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St Patrick's Marist College

Newsletter Number 10 - 3 July 2019

From the Principal ....

We come to the end of yet another extremely busy term and I thank all the staff and members of our community for their ongoing commitment and hard work.

Last week we held our College Musical “Rock of Ages”, another outstanding spectacular, showcasing the amazing talents of our students.  It was a very professional, high energy and visually exciting show. The discussion for the musical began back in Term 3 of 2018 and it has been full steam ahead since that moment. The performance involved over 200 students and showcased not only the talents of our performers, but the talents and skills of the many students that took other roles in music, sound and lighting, costuming, hair and makeup, set design, hospitality, painting, construction and the list goes on. 

The quality and professionalism of the two bands was exceptional, and I thank Mr Liam Heffernan for his work in assisting our musicians in the preparation of a very difficult score before taking leave, and to Ms. Andrews’ work throughout Semester 1. 

The Musical provides lasting memories for all involved; it builds new relationships across year

groups, provides opportunities for students to showcase and develop talents and skills and they are just great fun to be a part of. A special thankyou to the Performing Arts team, Mrs Renee Lyons (Director and Producer), Ms Trudy Andrews (Music and Vocal Director, Producer), Ms Wendy Curry (Music Rehearsals and Backstage Supervision), Ms Claire Franke (Musical Administration and Backstage Manager) and our visiting Choreographer Mrs Katrina Gooding. There were many staff and parents who assisted in making the Musical so successful and I thank each and every one of them for the additional time they gave to support our students. I would also like to give our special thanks to BLM Production Services and Stolen Planet Productions for their support and generosity.

If you follow our Facebook page ( you will have seen a number of outstanding individual and team achievements recently. I would like to make special mention to Melody Yalda one of our Year 12 students who was awarded the “Highly Commended Role Model Award” at the Fairfield City Mayor’s Youth Achievement Awards. There were 50 nominees in  her category. Melody was recognised for her work with newly arrived refugee primary school students and her outstanding contributions to our ‘Chance for Change’ Social Justice group here at the College. Melody is everything we hope a Marist graduate to be. 

Recently Ava Goharinasab, one of our Year 11 students competed in the 2019 Taekwondo President’s Cup, achieving a Gold medal. It has been a pleasure to watch Ava set herself challenging personal goals and work with incredible commitment and determination to achieve them.

Congratulations to our Year 8 MCCS Netball and Senior Girls AFL teams on making their Grand Finals. Both teams played with great sportsmanship and commitment until the final whistle with our Netballers winning their match. 

This week we have been engaged in Parent / Teacher /Student Interviews for Years 7 to 9 and Subject Selection Interviews with Year 10. I thank all of our families for their attendance and support as we continue to work in partnership with you.

Next week the College will be closed as the builders finally begin demolition of the A block. Whilst the next 12 months will certainly be challenging, we are looking forward to the wonderful new learning spaces.

A reminder that the first day for students is Monday, 22nd July. There is no pupil free day at the start of the term.

At the end of this term we farewell Kathryn Scotford our Lead Teacher from Wiyanga. Kathryn has worked tirelessly and with great commitment during her time with us and we wish her every success in her future endeavours.

Mrs Angela Hay


Assistant Principal - Innovation, Teaching and Learning


Each year, teachers have a professional learning day which supports the various learning strategies of the College. This year the Staff Professional Learning day will be on Monday, 26th August. This has changed from the previously advertised date of Monday, 22 July 2019. Please amend your calendars accordingly. The 26th of August is a pupil free day and the first day of school for students for Term 3 is Monday, 22 July.


The reports for Year 11 Semester One will be posted out at the end of this term. The Year 11 Course is a foundation for the HSC courses.  Student achievement in courses provides a clear indication of knowledge, skills and application according to the identified Learning Outcomes.  As the Year 11 courses move closer to their conclusion next term, Year 11 students ought to be preparing for their Yearly Examination in Term 3 Week 9 during this upcoming break.


Initiated by NESA, Year 10 will need to undertake a minimum standard test in Reading, Writing and Numeracy. The test will be held in Term 3 as the NESA web browser restrictions means that all student will need to complete the test on a laptop only. Laptops will be supplied to students next term for the test.


As the Semester comes to a close, a reminder that all parents and friends are welcome to attend the Semester One Awards ceremony on Wednesday, 24th July beginning at 1.30pm and concluding at 3.15pm.  Our Semester One Awards celebrate academic, sporting and cultural achievements.  Invitation letters will be posted home on Friday to students receiving an award.


Years 12 and 11 teachers reflect their commitment to their students during the Term 2 break by providing Holiday Learning Classes. Please encourage your son/daughter to make time to come to the College to engage in this extra learning opportunities offered.

Mr Jason Scanlon

Assistant Principal - Innovation, Teaching and Learning

Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing

Role Model Young Achievement Award


Congratulations to Melody Yalda, Year Twelve Student, on being  awarded the "Highly Commended Role Model Award" at the Fairfield City Mayor's Youth Achievement Awards 2019.  Melody competed against fifty other nominees for her category and was successful due to her incredible work in the community volunteering with St Vincent De Paul’s Bright SPARKS Learning Club for newly arrived, refugee primary school students and other social justice initiatives including her work with the ‘Chance for Change’ group here at the College. 

The Youth Achievement Role-Model Award is awarded to young people who assist and encourage others to reach their full potential and who have contributed beyond the norm and acted as a mentor to younger peers. 

Melody has also completed a radio interview with an Assyrian SBS radio channel about why today's youth should volunteer and help those in need. 

What an amazing young woman! Be inspired by her story: 

"Following a period of voluntary service with St Vincent de Paul, during which I was working closely with newly-arrived primary school refugee children, I was gratefully nominated for the Fairfield City Mayor Youth Role-Model Award. On the evening of the award ceremony, conducted at the Fairfield Council Chambers, I was proudly presented with the Highly Commended Youth Role-Model Award amongst a group of 50 other committed and deserving young nominees. In receiving this prestigious award, I felt a sense of gratitude to the children I engaged with over this period. I owe this generous acknowledgement and share my award with all these young brave souls who have endured much suffering in the process of their transition and settling into a safe new homeland. These are the unacknowledged young heroes who exemplify our highest ideals of bravery and compassionate love.                

It is notable to remember that the voluntary work, as well as other social justice initiatives I am committed to, are never pursued with the intention of being rewarded for my contribution, but solely for the purpose of inducing meaningful changes in the lives of these deserving children. I have been asked on several occasions how I manage to coordinate extracurricular activities with school commitments. A better question still is “how can we afford not to?” HSC demands should not be taken lightly. However, there is no excuse for failing to dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to the pressing needs of these children, our hope for the future, to whom we look up to reinvent a harmonious world for all to share. 

Looking into the eyes of these innocent, yet often-traumatised children, carrying within the depth of their heart many repressed memories of fear and deprivation; knowing that some have lost primary carers during early formative years; realising that some others have arrived into a foreign environment with little or no preparation for adapting, I realise how privileged I am for the gifts of quality health care, education, family guidance and safe environment in Australia. Today’s youth tend to be overwhelmingly absorbed into the world of social media, a distracting obsession that in many ways conceal the harsh lived reality for millions of dispossessed children in troubled parts of the world. The privilege of directly participating in voluntary social justice initiatives has the advantage of putting each one of us directly in touch with this painful reality. Contributing humbly to a cause of positive transformation we want to see in the world asks us all to extend a warm heart and reach out for those in need."

Melody Yalda

Year 12 Paul

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday 2019

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday falls on the first Sunday in July and is a significant celebration on our Church's calendar.  Whilst providing us with an opportunity to acknowledge our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander brothers and sisters, the celebration also signifies that we are united as one in God's love and care.

Please take the time to read the following letter from the Most Rev. Columba Macbeth-Green, Chairman of the Bishops Commission for Relations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as well as the Pastoral Letter produced for the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Mr M. Paton

Assistant Principal - Mission and Wellbeing

2019 Leader Profiles


During his time at St Patrick’s Marist College, Peter has immersed himself in College life. Through his participation in school sport and representing the College as Captain of the MCS Football team for the past four years, he has developed excellent leadership qualities. He has also excelled in the academic field as part of the Maths Accelerated classes, received numerous academic awards, participated in Science and Maths competitions and Marist Oratory. Peter is also deeply involved in the importance of spirituality as a leader of the Social Justice Team, ‘Chance for Change' where he organised the Christmas Hamper Appeal and other initiatives.  Peter says; “I believe that through commitment and dedication to St Patrick’s Marist, Dundas and the Marist values, every student has the potential to ascertain mental and emotional prosperity.”  Peter has a substantial focus on student wellbeing, acknowledging the importance of health both physically and mentally. He strongly promotes cooperation amongst year groups in strengthening connections and family spirit. As Edwin House Captain, he aims to implement his vision for the school and the wider community.  

Written by:  Renae Cunningham

Changes to School Bus Routes

Dear Parents / Carers,

We have been notified by State Transit that there will be some changes to both regular Public Bus Services and School Bus Services from next term.  Whilst this does not affect our College directly, there may be some disruption or changes to siblings, family members or friends. 

Please see attached the attached document with information regarding these changes which will come into effect on the 28th July 2019.

If you have any queries, please contact Steve Bakous (02 9941 6825) or Tony Moujalli from the Willoughby Depot, State Transit on 02 9941 9200 or 0400 782 555 ( 

Altered School Routes Information


Rock of Ages Musical

Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of the 2019 College Musical Production of ‘Rock of Ages’!

The show was a resounding success and displayed outstanding Performing Arts talent from all year groups at the College, who shone on the stage with their dazzling theatrical and musical talents.

Productions like this cannot go ahead unless there is incredible support behind the scenes. We had over 200 students involved in various ways for this Musical - that is one fifth of our College! Thank you to all of the staff and students who gave of their time and talents to ensure the success of the show. Construction students built an incredibly sturdy stage and a magnificent road pathway to lead to the La Valla Centre for our visitors. Visual Arts students helped to create and decorate props and scenery. Hospitality students helped to prepare snacks and drinks to serve the ravenous crowds. Entertainment students worked on creating and operating the sound, vision and lighting for the production, as well as run the backstage organisation. 

We would also like to thank the many students who came each night to lend a hand in helping with front of house ushering, handing out programs, selling tickets, hair and makeup, photography, videos and serving food. Most of all we thank the staff who have so generously given of their time to ensure that the show was a success. To everyone who came to see the ‘Rock of Ages’ Musical, thank you for your support for this incredible College event!

Ms. T Andrews

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Performing Arts


Year 12

On Saturday 22nd of June, Year 12 held it's formal in the Grand Ballroom of the Epping Club. It was an excellent night with great food, wonderful company and some inspired dancing. The students were excellent throughout the event. So much so, the Event Coordinator at the Epping Club commented on the excellent behaviour and enjoyment levels of the students. She proclaimed the night to be one of the best formals she had seen in her time at the club. A great reflection of this cohort.  I want to pass on my thanks to the Homeroom Patrons who helped out throughout the night:  Ms Graham, Mrs Alexis, Mr Contemplacion, Miss Basha, Mr Tusa and Miss Eskander for assisting with the set up and leading the way with their dance moves!  I would also like to congratulate the Formal Committee: Georgia Hogan, Pania-Rose Henwood, Melody Yalda and Isabella Waterhouse for the work in preparing the evening.  It was a night to remember!

Year 12 are now focussed on preparing for H.S.C Trials which being in Week 3 next term. In order to achieve their best, students need to create a study timetable throughout the holidays to make use of their time to relax, socialise, study and revise. I ask parents to have a conversation with their child regarding their schedule.

Enjoy the break.

Mr S. Belcher

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 12

Year 12 Careers Expo Excursion

“A great day with multiple opportunities” as one student described this year’s Careers Expo excursion to Homebush. The displays were awesome with an abundance of advises and professionals on hand from universities, colleges, trade schools, companies, financial institutions, and defence forces. This day was certainly popular for schools from all over the region. I need to congratulate our Year 12 students whose behaviour, presentation and attitude was exemplary throughout the day. Praise must be bestowed on the organisers who had to coordinate such massive undertaking catering for sheer volume of students. Lastly, I would like to acknowledge the ongoing support from the Year 12 Pastoral team: Mr Belcher, Mr Contemplacion, Mr Tusa, Mrs Duffy, Mrs Graham, Ms Eskander and Ms Thompson who filled in for Mrs Alexis. Their interest and concerns about our students post school options are truly breathtaking.  

Well Done!

Mr O’Connell

Post-school Options Pathways Coordinator

Year 11

In Pastoral Care recently our Year 11 students have looked at two points of interest.  In Week 5 our students looked at the issue of alcohol responsibility and the law.  In this lesson, we also asked students what they would do to support a friend or another individual that was under the influence of alcohol.  In Week 7, we ran a lesson on Respectful Relationships where students discussed healthy relationships and how photos sent online can have personal and legal ramifications. As we move into choosing our School Leaders for 2020, future lessons will be devoted to the Leadership process.

Mr David Bonora

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 11 

Ava Goharinasab

Congratulations to Year 11 student, Ava Goharinasab, who participated in the 2019 Taekwondo Presidents Cup on the 27th of June. Ava achieved a gold medal in the Junior (55Kg) Division defeating competitors from French Polynesian, Australia and Singapore National Champions. Ava won her first fight against French Polynesia (7-4), and then followed that up with a 13-4 win against another Australian competitor. This led her to her final fight for the gold medal against a world champion from Singapore  which she convincingly won 27-8.  Well done Ava on this great achievement.

Year 8

Congratulations to all our fabulous Year 8 students who were involved in the College Musical, “Rock of Ages”. We are truly blessed with so many gifted, talented and dedicated students who contributed to the Musical’s success. My thanks also goes to all those Year 8 students who came along and supported their peers from our Year Group on each of the performance evenings. 

Congratulations to all students on their reports. There were some fantastic results this Semester and some that hopefully, after Parent / Teacher Interviews, students will reflect on and come back next semester ready to work hard and be the best version of themselves. We had some very positive feedback from parents about the work we are doing with our students.

I’d also like to congratulate those students who attended the Year 8 Catholic Studies excursion at Mary MacKillop Place. It was nice to have so many parishioners come up to staff and commend our students on their reverence and respect during Mass. This is a reflection of just how wonderful our students are, you should be very proud!

A reminder that diaries should be signed at the end of every week by a parent. The diary is a valuable tool for organisation and a way of communication between the College and parents/caregivers. Please ensure that your child is utilising their diary appropriately to help with their organisation.

As we approach the holidays, a reminder that we need to return to school next term neatly groomed, with our uniform exemplary. A reminder for boys to check their diary and ensure that hairstyles are correct when starting next term. Also, blazers are to be worn to and from school.

Finally, congratulations to all students who represented the College in MCS, MCCS and PDSSSC sports in Term 2. A massive congratulations goes out to our Year 8 Netball team who won their Grand Final last week against Woolwich. They all played superbly and showed great school spirit. Well done to you all! 

Have a safe break and enjoy your holidays!

Mrs N. Padden

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 8

Year 7

Well done Year 7, your first Semester of high school is done and dusted!  The last two weeks have seen some fantastic sporting achievements with the boys MCS Under 13’s Rugby League team winning their Plate Final, 18 - 14 in double extra time, against St Pauls Greystanes. Anthony Al Yammouni and Josh Tallaridi were awarded Players of the Match. Well done boys!

Congratulations to Valencia Stevis who recently competed in the BMX National titles in Shepparton on the 23rd and 24th of May, this being her fifth Australian title. After several intense races, Valencia narrowly missed out on the podium by one place but proud to be the 4th fastest 12 year old in Australia. This entitles Valencia to compete at the BMX World Titles in Zolder, Belgium this July. Well done Valencia!

More congratulations to Bianca Tandean who recently won a gold, silver and bronze medal in the recent Australia National Judo Championships representing NSW. Well done Bianca!

Well done to the Year 7 cohort in general for their great start to high school. Enjoy the holidays and I will see you back in Term 3.

Mr J. Hornby

Pastoral Leader of Learning - Year 7

Key Learning

Year 10 Food Technology

Check out what Year 10 Food Technology have been up to this term…….

Every year, the café scene is continually evolving and becoming an established trend in Australia. Innovation, experimentation and education drive new trends, fresh standards and different customer expectations in food and beverages. 2018 saw growth in the Australian café industry. There are now over 20,000 cafés and coffee shops that employ 140,000 people. But what is happening behind the numbers? Throughout Term 2, Year 10 Food Technology students have engaged in first-hand, real-world industry visits by investigating a number of local Food Service and Catering ventures and taking a deeper look at what is important to the Australian café industry in 2019 and what that means for our future generations.

The design of a social media post/blog followed as a requirement of our task, aimed at evaluating two menu items offered to showcase one of Sydney’s top 5 Food Service and Catering Trends in 2019, which could be shared with our peers. A unique, hands-on and cultural industry experience which dived deep into popular Sydney Food Trends, employment, location, menu analysis and composition of recipes. A task enjoyed and appreciated by many students as it allowed for creative decision making, collaboration amongst our friends, sharing perspectives and presenting information in a non traditional way. So…. come on St Patrick's Marist College, join our food safari and start blogging today!

By: Samuel Jacobs and Sophie Pearce

Link to Blog: Ivana Franich

Link to Blog: Camille DelosReyes_10FT1

Link to Blog: Maddison Boulous_10FT1

Link to Blog: Samuel Jacobs_10FT1

Link to Blog:: Imani Cogger_10FT2

Ms H. McKay

Food Technology Teacher

Visual Arts


Year 11 Visual Arts

Students enquired into the world of “People and Power” within the Visual Arts throughout history as well as in their own worlds. They created a body of work from a range of 2-D artmaking practices involving self portraiture and focussed on their own individual relationships, involvement and interactions with the social, sporting, spiritual, political, academic and cultural world around them. Responding to situations or positions of power, or the lack of, students investigated and applied their own innovative visual language in drawing, painting and/or photographic media to communicate these responses of subversion, promotion, enhancement, idolisation, invisibility, conformity. The photos of the artworks included are just one part of these Year 11 student's body of works.  They had to submit a number of artmaking approaches in which technical accomplishment and conceptual strength were demonstrated. 

Please Note that these students were not the only ones to achieve extensive product in this unit following we have displayed just a sampling of the submissions.


  • Deanna Emerson-Vickary
  • Emilia Saba
  • Bailey Nann
  • Yvonne Wang
  • Bethany Bayeh 
  • Penny Broadhurst

From Lucinda Palmas and Kelly Stevens

Year 9 Geography Excursion

The excursion that the Year Nine Geography class participated in explored the drastic change in urban growth and the significant urban changes in Pyrmont, Sydney. The excursion involved activities that established and showed what we are currently learning in class. The activities involved a worksheet that we filled out most of the day, measuring noise pollution in two different areas and comparing them, measuring heights of buildings using a device and really understanding key terms in urban growth. We discussed the changes over the years in Pyrmont and how some of the original infrastructures were kept and restored into buildings where people can live, work and relax. Examples of this included a boiler room which was created and then turned into a cafe and apartments. We took a ferry to circular quay and looked at urban renewal. Overall it was a good excursion that looked and explored the idea of urban growth and urbanisation in Sydney and Pyrmont.

Rochelle de la Roche

Year 9 Edwin

Year 12 English Advanced Excursion


As part of their study of Module B (Critical Study of Literature), Year 12 English Advanced students have closely studied the play Henry IV Part 1, by William Shakespeare. Although written in the 1600’s, the play continues to resonate with contemporary audiences through its portrayal of issues of power, leadership, kingship, familial relationships and humanity.

On the 28th June, Year 12 English Advanced students attended the Sport for Jove Henry IV Part 1 Symposium at the Seymour Centre, Sydney. The purpose of the symposium was to complement students’ study of the text by acting various scenes from the play live for students and also providing critical commentary on the key ideas of each scene.

Students are commended on their participation in the symposium. All students demonstrated diligence and motivation towards their study of English by engaging with the material presented to challenge their own interpretations of the text. Their insights from the symposium were profound and thoughtful.

Now, students look towards representing this understanding of Module B and the play in their upcoming HSC Trial Examination. We look forward to seeing students’ interpretations and critical analysis of the play! 

Ms E. Gray

Acting Leader of Learning - English

Year 9 iSTEM

On the 25th of April, Year 9 iSTEM travelled to The Kings School to participate in a presentation by Engineers Australia. Throughout the day, students participated in different activities to extend their knowledge on the opportunities that await in the future for STEM and engineering. These included an interactive presentation about the Cochlear Implant, its components and design, exploring the many different engineering fields that were needed to design and create their final product.

The next session had us build the lightest possible paper tower which can withstand the downward force of 2.5kg. The winning tower weighed 5 grams and held 5 kg and the team who constructed it won a $20 iTunes gift card.

Another session had a presentation on future job opportunities in the engineering community and the different pathways we could take. It also had tertiary education facilities showcasing pathways into a stable engineering job. These were: University of New South Wales, Charles Sturt University and The Australian Defence Force Academy.

The final session had us creating solar powered cars. Students were given a board, wheels, motors and a solar panel to make a car that moves in direct sunlight along a track. Throughout the day, students learnt, interacted and discovered new opportunities among the engineering community. 

The day finished with presentations from engineering professions and also student engineers. They discussed their own journey through engineering and what we might expect in this exciting career. Overall the day was an amazing experience and an eye-opener to the world of engineering.

Written by: Alex Kort and Thea Prasetya

Hospitality (VET)


Year 11 VET Hospitality students completed their Barista training (Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee) this term. We all headed into the city for a coffee adventure to the 'Coffee School' at Central in Sydney. Some students are yet to develop their taste for coffee, however the excitement of working on their own coffee machine all day to practice and perfect the popular liquid gold was hard to resist.

Under the watchful eyes of their teachers, (Ms Kasmer and Ms Tripodi), students were able to make a variety of coffees, that are not only part of their course but has given them a great start to commence the takeover of the College Coffee Shop in TERM 3.

We would like to congratulate Mrs Judith Smith on receiving her competency as well!!!

Here are some pics of the day.

Hospitality (VET)


Also, I would like to thank the Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students for the wonderful work they did in the preparation and service of food for the recent ROCK OF AGES musical. This was a great exercise in portion control and costing. We also acknowledge Ms Sue Nielson for her ordering prowess as the large quantities were not always easy to access.

And, we think the cheese and fruit platters were a hit!!!!

Wishing you a tasty holiday from the VET Hospitality Team

Ms D. Kasmer 

VET Hospitality / TAS Teacher

Library News

Where are all the Books?

Library Update

The Library is changing as part of the school's building works, which means all of our books will be packed up and stored for the next few months. Students are encouraged to use the elibrary to access more than 9000 ebooks and audio books, as well as online information resources such as World Book Online and Britannica. Students have received instructions in class for accessing these great resources.

See Library Staff if you need any help using these sites! Senior study resources are still available (see Library Staff to access these). We are excited to see what will happen next for our Library - stay tuned!

Ms S. Thompson

Teacher Librarian

Extra Curricular

Crochet Club

Students have spent the last few months learning how to chain and do basic crochet stitches; now we are starting to make squares and rectangles for our blanket. A huge thank you for the donations of yarn from the school community - we have quite the eclectic blanket taking shape! Our students are keen to master the Granny Square and other square motifs to contribute to the project. We are working hard to improve our skills so that we may work together to create more blankets in future; right now, we're focussed on the basics (and having fun).

Thank you to Helen Holubinskyj for her enthusiasm and contributions to the project, Danielle O'Neill's mum for the generous donation of baby blankets (which have inspired us to practise practise practise), and to all other staff who have expressed interest in our group and kept us motivated.

Ms S. Thompson

Crochet Club Organiser

Year 8 MCCS Netball


Having lost to Marist Sisters Woolwich by 1 point during the regular season, the girls knew a win was within their grasp. Our girls worked hard each quarter to increase their lead against  Woolwich, winning 23 to 11.

As their Coach, I have to commend the girls on their consistent dedication and attitude throughout the season, demonstrating themselves as true Marists. Their commitment and presence to training, early Thursday mornings, giving their time and efforts to help all schools and staff on game days, and family spirit in assisting in the training of the new Year 7 team. Congratulations girls, you have made myself and all who have seen your work very proud.

Ms Caitlin Robinson


Community News

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