West Lakes Shore School Newsletter

Term 2, Week 9 2020


Dear Families,

It has been nice to see families back on site dropping children at classroom buildings. A huge thank you to all families for your continued support with children’s independence as you enable them to organise their own belongings at the start and end of the school day. We appreciate your support to ensure children and teachers are able to commence the learning day promptly. We now seek our whole school community help to ensure children arrive to school on time. 27 students arrived late on Monday and this had a significant impact on interruptions as teachers needed to stop and revisit core explicit teaching for individuals. In some classes this occurred for 3 students at different times in the one morning. Whilst understanding that on occasions families will run late (I’ve been there the odd time as a parent) we want to raise awareness that around 5% of students are arriving late regularly. The Asphalt is supervised from 8.30am and learning commences promptly at 8.50am. Please support us ALL by ensuring ALL children are getting the maximum opportunity to learn by allowing teachers to ensure their programs can flow without the repeated late interruptions.

  • Semester 1 Reports

A modified report will be sent to families to provide updated progress in regards to your child/ren/‘s achievement in the core areas of English, Maths, Science and our key specialist learning areas of PE, Japanese and The Arts. A teacher comment will provide core information about what your child can do and ways they can improve. Reports will be emailed to all families on Thursday in week 10. To supplement these reports, and enable families to discuss their children’s learning, we will run 3 way parent-teacher-student interviews in weeks 3 and 4 of Term 3. Families will be soon sent a link to login to our Sentral portal to book interview times. Children will attend these meetings to discuss their progress and share new goals for semester 2.

  • Easing of COVID-19 restrictions

We have further information in regards to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions that will come into effect at our school site from day 1 of Term 3.

  • Volunteers

School will enable volunteers back to support at site, providing all volunteers sign a site on-entry form and acknowledge their responsibility to maintain social distancing between adults, wherever possible.

  •  School Assemblies

These can recommence though families are unable to attend. We will seek ways to link in families for our termly values award announcements.

  • Camps and Excursions

Whilst these are able to recommence from Term 3 strict social distancing of adults needs to be adhered to. Once we determine which events and camps will go ahead, class teachers will inform families through classroom communication tools.

  • All school sport competitions, sports day and carnivals including inter-sport competitions and after school sports

Please keep an eye out on up to date information regarding school sports and SAPSASA events via Schoolbag.

  • School Disco

We look forward to the Senior Leaders planning an amazing school disco in Term 3!

  • COVID-19 guidelines still enforced:

Students and staff must remain home if they are unwell.

The community should not access school playgrounds or play areas and should leave school sites promptly at the end of the school day.

Physical distancing of a minimum of 1.5m between adults is important at all times, either inside or outside the school gates.

Be strong, be kind and stay safe.

Carol, Helen, Fay and Rozika


Did you have a go at our Maths Puzzles in our last newsletter?  Did you get them right?

Here are the results for the puzzles:

Junior Primary - How many blocks? - Answer - 9

Middle Primary - How many squares are there? Answer - 40

Upper Primary - How to make 36 out of these numbers - 7 0 2 3 5 ? Answer - 7 x 5 + 3 - 2 + 0 = 36


SA Young Writer of the Year Award

Congratulations to Matilda B from OC1 for being shortlisted for the SA Young Writer of the Year.

Please take the time to read her hilarious entry.  Keep up the good work Matilda - we might have our next Aaron Blabey in the making!


Once upon a time there lived a boy called Freddy Freckleton.

This wasn’t an ordinary boy in fact this boy was the most disgusting boy in the whole universe. He loved disgusting things and his mother hated it!

Every time he came home from school she would ask “what did you step in today Freddy? Another shower for you Freddy Freckleton!

Now this boy never ever took his shoe off.  He even slept with it on and his bed would stink and fill up with whatever he had stood on during the day. He would take his left shoe off but.. never his right. It felt right to always have his right shoe on that’s why it’s called a right shoe… right?

Long ago when Freddy first got his shoes he did the most unusual thing he named his shoes Shoebit and Pickleton.

Shoebit was right and his best friend and he loved to step in squishy things and he loved to tell his mum all the things he had stepped in during the day at school with his friend Shoebit.

What did you step in with Shoebit she asked? Today dog poo on the oval and it was so squishy, it squished up the sides of Shoebit it was great!

Freddie’s mum asked what is that pink stuff on your shoe?

Oh yehhh I didn’t tell you about that, its bubble gum, it’s tiny but good!

Freddy tried to lift his shoe up but he couldn’t, it was stuck “how awesome I love it! And his mum pulled and pulled until he was free and then he ate that tiny bit of bubblegum.

“Thanks Mum”! Oh Yuk Freddy.

One day a new girl arrived at school.  Her name was Nancy Neatbottom. She was so neat! Everything about her was neat, her buttons were shiny, her clothes so clean and neat she didn’t have 1 hair out of place. Nancy had the cleanest whitest shoes ever seen on the planet.

The teacher said Mr Freddy Freckleton you will show Miss Nancy Neatbottom around the school and you will help her all day and make sure she is ok with everything. Do you understand? Ned Nopants laughed, Freddy doesn’t have friends.

Ned Nopants was called Nopants because he hated wearing jocks. His mum couldn’t make him wear them so she gave up. Ned would race Freddy across the school every morning to get the first hook for his bag.

At lunch time the most unexpected thing happened, Nancy Neatbottom said hay Freddy do you want to play with me? Freddy fell over he couldn’t believe it.

So they went to the sandpit to play. Nancy Neatbottom took off her shoes and placed them neatly on the edge of the sandpit so she wouldn’t get them dirty.

Freddy looked down at Shoebit, I cant take Shoebit off what would happen I just can't....

Nancy said come on Freddy and something amazing happened…..


The smell reaked... it stunk so bad the whole school could smell his stinky foot. Kids were fainting and throwing up everywhere. The school alarm was going off to evacuate, teachers didn’t know what the stink was.

 Freddy was so happy he jumped in the sandpit and it felt amazing it was squishy on his foot.

When Freddy got home his parents fainted and when they woke up they asked, what’s that stink Freddy and where is Shoebit?

Freddy said I will never ever wear shoes again, bare foot is awesome and then he sat down to think of names for his toes….Barbra and Greg.

The end

By Matilda B -OC1


In response to family feedback to upgrade toilet blocks, we have had the Sea Star and Dolphin Unit toilets completely renovated.  Take a look at how fresh and modern they are now.

To support us to keep these toilets clean and fresh can you please discuss with your child the correct use of toilet cubicles, especially for boys now that urinals have been removed from these two units.

Before and After Photos


Governing Council Feedback

During Governing Council we undertook a feedback process to gain insight from a family perspective on the key positives and areas for improvement regarding the school handling of recent events. Overwhelmingly the GC acknowledged the positive and regular whole-school and class teacher communication, the commitment of staff to amend and undertake new learning, the range of new and innovative ways to offer learning experiences, and the school support to acknowledge the individual preferences of families and their home environment needs.

Whilst all staff were at different levels in their own skills and understanding of delivering learning online and using online communication tools we are keen to ensure we are prepared to implement and use tools to support home-school connections for both current and potential future scenarios.

We considered feedback on ways to improve and will look at how we can ensure consistenecy in timetabling, learning programs and technological tools used. GC also suggested professional development workshops to support families to learn how to best use the key apps and online tools and resources. If you have any individual feedback - either positive and/or ways to improve, then please do not hesitate to send an email to our Community Network GC member Liz Ray - lizzy.ray@hotmail.com.  We will be sure to consider this alongside the GC feedback.


We are delighted that the GC have reignited the Community Network and we are looking forward to our first meeting on Tuesday 28th July, 6pm -  Week 2, Term 3, 2020.

This meeting will help us to jointly define the purpose and values and enable us to plan some key community events.

Please join the Community Network via our school Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/2757246461213331/?source_id=155561254508359 and send an email to Liz Ray - lizzy.ray@hotmail.com  to confirm your attendance at the meeting.

All family members are welcome to join our Community Network. We look forward to this exciting initiative to build community connections. A big thank you to Liz Ray for her leadership and planning of this.



Farewell Rocky our fighter fish.

We have sadly had to farewell Rocky, our Wellbeing Hub fighter fish. Rocky has been with us from last year, when the Wellbeing Hub was created. Rocky passed away a couple of weeks ago. Children have had the opportunity to come and say good bye, adorning his desk with cards and messages of love and gratitude. Thank you to Ms Tracey for looking after Rocky.

Banana Bites

Students have worked alongside Anglicare and wellbeing staff to discuss the many changes in their lives as a result of family separation, including moving to new homes, forming new relationships and reflecting on their wellbeing throughout this journey. Students were able to discuss their emotional responses and discussed strategies to cope with their heightened feelings. They were also able to listen to other children and develop a sense of camaraderie, understanding that the feelings that they have may be unique to themselves but also common for other children experiencing changes in their lives. Some feedback directly from the children involved in the program include; "It is hard to talk about the feelings but I am glad I have other children to talk with" Year 3 student.

"Can we do it again soon" Year 1 student "I like the friends I have made" Year 3 student "It was fun"

We already have students booked in next term. If you would like more information, please email Tracey Beavan or Rozika Pratap.

Term 2 - Week 8 & 9 Wellbeing Wednesday Winners

A great new initiative has been implemented at West Lakes Shore School by our Wellbeing Team.

Students are being rewarded for following our 8 Peace Pack affirmations by staff throughout the week.   These are:

  • I am RESPECTFUL - I am a good friend / I am Kind / I work and get along well with others
  • I am RESPONSIBLE - I am proud and responsible
  • I am RESILIENT AND HONEST - I am strong and will tell someone
  • I am RESILIENT - I manage my feelings / I stay calm and think clearly / When I am down, I pick myself up and move on

They receive a slip / certificate with what Peace Pack affirmation they are following .  The slips are collated and awarded a house point - KARRATA, MINNIPA, MORIALTA & PARNDANA - These points then go towards the 'Kindness Cup'.

All the slips for the week are put into a hat and then during our Wellbeing Wednesday Assembly one slip from each class is drawn and the winner is recoginised in a special way to say well done. 

Congratulations to all the children that have been following our Peace Pack and to those recoginised in Week 8 & 9.

Week 8High Tea Week 9Canteen Vouchers
SS2Rose DSS2Hassan A-T
SS3Hannah ZSS3Lucia K
SS4Arya SSS4Chloe W
DO1Charlotte GDO1Hugo C
DO2Ollie C-WDO2Edith C
DO3Max BDO3Ada Fifi U
DO4Acelin HDO4Rohan C
ST1Yriz SST1Jasiah W
ST2Evie LST2Sophie H
OC1Thomas OOC1Katie W
OC2Jacob COC2Madison W
OC3Julian YOC3Leila G
OC4Yousif A-TOC4Grace P
P2Audrey FP2Bill D
P3Louise DP3Erin R
P4Douwe DP4Stephanie H
SD1Cobi MSD1Kai H
SD2Karl MSD2Blake H
SD3Ben GSD3Asha T
SD4Connor RSD4Jai E
SD5Katie OSD5Kristian S
SD6Kenza CSD6Riley S
SD7Elia HSD7Abbie Mc
SD8Sam SSD8Tjalle D

Wellbeing Wednesday - Term 2, Week 9 - Canteen Voucher Winners

FUNDRAISING EVENT -Wear your PJ's or ONESIE to school


When:      Wednesday, 1st July 2020

What:        Wear your PJ's / Onesies to school - appropriate footwear is to be worn

Why:          To raise money for Adelaide's homeless this winter - funds will be forwarded to either Hutt Street Centre or Anglicare.

Bring:        A gold coin donation

Please make sure your child is in weather appropriate Pajamas. No Nighties or summer Pajamas please



Our school canteen requires volunteer help on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for the rest of the school year (Starting Term 3, 2020)  

Commitment to a regular weekly or fortnightly schedule is required for continuity.

You must have the following:

  • Completed WLSS cleared volunteer application
  • WWCC / DCSI clearance
  • Site Induction - Online
  • RAN - Online

Please send an email to dl.1246.info@schools.sa.edu.au with your Name - first and last, day/s of availability, phone number and name/s of child/ren at WLSS. 

We will cross reference our records to make sure you have all the required documentation and then contact you to finalize the roster and information.



SANFL have announced they are excited to offer a modified SANFL Schools Competition for Term 3, 9 a side starting, 1st August (7 rounds). The SANFL have reduced the registration fees and we are able to pass that discount on to you. This is a great opportunity to give school football a try.

Register your interest here, https://bit.ly/2YG1Me1 ASAP!

Registrations will close at 12pm, 1 July 2020 in order for us to register with the SANFL.

If you registered in term 1 you will be emailed to advise us of your intentions.

In order to run teams we will need volunteer coaches.


Our local kindergartens are now taking enrolments for preschool in 2021. Did you know that children who turn 4 before 1 May can start at a government preschool from the beginning of the next year? Priority is given to families who live within a preschool’s catchment area. Speak to your local preschool director or principal, they’d love to hear from you. Head to the Department for Education’s website for more information: http://ow.ly/9efL50zS4Yg.

The web link below explains how to apply and enrol in government preschools and schools.  It also contains a calculator to determine when your child can start preschool or school.





Charles Sturt Council is running some School Holiday Programs these holidays.  Don't forget to book - due to COVID-19 restrictions there will be limited spots available! 

Have a look at the image below for more information or visit one of the following links:



Bookings essential for most sessions. Book online: www.trybooking.com/eventlist/ccscommunitycentres 





Together, we build strong foundations for life long learning

Absentee Line: 8449 7274