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Week 8 Term 3 - Friday 6th September 2019

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Parent Teacher Interviews Term 3

Term 3 Parent Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Monday 9th September in Week 9.  Bookings Open .

Direct link:Parent Teacher Interview Booking


 URL    Enter Code: 89w8x

Mrs Broderick has  now left for 2 weeks Long Service Leave . If you havent booked an alternate time with her, you can do so after the holidays. Parents in P12 are able to book a time with both Tricia McKinley and Rosemary Broderick if desired.

If for some reason you are unable to attend on this evening, please contact your child's teacher for an alternate time.

Whole School and Year 6 Leaders Photo

 Whole School Photo


Year 6 Leaders

Monday 9th September

Children are asked to wear


for photo.

Woolworths Discovery Garden

Brentford Square Woolworths has donated  a Discovery Garden for St Timothy's. 
The kit contains 24 seeds & containers to encourage the children to plant & grow .

In the kit we received: Thyme, Basil, Coriander,  Oregano,  Chives,  Dill, Rocket, Chamomile,Parsley,Kale,Cress, Onion, lettuce, Beetroot,Carrots,Radish,Tomato, Cabbage,Spinach, Bok Choy,Viola, Dianthus, & Snapdragons seeds and cardboard pots.This allows us to grow inside and then repot once established.

They are part of a promotion with Woolworths but we were lucky enough to receive our own special kit and lesson plans connected to Victorian Curriculum., etc.

Thanks Woolworths!

Every Day Counts

Just a reminder that the Victorian Government regulations state that holiday absences from school  during normal school term, require parents to send a letter requesting permission /intention to the Principal,  for the child to be absent. There are a number of regulations around the number of days that children are absent e.g through health issues, personal days, school refusal or holidays that schools must adhere to in order to meet standards. 

A reminder also that we require notification before 9:30 am if your child is absent either, via Skoolbag or phone call.  To meet with Child Safety Regulations, parents will be contacted if children have unexplained absences.

St Timothy's Crossing Supervisor

Thank you for the FABULOUS response to walk to & from school and using the school crossing. It is important that we demonstrate that the continuation of this service  is a VERY IMPORTANT issue for our school community. Safety of our children is paramount.

It is possible that they will conduct further surveys to count numbers using crossing and cars and buses using road at that time.

We will continue to 'fight' for our School Crossing!

Walk To School

Our 'Walk to School October' campaign in partnership with Whitehorse Council begins the first day back in Term 4 and continues throughout October. We have the benefit of the children walking to and from the pool at this time which adds to the total. Children are also invited to walk around the oval before school, walk, ride,or scooter to and from school, and it can be all or part of the way. We are the CURRENT Whitehorse Champions, lets try for two years in a row.


Records show ONLY 2% of 45 families have completed surveys!

Please assist us by completing the survey.

Every year, we pause to ask for feedback and listen to parents, children and staff about our learning community and to seek ways we can celebrate our many achievements and  reflect on ways to continually improve. Our School Improvement Surveys have been renamed and redesigned, to obtain a whole range of feedback about St Timothy's School. A new survey called CEMSIS has been sent to a random selection of families. The survey is not compulsory, but we ask for your support to complete these online surveys which can be completed in your language of choice. 

Staff Absences

The last two weeks of term 3 are EXTREMELY busy. 

Week 9

Monday 9th September:

  • Parent Teacher Interviews 
  • Whole School photo 9.00am

Rosemary Broderick will be taking Long Service  Leave, with Tricia McKinley taking the class Week 9.

Jessi Wright will be absent Wednesday, Thursday Friday ( Helen Zammit & Aria Karagiannis taking class )

Week 10

Mon, Tuesday

  • Anne Maree Noonan, Tricia McKinley, Bridget Hall as usual ( Classroom)
  • Celina Korcak - Physical Education & Drama ( as usual)
  • Gail Rich - Office ( as usual)

Year 5/6 Camp Teachers will be: 

Anne Maree Noonan, Tricia McKinley and Bridget Hall (Tricia is very familiar with the Sovereign Hill Camp)

Liz Miller ( a very experienced teacher) taking  P12 class   Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (whilst Tricia is at camp)

Wednesday  onwards:

Only Prep - 4 at school

Gail Rich - Monday-Friday in the office

Jessi Wright:  away on Wednesday for a Tier 2 Professional Development Day (Aria Karaigiannis 3/4)

Aria Karagiannis: Wednesday and Thursday (additional support)

Helen Zammit : Thursday & Friday ( additional support)

Liz Miller: Wednesday Thursday Friday (P12)

Support Staff/LSO's

Catherine Drake ( Tues, Wed , Thurs),Emily Pearce ( Mon, Tues ,Thursday)  Natalie Beech (Monday,  Friday)  Emma Meagher ( Tues,Wed, Friday) Yee  Lin Heong   ( Tues, Wed, Thurs)

Anne Maree Jones away from Monday-Friday in Holy Land  with Principals from East Central Zone.(Week 10)

Swimming- 10 Day Intensive Program

Our children will attend a 10 day Intensive Swimming Program at Aqualink Nunawading in the first two weeks of Term 4. Permission & 'Parent Helpers' forms have been sent home  along with request for payment. It is very important that all children from P-4 attend Swimming.

In addition, via government funding , we are able to offer a one week program for our Year 6 students.

This year all children will attend the Swimming lesson from 12:30-1:10pm, leaving at approx 12:00 and  returning to school for lunch time. We will need some parent help to walk to and from pool and help in the change rooms for younger students.

Swimming is a vital part of the curriculum and it is expected, with the exception of health concerns, all children attend.

Learning & Teaching

Celebrate the Learning

We invite all families to attend



Showcase of a range of children's work from throughout the year



BBQ Provided

Basketball Clinic

Today , Box Hill Institute ( SEDA) visited St Timothy's to further develop our children's, P-6 basketball skills. This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to be actively involved in the development of throwing, catching passing and dribbling skills. The  young men and women, showed great patience, care , understanding and skill in the delivery of the program. Once again, it was commented on by our guests how beautifully behaved our children were and how well they listened and followed directions.I am particularly pleased and proud of our Year 6 group who got a special mention.It clearly shows they are ready for the challenges of Secondary School. Every class gained great benefits from the program, reminding me how fortunate we are to be involved.

NAPLAN Results

NAPLAN test results for Year 3 & 5 students have been sent home today. If you have any questions, these can be answered during Parent Teacher Interviews on Monday 9th September. A reminder that parents are always welcome to make an appointment to discuss their child's progress at any time throughout the year. 

S Timothy Parish Newsletter

St Timothy's Parish Newsletter Saturday 7th September& Sunday 8th September


InterSchool Sport

Week 1, 3,  6, 7, 8

The dates are: 

Friday 6th September ( St Bridget's)

Parent assistance on any of these days would be greatly appreciated!

Cake Raffle

Thursday 12th SeptemberBlue & Gold team
Thursday 19th SeptemberNO RAFFLE SCHOOL CAMP
Term 4Volunteers Required

Child Safety

Parents & Friends


OutOfHours School Care

St Timothy's School Calendar

Term 3 dates

Monday 9th September    Parent Teacher Interviews

Wednesday 18th,19th, & 20th September Sovereign Hill Camp


Monday 7th October School Returns

Monday 7th to Friday to 18 October  10 day Swimming program

Thursday 31st October - Celebrate the Learning Open Evening 5 -7:30pm

Monday 4th November School Closure Day

Tuesday 5th November Cup Day Holiday

Friday 8th November  School Disco

Saturday 9th November  Parent Social Night

Monday 16th December Whole School Christmas End of Year Celebration

Tuesday 17th December Year 6 Graduation

Wednesday 18th December Last day of school (children)