St Bishoy- Imagine

June 2020

Principal's Message

God’s Blessings

Dear Parents, Students and Teachers

What an amazing term! 

As we reflect on the accomplishments and perhaps misses we have experienced this term, it is perhaps time to reflect on the wonders and blessings of God’s gift to us.

Teachers have certainly enjoyed welcoming students back to face to face learning and as we settle into the core business of learning in Term 3 and Term 4, I encourage you all to take the opportunity to enjoy spending quality time with your families these school holidays- away from the digital screens that can often occupy so much of our attention. 

Make time for God, for each-other and also some study and revision!

Stay safe and see you all in Term 3.

HSC Lectures these holidays - register now!

There are many options for HSC Lectures these holidays and also to sit some Trial HSC Exams and have them marked. Different subjects are offered at each of the universities or online as outlined below.

ATARNotes LiveStream

English, Maths, Sciences, Business Studies, History (Mod/Anc/Ext), Legal Studies, PDHPE, Studies of Religion, UCAT, Geography, Visual Arts

tsfx at UTS

English, Sciences, Business Studies, Legal Studies, PDHPE

InspireED - Online and also Marked Exam Practice

English, Maths, Sciences, History (Mod/Anc/Ext), Geography, Legal Studies, PDHPE, CAFE, SOR, Visual Arts

University of Sydney

English, Maths, Science, Business Studies, Legal Studies


Important Dates

Fri 26th June- Last day of Term 2

Tues 21st July- First day of Term 3


Design and Technology

Year 11 Design & Technology students were excited to get back into the workshop and complete their LED Eco Lamp projects. Well done everyone a great effort all round. 

Mrs Khoshaba

Food Technology

Year 9 and 10 Food Technology students in action!

Students have been learning about Therapeutic Diets and the focus was all things Keto!


Veronia and Neiva in Yr 7 have been designing a self watering pot planter for their Agriculture Task, check out the rocket they are growing. 


Last term, we had the RSPCA visit Primary and teach students about pet safety. We also supported the RSPCA with a donation. They have been very kind to send us a Certificate of Appreciation for our support. 

Year 1

Year 1 is learning to write a procedure in English, so they made popcorn! It was a great learning activity for the students. 


By Matthew Tadros, Demadious Bulis and Gabrielle Asaad

The Student Leadership Council have been working hard to ensure students felt welcomed back to school after the COVID-19 break. The Student Leadership Council and Mrs Fonseka, hold meetings every Thursday to discuss how they could enhance the schooling experience of every SBC student. Here are some of the things the Student Leadership Council have organised:

Student Leadership Council Oaths and Principal’ Morning Tea

On 25/05/20 the new Student Leadership Council members of 2020 were announced. Congratulations to Salwa, Demadious, Philopatir, Keriakos, Eva, Joshua, Immanuel, Gabrielle, Anna-Marie and Majdolen for being chosen to be a part of the Student Leadership Council . They were welcomed to the team and received their badges along with the honour to say the Student Leadership Council Oath. This was followed by assemblies for all the High School students to get an understanding of what a true leader is, including what the Student Leadership Council job entails. On 28/05/20 the P & F team, Mrs Fonseka and the Year 12 Student Leadership Council organised a morning tea with Mr. Atteya and Mrs. Awadalla for the new members. In this, the members spoke about their ideas and their plans for the future of the Student Leadership Council team. The Student Leadership Council would like to thank Mrs Georgi and Mrs Bulis for all their hard work and dedication towards this event.

Senior Sports Competition (Year 11 & 12)

Since their return to Term 2, Year 11 and 12 students have been engaged in fortnightly sport competitions, such as Volleyball, Soccer and Basketball games. The winning year of each game is awarded points that are tallied up until the end of the term. We would like to congratulate Year 12 as at the moment Year 12 are winning with 30 points while Year 11 are sitting on 20 points. 

Sport Activities (Year 7-10)

The Student Leadership Council has organised sport activities for Year 7-10 to participate in. These activities include Soccer, Volleyball, and Newcombe Ball where Year 7 versed Year 8, and Year 9 versed Year 10. The two winning teams were each awarded a box of Krispy Kreme Donuts!


Year 12 with the help of Ms Mayes, Mrs Bou-melhem, and Year 11, organised fundraisers for the Year 12 Formal. The fundraisers included were: Sausage sizzle, Burger and chips, Tacos, Krispy Kreme donuts.

A big thank you to all the teachers who have supported us in organising these activities! We have had a wonderful Term 2!

Year 11 Food Technology

Year 11 Food Technology Students working hard preparing and plating their meals for their Food Quality Assessment Task. This term students have been learning about safe and hygienic handling of food, sensory characteristics and functional properties of food. Well done to everyone on their final food product styling and photography! Mrs Khoshaba

Term 2 High School Activity Day

Year 3

Year 3 are investigating air resistance. Students designed and created their own parachutes using different materials. They are going to use a weight to find out which parachute is the most air resistant. 

Interrelate Poster Competition

This national competition is open to all primary schools across Australia and coincides with the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence in March. The aim of the competition is to raise awareness of bullying and to assist schools and organisations to identify and address bullying behaviours in their communities.

Congratulations to Geo Matthew Sachin!

Semester One Awards

Teach Starter

Teach Starter is an online resource with a diverse range of visuals, lessons and teaching tools for staff. Thank you to Miss N Hanna and Miss M Hanna for entering the school in the competition and winning a year subscription!