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Newsletter 2020 Term 2 Week 4


Dear families of St Bernadette's,

I hope this week's newsletter finds you all well and are enjoying this amazing Autumn weather. With some restrictions being lifted, I was lucky enough to see friends that I haven’t seen since February over the weekend. It reminded me that we are indeed social creatures that crave human contact. On the plus side, restrictions have seen my adult children at home for family time more often! 

But enough now!

As we return to ‘normal’ schooling over the next two weeks let's remember to embrace the learnings from our time of isolation. Stay in contact with that neighbour who you don't normally see due to your busy work schedule, take the time to go for a walk, engage in those family conversations about each other's day. 

So we look forward to seeing all students who can attend school from Monday of next week. We still ask that students enter via the front gate for the time being and we suggest that pick up via drive thru is the best option to ensure we can still keep social distance.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support.

Stay well and take care.

Love & Light

Lisa Gerrard

(on behalf of the St Bernadette’s staff & students)


It has been a very different start to Term 2 but I thought it would be a good opportunity to remind parents and teachers of the winter uniform expectations. 

Girls Winter Uniform - 

Winter maroon and grey dress (knee length). 

Long sleeve sky blue blouse with maroon tab tie. 

Maroon jumper / cardigan with school crest. 

Long grey socks or stockings. 

Regulation black school shoes. 

Boys Winter Uniform - 

Grey regulation trousers. 

Long sleeved sky blue shirt. In winter this shirt is tucked in with the top button done up. 

Maroon and blue pinstripe pre-loop school tie. 

Grey socks with maroon and sky blue striped band. 

Regulation black school shoes. 

Now that we are returning to school each day, all students must have their hat each day. From our return to school in week 5, children who do not have a hat will have to play in the undercroft area. Our school uniform can be purchased from Lowes in Carlingford Court and we also have a number of pre-loved uniforms for sale through our second hand shop. Please contact Cathy Nagy - 0416 048 169 if you would like to know more.

Wearing our uniform correctly instils a sense of pride in themselves and our school community. We appreciate your support in ensuring your child has the correct school uniform.  

Mrs Willard


Sunday 17 May 2020 REFLECTION by Dianne Bergant CSA

We live in hope because we have been blessed with the opportunity of participating in the exaltation of Jesus. This hope is based on promises: the promise that we will not be left orphaned when Jesus returns to his Father; the promise that we will be comforted by the Spirit whom Jesus will send. It is trust in God that enables us to live in this world as if the promises have already been fulfilled, for in fact, it is precisely such living that fulfils them.

We have not celebrated the Ascension, and yet all three readings speak of the Spirit. The same Spirit, who quickened the resurrected life of Jesus, enlivens us. This Spirit strengthens, comforts, guides and inspires us. Life in the Spirit requires that we conform our lives to the commandments of God, not in a legalistic or constraining way but out of love. The love that comes to us through the Spirit will then overflow into the lives of others, and we will be agents of God’s love in the world.

The Spirit given by Christ is mediated through the laying on of hands. This still happens in our day in the gentle touch of friends, in the loving touch of parents, in the healing touch of those who cure both the body and the spirit. The liturgical year is preparing us for the Ascension of Jesus into heaven, and Jesus is preparing us for life in the Spirit here on earth. This is the reason for our hope.


Transition back to class

During the course of this week you would have seen the letter sent out by CEDP regarding the bringing forward of schools returning to classes as normal. In line with the Premier’s announcement, the expectation is now that students at all CEDP schools will return to school on Monday 25 May. We welcome back all students next week. This will mean that our online learning platform will be as it was prior to Covid-19. For our vulnerable students where a medical condition for themselves or close family members still awaiting a medical professional clearance there will be access to a form of learning at home activities. The staff will be asked to only provide one mode of learning. If you choose to keep your child at home you can still access any of the work uploaded that they may not have had a chance to complete or would like to revise. All of the current websites e.g. Studyladder, WUSHKA or PM library will still be available for students both at school or at home.

As of WEEK 5: Monday 25 May 2020 ALL students are invited to return 5 days per week for face to face teaching.

PLEASE NOTE: Should you choose not to send your child at all then please submit a leave form via Skoolbag or an email to or this absence will be marked as unexplained. As of Monday 25th May 'flexible' code can no longer be used and any abscences will be marked 'unexplained' until a reason has been provided by the parent. Please note that these absent days will be reflected on your child's Semester Report. 

Dismissal procedures from next week

Pick up:

Children who are to be picked up by their parents and NOT using Drive thru will be dismissed via the COSCH gate near the bins at the right side of the school. We ask that parents respect our social distancing protocols and wait in line to have your child sent out to you. Once you have collected your child please do not gather and chat as we are still following the advice from NSW Dept of Health.

Drive thru:

Children who are being picked up by car will follow the usual procedure:

  • Go to the Hall

  • Wait until their name is called

  • Enter the car and buckle up via the passenger side.

Please remember that drivers must not exit their vehicles, obstruct driveways and the crossing or block Evans Road. 

Cleaning and Hygiene at St Bernadette's

As we return to face to face teaching in a COVID safe environment, we thought we would share some of our cleaning and hygiene practises with you so you feel assured your child is in a clean and safe environment.

* Toilets are cleaned and sanitised on a daily basis

* soap dispensers are checked and refilled regularly 

* children will be reminded to wash their hands before and after eating, toileting and upon entering the classroom

* hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes are available to students in the classrooms

What do I do if my child is unwell?

We ask that all parents keep their child/children home if they are unwell. Even with mild symptoms, we would appreciate that they are kept home. Please seek medical advice where necessary and obtain a medical certificate/clearance when they are well enough to return to school. Any child who is away sick will have their absence marked as 'sick'. Please remember to send a Skoolbag or note advising us that your child is away.

If your child becomes unwell during the day at school, we will be asking that they are collected from school immediately. Please note that all children upon entry to sick bay will have their temperature checked.  

As a Community of Learners

As a community of learners we have been working hard and it's been great to see so many students return to school. On average we have had 50+% attendance each day. I have had so many children keen to show me their work. As we move forward, it is important to remember that student, staff and family wellbeing will be at the forefront of all we do. We know for some, coming back to full class days will be tiring and stressful. So go gently and gradually resume after school activities.

Gentle reminder

Over the next couple of weeks the police and the rangers will be patrolling Cox Crescent. Please ensure that you are parking in correct areas and not getting out of your car in Drive thru.

Remember our Drive Thru rules are:

  • Remain in your car 

  • Display your sign clearly for the teacher to read.

  • The children are NOT to move behind cars to access boots.

  • ALL students must enter the car via the passenger side of the car.

  • We must wait until the car in front moves away from the curb. NO overtaking! 

  • NO U-turns or 3 point turns in Cox Crescent.

  • Don't block the school crossing or the bus bays on Evans Road.

Being parked for too long or parking your car in front of the school after 2.30pm or before 9.30am could result in a fine and loss of points.

Please also remember to respect each other's space by social distancing when picking your child up in the afternoon. We are encouraging all parents to use Drive Thru to assist with minimising people on site until the end of Term 2.

Resources for learning at home

We are so proud of our students and parents who embraced our learning from home. We have sent home via Skoolbag a Google Form to survey what worked/ didn’t work and how the students viewed this platform. I invite all parents and students to provide feedback. 

Online learning parent questionnaire LINK

Semester 1 Reports

Due to the curriculum adjustment suggested by NESA our Semester 1 reports will look a little different. There will be no A-E grading and the focus will be on the children’s meeting of the Religious Education, English and Mathematics outcomes. 

The usual Parent/ Teacher meetings will not be held at the end of Term 2 but we will offer a meeting time in Term 3.

Returning of borrowed Chromebooks

As children are returning from next Monday we ask that the Chromebook you have borrowed is returned to the school office on Monday morning. These devices will need to be used by students during the day and the necessary sanitising will need to be done upon their return.

If the device has been damaged could you please let Emma or Hala in the office know so that the appropriate compensation arrangements can be made.


As students transition back to school and face to face learning it is important they remember to be safe, respectful learners.

Our PBS4L focus next week will be listening attentively. The classroom environment is very different to the learning environment at home because there are a lot more distractions and people who share the learning space. This means we need to ensure we are listening attentively to each other to show respect. In turn by listening to others they will respect us. We can use the 5Ls of Listening to help us remember how to respect others when they are talking.

SRC News


To achieve active listening we all need to listen to our teachers and follow the rules. - By Zoey L

To be an active listener, I am going to listen to my teacher at all times and do my best in learning and behaviour- By Chloe D

For this weeks PBS4L focus I am going to show active listening and trying my best by showing eye contact to the speaker and trying my best when I should.- By Rick A


For us to achieve active listening and trying our best we need to listen to the teacher or the person talking and we need to make sure we try - Charlie C

To achieve doing my best I am going to be proactive and doing my best as much as I can during the hard times- By Brandon N

To achieve active listening I would have to focus on the teacher with eye contact and choose the right spot to sit so I can do my best listening. Lauren T

A thank you letter from the Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service to our Year 2 students

Thank you

Sincere thanks to all of our parents who have embraced our online learning platform during this difficult time. The teachers have worked hard to ensure that learning has continued with as much support as possible.

As we move back to a face to face delivery of learning we look forward to seeing all of our students back to see their friends and continue on their learning journey.

Kindergarten Enrolments for 2021

Thank you to all of our families who promptly returned enrolment forms for Kindy 2021. We have had an overwhelmingly strong response for Kindergarten next year and can confirm that we now have a waitlist. Any current families who have taken an enrolment form please return this to our office as soon as possible for processing. Any families who have already received an acceptance letter, please ensure you return your acceptance slip and make payment by the due date.

At this stage any new enrolment forms received (even for siblings) will automatically go on our waitlist until places potentially open up later in the year. 

We still have places available for Year 1 - 6 and are taking enrolments for these grades now. 

Happy Birthday

9/5 - Shane F 

11/5 - Tania C 

12/5 - Liam M 

21/5 - Kayla H 

Lowes Uniform Price List


Community Health Advice

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