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Newsletter 2019 Term 4 Week 6


Dear families of St Bernadette's,

As I prepare this newsletter I have in mind those who have either lost their homes or who live in constant fear that the next fire will be the one to devastate them. These tinder dry conditions, the lack of rain and epically low dam levels gives us something to reflect upon. How are we  trying to conserve water? Can we support those who have lost everything? Being a small child growing up in the mountains watching fire race up the Grose Valley towards our home, knowing my Dad was out there fighting to save others houses is a very vivid memory. As we move further into this bushfire season I know I will be looking for opportunities to support our local fire fighters and the RFS as they gear up for a tough season.

Any suggestions that you have on how we as a community can help out please send your ideas through to the school email address.

As Saint Mary MacKillop reminds us …..

“never see a need without doing something about it”

Love & Light

Lisa Gerrard


Sunday 24 Nov 2019 Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

REFLECTION by Diane Bergant

This feast celebrates the power and authority of Christ by creating a collage of images that capture one or more characteristics of Christ’s kingship. Each image reinterprets the concept of king, investing it with new meaning. Gathered together they create a kind of litany that extols the kingship of Christ.

Shepherd and commander call to mind the care and protection that Christ lavishes on those who place themselves under his care. King of Israel is a sign of universal rule. Image of the Invisible God acclaims the divine origin of Christ and of the rule that he exercises over all. First born of all Creation places Christ over the entire created world. Source of all Created Things acknowledges both the sovereignty of Christ and his importance as the model after which all things were fashioned. Head of the Body, the Church underscores the intimacy and interrelationship that exist between Christ and all those who are joined to him through faith and baptism. Firstborn of the Dead not only acclaims Christ’s resurrection, but it also guarantees the resurrection of those who will follow him into death. Crucified King is clearly the image that reinterprets all other images.

The entire liturgical year is brought to completion in the last words of the gospel: ‘Today you will be with me in Paradise.’ These are the words that we all long to hear, words that are empty when coming from one who has no authority, but charged with power when spoken by the one who is king over us all.

PARISH: Altar Servers' Roster Nov 9 - March 1, 2020



Upcoming Events for Term 4

21/11 - Reconciliation Lessons 4pm - 5pm 

22/11 - NO School Banking 

22/11 - Swimming Carnival 

27/11 - Busking Event

29/11 - School Banking 

29/11 - Fagan Park 

29/11 - First Reconciliation Practice

2/12 - Canteen Snack Day 

4/12 - First Reconciliation 

6/12 - Last Assembly for the Year starting at 2:15pm 

6/12 - Christmas Picnic and Carols

10/12 - Reports to go home 

13/12 - Whole School Graduation Mass - Year 6 

16/12 - Year 6 Graduation Dinner at Dooleys 

17/12 - Free Ice Cream Day 

17/12 - Last day for students 

2019 Term 4 Parent Calendar


Important Dates for Term 1, 2020

YEARS 1 - 6: 

Students in Years 1 - 6 will complete their MAI testing on Wednesday 29th Jan. 

The first day of Term 1, 2020 for students in Years 1 - 6 will be Thursday 30th Jan. 


Kindergarten MAI testing will be held over two days, Thursday 30th and Friday 31st January. The first day for our Kindergarten students will be Monday 3rd February, 2020. 

Notes will be going home to all families with details of how to book in for the MAI tests and the dates of school commencing for your reference. 


Happy Birthday

8/11 - Scarlett T 

8/11 - Lucas J 

10/11 - Christian M 

12/11 - Caleb L 

15/11 - Brandon N 

18/11 - Tara L 

20/11 - Lachlan B

Principal Awards

Kindergarten - Abigail B

Year 1 - Skye T 

Year 2 - Afreen M  

Year 3 -  Benjamin G

Year 4 - Jada N 

Year 5 - Janelle L  

Year 6 - Sam M 

PBS4L Week 4

Last week Bernadette enjoyed their delicious hot chips. This was in recognition of having the most star tokens at the end of Week 4. Well done to the students in Bernadette for achieving the most tokens for the second time this year.

Over the next two weeks the PBS4L focus will be ‘We encourage, support and share ideas’. At St Bernadette’s we are team players, we encourage, and support each other, share ideas and cooperate with each other whether we are in the classroom or on the playground. 

As a community of learners

This fortnight sees our students participate in Dance assessments, a swimming carnival and other great learning experiences. Our staff continues to give purposeful feedback to your children about their progress as they prepare Semester Two reports. 

These reports will be sent home on Tuesday Week 9 which is one week prior to the end of term 4. Should you wish to meet with your child's teacher please contact the teacher directly to find a convenient time.

Attendance Matters

Thanks to all those parents who have been following up with notes when their child does not attend school.

I went from signing 40+ absent notes to only having to sign 6 notes! 

As we know:

5 minutes late everyday = 25 minutes per week = 250 minutes per term of learning time is missed!

Thank you for your cooperation.

Understanding our Attendance Rate

Attendance Rate: 81.5%  - To unpack this a little more, this means that 81.5%  of our students have an attendance rate of 90% -100%. 

Gentle Reminder

Just a gentle reminder that ‘what happens at school stays at school’! What I mean by this is as a Mum I did not want to hear about how poorly behaved my child was in class from another parent or child. Any behaviour issues / incidents will be followed up by the class teacher or the leadership team. Sometimes what our children tell us about others behaviour can be taken out of context or from a place of bias. These conversations can make parents feel embarrassed or alienated especially if done in a public forum. If you have concerns about your child’s class’ behaviour please raise it with myself, Anthony or the classroom teacher. 

Photos at events

I know that we are used to posting absolutely everything we do on social media but I just need to ask that you only post images of your children only. It is not appropriate for images / videos to be taken at school events and posted on personal Instagram or Facebook accounts. 

As you would know if we post images it is only of children whose parents have given permission and it is only done in the newsletter or on our website gallery. We ensure that these photos are appropriate for public viewing in a controlled setting. As a parent I would not appreciate any images of my children being posted on personal social media pages without my consent.

P&F levy & changes to school based fee charges.

At a recent budget meeting Hala and myself were advised that due to the change over to Tech1 from eschool finance systems that we were in error in collecting the P&F levy and handing it over to the P&F. Apparently there are a couple of issues with this process. First the handing over of the money only to have it given back to us as a donation later in the year is seen as double income so we look as if we are overstating our income, which causes our Auditors a great deal of grief! 

The next error is attaching this optional levy to our school fees notices. Apparently once a levy is added to our fees and collected as fees it can not be optional nor can it leave our accounts without having a purpose eg purchasing furniture, building improvements or resources for classrooms. 

So moving forward for 2020 we will no longer be charging a P&F levy as a part of our fees collection. I have explained this fully at the P&F meeting as you have probably noticed from the minutes from the AGM in week 4.

I understand that this will be disappointing for some families and I know that our P&F committee have had to make adjustments to their fundraising promises re the construction of  playground equipment. 

Just to be clear this is not information that I have deliberately kept a secret, it is information that has only just come to light recently as we budget for 2020.

Furthermore, a decision was made by CEDP not the school to absorb the School Family levy into the Resource Fee. This means that families with more than one child will be paying more. A one off special consideration could be given to families who are affected, and request financial assistance.

CBA School banking – NO BANKING 22 NOV

Please be advised that there will be no banking on Friday 22 November due to the school swimming carnival.

Reward items – in order to ensure that all orders are dispatched and received by schools before the end of the term, final orders are to be placed on FRI 29 NOV.

We have been advised that the Yeti Notepad is no longer available to order.

Special Group Photos now available online

If you have children who were involved in special group photos - SRC, Altar Servers, Buddies Photo for K & Yr 6 and Choir groups, these images are now available to be viewed and purchased online. 

Our school code is 9BK8ZGAKF and all orders will be sent to the school. Please place your order no later than Friday 29/11/2019 to ensure the photographers have enough time to distribute them out before the school year finishes. 

A new date for Busking

Weather / air quailty permitting we will have our Busking afternoon next Wednesday 27th November beginning at 1.30pm.


Swimming Carnival reminders for tomorrow

Our annual swimming carnival will go ahead tomorrow at Granville Swimming Centre. Should the air quality be deemed too poor a decision will be made early in the morning and an alert issued. 

If you have kindly offered to help on the day, please meet Mr Kensell at 9:30am. Please be advised that due to building works, access to the pool is now via Diamond Avenue. As previously stated, there will be no canteen available on the day, so it is important that children bring all of their food and water for the day. 

Sunscreen will be available, although it would be preferable if children bring their own so that they can frequently reapply throughout the day. 

Buses will transport children to and from the pool, with all children expected to be back at school well before afternoon dismissal time.


Rice Meal Deal

Thank you to everyone who ordered a rice meal deal on Monday 11th November. With 48 fried rice orders and 171 sushi orders a total of $235 was raised. The children enjoyed a delicious meal!



A huge thank you to Year 3 parents for organising our annual disco and to all the parents who volunteered to help. All superheroes and villains were in full force! Thank you to Louis Raish & Jim Morley for providing us with their time and equipment for the evening in helping make the children’s evening a great deal of fun!

Snack Day

The P&F will be holding the last snack day for the year on Tuesday 3rd December. More information to follow.

Christmas Picnic and Carols

A note was sent home earlier last week for the details of our end of year Christmas picnic. Please you ensure you return the RSVP slip to the school office by the end of the week. This is to help us cater accordingly. Once we have received your RSVP an envelope with tokens will be sent home which will guarantee you receive a meal on the evening. We look forward to a festive community gathering.



St Bernadettes Primary School

St Bernadette's Primary, Dundas Valley is a community focused, Catholic parish school catering for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6. The school strives to build a Christ-centred community where faith is integrated with daily life. We provide learning and teaching experiences which enable the children to deepen their faith understandings, investigate, solve problems and explore their learning. We recognise the importance of creating a learning environment that provides opportunities to develop 21st century learning. Technology is integrated into the learning at St Bernadette’s in all Key Learning Areas.

Attendance Rate: 81.5%