Mary Immaculate Primary Newsletter

Term 2 Week 5: Monday 25th May 2020

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Carers,

So great to have all the students return back to school today!   

The pandemic has been such a challenge for so many. I want to thank you all for the way you have worked with the school for the best outcomes for the students. We are doing fabulous things together and will continue to go from strength to strength.

Over the period of remote learning you would have come to know a lot about your children (and yourselves!) as “learners”. You had to develop new knowledge and skills to support your children’s learning at home. You had to become a “teacher” as you engaged in your children’s learning tasks. You have new insights into primary school learning and you are in a position to understand your children as learners more than ever. Over the weeks that children were at home, what did learning look like? Lots of parents really struggled with the online learning - firstly the technology, the online platforms, the routines, the timetables, the questions, the feedback, the reorganisation of your own work operations, the frustration and exhaustion at managing everything, motivating your children, motivating yourself…. and all the while working largely in solation with limits to the previous interactions of your own life.

For many this was a rare opportunity to be with and get to know your children so much more deeply without the distractions of running from place to place with the busy-ness of life. You would have had the opportunity of witnessing first hand your amazing children as learners, to see them rise to this challenge with all the skills we have developed in them together. Some however, would have been devastated by the need of their children to be constantly shown what to do, motivated, corrected, redirected, supported and empathetic to your own stresses. Some parents went the supposed easy road and just did the tasks for their children or gave up altogether. Some parents just sought ‘busy work’ to keep their children occupied for long periods. Every household was different. Learning looked different in every household and was very different for every child in every household.

So what did we all learn and what do we take from that about what elements of school and home learning we should keep and those we must abandon as worthless or even detrimental? This is not change for change's sake but generated from a realisation that some things can not go back to being how they were - a “New Normal” as we are hearing. We will be embracing this new normal at MIPS - to not do so would be irresponsible. We are well placed because many of our recent learning and experience connects directly with our theory of learning. We will be working from a solid foundation with an eye to the future. Our student and our community will benefit from the path ahead that we create.

With thanks for your continuing support,

Stephen Dowd


Learning At MIPS

National Simultaneous Storytime

This Wednesday, 27th May, Mary Immaculate students will be participating in National Simultaneous Storytime! The story this year is “Whitney and Britney Chicken Divas”, written by Lucinda Gifford, which will be listened to by all students from Kindergarten to Year 6!

By facilitating National Simultaneous Storytime, we aim to:

  • promote the value of reading and literacy,

  • promote the value and fun of books, and

  • promote an Australian writer and publisher

We are excited to share in this fun learning experience with the children!

Mrs Behrens

Literacy Coordinator


Important Message from Busways

With the recent announcement of social distancing on bus services, Busways wants to clarify that school services are not affected and will not have limited capacity.

Service operations 

School services will continue to operate as normal, with no student to be left behind. NSW Health advice is that children are at lower risk of contracting COVID-19. Transport for NSW and Busways have increased cleaning measures on board bus services and will continue to monitor transport usage to support students travelling safely to and from school.

Our policy is that no school student will be left behind and as such, school students will be given priority over other passengers on regular route services even if this means a service goes over physical distancing capacity. Adults may have to wait for the next service or choose to get off if they’re not comfortable with how many customers are on a service. All services will continue to operate to a normal timetable until advised otherwise. Please remind students that they are still required tap on and off with their Opal card or show their school bus pass when boarding.

Current COVID-19 advice

It’s important to continue communicating to students that we all have a responsibility to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Where possible, students should maintain social distance from each other on board bus services. If different school groups are boarding a bus, each school should maintain social distance from the other and students should always maintain a safe distance from their bus driver, where practically possible.

Busways has continued to exercise additional procedures for all Busways employees to follow in order to limit any chance of the virus spreading. This includes issuing employees with hand sanitiser, requiring employees to wash their hands every time they enter and leave a worksite, employees staying home if they’re unwell, and minimising the handling of cash.

For any further questions, please contact Busways’ Customer Experience team at


Sarah Langthorne

Customer Experience Manager

School Canteen

Paula's Pantry is open Monday to Friday: before school from 8:25am, lunchtime and recess

Lunches can be ordered at the canteen in the morning before school or online via the QKR App. When ordering online please ensure you place your order before 8:30am. 

 Frozen yoghurt is currently out of stock. 

Uniform Shop

Online orders are to be placed on the QKR App by 4:00pm Monday and Thursday and delivery will be every Tuesday and Friday mornings during the school Term. 

Please email all exchanges to

All inquiries please contact Elle on 0421 216 414 or via email,

2020 School Fees

If you would like to organise a flexible payment plan for 2020 school fees please email Liz Padlan on

For those that have been financially impacted by COVID-19, please click on the following link for fee relief information: 

CEDP Fee Relief

The fee relief form can be completed online or downloaded as a PDF. If you are completing the paper document, please scan and email to (Community Liaison at CEDP). All information will remain strictly confidential.

Enrolling Now for Kindergarten 2021.

Enrolment applications are now being accepted for Kindergarten 2021. Enrolment packs are available from the school office or can be downloaded from our school website.

Please inform family and friends if they have children who are eligible to attend Kindergarten in 2021. 

Community News

Community Advertising

"Please understand we are happy to support local businesses and programmes. However, the following notices are supplied for community information.
This by no means surmounts to an endorsement by the school." (Principal, Mr Stephen Dowd)

At Mary Immaculate we communicate with parents via the free Skoolbag app that is available from both the App Store and Google Play Store. Skoolbag can be installed on any iOS (iPad or iPhone) or Android device. Downloading the app means you immediately receive updates and reminders to your mobile phone or ipad. Remember to subscribe to your child's Year Group so that you will receive messages relevant to their year.  Instructions on how to download the Skoolbag App are available via this link.