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2021 Newsletter

Term 2, Week 9

Clapham Primary School - The Early History!

Clapham Primary School first opened in February 1961, not at the present site on Barretts Road, but in temporary, portable rooms at Colonel Light Gardens School. This situation arose because the newly built school was not ready for occupation. The temporary rooms were used until the last week of the first term when approximately 170 students and staff were transferred and allocated to rooms on the grounds and first floors in the West Wing of Clapham. 

The East Wing was occupied by students and staff of Mitcham Girls High School for several years until their own school was built at Kingswood. 

The school was officially opened by the Minister of Education, Sir Baden Pattison. 

A little trivial fact... For the first 2 years when the school first opened no students were supposed to place his/her hands on the wooden railings while climbing up and down the stairs in case the varnish should show any wear and tear. How times have changed!

Cassie Kopias 

Assistant Principal 

This Month on SchoolTV - Friendship & Belonging

Learning how to make new friends and keep them involves a number of skills every young person needs to understand and develop. For some, these skills will come naturally, allowing them to easily move between different friendship groups, sharing their experiences and opening up to new people. For others, this can be much harder to navigate. Belonging to a group that is like-minded with similar interests is highly beneficial to a young person’s wellbeing. It gives them a sense of security helping them feel valued which in turn builds their confidence. Positive friendships are an important part of the journey to adulthood. Adult carers can support their child or teenager by providing guidance with the many social and emotional skills required for a healthy relationship. This will help them to obtain, retain and maintain friendships. However, not all friendship are regarded as positive. Sometimes young people develop negative or toxic friendships. Therefore it is also important for them to learn how to identify, avoid or deal with such a friendship.In this edition of SchoolTV, adult carers can learn how to support their young person’s friendship so that they experience a sense of belonging. We hope you take time to reflect on the information offered in this month’s edition, and we always welcome your feedback. If you do have any concerns about the wellbeing of your child, please contact the school for further information or seek medical or professional help. Here is the link to this month's edition

Governing Council News/Information

 The following is a brief update from our last Governing Council meeting and of each sub-committee:

  • Facilities: Nature Play Project - Please see document in this newsletter 'A Guide to Nature Play at Clapham Primary School'. This document outlines the Principles of Nature Play, Risk and Play in Learning, Zones,  Materials available, and clearly communicates the Rules students need to follow to ensure safe and productive play. We have engaged Betterland to design a nature play area in the R-2 Playground. The redevelopment of this space will include: a log and stump climber, balance beams, log seating, and a rock climbing area with scramble net. This will value add to our teepee building area, mud kitchens, bamboo pods/huts and loose parts play. This project is scheduled to start on 16th August. The funding for this project has come from multiple sources: fundraising, grant from SA Government and school funds.
  • After School Sports - Our netball, basketball and soccer teams continue to represent our school well, demonstrating great sportsmanship and our school values. We have just purchased a new set of basketball tops for our Year 4 team when they continue playing in Term 4.
  • OSHC - Please see article with reminder of parent collection times and procedures later in this newsletter.
  • Finance:  The 2021 budget is tracking well.   The school's annual audit was conducted and have received formal report, tabled at Governing Council (ratified).

A Guide to Nature Play at Clapham Primary


Name the Satellite Competition

We are very excited to share that we have had many entries for the "Name the Satellite" Competition.  Our students have been amazingly creative in naming the satellite as well as reasons for the names.  Thank you to all students who participated. Thank you to classroom teachers and Mrs Averis for supporting students with writing their persuasions.  

We are delighted to announce the following students were shortlisted to the Top 3 entries: Marinus V-H, Ethan H and Zoe M and wish to congratulate the winning entrant Zoe M!

Please see below the winning entry and other names chosen by Marinus V-H and Ethan H.


Purli Piki means Star Moon. This represents going into space and the glowing light we get from stars and the moon that remains the same throughout the thousands of years that the aboriginals have lived and the dream time stories from them. The shining light gives us hope in dark and unhopeful times.

The stars and the moon are connected to many dream times stories. Dreamtime stories are important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders because they teach about values and how things where created. Some stories from the moon and the stars are: The three brothers, The sun and Moon and the seven sisters, these are only three of many! This name will represent the many remembered dream time stories that come from the stars and the thousands of years they have been around for and many to come.

When you look up into the sky and think of this name people will think of a hopeful light that shines just like the stars and the moon in the dark.

I hope that when you consider this name that you remember the meaning behind it and what everyone will think when they look up into the night sky.

Ethan H: Tarkarri Purli (Tomorrow Star)

Marinus V-H: Bunjil (Roaming Eagle)

Japanese Garden - Vale Jackie Griggs

Jackie Griggs (previous parent) of Clapham Primary School was extremely passionate about our school grounds and facilities and ignited this passion in others (parents, staff and students).  Jackie led the Facilities Subcommittee for a number of years and was instrumental in developing and maintaining our Indigenous Garden.  During this time Jackie had the vision of creating a Japanese Garden. She worked with the Japanese teacher and students to create a design and supported the installation of this area at one of our Community Action Days. 

Therefore a group of parents and the school have worked together to place a Japanese Garden Bench in this area in memory of Jackie.  Through generous donations this has been made possible.  A donation of $461.00 to Trees for Life was also made (another passion of Jackie's).   Thank you to our school community for your support in making this happen.  A special thank you to Nick Atkinson (parent) who made and donated the Japanese Garden Bench.

Reconciliation Week


Reconciliation Week May 27th – June 3rd

During National Reconciliation Week classes were involved in learning, writing and making to deepen their knowledge and understandings. Here are just a few of their thoughts…. Lynne Averis

Reconciliation is a way to apologise to the Aboriginal people for our past actions. It is also admitting and understanding that we were wrong and unfair. This can create stronger relationships with the aboriginal people.                                                 


Reconciliation is a way to recognise the wrongs of the past and attempt to fix them by, educating, uniting the people’s, forging relationships and understanding the rich culture of the First Nations people.                                                                                  

Ella R

Reconciliation is to recognise how unfair we were and to respect aboriginals. Did you know that there is a Native Reconciliation Week (NRW) ? It’s a time to make positive relationships with indigenous people and learn about their tradition. Trust, equality, fairness and sorry are some words I think reconciliation is about.                                                                              

Irene S

Reconciliation is a way to recognise the wrongs in the past and try to fight them. Reconciliation is a way to recognise the culture and the unfairness of the past and finding a way to fix them.. to not forget but to remember.                                                                      


To me, reconciliation week is about fixing the mistakes of our ancestors, not repeating the wrongs of the past and making amends. It’s about also about learning about Aboriginal culture and  heritage, and saying sorry.                                                               


It is important to do your part amongst those doing their part to help aboriginal people. I know what you are thinking Reconciliation what? Reconciliation Week is a week we get to say sorry to the Aboriginal people and sealing the harmony, respecting and acknowledging that it was us that invaded them as if they weren't humans but dirt instead. I believe that Reconciliation Week is a chance for the aboriginal people to sing their song and for us to listen.                                                                                                         


Reconciliation Week to me is about resolving our conflict and living in harmony. Then we can have a brighter future together as one.                                             


Reconciliation day is when we change the way we treat the aboriginal people and change the reality of the wrong times.                                                                     


We have the responsibility to change Australia to make fairness for Aboriginal people to say sorry. 

Therefore, reconciliation week is important to mend the bad things and to fix the mistakes from the past.                                              



Reconciliation Week

Japanese in Term 3

Japanese learning has been fun this term. We created Koinobori to celebrate ‘Kodomo No Hi’. In Japanese club we made Onigiri (Japanese rice balls). Onigiri is really oishii (yum)! R-2 classes learnt about their pets and 3-7 classes learnt about the school which includes classroom instructions, subjects, stationery items and making requests. We are also learning to read and write ‘Hiragana’. Tanoshikatta desu! It was fun!

Cross Country SAPSASA


Well done to our 2 runners Sophie T and Lucie W who reached the next stage of Cross Country SAPSASA and competed up at Oakbank in Week 7! Both girls did an amazing job to qualify from the event at Belair National Park and had a great day representing Southern Heights. Well done team!

 Mr L

 Lucie and Sophie did well. Coming in at:

Sophie 62nd at 14.06 min

Lucie 72nd 14.25 min

Awesome effort 

Cross Country SAPSASA

Wellbeing and Engagement Survey Semester 1 2021

This term our students from Year 4 -7 participated in a Wellbeing and Engagement Survey. This data collection aligns with a growing evidence base about the value of 21st century skills, workplaces and communities in the future. Please see our data from the survey attached. 

History Showcase Room 9 and 10

Happy Haven OSHC


Dear OSHC families,

Just a reminder regarding the OSHC After School Care pick up routine. Before 5:00pm: Parents must ring the Clapham OSHC number and an educator will walk children to the door for their sign out signature. Parents are not permitted to enter the school building during this time.

After 5:00pm: Parents are still required to ring before entering and will need to 'Check In' to OSHC using the QR code located on the door. A paper sign in is also available for parents and visitors to use. Parents are asked to follow social distancing guidelines.

We appreciate your co-operation. Clapham OSHC

Vacation Care Program

Please find attached the Vacation Care Program for the July school holidays.

60th Celebrations and Quiz Night

We are looking forward to celebrating with everyone at our our 60s themed Quiz Night this Saturday night. It will be a fantastic night!

Many thanks to Trish, Mel, Jess, Cassie, Jasmine, Catherine and Alli who have worked tirelessly sourcing fabulous prizes and silent auction items. Their time and efforts organising this fundraising event is greatly appreciated by our school community. 

60 Prizes for 60 Years

Good luck and thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets in our 60 Prizes for 60 Years Raffle. We really appreciate your support. All prizes will be drawn at our Quiz Night. Tickets will be available on the night. Please see our prize list attached.

A big thank you to our Quiz Night Donators

Please see Clapham News attached

Parent Forum

Please find attached a flyer for a Parent Forum "Navigating Together"

Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

This year we are continuing to collect bread tags for wheelchairs. All students can drop the tags off to the collection container outside Ms Cassie’s Office.

Change of Details form

Please see attached, also available for collection from the front office

Year 7 to high school parent update

Please find Week 9, Term 2 information attached 

Term 3 Planner


Important Dates

Wednesday 30th June Reports go home 
Friday 2nd July 

Early dismissal 2:10pm

Monday 19th JulyFirst day back

Monday 2nd August 

Pupil Free Day