Chisholm Need to Know


Welcome to Term 3 at Caroline Chisholm College and our second Chisholm Need to Know bulletin. As our Year 12s commence this final term of classroom lessons, we wish them all the very best and pray for their wellbeing and their success. On Monday 20 July, the staff were engaged in our Spirituality Day, where we were challenged to consider how we are all connected through God's divine love. As we work each day to manage our vastly changed world for our families and our students, we are called to focus on how we communicate God's love to those around us, especially as we teach our young people how to be people of love themselves.

Year 7-11 Reflection Day postponed
Please be advised that we have had to postpone the 7-11 Reflection Days scheduled for Week 2 Friday 31 July. We have been advised by CEDP that external venues for activities such as student or staff retreats still cannot be used and whilst we were hoping these restrictions may have eased, it has not been the case. At this stage we will be rescheduling these days for Years 7-10 in Term 4 to take place here at the college, and depending on whether the Senior Retreat is able to go ahead as planned, we may schedule a day for Year 11 if the retreat has to be cancelled.

School Reports
Year 9 reports will be issued Monday 27 July and the Year 7 and 8 reports will be issued on Wednesday 29 July.

Year 10 - The results of the Minimum Standards Tests have been sent to students via their NESA Students Online Account. Please contact Mrs Smith if you have any questions about these tests.

Year 11 Subject Selection timelines
A reminder that the Subject Selection interviews will be held on Tuesday 11 August, more information to come.

Year 8 Japanese Day, Thursday 30 July
Students will spend the whole day participating in a variety of fun activities relating to Japanese culture. Students are to wear sports uniform. They will not require any equipment so they may just bring their tote bag. Students will have the opportunity to order a sushi lunch, prepared by local Japanese cooks (all prepared following COVID SAFE practices). Students in Year 8 may order sushi via the order form sent to them via email. Orders must be finalised and paid for by Monday 27 July. 

Jackson House Initiative
Congo Aid was created to provide support and assistance in the financial, medical, and educational assistance for orphaned children in Eastern Congo. Over the years, Congo Aid has contributed to the building of a new orphanage, beds for the orphans, the purchase of a plot of land to help provide food, materials, and supplies for Mutwanzaki school. It has also provided emergency provisions when needed. Together, we can make a difference to this community by donating and/or getting involved in next week's event: Jackson Chocolate Coin Toss. This exciting event will occur on both Tuesday and Thursday next week on the COLA at recess and lunch. $2 = five throws. There will also be orange awareness ribbons on sale for $1. Please encourage your daughter to bring in coins next week to show their support for Congo Aid. 

Year 12 Reflection Day

The theme of the day is, “Shine your Light.” The activities on this day will allow the students to reflect on their uniqueness and the responsibility that they have in using their God-given gifts and talents to be the best person they can be and to make the world a better place.
Please click on the link for more information

St Vincent de Paul

A huge thank you to Saakski Singh and Charlotte Williams of Year 12 who went out with Mr Carroza and Mrs Clifton with the Vinnies Van during the holidays. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to put into practice the values they espouse as Social Justice Leaders such as the dignity of all people and the need for all of us to show compassion and love especially to the poor and vulnerable.
St Vincent de Paul would also like to thank the school for the support of the Vinnies COVID Winter Appeal 2020.
Vinnies have asked us to pass on this link containing an update of the work of the Vinnies Van and St Vincent de Paul during this time of COVID 19.

Certificate of Appreciation

Diary Dates - Term 3 Week 2

Monday 27 July
Jackson House Initiative

Tuesday 28 July
Jackson House Initiative

Wednesday 29 July
Jackson House Initiative

Thursday 30 July
Jackson House Initiative
Year 8 - Japanese Day Incursion
Legal Services Q & A Incursion

Friday 31 July
Jackson House Initiative
Year 12 - Reflection Day


Caroline Chisholm College recognises that email is a fast and convenient way to communicate with your child’s teacher. We wish to remind you that teachers read their emails at various times throughout the school day. Further, teachers are generally not expected to respond to emails from parents and students outside of normal working hours. In the case of a genuine emergency please contact the school office during business hours on or phone 02 4737 5500. We appreciate your assistance and understanding.If you have any questions about the above please feel free to contact the college.