Churchlands Primary School Newsletter

Volume 31 - 05/08/2022

Principal's Message

A number of students this term has been involved in some wonderful events.

Last night I was privileged to attend the Rotary 4-Way Test Primary Schools’ Speaking competition with 6 local participating schools. Our two Year 6 school representatives, Lachie B and Ethan P, were outstanding and spoke to a very large audience, with amazing knowledge, skill, conviction and maturity. Huge accolades to both boys. Thanks to the enormously proud parents and siblings who joined us to celebrate their success with their first public speaking event!

Last week a number of our Environment Student Officers participated in the Rotary Quairading tree planting. It was wonderful to see the children and parents involved in supporting a community by planting trees on a farm to help with salinity and conserving ecosystems in the WA Wheatbelt. Accolades to Ms Samsa for organising this very big event and to all the volunteer parents and teachers! Joe Ariyaratnam, Josh Sims, Hamish Buddle, Barry Murphy, Jemma Taylor and teachers, Di Idle and Lucy Osterberg.

Top effort by some of our year 5 and 6 students who participated in the Robocup Jnr Robotics Challenge held at Curtin University last Friday and Saturday.  They did a fantastic job with their robot coding on Friday against lots of other primary and secondary schools!  The year 5’s went on to gain enough points to take on a further challenge on Saturday and achieved third place.  Many thanks go to Mr J!

We have also had a wonderful week exploring this year’s Book Week theme of ‘Dreaming with Eyes Open’! Our students have been treated to lots of fun activities and engaging book readings from the teachers throughout the week. Big thanks goes out to the teaching staff, in particular the Book Week working group for putting the amazing program together. Also, thank you to both students and parents for putting in such a great effort in organising the Book Week Parade costumes this year. It is obvious that a lot of thought and work goes into many of these great character dress-ups and we really appreciate the contribution. 

We are in the process of developing our proposed staffing and classes for 2023. If any family is not returning to CPS in 2023 (excluding year 6) could you please email me at as soon as possible. Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated as it helps with our forward planning.

Congratulations to Luke Vanson and Bailey Love for being voted in as the two new School Board members. Very big thank you to Bec Brown and Shane Lavagna-Slater who finished their Board terms after 2/3 years. Their contribution and the richness of knowledge that they brought to the ongoing direction of CPS, has been greatly appreciated.

It has been great to see our students wearing their correct uniforms proudly this year. We have however noticed a few students with Fix-ems on their uniforms of late. While we understand that our students are enjoying being expressive, it would be appreciated if these 'iron-ons' be used elsewhere, leaving our uniforms to be presented as designed.

Finally, just a friendly reminder to download the Skoolbag app. This is our main form of communication and where all important notifications and up-and-coming school events is distributed. It helps you also to be kept fully informed.

Rotary 4-Way Test Primary Schools’ Speaking competition

Book Week 2022 - Dreaming with eyes open...

We have had a wonderful week exploring this year's Book Week theme of 'Dreaming with Eyes Open'! 

Read more and see all the photos from today's parade here!

Robocup Jnr 2022

On Friday 29 and Saturday 30 of July, a selection of Churchlands Primary School students rubbed shoulders with hundreds of students from all over Perth, to take part in the Robocup Jr 2022. Congratulations to all involved as it was another momentous year for the school at the Challenge and some great ‘personal bests’ were achieved.

Read more and see all the action here!

Sustainability News - Quairading Camp

Last weekend our Environmental Officers participated in some interesting workshops and headed out to Quairading the following morning to do some revegetation planting on a farming property.  See more here.

PE News and Upcoming Events

The Athletics Carnival is approaching.  You can find the schedule of events here.

From the School Psychologist - Setting up good family rules

Rules can help everyone in your family get along better. They make family life more positive and peaceful.  

To read more, click here.

PBS Update

Already Week 3. We are into another term of showing ‘The Churchlands Way’ Respect, Resilience, Engage and Excel.  

The focus skills this term that will be explicitly taught, reinforced and acknowledged are; 

 Week 1 & 2  

 Respect - Lunchtime eating expectations.    

 Week 3 & 4  

 Excel - We strive to achieve our personal best.   

 Week 5 & 6  

 Resilience - We show good sportsmanship.   

 Week 7 & 8  

 Excel - We are problem solvers.   

 Week 9 & 10  

 Excel - We use technology to enhance our learning.  

SCHOOL PHOTO DAY IS COMING! 9 & 10 August 2022

School photo day is approaching.  Your child will have received a personalised flyer to bring home from Kapture Photography containing your child’s unique codes for ordering school photos online.  Please contact the Administration office if you need a replacement flyer. The photo day schedules can be found here.

Churchlands SHS Extension Program 2023

Updating Student Information

Parents, it is essential to inform the school in writing of any changes to student details.  This includes:

1.  Change of address/email address/phone numbers

2.  Any changes to your child's medical condition or medications

3.  Change of parent work arrangements

Please see the office administration for any changes to your child's information.

Term 3 Excursions/Incursions

As we have several excursions happening this term - a reminder to ensure that you have added your child's current classroom to your groups on the Skoolbag app as this is our main communication platform.  To subscribe to your child's group, see section 4 of the information sheet here. 

Soccer After School Term 3

After school soccer is back for Term 3.  For more information, click here.

City Beach Tee Ball

The summer teeball season is fast approaching and City Beach Teeball Club invites primary students from pre-primary to year 5 to register for the 2022/23 season.  For more information, click here