St Marys North Public School

Term 4 Week 11 Newsletter

Important Dates

Last Day of Term 4 2021Thursday 16 December 2021
First Day for Years 1-6 Tuesday01 February 2022
First Day for Kindergarten Wednesday02 February 2022

From the Principal

As the end of 2021 is now upon us, we once again, find ourselves at the end of another year that took us all on a journey we were not expecting.

Our students and staff again navigated through their learning and teaching journey, that saw us start the year in classrooms and then once again switch our learning back to learning from home, before finally being able to be welcomed back to the classroom. In total we spent over 100 days learning remotely. To our students, we are incredibly proud of the resilience you have shown and the way in which you took on the challenge of learning away from the classroom and your teachers. To our Year 6 students, we congratulate each one of you as you now come to the end of your journey through primary school. This year has certainly not been the year that we would have ever wanted for you as you complete your final year at school with us. You have, however, not surprised us with your continued acceptance of the circumstances that we were all put in and we hope you will still leave us with many wonderful memories of your time here at Norths.

As I recounted our year, I was blown away by the level of accomplishment that was achieved by us all. Over the past weeks we have held our Presentation Day, Year 6 graduation and farewell, Kindergarten orientation, Year 7 transition and class party days to celebrate our 2021 achievements. It has been a busy time and I could not be any prouder of everyone’s efforts and contributions.

Regardless of the obstacles thrown our way, our students have continued to thrive and succeed. We have all learnt to be more tolerant, more flexible, more creative and above all, more resilient. It has again been an opportunity to recognise what is important. Our students help us see the simple joy in the world around us. We are continually inspired by their tenacity to just get on with the work that needs to be done. Whether that be learning here at school or learning at home, our children accepted the challenge. I wish to endlessly thank our community for the enormous effort that each of you put in during the extended learning from home period. Our students were so lucky that you were able to be there to support them with their learning.

Despite our unusual year, we have still managed to achieve a number of upgrades around of school. Perhaps the largest was the returfing of our grassed area. To watch our students now play on a beautiful grassed area with no bare patches or weeds, has bought us all a lot of joy. The inclusion of new covered tables and chairs at the top of the grassed area has meant our students have more places to sit protected from the sun.

I would like to acknowledge the tireless efforts of our amazing staff who consistently, without pause, work incredibly hard to ensure our students are provided with the best possible educational outcomes. This year yet again, we asked our teachers to totally flip the way they normally teach and move again to remote learning. I am in awe of the way our staff pulled together, supported each other and found new ways to get the job done. Our staff engaged in countless hours of online learning. We zoomed, had team meetings and zoomed some more. Every minute dedicated to improving the learning outcomes for our learners.

I feel truly blessed to work with such an outstanding team.

We have a great public school, with highly skilled and dedicated teachers; wonderful, caring and supportive office staff and SLSOs; fantastic students who constantly strive to do their best and highly supportive parents and community members who are justifiably proud of their children and their learning success.

Staff Changes

This week, we say farewell to one of our much-loved permanent teachers. Mrs King will be leaving Sydney to move away with her family. Mrs King will leave behind a legacy of outstanding achievement as an educator and leader and her new school is incredibly fortunate to have such talented teacher join them. We also say farewell for now and thank you to Miss Bolton, Mrs Kerr and Miss Sullivan. Thank you for the care and dedication you have shown to our students.

In 2022, we will welcome back Mrs Mawson and Mrs Cassone who are returning from maternity leave. We will also welcome back Ms Pagan to Norths. We also warmly welcome Mrs Baneet Anand, who has been appointed permanently to St Marys North.  

For those families, along with our members of staff, who are leaving us this week, on behalf of our entire school community I thank you for your support and contributions. Whether your journey with us has been short or long, each one of you leaves behind a connection that we will forever treasure. I hope you will look back on your time at Norths with a sense of pride, accomplishment and endearment. I wish you every success, good health and happiness in the future.

To our Year 6 students

We are so incredibly proud of all of you because despite everything that has happened this year you have now arrived at this moment where you are meant to be. The moment where we watch as you leave primary school today and look forward to high school.

One of my favourite quotes is by Les Brown. He says “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars.” Always strive for your best, show everyone around you the amazing person that you are. We want the very best for each one of you. Now is your time to fly and become the young person that you will be proud to be. We have great expectations for each of you as you leave us today …. You have a new path to follow now. Remember to always set yourself goals and work hard to achieve them.

To our parents and families of our Year 6 students, we want to thank you for entrusting your children in our care. We wish you all the very best as you transition your children to high school.

Happy holidays

On behalf of the Norths staff, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday break. I hope you have time to enjoy each other’s company and make wonderful memories together for your children to remember in the future. Thank you for your continued support of our wonderful school. It truly feels like the heart of our community and is a place for all to be extremely proud of. School resumes in 2022 for students in Years 1-6 on Tuesday 1 February. Kindergarten students will commence on Wednesday 2 February.


‘Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.’

Mrs Parrello


News From The Office

Merry Christmas from the Office

Miss Higgins , Mrs Coleman and Mrs Lapin would like to wish all students and their families a very merry Christmas. Take this time to celebrate with your family and we hope this season and the New Year is filled with warmth, comfort and good cheer!

Deputy Principal

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a restful and joyous holiday. This year has presented us with challenges greater than what we faced last year. Hopefully, next year we can have a full year of learning at school and all of our wonderful parents can have a year of just being parents and not teachers too! Stay safe over the holidays and I look forward to seeing everyone when they return in 2022!

Miss Bishop

Deputy Principal

News From The Aboriginal Education Office

Yaama everyone,

It was great to welcome back all our students and staff this term. It was so good to see everyone back at school after such a long time learning and working from home.

Culture Class lessons recommenced in Term 4. Kindergarten students learnt about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples connections to the land and the environment. They have learned about the amazing tools, weapons and other artefacts that we have here at school and what they are used for.

Years 1 and 2 learnt about Connections to Country, how First Nations peoples have cared for Country for over 65,000 years and the importance of continuing to care for Country.

Years 3 and 4 learnt about First Nations peoples connections with Country as well as with the Moon. They have heard some Dreamtime stories about the moon and how the moon tells us many different things like the changes in the tides, when to fish, when to plant food, when the weather will change and many other things.

Years 5 and 6 have been learning about the different types of watercrafts that our First Nations peoples use, such as canoes and rafts. Some of our Stage 3 Indigenous students were selected to lead these lessons. They have done an amazing job showing each class a PowerPoint presentation about the different types of watercrafts and helping the students to build their own model canoes using paper, toothpicks and string.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing restrictions we have not been able to have Uncle Mark and Aunty Teagen back at school to lead Aboriginal dance group practice yet, but hopefully we will be able to welcome them back in the new year as restrictions continue to ease.

News From the Community Liaison Officer

Fresh fruit and Vegetables.

Free fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables are offered to our students every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at recess time. Thank you to Food Bank and Oz Harvest

Why is fruit and vegetables important?

Fruit and vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and many phytonutrients (nutrients naturally present in plants), which help your body stay healthy. Since fruit is low in kilojoules (energy) relative to many other foods, including it every day can help prevent excessive weight gain. Different fruit can help protect the body in different ways, so it’s important to choose a variety of colours every day.

Attendance Matters

Whole School Attendance


97.18%94.30%89.54% 78.43%        81.72%      82.84%       86.75%      86.78%        88.52%      83.33%        

Week 6 - 1/2 Clownfish - 96.00%               Week 8 -  1 Octopus - 94.00%

                 3/4 Squid - 91.82%                                       3 Stingray - 93.04%

                 S3 Nautilus 94.78%                                      S3 Nautilus - 90.43%

Week 7 -  K Jellyfish 90.00%                       Week 9 -  1 Octopus - 95.00%

                1 Octopus 94.00%                                         3/4 Squid - 94.55%

                 3 Stringray 91.30%                                       S3 Nautilus - 90.00%

                 S 3 Lobster 93.91%                    Week 10 - 1/2 Clownfish  - 97.50%

                                                                                          3/4 Squid - 90.91%

                                                                                          S3 Nautilus - 90.91%

Banner of Excellence

  • Amelia.K              Belinda.T
  • Braithyn.K           Caitlin.H
  • Eamon.B              Cooper.H
  • Ryder.H                Olivia.B

Principal's Awards

  • Braithyn.K           Wyatt.F            Logan.M
  • Caleb.T                 Riley.B             Olivia.K
  • Isabella. B            Hayden.F         Wallace.C
  • Jai.T                       Abubakar.A     Koby.H
  • Jessica. C              Edward.O
  • Mackenzie. F       Elijiah.B
  • Mia-Rose. R         Felix.M
  • Miley.A                 Samuel.H
  • Tailean.A              Ruby.C
  • Samuel. K             Ellie.C
  • Leon. S                  Jayden.D

Class in the Spotlight

2 Seahorse - Under the Sea.

4 Sharks Gardening

This term, 4 Sharks has been enjoying our time spent in the garden. We have been weeding and turning over the soil, to allow the nutrients to spread. We have harvested carrots, radishes, and some edible flowers. We have discovered garden friends and not so nice garden friends. We have learnt how different plants will either, help or hinder the growth of other plants, which is call companion planting. Thank you Mr Clifton for helping us learn about our gardens.  

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