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Term 3, Week 8

From the Principal

Today is R U OK? day!

Such an important question which we should remember to ask everyday but even more importantly to listen mindfully to the answer. Answers from our children, friends and family.

Here is a link to a great short video to encourage children to listen to what their friend is saying, show they care and tell a teacher, school counsellor or parent/carer if they are worried about their friend.

R U OK? has created a music video to encourage children from Kindergarten to Year 6 to take the time to comfort their friends  and to show the young people in your world that it’s lighter when we share the load!

In developing our school plan for 2021-2024 we will be asking you questions in a variety of ways and we WILL be listening to the feedback. The first step in this process will be to complete the annual parent survey 'Tell Them From Me' which will be sent home with a link shortly. We would love to have everyone answer, either just by ticking boxes or adding comments depending on your time and commitment.

Our preparations have included a  lot of research and the following comes from a DOE document about student wellbeing and best practice:

"Students whose parents reported ‘spending time just talking to my child’, ‘eating the main meal with my child around a table’ or ‘discussing how well my child is doing at school’ daily or nearly every day were between 22 per cent and 39 per cent more likely to report high levels of life satisfaction.

‘Spending time just talking’ is the parental activity most frequently and most strongly associated with students’ life satisfaction. And it seems to matter for performance too: Students whose parents reported ‘spending time just talking’ were two-thirds of a school-year ahead in science learning, and even after accounting for social background the advantage remains at one-third of a school year. The results are similar for eating meals with the children. The strength of this relationship is well beyond the impact of most school resources and school factors measured by PISA.

Students’ perceptions of how interested their parents are in them and in their school life is also related to their own attitudes towards education and their motivation to study, and those relationships are particularly strong among low-performing students.

All in all, a clear way to promote students’ wellbeing is to encourage all parents to be more involved with their children’s interests and concerns, show interest in their school life, and be more aware of the challenges children face at school."

Don't forget to support our P&C's Spring Fundraising Raffle. Great prizes to be won and you may just be able to help us finish off all our playground redevelopment with resurfacing of the netball court and provide a better place for our Kindies to sit while waiting for parents, apart from honing netball skills in next year's season.

Susan Allen

Information for parents and carers about the changes to school operations because of COVID-19 health advice current from 17 August 2020 is available.

    What's on?

    Fluro Friday - Wellbeing Week Mufti Day

    Date and Time

    From Friday, September. 25th to Friday, September. 25th

    Last day of Term 3

    Date and Time

    From Friday, September. 25th to Friday, September. 25th

    First day of Term 4 for students

    Date and Time

    From Monday, October. 12th to Monday, October. 12th

    Book Week

    Date and Time

    From Monday, October. 19th to Friday, October. 23rd


    Book Week Writing Competition: Due date Monday 19th October

    Book Week Dress Up Day: Tuesday 20th October

    Book Fair

    Date and Time

    From Monday, October. 26th to Friday, October. 30th

    From the Library: Book Week

    From the Library: Book Fair

    Positive Behaviour For Learning

    Randwick Public School is continuing to successfully implement a ‘Positive Behaviour for Learning’ (PBL) approach to behaviour management.

    Every week, students will be focusing on how they can ‘Be Respectful’, ‘Be Responsible’ or ‘Be A Learner’ in specific areas around the school. Unfortunately, PBL will no longer be taught in Peer Support. Classroom teachers will now explicitly teach the focus area each week.

    We would love you to support PBL by talking with your child about each weekly focus and the ways they can uphold our school values in different areas of the school.

    Supporting Children's Mental Health: 10 Conversation Starters for Parents

    Tell Them From Me Parent Survey

    The Tell Them From Me Parent Survey allows parent to reflect on a range of aspects of the school community and is used to assist in the developing of future school directions. The survey aids in strengthening parent, teacher and school collaboration by providing schools with a deeper understanding of parents’ perceptions of their child’s experiences at home and school. The school highly values community input and greatly appreciates what members of our community have to say. The survey will take 15 minutes to complete. Please find the link to the survey below.

    Please provide your feedback by clicking on the link.

    Thank you!

    Kindergarten Principal Awards

    Arabella W

    Benjamin P

    Eli J

    Georgia C

    Imogen M

    India V

    Lucas T

    Max W

    Paulina B

    Samuel G

    Scarlett W

    Sienna H

    Tass S

    Torre W

    William C

    Yara S

    Yuki S

    Year 1 Principal Awards

    Amelia K

    Anna B

    Arina D

    Asha G

    Aurora M

    Avi P

    Bella Z - 1F

    Bella Z - 1R

    Benjamin W

    Benjamin S

    Billy E

    Bonny D

    Caitlin T

    Capri W

    Carly C

    Chloe S

    Chloe M

    Dora L

    Dylan S

    Finn H

    Gabriella C

    Izzy T

    Jack G

    Jack S

    Jayden M

    Kaelan W

    Lily H

    Michael W

    Mila Z

    Milena S

    Nick R

    Raymond M

    Rose C

    Year 1 Leadership Awards

    Amelia K

    Anna B

    Arina D

    Aurora M

    Gabriella C

    Hannah P

    Michael W

    Nick R

    Scarlett H

    Serge N

    Talya H

    Year 2 Principal Awards

    Alice R

    Anya K

    Archie L

    Chloe G

    Finn B

    Harrison D

    Katherina W

    Liam M

    Maddie G

    Maddison B

    Nicholas H

    Sophie C

    Year 3 Principal Awards

    Ada C

    Artur C

    Bailey S

    Beatrice B

    Daika S

    Eili C

    Estelle G

    Finn B

    Greta N

    Hannah K

    Harry Y

    Herbert K

    Imogen T

    Isabel Z

    Isobel G

    Jacob B

    Joshua W

    Khalil S

    Kian A

    Lewis M

    Lucky S

    Max S

    Natalie A

    Noah L

    Phillipa G

    Piper M

    Raj N

    Ruby R

    Sarah B

    Sienna W

    Tane H

    Vaughn S

    Vivienne D

    Yousef B

    Zac L

    Zac O

    Zachary W

    Year 3 Book Awards

    Karin I

    Matilda H

    Year 4 Principal Awards

    Charlotte S

    Emma W

    Year 5 Principal Awards

    Amelie C

    Amelka W

    Bastian K

    Bridie M

    Clementine A

    Henry M

    India C

    Isabel S

    Katie G

    Laurie C

    Oscar P

    Scarlett H

    Sophie Z

    Year 6 Principal Awards

    Abhijay B

    Anastasia D

    Charlie J

    Felix S

    Freya S

    Poppy D

    Summer F


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