Issue 11 Thursday 11 August 2022

We learn on the lands of the Ngadjuri Nation


Some Important Dates for Term 3

Book Week / SSO WeekMonday 22 -  Friday 26 August
Father's Day Fundraiser Order Due DateMonday 22 August
Book Week ParadeTuesday 23 August
School Closure (Show Day)Monday 5 September
Pupil Free DayTuesday 6 September
Governing Council MeetingTuesday 13 September
Swimming Lessons (R-5)Monday 26  -  Friday 30 September
Last Day of Term / Early Dismissal Time of 2:10pmFriday 30 September

From the Principal

High Achievers' Morning Tea

At the end of each semester, we like to celebrate with our high achievers at a morning tea. This year, we had 21 students who were invited along for a donut and a fruit box.


Reception        – ‘outstanding’ effort for all subjects

Years 1-6        – any ‘A’ grade

                        – any ‘achieved’ grade against learning goals of One Plans

Semester 1 Grades

While we are very proud of our high achievers, we are equally proud of the efforts of all our students and the grades they have achieved during Semester 1. A calculation of the percentage of A-C grades received, shows that 89% of grades assigned demonstrated that students are working at or above standard expected.

What Does A 'C' Grade Mean?

If a student achieves a ‘C’ grade, it means that they are ‘working at standard’. Teachers assign grades by assessing each individual student against the Achievement Standards of the Australian Curriculum for each subject. For instance, one of the English achievement standards for Reception students is: recognise the letters of the English alphabet. One of the Year 6 Maths achievement standards is: solve problems involving all four operations with whole numbers.

In order for students to achieve a ‘B’ grade, they must demonstrate extensive knowledge and understanding of key concepts, a high level of competence in skills and processes and be able to use these skills in some new contexts. Those students who achieved ‘A’ grades were able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge and understanding of key concepts, a very high level of competence in skills and processes and were able to apply these skills in new contexts.

Gail Holland 


Class Report

Year 5/6 Class

We recently finished a mathematics unit of work about angles. During the unit we classified angles into acute, obtuse, straight and reflex categories. We also used protractors to measure the size of an angle. To conclude the unit, we each made a roof that we believed would be suitable in an Alpine environment, that would prevent too much snow from accumulating on the roof. We tested our rooves using flour for ‘snow’ and concluded that most rooves that were A-frame in shape and had an acute angle were the most effective. We certainly had some creative designs too!

In Science we have just begun a unit of work about energy. We have watched videos of ‘Rube Goldberg’ machines. A Rube Goldberg machine is a complex contraption designed to complete a simple task. The machine uses a set of tasks that work in succession and trigger one event after another until the final event. Different types of energy are transferred during the stages of the machine in order to reach the final step. We have used different materials from around the classroom to see if we could create them. Here are some photos of us in the process of making and testing them.

Last term we learned about the life of convicts in Australia. As a way of showing our understanding we each wrote a convict journal entry describing our feelings and experiences about being transported to Australia. We have them displayed in our classroom.  

School Routines and Procedures - Update for start of Term 3

Illness & Injuries at School:

Colds, the flu and bugs are around every winter for us to watch out for and are passed on if unwell children attend school.

Students who have recovered from Covid can still be at risk of getting these viruses etc that are circulating in the community.

If your child is sent to the Front Office/First Aid room due to illness or for an injury that is considered more serious eg a hard knock to the head, they will be sent home. 

Parents will always be contacted first and you will need to collect your child promptly and keep them at home until they are fully recovered. 

If you are unable to collect your child, please organise your emergency contact and let the school know who this will be.

Make sure you have provided the Front Office with an updated list of your emergency contacts in case we are unable to contact you.

Student Health Update & Reminder

Parents/Caregivers please make sure you have provided the school with an updated healthcare plan and current medication if your child needs support at school for a medical condition and in readiness for excursions & outings and swimming lessons which are in week 10 this term (pool staff may refuse to allow your child to participate and will provide standard first aid only).

Asthma Care, Allergic Reaction plans and Medication Agreement forms are available on the Skoolbag App for parents to access and take to your doctor or you can ask at the Front Office. 

Keep a copy of plans & medication expiry dates at home for your reference and ensure that they are updated in a timely manner.

If you are unsure of expiry dates, contact the Front Office. 

NB:  Parents will now receive an email reminder from school if plan/medication has not been updated.

 Expired medication can not be administered by staff and will be sent home.  

Term 3 Assembly Awards

Week 2

Kindness Award

Nettie's Natter

August 11 ‘22

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another ‘natter’. This one may be more reflective than others as over the last week, while I have been home sick, I have had time to reminisce and think of those who have been an influence in my life. The reason for this too is that over the past few weeks, I have lost my favourite uncle and we, my hubby and I lost a dear friend. But it really wasn’t until three famous Aussies passed away that I really went wandering down memory lane.

I have always loved music. Growing up, my earliest memories are of watching Olivia Newton John on the show ‘Sing, Sing, Sing’ and having my ear to the radio listening to both Olivia and Judith Durham. I loved them both – still do. I grew up with them both but Olivia holds a special place for me.

We all have people through our lives that have an influence on us. Even those who challenge us, for better and for worse, have an influence. People we know, people who come fleetingly into our lives, people we grew up with. People we have watched on the big screen, on the tele, read about in stories and magazines. There is something that often stays in us from them.

Of course, it’s not always for the good or better of us but as we grow, I think we learn or at least try to learn how to be the best person we can be. Sometimes, we may get it all wrong but we are human and we’re passionate. We make mistakes.

A flood of memories has been haunting me for the past week, mostly good ones, some sad ones and some that challenge me. What I have decided to do with these memories and feelings, is to turn them into life lessons and remember that they are all in the past and part of my journey and those people who have been part of this, were meant to be part of it, for good or for bad.

I hope you can do the same with your memories. Life is far too short to wallow or carry regrets. Life is meant to be lived. Give the past a hug and then let it go. Cherish the happy memories. The future we can’t see so don’t worry about it. Just live in the present. Look around you, embrace what you have. Love and let yourself be loved.

Until our next natter - and as Olivia would say

Light and Love



GC Father's Day Sock Fundraiser

Keep dad and pop's tootsies warm this winter with a pair of two of these warm and colourful socks.  A great Father's Day present and part precedes go to our school.

Ordering online offers more styles to choose from as well as a 5% discount. Follow the instructions on the form/scan the QR code. A paper copy is being sent home today or you can download the form attached. All orders, online & paper, need to be  back to school no later than Monday 22 August.

Payment is by credit card online, or EFT if sending your order to school.


School Activities - Excursion

We were so excited to be able to attend an excursion and it was amazing. The Year 2/3 Class and the Year 3/4 Class went to Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute followed by a walking tour down Rundle Mall to Haigh's Chocolates and a visit to the South Australian Museum (we will put some more photos in coming newsletters). We would like to acknowledge the parents for supporting this excursion, your help was invaluable. A huge thank you to Mark Hansen, Naarah Marshall, Rebecca Koch, Jess Klingbeil, Rachel Hill, Brett Doecke, Nick Werner, Emma Hill and Michelle Hoskin.                                                  Thank you,        Sharee, Sue and Caro.

Scholastic Online Book Orders

Scholastic Book Club Issue 5 - Orders due via the LOOP online platform 15 August 2022Orders will be delivered to the school and distributed to classrooms.

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