-known South Australian poet and children’s author, presenting an interactive session based on poems from her latest poetry collection, To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme. The children will enjoy Kristin’s sense of fun, love of nature and her unique style of presenting the session. Time for Q & A after, and book signing by the author. Books available for purchase for $ 20.00. 

Suits primary school aged children 


The Southern Districts Baseball Club - The Southern Districts Baseball Club

Firstly I would like to introduce myself, my name is Sean Bradley and I’m the Teeball coordinator for the 2019-20 season at the southern districts baseball club.

 This season we are aiming to get more involved with the schools in our local community and we are looking to see if any of your schools would like to nominate a team to play in our under 7’s or under 9’s teeball league. 

Games are played on Friday nights at 5.30 for under 7’s and 6.30 for under 9’s. All games are played at our home ground on Flaxmill Round in a very family friendly atmosphere.

 Our come and try/ registration dates are on the Friday the 13th of September at 5.30pm and Sunday the 15th of September at 9am. If your school would be interested in nominating a team then i encourage you to contact me ASAP so we can get it organised.

Teeball is a fantastic sport for children aged 4-8 and we offer a great program for children of skill levels, while also providing an early age foundation in team sporting culture and building confidence.

Come and try- registration days for children aged 4-8 years old

Fri 13th of September 5.30 pm

Sunday 15th of September 09.00 am

Email- SDBCTeeball@gmail.com

Sean Bradley Teeball Coordinator- 0447821008

Seacliff Recreation Park Open Day 20th October 2019 Please click here for more information

Brighton Muay Thai and Fitness caters to all ages and skill levels. Offering more than an ordinary gym, we have Muay Thai, Personal Training, Self Defence and a strong focus on juniors, with sessions for all ages, from 4 years and older on offer three times a week. Our sessions are a great way to get kids off of the iPad and getting active. Please click the link for more information

Ascot Park Primary School - Specialist Physical Education and Sport School

This coming school holiday break Tom Monsigneur will be conducting a soccer workshop here at our sports centre at Ascot Park Primary School, this may be of interest to some of your students. Please click here for more information

Positive ways to help children behave is coming Wednesday 6 November, 7-9pm at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Nationally recognised parenting expert, Dr Justin Coulson will talk about guiding children’s behaviour with positive discipline strategies that lead to better behaviour, better relationships and happier families.

 You are welcome to attend the seminar in person, or to view the live webcast. Register for either of these here . The flier is attached, or download it here .

 If you register you will also be sent a link to view a recording of the seminar online from 8 November to 13 December 2019.

 Please pass this information on to family, friends, colleagues or others that you think may be interested.  If you have any enquiries phone 8303 1660 or send us an email.

Kind regards from the Parenting SA team.

Parenting SA  Women’s and Children’s Health Network 

295 South Terrace | Adelaide SA 5000

Tel: 08 8161 7158 Fax: 08 8161 7778  Email: Courtney.bunker@sa.gov.au   Website: ww.parenting.sa.gov.au

The Thunderbirds school holiday clinics 10 percent discount.  Please click here for more information

Taught and Bowled are a sports coaching company specialising in netball, cricket, junior sport and school programs. This summer we are offering a Netball Academy for school and club netballers to help prepare them for their 2020 winter season.

The program is open to netballers of all abilities to give them a chance to develop their netball skills in a ‘high performance-style’ environment. The Academy Program will cover

·         Technical skill development, including area/positional specific coaching

·         Tactical skill development

·         Match play and video analysis

·         Netball specific testing

·         Take home programs (ball skills, footwork, core strength and balance)

 All squads will be coached by accredited, experienced coaches and the program has been developed using the Netball Australia Core Curriculum of Skills matrix.  Please click here for more information.  You can also click HERE to find out further information.

Hallett Cove East Primary School


Hallett Cove East Primary School:

  • Learning for tomorrow’s world
  • Working together
  • Valuing each other and our future

Our Mission is to ensure that our students are able to successfully interact and achieve within andbeyond their own community, now and in the future.

This may be evidenced by:

A Strong Sense of Identity
  • Students will be resilient and reflective, confident in their own opinions and provide leadership.
Creative Thinking
  • Students will be creative and critical thinkers who draw upon a range of strategies to deal with new situations or information.
Success in Interactions
  • Students will value diversity and successfully interact with others within and beyond their community in a collaborative manner.
Preparedness for the Future
  • Students will demonstrate initiative, enterprise and adaptability and will be able to successfully manage change within their own lives and as part of a global community.
Skill in Communication
  • Students will be able to successfully communicate in a range of settings within and beyond their own community.
Success in Learning
  • Students will develop and apply knowledge, competencies and skills, which enable them to be successful now and in the future.
Self-Directed Learners
  • Students will be able to initiate and implement their own learning plans. Based on constructivist theory, students will be supported in self-assessment procedures in order to reflect on and guide future learning.

The school Values identified by the school community are reflected in the everyday language atschool by staff, parents, students and community members. The Values are

  • Excellence
  • Fairness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

Our ongoing commitment to our Values is reflected in our Student and Staff Wellbeing programs including the Year 7 Student Leaders program, Buddy and assembly programs.

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