Our Lady of the Rosary Primary Newsletter

25 March 2020 - Week 9 Term 1


Dear Parents and Carers,

I leave you with this thought:

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. Mother Teresa.


Annelise Stockey


Please remember to update your Working With Children


Thank you to all our parents who are following our suggested safety procedures around Kiss and Drop and Park and Walk

Please remember to park with the safety of our community in the forefront of your decision. Parking and then reversing into oncoming traffic, making a u turn in a line of traffic, parking across pedestrian crossings or in unmarked/designated car parks or blocking traffic, are all unsafe procedures. 

A reminder that once you have your children with you, you become responsible for their wellbeing. Please move around the carparks safely and with  common sense and consideration of others.

Kiss and Drop      or      Park and Walk

There are a number of safety rules we need to remember when entering and exiting the two carparks at Our Lady of the Rosary.

·       Both Carparks are 10km/h zones- this applies in and out of school hours

·       Both have car parking spaces. All cars are expected to park only in the spaces marked. Please do not park across pedestrian crossings or at the front of the school entrance.

·       When walking to and from the parked cars, please hold your child’s hand


Kiss and Drop Carpark

·       Please have patience when moving in and out of the Kiss and Drop Zone – don’t overtake once you have dropped or picked up your children

·       The driveway coming into the Kiss and Drop Carpark is a no parking zone at the beginning and end of the day – please check the signage. This allows the cars to drive slowly through the line

·       This is the only area to drop your children


Church Carpark- PARK and WALK

·       Please be aware of the crossing in front of the gate

·       There is no parking in the turning circle in front of the church

·       Please do not use the end of the driveway (near the closed gate) as a drop off point- park and walk in.

·       There is no parking or drop off in front of the parish office

Please do not wait in this carpark if there are no parking spaces left. You will need to find an alternate place to park on the street. 

There are teachers on duty in Hi-Vis jackets. Please adhere to their instructions.


There has been some progress in the last two weeks:

- internal and external drainage has been completed

- detailed excavation for footings

- block work for the sub floor

We are also progressing with the return of the footpath into the school and the forecourt in front of the new building.

News from Sr Antoinette

Dear Parents,

Lent is a time of preparation for Easter. It is also a time to enter into the “wilderness” and grapple with the mysteries of life in Christ. It presents us with a challenge to take stock of our lives, to see more clearly what is in our hearts and to discover what might be calling us out of our comfort zones. We are invited to reflect on Jesus’ forty-day experience in the wilderness. Jesus is “filled with the Holy Spirit” and, like so many humans before and since, is “led by the Spirit” into the wilderness of life to be “tested” there. [“Tested” is a more accurate translation of the Greek than is “tempted”].

Most people of faith would agree that being “of God” right now has more than a little to do with the way we relate to all of Earth’s human and other-than-human inhabitants, the value we ascribe to Earth’s precious resources, and the respect we show for life through our responsible use of those resources. Lent calls us to reject the path of domination or greed or status so that, like Jesus, we may truly be “of God”-  Reflection Veronica Lawson rsm 

PBS4L NEWS for 2020

Focus : Respect for Others by using Safe and Caring  Hands


It is expected that all students will

*          play co-operatively with others

*          take turns including others.

*          move safely in lines

*          care for others property and equipment.

*          Keep hands and feet to self.

*          Speak and act with kindness


Please be advised that School Fees for Term 1, 2020 have been posted to all OLOR families. Thank you to those families who have already set up their payment plans for 2020 . Instalment 1 of school fees is due by 18 March 2020, unless you are on arrangement for the year.

If you are experiencing any financial difficulties, please call me for a confidential chat or email me on nelliott1@parra.catholic.edu.au. It is better for you to come in and speak to me so that we can develop a support plan rather than allowing a debt to accumulate. We are here to support you.

Many Thanks

Nicole Elliott

School Fee Liaison

Ph: 8664 7800