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2020 Volume 2 Issue 4

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From the Principal

Congratulations, Miss Weston!!!!

I’m sure you will all join me in officially congratulating Miss Sarah Weston on her well-deserved, substantive Assistant Principal role at Summer Hill PS! What exciting news for Sarah, her family and loved ones, as well as Summer Hill! I can’t say that we won’t miss you here at Balmain, as that would definitely be untrue!

Sarah is an incredible educator and valued member of the executive team and school community; she has definitely been the catalyst for positive change at this school since her arrival and will leave a wonderful legacy of a revitalised OC program, positivity and wellbeing, amongst other things!

We have been so fortunate to have Sarah as part of the Balmain family and luckily get to ‘keep’ her for a little while longer, until Friday 14 August.

CONGRATULATIONS, Miss Weston…Balmain’s loss is definitely Summer Hill’s gain!

A Teacher for 5/6 Willow

We have been able to secure Ms Katrina Kelly to teach 5/6 Willow from Monday 17 August. Katrina is a classroom teacher with experience on the Opportunity Class. She started her teaching journey as a pre-service teacher, under Sarah's guidance within the treehouse. Miss Kelly has since graduated and has experience working across K-6 in various schools.

Katrina worked this year in the treehouse, on Sarah's executive day, which was on a Friday throughout Term 1. During this time, Miss Kelly worked Monday - Thursday at Summer Hill Public School on the OC class. She has since left us to work full time on the Opportunity Class at Summer Hill Public School.

When Sarah transitions to the OC at Summer Hill PS, Miss Kelly will transition to the OC at Balmain PS. Miss Kelly is a familiar face to OC students and someone who is known to the school. 

The sunshine has finally broken through!

Rainbows are often seen after a rainstorm when the sun breaks through the clouds. This provides us with a very powerful and important message...in this current climate, the rainstorm affecting the world has definitely been the COVID-19 pandemic!

The sun has broken through those ominous clouds and a magnificent rainbow has appeared, guiding the way back to Balmain PS!

We're looking forward to having all our students back to school on Monday 25 May!

Drop Off and Pick Up Schedule

Drop off and Pick Up Schedule from Monday 25 May (until further notice)

We look forward to returning to school in a full time capacity as of Monday 25 May (Week 5). 

Whilst we will experience a sense of normality, ALL ADULTS (i.e. parents, carers and BPS staff) will still need to practice physical distancing, as per the advice of the NSW Department of Education.

We will continue to maintain our ‘kiss and drop’ zones in the morning, where we ask parents to say goodbye to their child/ren at the school gates and supervise their entry. At this time, we ask that all parents and carers remain outside the school gates. 

We will also be implementing staggered home times for students at the end of the school day. Classroom teachers will wait with their class at a designated school exit (see table with location and times below).

We ask that parents remain outside the school gates at all times and practise these physical distancing measures.

Below is a table outlining where students will be dismissed and at what time. As students will be dismissed in waves, it is imperative that parents stand away from the gate upon their designated time to collect their child. Parents and students are asked to move away from their designated area in a prompt and efficient manner.

Please note: Class teachers will remain with their class, at designated spot, until all students have been picked up, either by parents/carers, or Eaton St Centre (ESC), if booked in. The ESC staff are aware of the staggered dismissal and will pick up children from their teachers at designated areas.

We understand that it is possible that you might have children in different or various stages. In this instance, we ask that you still collect your children at their designated time and gate.

We appreciate your cooperation in working with the school to keep our students, staff and community safe.

2:30PMK JasmineK GumnutK Kale
2:40PMN/A1/2 Banana Palm1/2 Cactaceae
2:50PMN/A1/2 Lavender1/2 Magnolia
2:55PM3/4 Bamboo3/4 Magnolia3/4 Rainforest
2:55PMN/AN/ABus - Ms Whelan


'It takes a village to raise a child' - African proverb

That is so true! Balmain Public School is such a thriving, inter-connected, supportive community, which includes a fabulous group of people that we acknowledge this week - our VOLUNTEERS!

Huge THANKS to all those people who are able to give up their precious time and lend a hand, in a myriad of ways, to help support our incredible students of Balmain Public School!

A special shout out must go to our amazing Uniform Stall volunteers - Lyndal (Mum of Imogen 3/4R and Theo 5/6F), Josie (Mum of Edward 1/2C and Amelia 3/4R, as well as the assistance of Ana Luisa (Mum of Gabriela 1/2L and Laura 5/6F) - who help keep our students well-dressed in their school uniform!

Although we aren't allowed to have our volunteers back on deck as yet, our uniform ladies are assisting with the provision of uniform needs, especially as we've had a sudden turn in the weather.

Thank you, thank you, thank you...to Lyndal and crew, as well as to all our volunteers! We appreciate you and look forward to the day when our volunteers will be able to be back on school grounds!




'The School Canteen' are excited to be back at Balmain Public school from Friday 5/6/20. We very much look forward to bringing your students the healthy safe lunches they have been missing during home schooling. Thank you for your support!


School Uniforms

Order uniform items here

For any size exchanges, please:

1. Email the uniform stall with the details of the exchange, at: balmainpsuniforms@gmail.com

2. Return the items to be exchanged to the school office, clearly marked with Student name, Class and EXCHANGE

3. Replacement items will be packed and re-delivered to your child's classroom

Orders will continue to be packed and delivered for collection each week, until we are able to reopen the stall.

Thank you!



K GumnutEthan Rdoing a tremendous job of learning his sight words!
K JasmineOscar Lhis continuous hard work and best effort attitude towards home learning. Including creating a delicate origami butterfly
K KaleJack Hcreating a fantastic treasure map and box during investigations!
1/2 Banana PalmRose Wher exemplary role modelling of The Balmain Way
1/2 CactaceaeHarry Scontinued improvement and good manners in the classroom
1/2 LavenderZachary Kworking extremely hard during the learning from home period and for improving his handwriting
1/2 MangroveLachlan Cconsistently working diligently during Literacy Groups and the enthusiasm and focus he shows when reading aloud
3/4 BambooRosemary Aoutstanding effort in application towards her school work from home
3/4 MagnoliaBen Sexcellent online communication skills. Well done, Ben!
3/4 RainforestCharlotte Hher enthusiastic approach to spelling and grammar this week. Well done, Charlotte!
5/4 MarigoldKyann Rshowing a marked improvement while working online
5/6 Cherry BlossomCaleb Gconsistently producing a high level of work
5/6 FrangipaniCorey Mpersisting towards his goals
5/6 WillowRicky Sdemonstrating resilience on his return to Balmain PS
5/6 YautiaCharles Crespectfully addressing his peers and teachers

YOU CAN DO IT! awards - Organisation

K GumnutIsla B-Rinspiring others to keep our local environment tidy
K JasmineJulie V Mplanting and taking care of a beautiful garden for investigations during home learning
K KaleCharlotte Oshowing great organisation towards all investigation creations
1/2 Banana PalmRosie Hbeing organised and bringing her spelling book into school for our class day
1/2 CactaceaeIvy Wcalmly and quickly packing up after a fun art lesson!
1/2 LavenderNash E Mbeing organised in his learning and showing an ability to monitor understanding whilst reading and viewing stories
1/2 MangroveLeo Yshowing a big improvement with organising his writing and presenting it neatly and clearly
3/4 BambooKerttu Jorganising her day to incorporate additional literacy study
3/4 MagnoliaBen Chis effort and positive attitude towards learning. Very impressive editing skills!
3/4 RainforestMaximilian N-Wre-organising how he presents his SOLE work. Your presentations look schmick and professional!
5/4 MarigoldDillon Pshowing excellent organisation skills while using Google Classroom
5/6 Cherry BlossomJonah Phis positive approach to his online learning
5/6 FrangipaniMarcella C-Hher neat and orderly bookwork!
5/6 WillowEllen Dbeing organised, enthusiastic and ready to learn
5/6 YautiaEamon Wcompleting work in a timely manner, on our face-to-face learning day

BPS students are winners!

Joshua McG 1/2C and little brother George...


A huge THANKS!

Balmain Public School has definitely been overwhelmed by the number of

positive messages, feedback and special treats,

as we've navigated the unchartered waters of COVID-19.

You are an incredible community and we are most grateful to be part of the

Balmain Public School family! Thanks so much for your unwavering support!


Photo Gallery: From Liya 3/4R G's family...

'Words of thanks to Miss Moisa for her words of encouragement on each and every piece of online class work, and to Mrs Bowman for the most creative and conquerable online art classes!!'

- Mum of Markus A 1/2M & Rosemary A 3/4B

'Thank you for your understanding and flexibility, and for your excellent and inspiring work in teaching and caring for Maya and the school community.'

- Dad of Maya B 5/6W

'I cannot thank you and your fantastic team at BPS enough for all your and their efforts at keeping everyone safe and happy whilst still providing a great educational structure that is clear and easy to follow.

Amber remains in touch with her class in the UK and is still doing some of their pre planned school work Online and I have to say the structure and planning from BPS is much more involved and interactive and varied with better variety in delivery and content. So well done!'

- Mum of Amber S KJ


Remote learning winds up...

Last day of 'Home School of Rock' for Lachie W 5/6F!

Photo Gallery: Jack O 3/4R and Lily O 1/2L

Amber S KJ...

Rosalind C 1/2M doing her last remote learning assignment in Geography

Hamish D 1/2M and Ollie D 3/4R...

Kerttu J 3/4B loves art classes!

Markus A 1/2M and Rosemary A 3/4B...

Cleopatra McP 3/4R

Yunxi L R 1/2C...

Josh McG 1/2C keeps a tally...

William S KJ and Jack S 1/2L are practising from home...

Al Fresco Learning for Yasna K 1/2M...

Marla H KK is hard at work...

Lauren H 5/6F...

Sylvie D 5/6W has music with Ms Biggins!

Isla B-R KG, you inspire others!

Photo Gallery: Vivan N 1/2B has fun learning in his pj's!

Photo Gallery: Logan P 5/6F collaborates with her Dad during ISO

Logan has a great love for food and loves creating things for others to enjoy [under the supervision of her mum, of course]. Apart from the actual making of the food, it is the presentation that she loves doing the most...and each plate is amazing, Logan!

After Logan's food 'canvases' were complete, her Dad, Cliff, has been teaching Logan that a mobile camera is more than sufficient to take photos, including selecting the point of focus, using a shallow depth-of-field and altering the shooting angle. You're not a photographer, by any chance, Cliff?

Cliff wanted to show Logan that photographing food can be as artful as plating it. They started off with Friday Night Dessert Delights, moved on to lunch, breakfast, virgin cocktails & then the 'pièce de résistance'...a full-on chocolate cake! [The last photo has been picked up by The Australian Women's Weekly, even though it was only taken earlier this week!!] Congratulations, Cliff!

What a fabulously delicious collaboration from Logan and her Dad...Logan, I think we'll be seeing you on Masterchef! Congratulations!

Spotlight on...

5/4 MARIGOLD!!!!

The Lockdown – Written by Alex B, Will B and Kyann

In the lockdown,

we sometimes frown.

When we use Google Classroom,

We don’t use Zoom.

 It’s taught us to be independent,

working all alone.

Our parents give us the guidance

to focus right at home.

We’ve been isolated from our schools,

our parks and our pools.

We’ve learnt to be grateful

for the little things.

For our friends, our teachers and all that

life brings.

We use social distancing,

to make COVID 19 not a thing.

Let’s hope this is over,

Sooner rather than later.

So we can see you all soon;

We will be over the moon!

Home School – Written by Luca D, Dillon and Lola

H Hard work

O Our minds are challenged

M Making new ideas

E Exciting when doing work

S Satisfied when finished work

C Collaborative when getting ideas together

H Helpful when we all have ideas

O Occupied when doing work

O Open to do different tasks

L Lucky to have support

Lockdown – Written by Alex K, Luca M and Alesha

Lonely at home

Outside, it's so quiet

Can’t go to the park or play around

Kids are all at home

Disappointed you can’t see your friends

Only now there’s places we can go

When shops are closed

Not much to do

Lockdown – Written by Hannah, Micah and Max

Lockdown is the rule.

Online learning is kind of cool.

Covid 19 has come and passed.

Kids at home, not to last.

During this time we are trying to survive,

Our families have learnt to thrive.

We have to stay calm,

No chance for harm.

Online Learning by Jude, Roman and Tristan

Online learning

New experience

Lonely and alone

Isolation by yourself

Not seeing your friends

Education made differently

Learning without teachers

Everything independent

At home

Responsibility using Google Docs

Not with the teachers help

Its tough to work independently

Not at school

Grateful that there is still school

Lockdown – Written by Harry, Frankie and Will M

Life at home

Outside is too far

Covid, not you, we will make it through

Kittens and cats keep us company

Down in the dumps, we are again

Online learning (not so fun)

What to do

Now I can see my friends!

Isolation Acrostic Poem – Written By Josie, Ruby, and Teo

Isolation is what has been done,

Social distancing is not fun,

Online school is not cool.

Lonely people in their homes.

Active indoors, not much space.

Tired of this COVID.

Indoor activities are not fun.

Online activities are not fun.

No friends, no one. When will this whole thing end?

Lockdown - Written by Ian, Josh and Arkie

Life is miserable with lockdown,

Other people infected sadly.


Kids are crazy.

Down and down.

On the computer,

Wash hands!

No hugging or shaking hands.




  • Cleaning school facilities including but not limited to; classrooms, toilets, bubblers, kitchens, windows and grounds
  • Maintenance of stock supplies and orders
  • Full Training and uniforms provided

Minimum Criteria

  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to pass Government criminal background check
  • Ability to obtain a Working with Children number prior to commencement $80
  • Have valid driver’s Licence and reliable vehicle for Regional Locations

Days of Work & Shifts Available

  • Monday to Friday
  • Shift Times Available 5am-9am, 10am-3pm or 2pm-6pm
  • Please outline your shift preference in the employment application

DON’T DELAY Follow the link below to the ISS Careers page and complete an employment application, which will take approximately 5 minutes. Please have a copy of your ID available e.g., drivers licence and passport to assist with the application process.

Click here to apply now:


If you need any assistance with your application, or have further questions, please email sandra.moussa@au.issworld.com

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