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Week 4 Term 3 - Friday 9th August 2019

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Parent Teacher Interviews Term 3

Term 3 Parent Teacher Interviews are scheduled for Monday 9th September in Week 9.  Details for bookings will open next  Friday 16th August.

Mrs Broderick has scheduled an alternate time with families of Year 1/2 as she will be enjoying some Long Service Leave the last two weeks of term. The P/1/2 will all be with Mrs McKinley over these two weeks. An email has been sent to parents in regards to organising a time to come in and discuss their child's progress .


This week our Year 5 &6 children had the opportunity to participate in excursion organised by Whitehorse Council . 

The Wurundjeri-Balluk Tribe is the traditional custodians of the land on which the City of Whitehorse is located. They have been the traditional custodians for 40,000 years. The traditional language to the tribe is Woi Wurrung and the tribe is now known as the Wurundjeri, being one of five tribes that make up the Kulin nation.

The Wurundjeri are a deeply spiritual people and honour the creator spirit, Bunjil the Eaglehawk. 

Reconciliation in Whitehorse is about unity and respect between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and non-Indigenous Australians. It is about understanding and respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and valuing justice and equity for all Australians. Whitehorse City Council believes that through children actively participating in reconciliation activity,  it can assist in the healing of the past.

As a part if this Reconciliation action, the children created beautiful Bunjil's after learning of the story and then explored the local area learning some basic survival skills .e.g making fire.


Well done to all our fabulous children as they ran, walked, skipped, jumped and chatted their way around the school grounds for our annual Walkathon. 

Congratulations to our Year 6 children, who were incredible leaders on the day. They were well organised, patient and encouraging to all the children.

A big THANK YOU to Lisa and Tony Stackpole for cooking the sausages and for Danielle for the shopping run.

We are very grateful to families, friends and neighbours for the kind donations/sponsorship. We would appreciate if forms and donations could be returned to school by next Friday.

Reptile Encounters Incursion

On Wednesday we were thrilled to welcome Tia form Reptile Encounters who showcased for us an amazing selection of Indigenous Australian animals. The presentation identified the habitats of Australia and the animals that thrive and the animals that have become extinct or are in danger of becoming extinct due to environmental changes. It raised children's awareness on our impact on their habitats and what simple things we can do to keep our native animals environment safe. The children all got an opportunity to hold or touch the wildlife and were given great insights and information to understand more about how our geographical features influence our wildlife populations.

The sounds of pure joy, and the looks on faces of wonder, awe and the genuine  excitement of all the children and adults were an absolute joy to hear and see.

It was a very powerful,engaging and rich learning opportunity for all our children.    

Footy Colours Day

On Thursday, our children happily bowled into school dressed in the footy team jumpers, scarves, hats and colours to enjoy a Footy Day experience. Team songs, chants and flag waving added to the already electric atmosphere.

Congratulations to the Year 6 students who were amazing in organising and running a range of activities for the children to enjoy. It was fabulous to see all our children playing and learning across all ages and year levels.

Thank you to Carly, Renee and Sara ( Parents & Friends) for providing a HOT DOG lunch for the children,

InterSchool Sport

Week 1, 3,  6, 7, 8

The dates are: 

Friday 23rd August,( St Christopher's) Friday 30th August (St Timothy's)

Friday 6th September ( St Bridget's)

Parent assistance on any of these days would be greatly appreciated!

Book Week

Week 7


Book Week is from Aug 17th to Aug 23rd. At St Timothy's we will have a Book Week Incursion Performance on Wednesday 28th August. On this date the children will be asked to come dressed up using 'Reading is my Secret Weapon' as their inspiration. The children will also be involved in a range of Literacy activities around the Short Listed books for 2019.

Shortlisted Books.

School Closure Day


A Term 3 School Closure Day has been scheduled for Week 8 - Thursday  5th September. On this day staff will work together to continue our Intervention Assessment Professional Development. After completing an 8 week program during Staff Meetings, a closure day will assist us to implement future strategies and practices to better assess and implement assessment, teaching and learning for all children.

Term 4 School Closure

Monday 4th Nov ( day prior to Melbourne Cup Day)

Students of The Week

Year P,1,2   

Ellie, Erin

Year 2/3 Nour, Tim
Year 4/5 Badie, Chloe

Year 5/6 


Cake Raffle

Thursday 15th AugustCarly Corcoran
Thursday 22nd AugustRed team
Thursday 29th AugustBlue team
Thursday 5th SeptemberGold team
Thursday 12th SeptemberBlue team
Thursday 19th SeptemberNO RAFFLE SCHOOL CAMP
Term 4Volunteers Required

Learning & Teaching

Child Safety


Parents & Friends


St Timothy's School Calendar

Term 3 dates

Monday 15th July  Term 3 begins

Friday 19th July, Friday 26th July, Friday 2nd , Friday 9th , Friday 23rd, 30th Aug  & 6th Sep  Inter School Sports

Wednesday 31st July  Confirmation  Reflection Day & Sacrament of Confirmation.

Tuesday 6th August Bunjil Project ( Year 5/6)

Wednesday 7th August Walkathon

Thursday 8th August  Footy Day 

Friday 16th August    Basketball Clinic P-6 

Friday 16th August Prep Orientation 2020 Begins

Wednesday 28th August  Book Week Incursion  Reading Is My Secret Power

Thursday 5th September School Closure Day

Monday 9th September    Parent Teacher Interviews

Wednesday 18th,19th, & 20th September Sovereign Hill Camp