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Term 4 Week 2 - 25 October 2019

Dates for the Diary

OCTOBER8 NovemberNewsletter
25 OctoberDay for Daniel11 NovemberRemembrance Day Service
29 OctoberKindy 2020 Information Session for Parents & Carers Only12 NovemberKindy 2020 Orientation
29 OctoberP&C Meeting18 November K-6 Assembly
19 NovemberKindy 2020 Orientation
NOVEMBER 22 NovemberNewsletter
4 NovemberK-6 Assembly29 NovemberYear 6 Fun Day
5 November Kindy 2020 Orientation
7 NovemberGrandfriends' Day

Principal's Message

Dear Parents,Carers & Community,

Welcome to Term 4! This is such an exciting time for all: our students are addressing the final components of their personal goals; our Year 6 students are preparing for high school and are creating their final primary school memories; we will be welcoming our 2020 kindergarten students as part of Kindy Orientation; and our staff are busy preparing for the many end of year events, including Grandfriends’ Day, Presentation Day, Helpers’ Thank you Morning-tea, Year 6 Farewell and many more. 

Over the past week, I have had several meetings with members of the newly formed P&C. Each time I walked away feeling so motivated and excited about the year ahead. We have plans of working in collaboration with the P&C and the school community to align projects to the school’s vision and overall goals. In order to strengthen this partnership, we have staff representative who will be working closely with the P&C and attending the P&C meetings. Our staff representatives are Mr Destefano, Mrs Soteriou, Mr Murray and Miss Doualetas. Malcolm Buchan, P&C President, will be communicating their vision and the many projects/events that we will be working on together. Exciting times ahead!

Last Monday, our teachers took part in our fourth Twilight Session of professional learning. These sessions are in place of the staff development days scheduled on the 19th and 20th December. The agenda included: roles and responsibilities associated with student attendance; preparation for report writing - semester 2; and Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) - playground decisions to achieve positive, safe, engaged and consistent student behaviour.

Please note that as a result of these alternative professional learning sessions, teachers will not be on the school premises on 19th and 20th December. However, the school office staff will be working from 8:15am to 3:30pm on both days. 

Many of you would be aware of the difficulties that l have recently experienced with my leg and as a result, l will require surgery. My last day will be on Friday, 8th November and l will be off for the rest of the term to recover. Mrs Frances Brewer, an experienced Principal, will relieve in my place for the rest of the term. Thank you so much to Mrs Brewer. I am most grateful to her. The school will be in very good hands over this period. 

Today is Day for Daniel - a National Day of Action hosted by the Daniel Morcombe Foundation (DMF) to raise awareness of child safety, protection and harm prevention, educating children and adults about keeping kids safe through child safety and protection initiatives. All teachers across the school addressed strategies to equip children with skills on how to keep themselves safe and how to identify an unsafe situation. Please take the time to discuss this all important topic with your child. 

Today we also acknowledge our teachers as part of World Teachers’ Day. On behalf of our entire school community, thank you to each and every one of you. How lucky are we to have a group of educators who care, inspire and motivate our students on a daily basis – playing a pivotal role in shaping the next generation. 

I look forward to seeing many of you during our Grandfriends’ Day, coming up on Thursday 7th November.


Ms A. Vountoulas


Concord PS

Student Awards


To the following students who have or will be receiving a Principal Award or Principal Pennant.

Principal's AwardsPrincipal's Pennants

Aurora W - 1C

Dounia Alia I - 1C

Ilias C - KZ

Gemma W - 2T

Isobel G - 4/5S

Eli K - 1D

Lily K - 2T

Ella G - 3/4GE

Charlie W - 1C

Michael B - 2T

Ryley M - 2M

Jake M - 1D

Sage M - 3/4P

Edie B - 2M

Eva V V - 2M

Tom V V - 3/4P

Thomas H - 1D

Prithesh A - 5/6S

Ivy M - KZ

Jacqueline L - 1D

Saskia H R - 5/6S x 3

Jake M - 1D

Gabriele F - 5/6S

Eva V V - 2M

Tom V V - 3/4P

Cleopatra C - 2T

Yeonhu K - 2T

Class Item - 1D

Planning for 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

We need assistance in our planning for next year.  The school's staffing entitlements and funding are dependent upon the student population at the start of 2020.

If you are moving or going on an extended family holiday and your child/children will not be starting at the commencement of the new school  year (on Wednesday 29 January 2020), please notify the school office as soon as possible, preferably in writing or via the school's email address -

Stay In Bed - Mito Foundation Fundraiser


The SRC would like to thank the Concord Public School community for their enthusiastic support of the Stay In Bed Day fundraising event for the Mito Foundation held in Term 3.

A total of $290 was raised to help support those affected by mitochondrial disease and further research into developing a cure.

A special thank you also goes to the Catton family for providing a range of materials to help inform students and add colour to Concord Public School’s Stay In Bed Day.

Sydney East Regional Athletics Carnival


Congratulations to Giuliano F (2M – 8yrs Boys 100m) and Jonathan C (5/6D – Snr Boys 200m) who recently represented the Western Suburbs PSSA Zone at the Sydney East Regional Athletics Carnival.

Concord Public School is very proud of these students and their fantastic achievements of qualifying and competing for the regional team.

Well done!

Applying for Year 7 Entry to Selective High School in 2021

Kindergarten Enrolment for 2020

Your child may start school if he or she turns 5 years by July 31 2020.


Please call into the office to collect an enrolment package and make an appointment to see Mrs Lees. You may also ring the office on 9744 8427. Please remind your family, friends and neighbours.

Concord Public School Band

P & C

From the President

From the round table

G'day everyone, and I do mean everyone. Parents and Carers, Educational and Support Staff and the community at large. Spring has really sprung and the season of renewal and growth has its positive impact within the P&C and our relationship with the school executive and the staff as a whole. This in turn will filter through to the larger community we live in as a whole. Your Vice Presidents, Canteen and Uniform Shop Reps have reached out where they can to engage with members of the school community and in turn collectively, have formulated ideas for events as well as projects to fund. We have put these forward to the school executive and staff. The result of our interactions have enabled to produce a plan for the rest of this year through to the AGM in September 2020 and beyond.

For the first time that I can remember we will have a timetable of fund raising events and family activities that everyone in the school community, Kids, Parents, Carers, Educational and Support Staff can all be part of. Dates are locked in and the type of event and activity is listed. For the first time you will have, in some circumstances up to one year, notification on the opportunity to participate.

So, get involved and have fun in the planning of the events. Meet new friends and build a partnership with the school. We want to include everyone, especially parents and carers from our new classes as well as the myriad of nationalities who form part of our school.  You are all an important part of your children's learning and life at school. Join us!

In the coming weeks you will receive a special newsletter from us which will earmark our events in a calendar format for you to place on your fridge. We will also post this online. Remember we need your help to make these things happen. We will send out another form soon after so you can enter your details with what event you can help with. Don't be surprised if your kids start talking to you about them also as we are actively involving some students and teachers in the shape of these events. A collaborative approach which underlines all we hope to do for the next year and beyond.You will also find in the next couple of weeks a list of projects we intend to fund which will go out on the school website and will be sent out in a newsletter. This funding of projects has been instigated by the P&C, discussed and molded by the School Staff to bring together a suite of projects covering the physical, intellectual and community needs of the students across all stages. Each project has a distinct and well thought out rationale which supports the kids in their school interactions.

21st century learning is key and we believe we can help take it from being a phrase to aspire to, to being something we can help the school attain quicker and set our kids up for their educational needs not only for now, but transitional skills for well beyond.Anyway that is a little insight to where we are heading and our planning to help us get there. Planning is the key. In time to come we hope to develop a 3 year plan that will help achieve other and continuing goals focused on our kids. Again you should try to come along on the journey. We need you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anna Vontoulas for her valuable insight, timeliness and consensus building in the planning we have already achieved. We wish her all the very best for her up and coming surgery and Anna we all have our fingers crossed for a complete and speedy recovery, enabling you to run marathons! 

Your P&C, along with your School and its staff, will strive to deliver great outcomes for your kids. That is our one and only focus. Always!

Cheers Mal  

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