Clapham Primary School

2020 Newsletter

Term 3, Week 9

Thank you Clapham Community

The week ahead will draw to a close a very busy and successful term for Clapham Primary School. We would like to sincerely thank all of our families for their ongoing support, in assisting us to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment for our community. We really appreciate it.

A very warm welcome to our Term 3 Week 9 Newsletter

It has been a busy and productive term with lots of exciting learning in classrooms across the school. Some of the highlights have included Principal’s Tours, Instrumental Music lessons, SRC Meetings and Fundraisers. Our PJ Day was a great success raising over $350.00 for the Hutt Street Centre and we have also collected over 12,000 bread tags for “Bread Tags for Wheelchairs”. Students have enjoyed after school netball and soccer and we can’t forget our production coming up in Week 10. There has also been some fantastic learning happening across the school. 

Room 4 is sizzling with all the impressive 'sizzling starts' they have been writing for their narratives. This Term, students in Room 4 have been working hard to make our writing more exciting, using onomatopoeia such as 'bang!' and 'crash!' to leave our readers wanting more.

Here are some sizzling starts we are proud of:

'Crash! What was that?' - Abigail

'Kaboom! The huge bird crashed to the ground as the rest of his friend flung into the air.' - Henry 'Boom, bang! The door slammed open and a big, hairy monster was there.' - Patrick ' Crash! The animals fell down with a thump and a bump!' – Oscar.

Room 6 and 7 students have worked tirelessly this term to create their own published narratives and autobiographies, which they shared with parents at our book launch on Wednesday night of Week 8. Students shone with pride as they shared their works with their parents and it was a pleasure for us to see as their teachers. A huge congratulations to the students for their hard work and dedication and a sincere thankyou to the families who supported them by joining us for this event. 

Room 8, 3 and 2 have been busy in STEM designing and prototyping their own sideshows so that they can bring a bit of the Royal Adelaide Show to Clapham in Week 10.

Room 10 have been focusing on problem-solving and displaying the Habits of Mind during the confusion zone. Students did an excellent job during their Poetry Escape Room, Probability Carnival and recent STEM challenge. During this time they designed a Greek God's hand to lift up Poseidon's trident.

Room 13 have enjoyed joining their peers to practice for production.

Mr L has seen some great displays of teamwork from all year levels during PE lessons. Room 16 broke a new record for his zigzag team challenge by working together and supporting each other. He was lost for words!

Mrs Fasoli - It has been wonderful to see all classes working so hard on their production dances and props, with lots of teamwork and collaboration happening between students and classes. Thank you to our Upper Primary students who have choreographed dances for some of our classes or assisted teachers, it is much appreciated. Lastly, well done to our production cast who have worked hard each week in rehearsals learning their lines and adding their own flair to their roles.

Laura our new PCW would like to thank all of the students and staff for giving her such a warm welcome. She has been delighted to meet so many wonderful students and excited to get to know everyone better as her work continues.

Book Launch - Room 7

Eco Leaders

On August 25th, we attended our first YELP (Youth Environmental Leadership Program) excursion for 2020. We went to St Catherine’s School in Stirling to meet with other environmentally minded students and learn more about sustainability. One of our favourite activities from the day was making origami bins out of newspaper for food scraps to go into. Another favourite was the ‘Egg Drop Challenge’. In this activity, we learned the importance of project planning. We had to work together to plan and construct a design that would prevent an egg from breaking when thrown up into the air and allowed to hit the ground. Our egg did not break as our planning, teamwork and construction skills were all ‘eggcellent’.     

Introducing Jenna Campbell (new teacher in 2021)

We are delighted to announce that Jenna Campbell will be part of Clapham Staff in 2021.   Recently Jenna came to visit Clapham and we were very excited to share with her about our amazing school community (parents,  students and staff).  Her passion for early years education and support of students is outstanding.  Please see a short message from Jenna below.

“Dear families, My name is Jenna Campbell and I have been teaching Reception and Year 1 at Tumby Bay Area School on the Eyre Peninsula for the last 6 years. I’m passionate about building strong foundations in the Early Years of schooling, and am ready for new experiences at Clapham Primary. I'm looking forward to working with students, families and staff in 2021!”

Teachers in Training

In February we attended our first intensive of the Orbis Reception - Year 3 Numeracy professional development course. Orbis Numeracy has been developed and is facilitated by the University of Melbourne with a focus on enhancing teachers’ ability to design numeracy learning that develops student’s mathematical fluency and problem solving skills. We have built upon our pedagogical content knowledge to design effective numeracy learning tasks, enabling students to work within their ‘stretch zone’ and think like a mathematician. Orbis has been a great opportunity for us to collaborate with teachers from other schools and discuss a range of strategies to further support numeracy skills in the primary years.

This learning aligned perfectly with our Site Improvement Plan and work we have been undertaking with our colleagues at Clapham Primary School. We are working on our own research projects aligned to Clapham Primary’s Site Improvement Goals, with a focus on developing students understanding in numeracy and present this back to our colleagues at Orbis in term 4. We are both enjoying the course and appreciate the opportunity to continue to build our pedagogical skills.


Annika Neuwirth & Sue Brinkworth

External School Review

Our school's External Review was conducted on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th September (Week 8).  The Review Panel met with staff (teachers and SSOs), parents, Governing Council members, and students.  A school report will be provided.  When the report has been approved it will be posted on our school's website and in our eNewsletter.  The report should be available about mid Term 4.  We received informal feedback from the Review Panel which was very positive about our highly collaborative culture, clear processes which are supported by documentation that enables Clapham to focus on continual improvement.  The panel shared they noted there is intentional alignment of this work with Departmental and Partnership education priorities, there is coherent and consistent teaching practices across the school. That teachers are committed and dedicated professionals, focussed on improving their teaching practice in order to stretch learners.    We look forward to receiving the report to assist us to further develop our Site Improvement Plan to continue with our school improvement cycle.

Book Week 19 - 23 October

Please read attached document for further information

Colour FUN Run

Our Clapham Colour FUN Run will take place at 1:45pm on Friday 4 December on the soccer pitch oval. Students will need to navigate obstacle courses and complete as many laps as possible within the 45 minute time frame. This year we will have ‘colour stations’ to add some fun!

Funds raised will go towards the installation of asphalt activities – rubber markings that will promote physical activity and encourage children to play together. These will be done when our new asphalt is laid.   

Prizes will be given to the top fundraiser, and each student who completes the most laps per class. Further information and sponsor forms will be sent home in Week 10.

“Journey to the Centre of the Germ” Production information

Congratulations to Scarlett K, Miles K-S, and Claudia R, who designed the winning posters to be used for this year’s production!

Production notes went home last week regarding costumes and general information. Could you please return the production consent forms to your child’s class teacher as soon as possible. You would have also received a note regarding the purchase of the production on USB, payment for this can be made to the front office via cash, credit card or through the Qkr app. If you have any further questions then please see Mrs Fasoli.

Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

A big thank you to everyone who has collected "Bread Tags for Wheelchairs this term. We really appreciate your support. I would just also like to acknowledge the work Room 4 has done using bread tags. They have use them to subitise, regroup collections of number, hundreds chart number splat and count with. Each day, we count how many bread tags we collected that day. Tom S and Oliver W worked in their stretch and thought of counting bread tags in groups of 10 to save time!

Chess Club

This term we have been running “Chess Club” during lunch time on a Monday. At our last lunchtime session we had 16 students participate. The talent amongst them is amazing and it has been wonderful to watch their strategic thinking. They are also teaching Ms Cassie a few things in the process too.

Sign Language Club

This term students from our SRC have started up a Friday lunchtime “Sign Language Club”. This club is being run by Davey and Olivia in Room 16. In their first lesson they taught over 40 students how to sign the alphabet and their names. Davey and Olivia are teaching Auslan which is the majority sign language of the Australian Deaf community.

OSHC School Closure Day 25 September 2020

SAPSASA News - Congratulations Sofia

Clapham Primary student Sofia Baalke was recently selected in the Southern Heights SAPSASA Hockey team. Sofia is in Year 5, so this is an amazing achievement. The team had a great week in the SAPSASA Hockey tournament, and placed 3rd out of a total of 11 girls teams. Well done to Sofia! 

STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES Overview for parents and carers

Please read attachment for further information

Mitcham Library Holiday Program

Please see attached document for further information

Zanshin Freestyle Karate

ENROL NOW for 2021 Reception

Do you have a child who is due to begin Reception in January 2021 but you haven’t filled out and submitted an enrolment form yet?  We are now planning for 2021 so it’s really important that we have your child’s enrolment form as soon as possible. If you would like an enrolment pack please see Sam at the Front Office, call 8276 5633 or email Sam at . If you know of other families intending to enrol at Clapham Primary School please pass on this information.  We are getting many enrolments for Reception for next year and wish to share that we do not have a ‘cap/ cut-off’ for reception enrolments for 2021! 

Governing Council News

The following is a brief update of each sub-committee:

Facilities: The Community Action Day was cancelled due to inclement weather.  The roof upgrade works is soon to commence.  The facilities subcommittee will reconvene and make a decision about a Community Action Day in Term 4.

After School Sports:  Last weeks of competition. Trophy presentations are being organized.

OSHC Advisory Sub-Committee:  Vacation Program has been finalized - see flyer in this newsletter.

Events (Fundraising): Wine sale fundraiser has been very well supported. Colour FUN Run information in this newsletter.

Education and Communication Committee:  Next meeting Monday 21st September at Nine 8 on Bank at 2:30pm.

FinanceThe schools budget is tracking well.    The M & S Levy (school fees) for 2021 was recently reviewed.  Our school fees will remain the same as 2019 at $410.   We are inviting the school community to attend a Governing Council meeting where the M & S Levy for 2021 will be discussed, prior to approval being sought.  This will take place on Monday, October 26th  - Week 3, Term 4 at 7pm in the staff room.  Please see the Notice of Materials and Services Charges for 2021 in this newsletter.


Notice of Materials and Services Levy for 2021 (School Fees)

Please see attached Notice of Materials and Services Levy for 2021.    

Important Dates

24 SeptemberLast Day of Term 3 (no early dismissal)
25 SeptemberSchool Closure Day
2 November
Pupil Free Day - Berry Street Education (Trauma Training)