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Term 1 | Week 10 | 31 March 2020

Principal's Column

Hello, Giinagay, Hai

Dear Parents and Carers

After the enormous energy that was put into last week, I do hope that you all managed to take some time over the weekend to have a break and rest.  It is important that we all continue to look after ourselves, whilst working through the current situation. 

This is a marathon not a sprint.

Our school remains open, with significantly reduced numbers, 94% of students today accessing remote learning. We whole heartily thank you all for the support you are showing the school and the community.

The work that has been put in by our staff, has brought about a range of innovative strategies to keep our students and staff engaged with teaching and learning.

I am proud to see the ongoing relationships between home and school.

Please reach out to us, if there is anything we can do to support your students and families. When developing at-home schedules, try to alternate between activities kids enjoy (like playing or screen time) with less popular tasks (like chores or paperwork).

  • Variety helps kids focus and gives parents a break.
  • Remember, this also applies to your schedule: alternate between work and family time.
  • Lots of physical breaks – remind students of Brain Gym activities.  
  • Don't forget to give yourself some “me time”.

Tips for calming anxiety during a difficult time

With our school closed and many parents working from home without childcare for the foreseeable future, it’s hard not to start spiraling. Responsibilities seem endless, the situation dire, and it seems like time to yourself has become a thing of the past… Take a deep breath. Literally. Feel a little better? It doesn’t have to be complicated. Being mindful is what it sounds like. Taking time to focus on the present, being intentional and thoughtful about where you are and how you are feeling. Trying to center your thoughts and be in the moment. Sounds simple, but it takes work, especially now when concerns about what the future holds feel so pressing. Mindful activities can help. Here are some simple activities:

  • Squeeze Muscles: Starting at your toes, pick one muscle and squeeze it tight. Count to five. Release, and notice how your body changes. Repeat exercise moving up your body.
  • Belly Breathing: Put one hand on your stomach and one hand on your chest. Slowly breathe in from your stomach (expand like a balloon) and slowly breathe out (deflate).
  • Mindful Meal: Pay attention to the smell, taste and look of your food. No multitasking.
  • Meditation: Sit in a relaxed, comfortable position. Pick something to focus on, like your breath. When your mind wanders, bring your attention back to your breath.
  • Blowing Bubbles: Notice their shapes, textures and colors.
  • Coloring: Color something. Focus on the colors and designs.
  • Listening to Music: Focus on the whole song, or listen specifically to the voice or an instrument.

Take care and stay in touch.

Thanks, yaarri yaraang, terima kasih.

Bu Gillian
Gillian Stuart - Principal

Update from the Department of Education

Below please find the latest update from the Department of Education regarding School Operations.


Are schools open?

Advice first published at 6:35pm on 23 March 2020

All NSW public schools are open. Parents and carers are encouraged to keep their children home if possible.

The department has set up educational provisions to help students learn at home. All students, whether they are on or off campus, will continue to learn and will be provided with the same tasks to complete.

This decision has been made as part of the Government's ongoing approach to social distancing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Has the health advice changed?

Advice first published at 6:35pm on 23 March 2020

No. Health advice remains the same, this is about taking extra precautions and supporting parents take practical measures and self-distancing continues.

Why is there still an option to send students to school?

Advice first published at 6:35pm on 23 March 2020

The NSW Government is taking additional measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 through the community. To do this, parents and carers are strongly encouraged to keep their children home if possible.

Some people may not be in a position to provide supervision to their children at home. This could be because they are delivering frontline services to the community. It is therefore important supervision of their children is prioritised and provided by their school to ensure they can continue to carry out their work and support the continued function of society.

When will schools resume normal operations?

Advice first published at 6:35pm on 23 March 2020

Online learning will continue until the end of Term 1. A decision about whether schools will return to normal operations after the holidays will be taken in line with the latest advice from Government and we will keep the community informed.


Which students should still be attending their school?

Advice first published at 6:35pm on 23 March 2020

Parents and carers are strongly encouraged to keep their children home if possible. Any student whose parents or carers are not able to appropriately supervise their children at home should continue to attend school.

It may also be appropriate that children and young people with additional vulnerabilities continue to attend school.

If you have not formally advised that your child will not be attending school for the remainder of the term, please contact the school with this information.


The following events have been cancelled due to the social distancing and limiting inter-school contact:

  • NAPLAN - see letter from the Education Council below
  • School Photos
  • Canteen
  • School Banking
  • Easter Raffle

Class Dojo's

Hi everyone

All classes across the school are communicating with students and parents via the app DoJo. This will be our main source of communication with parents and we are aiming for 100% of students being connected this way across the school. Everyone should have got instructions in their student packages on how to set this up on your device.

If you need some help setting this up, please contact the school.

Thank you.  Kelly Pacey, Admin Manager

Letters to Parents and Carers

School News & Parent Information

2020 NAPLAN - Cancelled

School Photos - Cancelled until Term 2.

School photos have been cancelled. Parents will be advised of the dates next term.

Notice from CommBank School Banking

School Banking has been temporarily paused from 20 March 2020 until the start of Term 2. The CommBank will notify the school when banking will recommence. 

Our Murals

Community Notice Board

From the P&C

Canteen News

The P&C have closed the Canteen for the rest of the term.

SHPS P&C Association 

Stuarts Point Art House - Workshop Update

All Stuarts Point Art House workshops held at the All Saints Anglican Church Hall will be cancelled until further notice.

Weaving will be held at Stuarts Point Oval on Monday 4-5pm

Stuarts Point Art House will be streaming workshops through Instagram (Stuartspointart) and Facebook (Stuarts Point Art House).

Check us out on social media!

Thank you to Sarah Nezar for sending through this game.

Koala Action Day

General Notices

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