Churchlands Primary School Newsletter

Volume 23 - 18/03/2022

Principal's Message

I hope you are all taking good care of yourselves.

Heartfelt thanks to the many families who have sent such generous and kind messages of thanks to the Executive and staff for keeping our community well informed and providing their children who are in isolation connected with an online learning program. We are genuinely so grateful to have such a caring and supportive community.

While at times it feels like our lives are consumed by COVID-19, at school we work very hard on ensuring things continue to be ‘business as usual’ for the children. We have become experts at tweaking things to ensure they can still be part of many great things. It was fantastic to see children from years 3 and 6 participate in this year’s STEAM Fluor challenge during lunchtimes this week. The children were so engaged and enthusiastic as they worked with their teams to develop their challenges. Huge thanks to Mr J and Ms Goodwin for all their efforts in ensuring this annual challenge went ahead. Band practice is now an outdoor event; staff and students are fortunate to be welcomed with amazing music in the morning thanks to Mr H and Andrea Carter (IMSS).

Massive accolades to Mrs Key who organised many events for Harmony Week. Tuesday saw the school blossom into a sea of many shades of orange. The theme of Everyone Belongs fits so well with our CPS and PBS values. Children and staff participated in the annual art piece called ‘Harmony Flowers’; a most beautiful canvas that will be placed in the front office. We were also featured on the Australian Department of Home Affairs Facebook page which is exciting!

As you are aware there have been lots of changes to COVID-19 directions over the last week and while there have been a few hiccups along the way, we have been able to manage each COVID situation effectively. We are required to adhere to the Health WA directives and the COVID communications are sanctioned from them, as they are up to date and provide families with clear directions.

To assist us in getting out communication and processes in place quickly, I ask that you please let me know if your child or immediate family members are positive or close family contacts at or SMS me on (M) 0400994926.

I have had a few queries re: children wearing masks in Year K – 2. While this is not mandated and totally a parent’s decision, based on advice from the Chief Health Officer, masks are encouraged. We will support your child with whatever decision you make.

Staff Spotlight - Mrs Marginis

Hello Churchlands PS! My name is Kerrin Marginis. I am the Year 2 Room 6 teacher for 2022. I have spent the last few years working at Redcliffe PS where I was a classroom teacher as well as leading areas of curriculum in the school and ensuring high quality teaching and learning remained the priority. I love the beach, reformer pilates, cooking and seeing friends and family. My favourite place in the world is Rottnest Island which I have been travelling to most summer holidays my entire life. Thank you to the Churchlands Primary School community for already making me feel so welcome.  


Welcome Mrs Marginis!

Congratulations to our Merit award recipients

Merit Certificates Week 6


 Ethan S, Asher D


 Harvey J

 Room 1

 Neo C, Anna M

 Room 3

 Zadie N, Theo A

 Room 4

 Rhyanne T, Thomas F

 Room 5

 Zoe B

 Room 6

 Ava W, Kayla DJ

 Room 7

 Ilios H, Travis M

 Room 8

 Jensen P, Bridget Y

 Room 9

 Rachel L, Matthew F

 Room 10

 Beni BB, Nella S

 Room 11

 Selena Q, Drew R

 Room 12

 Lachie B

 Room 13

 Skyla H, Sebastian B

 Room 16

 Hal H, Georgia W

 Room 17

 Lucas Z, Zoe DM


 Rooms 1 and 7 plus Tysen B, Harlow C, Caeson L, Eden F


 Room 7 plus Damon S, Tysen B


The NAPLAN Trial test is on this week for Year 3 & 5 students. Please make sure that your children's iPad and NAP app are downloaded and ready for Thursday.  Click here to find out more.

PBS (Positive Behaviour Support) Update

Our focus skill this week is RESPECT FOR ALL PROPERTY.  Click here to see how the children can put this into practice at school.


This week we celebrated Harmony Week.  What a fantastic collaboration from everyone at CPS.  See more here.

CPS ANZAC Day Ceremony

The 2022 CPS ANZAC Day Assembly will be going ahead this year, although due to COVID, things will look a little different. Find out more

Swimming Carnival and PE updates

 Swimming Carnival 23rd March 2022.  For more information click here.

Be an eSafe Kid: A better internet starts with you

As part of the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, today, students from Churchlands Primary school participated in another national webinar where they discussed and learned about how their actions and words can make the internet a better place for everyone online. Read more

What's happening in the Art room

What do your children get from Art class?  Click here to find out and enjoy some amazing artwork.

The Music Review

We have VOICE performing at the ANZAC assembly.  For more information, rehearsal times and to see how our children are adapting to COVID times click here.

Sustainability News

We are in need of helpers for our hens.  Click here to see how you can help and for more Sustainability news from Mrs Samsa.

CPS netball registrations are now open!

Registrations are now open.  Please click here to see more information and contact details on our website.

Parent and Caregiver Reminder

Please be mindful that students are not permitted on school grounds before 8.20am and should be collected at 3.00pm, unless participating in before/after school programs or before and after school care.  Classrooms are open at 8.35am to allow children to prepare for the day, students should aim to arrive at this time. Children who come in the morning must gather at the front of the school between the basketball courts and the main building.

Fluor Challenge 2022 - by Jaanhvi & Skyla

This week we hosted the 2022 fluor challenge in the undercover. Year threes, fours, fives and sixes competed. Everybody worked to the best of their ability and cooperated beautifully. Their challenge was to make a ball run with specific dimensions and limited materials in thirty minutes. Read more.

Fluor Challenge

Wembley Downs Junior Football Club Registrations & Girls AFL Open Day

Click here for more information to register your child for the upcoming footy season.

Basketball After School Term 1

Please see information for Redhage Basketball here.

Tennis Before School Term 4

Please see information for Coastal Tennis here.

Eclipse Martial Arts

Churchlands Taekwondo Academy

Classes have commenced

Please call Brad on 0428 347 770 to register or email Brad for more information