George Bass School Newsletter

Term 1 Week 10 2019


Dear Parents and Carers,

Term 1 is fast drawing to a close and lots of things have happened in the last 3 weeks. Class teachers are currently very busy meeting with parents and formulating Personalised Learning Plans for each student. If you haven’t already booked in an appointment with your child’s teacher, I would encourage you to do so. As parents/carers you are able to provide valuable insight into the likes and dislikes of your child and assist in identifying their learning goals that are meaningful for them across settings.

Thank you to everyone for making Harmony Day such a success. It was great seeing such a positive response from parents and carers on the day. I would especially like to thank all of the George Bass staff who worked hard to create learning activities that were shared across classrooms throughout the day.

Harmony Day also provided an opportunity for the school to have the grand opening of its new and ground-breaking Immersion Room. I know the staff have worked tirelessly to get this room up and running and that there has also been strong support from the school community.

In order to complete this project in such a short period of time it has taken a great school culture of support and strong links with the community.  It has taken everybody’s combined effort to provide such wonderful learning opportunities for George Bass students. On behalf of the students at George Bass School, thank you to everyone for your valuable contribution.

Coming up in week 10, the school is hosting a movie night for the George Bass School community. You and your family are invited to attend. See the flyer in this newsletter for costs. Please note that this is a family event and children are to be supervised by parents at all times.

Finally, for those of you who drop off your children, you may have noticed that the grass is getting a little long. Tony, our hard working General Assistant hasn’t forgotten to mow the lawn. Our mower is currently getting repaired and Tony is eager to have the grounds mowed as soon as possible.

Until next time. 

Noel Gover

Principal (rel)

Deputy Principal's Message

Instructional Leader

We are excited to see Katia’s role as instructional leader having such a positive impact on student engagement. Katia collaborates with teachers and spends time in classrooms; observing, supervising, providing feedback and demonstrating exemplary teaching practice. The program ensures the individual learning needs of the students are met through highly engaging, meaningful and personalised programs which is exactly what we are aiming for. 

Earn & Learn

Earn and Learn is back for 2019 from 1st May  

Please place your Earn & Learn dockets in the box in the school office or at Bass Hill Plaza so we can get more great resources for the school.

Class News

Kogunda Class

What a great start for Kogunda class in 2019. Basil, Bassam, Eshan, Eldon, Jibriel, Sam and Hamoudi have settled well and are working hard.

We are enjoying reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and looking at days of the week, colours and different fruits.

The students have been having lots of fun learning through the interactive whiteboard, learning songs and playing games.

Kogunda is a very creative class, enjoying painting, cutting and pasting and creating beautiful works of art.

David & Janet

Budhawa Class

Term 1, 2019 has been a busy one, but the students of Budhawa class have all settled into the new class and school year well.

The students in Budhawa class this year are Khaled, Kitana, Amal, Peter, Maher and William. We are glad to see that everyone is having a great time exploring their new class environment and interacting and getting to know each other.

This semester in Accelerated Literacy we are reading the book ‘Alexander’s Outing’ by Pamela Allen.  We are enjoying reading this story and interacting with the many activities, which include sensory play with water, pasta, moon-sand and rubber ducks; creative arts activities and matching games to name a few.  The students of Budhawa class are also enjoying the topics being covered in other Key Learning Areas particularly ‘extreme weather’ in Science and ‘sculpture’ in Dance (Creative Arts).

We are very excited to continue growing and learning together throughout the school year and cannot wait to challenge ourselves with more new and exciting learning experiences. 

Xiomara & Fatima

Wirriga Class

Hello from Wirriga class!

 We have had a great first term settling into our new class and getting to know one another. Our teachers Wendy Hobbins and Peta Maree Dzokoski have helped us as we got used to our new classroom routines and each other. This term, in Literacy, we have been reading Mr Gumpy’s outing and learning about being friends. We have been busy with our dancing, swimming and craft and in cooking we have made different foods using indigenous Australian ingredients such as Wattleseed Damper and lemon myrtle cookies. In History this term we have been exploring the past and learning about Aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders and how they used to live, what they use to eat and their dreamtime stories. Our science this term has concentrated on extreme weather and how it affects us, our environment and the world. We have looked at volcanoes, severe thunderstorms and earth quakes and have enjoyed experimenting to make our own volcanic eruptions and rain in jars! Wirriga class have enjoyed trips to the new Immersion room this term and look forward to using it more throughout the year. We have participated in George Bass Olympics and have started to do bike riding to increase our bike safety skills such as wearing a helmet. This term has been fun packed full with great learning experiences and we have had fun participating in them. We look forward to next term!

Wendy & Peta

Wuggajin Class

We are at the end of term 1 already! Wuggajin have returned from their holiday with loads of energy and a positive attitude towards learning and developing friendships.

We have begun the term with a bang, filled with brilliant events for our students to participate in, such as swimming, George Bass Olympics, Harmony Day and our Social Group activities. We celebrated Harmony Day with a wonderful assembly, followed by the opening of the Immersion room and a great visit from parents to their children’s classrooms. We are very lucky to have had Mustapha join the Wuggajin classroom a few weeks ago and together we are having so much fun getting to know each other.

We are also fortunate enough to have received brand new outdoor exercise equipment that all students have had the opportunity to use and they thoroughly enjoy it. They are developing their coordination skills every time they use it.                                    


Until next time…

Rita and Jo


 Wali class team is made up of Ibrahim, Yusuf, Andre, Lachlan, Tina and Abhi.

It has been a busy start to the year but we are settling in well with our class routines and programs. Two programs that we look forward to every week are a session in the immersion room and swimming. Students absolutely love this new technology giving them the opportunity to experience various virtual worlds in the Immersion room.

We have been cooking giving our students the opportunity to handle and prepare food, follow a recipe, follow instructions and enjoy their own cooking.

On Harmony Day our class chose to represent New Zealand in the flag ceremony and enjoyed participating in various activities. For Accelerated Literacy we are reading the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

We are focussing on being good friends and using kind words and actions this term.

Abhilash & Tina

Bundeluk Class

Welcome to Bundeluk for the year. Time is flying by so fast, its hard to believe we are almost at the end of first term. We have been extremely busy for the past few weeks. Getting to know each other and working hard toward our individual goals. We have been reading Charlie and the chocolate factory by Roald Dahl in our accelerated literacy lessons. We would all love a golden ticket! Each Monday we have been making smoothies for our popular Smoothie Bar. We are learning to collect and organise orders, count money, measure ingredients and use switches to make the blenders work. We have been learning about our body and how it works, also how to keep our bodies safe and healthy in science and PDHPE lessons. On Friday we enjoy our time in the pool where we are learning to take turns, wait patiently and relax. Friday afternoon we spend some time in the amazing new Immersion room which has been fun, and exciting. School keeps us all busy but we wouldn't have it any other way. Until next time,

Aaron, Bronwyn S and Sarah A

P&C News

The P &C would like to extend a huge thank you to the staff, parents and community for their time, donations and contributions towards making the immersion room a huge success!!

A huge thank you to David Butler for such a  noble act of kindness. He did a  5km swim to raise over $5000 for the Immersion room.

Harmony Day was very eventful with the successful opening of the Immersive classroom. We can not wait for our children to enjoy it!

Unfortunately, the Cadbury Fundraiser will be put on hold as we had an underwhelming response. Thank you to the parents who completed the forms and donated. Donations will be returned as soon as possible.

Dates to Remember

Outdoor Cinema Night

Enjoy the night under the stars at our Outdoor Cinema Night. Pack you picnic rug and come prepared for a great night!

Friday 5th April

  • Doors open 6:30pm
  • Movie Starts 7:30pm

School Photos

Date: Thursday 16th May 2019

P& C Meeting

Next P&C meeting will be Friday 17 May 2019 at 9.30.


Assembly is held every Thursday at 9:40am.

Our weekly George Bass School Assembly is a wonderful time to celebrate the wonderful achievements of our students. All parents are welcome to attend. We hope to see you there!