Caroline Chisholm College Newsletter

Term 2 Week 4 Issue 7 2019


From the Principal

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students of Caroline Chisholm College,

On Monday night at our Year 7 2020 Enrolment Evening 180 families attended with their Year 6 daughters to begin a six year relationship that will no doubt shape their lives for decades to come. I am always moved by the excitement and the hope that these young students and their parents bring to our interview night. One mother shared with me a story about her older daughter who is already here at Caroline Chisholm College. She told me that, when she was in primary school she was shy, reserved and lacked confidence. She said that, in four short months at the college, she has flourished. She is now a confident and excited teenager able to stand on her own two feet and express herself in class and beyond. When I hear stories like this I am so proud to be part of a Catholic community that gives girls the freedom and support to grow and achieve their dreams. We are excited to take our newest students on that journey when they begin here in 2020. Although we are at capacity in most of the junior year groups, we still have spaces to enrol students into years 10 and 11, if you have friends or family who are thinking about how to best support their daughters in these critical years of learning. Every parent wants their daughter to be confident and in control of her own life, and that’s what Caroline Chisholm College can do for girls.


I am sure you have heard the term ‘helicopter parent’, or even worse ‘concierge parent’ - those parents who see their mission as ensuring their child never experiences discomfort or struggle. These are parents who go to great lengths to fight their child’s battles and who refuse to allow their daughter to experience the consequences of their own decisions or failures. (Think, for example, removing crusts from the sandwich, including a prize in every layer of pass-the-parcel, arguing with teachers about assessment results). We know, instinctively that these parenting strategies result in young people with unrealistic expectations of the world and their place in it. It is my intention that our students learn to cope with the inevitable uncertainty and confusion that life will present them with. That is why that mother noticed her daughter flourishing in high school. To this end, I have decided that our Year 9s need an experience that prepares them for life. We have teamed up with Urban Challenge. Over two days in the city of Sydney, our students will be met with a range of puzzles, challenges and quests, all the while managing a budget, public transport and the unpredictability of a big city to succeed as a team. More information will be distributed to parents of Year 9 soon. However, I am already excited to see how our girls rise to the challenge. They will learn skills that will last a lifetime, and will ensure they develop their resourcefulness and independence. The Urban Challenge Company will be holding a parent information session later this term, as well as speaking to the students.


Finally, this Friday, we will hold a mufti-day to support the work of Catholic Care, the church’s social support agency. Catholic Care in the Diocese of Parramatta provides services to support families who may be struggling in a range of ways: relationship counselling, parent education, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, disability services and many others. Our community will invoke the intercession of Our Lady Help of Christians for the sake of all families in this region. We are asking that students bring a $2 coin (or more) to support this vital work.


Almighty God, deepen in our hearts
our love of Mary Help of Christians.
Through her prayers and under her protection,
may the light of Christ shine over our land.
May Australia be granted harmony, justice and peace.
Grant wisdom to our leaders and integrity to our citizens.
Bless especially families who struggle in any way.
Grow their faith and strengthen them so that
every child may grow to know and love you.
We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.
Mary Help of Christians, pray for us.

Mr Greg Elliott

From the Assistant Principal Pastoral

Information from Busways Regarding Changes to School Bus Routes and Times

Commencing Monday 27th May 2019 there will be significant changes to the Busways Western Sydney Network, resulting from the introduction of the Norwest Metro.

Busways have created letters to advise students and parents of any changes to current services, which will be distributed on the affected services from this week.

However, due to the scale of change involved and to ensure all students are aware of the changes, Busways are urging parents to check Caroline Chisholm College’s New Timetable starting 27th May to familiarise themselves with the changes.

You can find Caroline Chisholm College’s timetable here (please select the link to the right of your School’s name labelled “New timetable | 27 May 2019”):

Busways have said that the new timetables will be uploaded no later than Thursday 23 May 2019. Alternatively, routes and timetables can be accessed from the Transport for NSW website.

We have been told that the affected bus routes involving our students are:
Morning routes: 4080, 4044, 4043
Afternoon routes: 4631, 4514, 4531, 4549, 4549, 4563

Some changes are minor, while others involve changed routes and starting times so, if your daughter catches one of these buses, please check the Busways timetable to see if she is affected. There are too many changes to too many routes to put them all in the newsletter.

Please note you need to check the “New Timetable 27 May 2019” – it will be available by 23 May at the latest. As mentioned above, Busways are distributing paper copies of changes to students who normally catch these routes. Ask your daughter if she has received a copy of the proposed changes.


Tell Them From Me Parent Survey

Over the next few weeks we will be inviting students, teachers and parents to provide feedback on their experience of our school using an online survey. The surveys are an important part of our whole school evaluation and planning process. This is the second year we have used the Tell Them From Me survey which replaced the Quality Catholic Schools survey. 

During an extended homeroom on Friday 7 June, all students will be given the opportunity to participate in this survey. Students will be given a random username and password to access and complete the survey online. Students’ names cannot be linked to their responses which allows it to be completely anonymous. A letter will be sent shortly via Skoolbag for students to complete if they do NOT want their daughters to complete the survey. If you are happy for them to complete the survey, you do not need to do anything.

We would like to invite you to complete the Tell Them From Me (TTFM) Partners in Learning survey. As we value the role of parents and carers within our school community, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. The information you provide will be used to maintain our commitment to working together in partnership to further improve student learning and wellbeing at Caroline Chisholm College. 

The survey is anonymous and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. You are able to access the parent survey on your computer or mobile device by using a web address which will be sent via Skoolbag late this week or at the start of next week.

 You will be able to access the survey from Monday 27 May till Friday 14 June.


Information re Traffic Disruption on Thursday May 30

We have been told that there will be significant traffic disruption on Thursday May 30 in The Lakes Drive from early morning to late afternoon (including all school hours) while a large number of concrete trucks access the site for the major pour of the first floor. The building company will organise traffic control but no cars or buses will be able to access the college site. Parents will not be able to use the Drop Zone outside the college as the school buses will be using it. If we are told any other details, we will pass them on through the usual information channels.


Penrith Rotary Youth Dinner

On the evening of Monday 20 May, three of our students and their families attended the Penrith Rotary dinner where they presented information to the club about the activities they had undertaken during the year under the sponsorship of Penrith Rotary. Hannah Stephan attended RYPEN, the Rotary Youth Leadership program along with Hayley Barnes who had a prior commitment on the night of the dinner. Hannah spoke about the impact the camp on her as a person, developing in confidence and commitment and making a large number of friends in the process. Hannah wrote a detailed report on her experience in an earlier newsletter this year. Alison Coutinho and Claudia Fava attended the three-day ConocoPhillips Science Experience at Macquarie University in January. Both students are passionate scientists and they conveyed that to the members of Rotary with their presentation. At one stage, they had everybody attempting to stand on one foot with arms outstretched and eyes closed to demonstrate what they had learnt about the role of the inner ear and vision in maintaining equilibrium. Each girl acknowledged the generosity of Penrith Rotary in allowing them to have these fantastic experiences. On behalf of the college, I would like to add my thanks, particularly to their Youth Officer, Mr John Harding.


“Doing the Right Thing Awards”

Students who provide service to the college for a variety of reasons are eligible for a “Doing the Right Thing Award”.  Congratulations to Madison Cooney (7 Jackson), Emily Fox (7 Gilmore), Emma Dunn (8 Kenny), and Lucy Holmes (9 Kenny) who receive vouchers for the canteen for being the students drawn from the box.  All students who put in award slips will have points credited to their house.


Appreciation of Honesty

Students at Caroline Chisholm College regularly display outstanding honesty in returning items they find on the college grounds. Often these can be of quite substantial value. Students handing in found items receive a certificate of appreciation. I would like to congratulate the following students who have handing items in over the last fortnight: Isabelle Danyal (7 Gilmore), Oreca Pentecost (7 MacKillop), Ann Thomas (8 Jackson), Emma Dunn (8 Kenny), Chloe Joy (8 MacKillop), Dianne Faustino (8 Wright), Kaela Manas (8 Wright), Alicia Mizzi (8 Wright) and Emily Bonomo (12 Jackson), 

 Mr Greg King - Assistant Principal

From Assistant Principal Learning

HSC Minimum Standard Literacy and Numeracy

From 2020 all students are required to demonstrate a minimum standard of literacy and numeracy to be eligible for the award of the HSC. All students must complete online reading, writing and numeracy tests to demonstrate that they have met the HSC minimum standards. These tests will be available for students to sit in Year 10, 11 or 12 and even after the HSC.

  • Minimum Standard Reading Test – 45 multiple choice questions

  • Minimum Standard Numeracy Test – 45 multiple choice questions

  • Minimum Standard Writing Test – one question based on a visual or text prompt with up to a 500 word-response

Current Year 10 students will complete the online Minimum Standards tests later this term. Students will have an opportunity to complete practice online tests in the lead up to the online testing. These tests should not be a source of concern for students or parents. Please be assured that the teachers are working with your daughter to ensure she is developing the necessary skills to meet the minimum standard of literacy and numeracy. If you have any questions about the minimum standard requirements, please contact Ms Scollard at the College.

Year 11 (2020) Subject Selection Process

We will begin the Year 11 (2020) subject selection process this term. In the next couple of weeks, students will be emailed a copy of the Year 11 Subject Handbook (2020). This Handbook will also be made available on the College website. During week 9 of this term, KLA Leaders of Learning will speak to the Year 10 students to explain the subjects on offer and to answer any questions about study in Years 11 and 12. On 24 June there will be a parent information evening during which we will explain the requirements of study in Years 11 and 12. Following this evening, students will submit their subject preferences using an online form. On 13 August students and parents will be able to meet with a senior leader in the College to discuss their pattern of study for 2020 and to finalise their subject choices. We hope this process will assist students to make the best choices for Year 11 study in 2020.

Study Skills

A reminder to parents and students that the College subscribes to an online study skills website. If you haven’t had a look at the site recently, you might like to take some time to explore the resources available. Go to and login with these details:

USERNAME: forccconly

PASSWORD: 55results

One of the most useful pages is the ‘Things to Print’ page which contains many useful handouts and grids to assist with study.

Peer Mentoring Program

A reminder that the Peer Mentoring Program is running every Monday lunchtime in the library. Students from Years 10-12 are available to assist junior students with their school work and with general planning, organisation and study skills. All students are invited to attend either by themselves or in groups.

Ms Deborah Scollard - Assistant Principal

Food for thought

Subject: Mathematics Probability

What do you think is STATISTICALLY is more likely to cause death, flying in a plane or eating food? (answer in next ‘food for thought’)

Email your thoughts to:

Simone Spisiak:

Ellie Loughman:

Leaders of the Learning Committee

How would you like to share your life with a Japanese girl?

Our College is currently looking for families in the College community to host a student from our sister school, Tokyo Junshin Catholic Girls High School.

The girls will be in our College for the first two weeks of Term 3 - arriving at CCC on Monday 22 July (4pm) and departing CCC on Monday 5 August at 8am. The girls are here to improve their English speaking skills and to experience life in Australia. Any family in the College community are welcome to apply.

The girls will participate in activities at CCC each day and will have weekends to spend with you. Hosting families will receive a stipend of $30//night to help with any additional costs.

In 2018, Evelyn wrote, “I found that hosting a student from Tokyo Junshin is one of the greatest decisions of my life.  I have made an everlasting friendship with my student Rumi and when I am older and I get better at Japanese I am planning to go to Tokyo and meet her when I go there. Ever since Rumi came into our family she would say that she is not that good at English. However, ever since she has been here I can see how much greater at English she is and all my friends agree. We also feel that she is like a family member and we really don’t want her to go”.

Students can pick up a flyer from Student Services. Any questions can be directed to Mrs

Mrs Wendy Merriman - Leader of Learning LOTE

Focus on Athletes at CCC


Cataliina Lecaros and Tammin Danby





What has been happening?

Over the weekend of 10/5-12/5 Tammin Danby and I competed in Hockey New South Wales' State Championship Under 18s Tournament for the Nepean Hockey Association. 

After winning our first 2 games on the Friday we had the top spot secured. However, our spot in the semi-finals was jeopardised on Saturday afternoon after 2 losses. After an extremely lucky win of 5th place Bathurst over the 2nd Place Far North Coast team, our spot of 2nd in the pool and semis was secured. 

On Sunday morning we played against a Parkes Hockey Association for the grand final spot. After a hard fight, we came out with a 2-1 win. Five hours later we walked onto the pitch for the grand final against the home association; Manning Valley Hockey Association. 

After scoring a goal in the first 10 minutes we defended hard and kept the score to 1-0 until the last 2 minutes, when one of our key defenders received a green card. It was a tense two minutes as a short corner was called against us, giving them a perfect opportunity to score. Thirty seconds to go and our central defender cleared the ball strongly and secured our win. We won the grand final of the Under 18s State Championships of Division 2. 

After the game a group huddle formed as we all congratulated each other on this amazing achievement. Under the coaching of Corrina Aitken and previous Caroline Chisholm College student Chloe Williams, we did our absolute best and played our best game of hockey all weekend. Next year Nepean will have a team in Division 1. 

Well done Catalina and Tammin. We are extremely proud of you at Caroline Chisholm College.

Written by Catalina Lecaros 

Diary Dates

Term 2 Weeks 4-6

Thur 23 May

Year 11 Reflection Day, Mt Schoenstat

Trade Training Centre Talk - Year 10

Fri 24 MayMufti Day - Fundraiser for Catholic Care
Mon 27 MayPDSSSC Years 7-9 Girls Football Gala Day, Jamison Park
Tue 28 May

Year 8 Passover Meal Incursion

Year 12 Social with St Dominic's College

Wed 29 MayMulgoa Senior School Captains Leadership Forum
Thur 30 May

Business Innovation Challenge, Macquarie Park

Year 12 Bio Depth Study, Museum of Health & Disease

Year 11 Aboriginal Spirituality Day

Fri 31 May

Business Innovation Challenge, Macquarie Park

Year 10 Drama 'Follow Me Home', Riverside Theatre, Parramatta

Nightgarden at Penrith Regional Gallery 6.00-8.00pm

Sun 2 JuneVIVID at Barangaroo - 6.00pm Welcome
Wed 5 June

Year 12 Reflection Day, Mt Schoenstatt

Australian History Competition Incursion

Thur 6 June

Year 11 Bio - Depth Study Penrith Regatta Centre

Year 12MHI and 12HEX HTA History Association Workshops

Years 7-12 Djurumin Students - VIVID Performance - 10.30 pm


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