Panania North Public School

Newsletter - 30th October 2020

Loud Shirt Day

On Friday 23rd October staff acknowledged Loud Shirt day!

Loud Shirt Day is the perfect excuse to wear your brightest clothes and get LOUD and PROUD to raise money to help children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. 

By supporting Loud Shirt Day you are helping more than 600 families across NSW, ACT and TAS who turn to the Shepherd Centre each year for speech and language therapy.

The Shepherd Centre was founded in 1970 with the aim to provide family-centered early intervention programs to teach children, born with a hearing loss to develop their spoken language.

Return to school Dates 2021

There will now be two School Staff Development Days at the beginning of Term 1, 2021. 

Students will return to school on Friday 29th January. 

For more information on term and vacation dates go to -

Information for Kindergarten 2021 best start and first day of school to be released soon. 

Principals Badge Morning Tea

Congratulations to all of our students who have earnt their Principals Badge this year! 

Luke P (Piranhas), Aaliyah T (Whales), Arielle P (Piranhas), Lilli F (Cuttlefish), Madison D (Whales), Zoe C (Swordfish), Rowan M (Whales), Ayrlie B (Piranhas), Ashleigh T (Swordfish) and Sienna M (Piranhas)

Mrs Loveridge will be taking these lovely badge achievers out for a special treat on Monday 9th November. Students have been sent home with their invitation today.

Taronga Zoomobile

Taronga Zoo visited our Kindergarten and Stage 1 students today, they were able to meet and learn about a range of Australian animals and conservation. 

The students enjoy learning and engaging with a real life Zookeeper! 

Fun Day Info & Stalls

Fun Day 2020 is on Wednesday 25th November

Fun Day - Funny Money

Funny money sheets are $6 each 

Fun Day - Sausage Sizzle

The sausage sizzle is CASH ONLY 

Stage 3 In School Camp

All 3 notes for the Stage 3 In School Camp 

Blue, Green and Pink can be found at the office. 

Placements close on 9/11/2020 --- Intention to apply for Year 7 placement in a selective high school in 2022

Dear Parent/Carers,

Selective high schools cater for academically gifted students with high potential who may otherwise be without sufficient classmates at their own academic standard. Selective high schools help these students to learn by grouping them with students of similar ability, and by using specialised teaching methods.

Applications for selective high school placement are considered mainly on the basis of the Selective High School Placement Test results and school assessment scores. The Selective High School Placement Test will be held on Thursday 11 March 2021.

If you would like to have your child considered for Year 7 selective high school entry in 2022, please see the attached file for detailed instructions on how to apply online. 


Advertisements - The school often publishes information on behalf of Community groups – parents need to decide the appropriateness of activities involving their child. It is the responsibility of each parent to research the bona fides of any organisation, in which you wish your child to be involved.

Honesty in all things

At Panania North we pride ourselves on being a welcoming and friendly school with strong and valued community links.