Caroline Chisholm College Newsletter

Term 3 Week 2 Issue 11 2019


From the Principal

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students of Caroline Chisholm College,

In a few days our Year 12 students will be entering the exam room to begin their Trial HSC. The students I have spoken to really don’t like it when I say, “It’s just another assessment”. This is perhaps because they have been working so hard on perfecting their study, and their exam techniques. We know only too well that exams are not a perfect way of judging someone’s skill and knowledge. Our students and teachers, however, have done a wonderful job of preparing for these exams and we are looking forward to some excellent results . . . but it is just another assessment. Of greater concern to me is that our girls are approaching this challenge with a healthy attitude about themselves and their learning. Whilst many hours should be dedicated to study and practice, this should be balanced with sufficient sleep, a good healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, a bit of exercise (even taking the dog for a walk) and minimal distractions from social media and part-time work. It is a fact that, the better our students do in the coming months the more choices they will have for next year and beyond. It is worth the sacrifice to establish a good position for university entry, further training or a job of their choice. Our teachers stand ready to support the girls in any way we can, and I know a large number of classes convened during the recent holidays for tutorials and study sessions.


We have been delighted to host Japanese students from our sister school Tokyo Junshin Catholic school. The students are being hosted with Caroline Chisholm families, and I am very grateful for their hospitality. Our sister school relationship is very important to us and reinforces the important lesson that we are a global school and our students are citizens, not just of Glenmore Park, but of the world. In September this year, we are travelling with 19 of our Chisholm students back to our sister school in Tokyo Junshin - and it will be my first trip to Japan. The friendships established through our sister school program can last a life time. To our very special visitors I say ようこそ (welcome!).


In the coming weeks, we will be holding two very important information sessions. The first will be about Learn+, our new diploma program commencing in 2020. This will be for students and parents currently in Years 9 and 10 who may consider a diploma pathway through to Year 12. We will be joined at this session by some of our partner training organisations who will help us deliver the diploma studies. The date of the Learn+ information session is August 14 at 6pm in the college library.


The second information evening is about our Caroline Chisholm Pilgrimage to the UK in April 2020 for students who, next year will be in Years 10, 11 and 12. Harvest Journe’s have arranged the tour for us. Families of students in Years 9, 10 and 11 received a brochure about the pilgrimage late last term. Come along to hear more about this exciting adventure where we will explore the early influences on the life of Caroline Chisholm, the development of her faith in God and the deep spirituality of service and justice. The date of the Caroline Chisholm Pilgrimage information session is August 20 at 6pm in the college library.


It is a privilege to be part of a community that creates opportunities for young people. I hope that our students appreciate the great start in life a Chisholm education provides. I know that many do.

Mr Greg Elliott


From the Assistant Principal Pastoral

Proposed Bus Route Changes

Busways has notified us of extensive proposed changes to a number of routes. The students affected have been given copies of the changes affecting their current bus this week. Please ask if your daughter has been given a form. The changes are quite extensive and I can’t summarise them completely here but the affected routes, as I understand are:

Morning services:
4015 – a new route servicing Mulgoa Rise
4131 – no longer takes CCC students. Need to get 4015 or 4080
4043 – no longer takes CCC students. Need to get 4002
789 – no longer takes CCC students. Need to get 4080
4008 – no longer takes CCC students. Need to get 4002


Afternoon services:
4549 – changes to route
4555 – changes to route
4572 – a new route servicing Mulgoa Rise
4514 – no longer takes CCC students. Need to get 4555
4563 – no longer takes CCC students. Need to get 4555


The new bus routes students are now being asked to take have some significant changes from their current routes so they should be checked too. At my request, Busways have agreed to have a link on their website where parents can view the relevant PDFs of the route changes. I will provide that link via Skoolbag as soon as Busways provides it.


Please note that these are proposed changes. The consultation period for these changes is from Monday 29 July to Monday 12 August. There is no way for the college to work out the implications for individual students. Parents will need to check any implications of changes carefully and convey any concerns to Busways. Busways has asked parents to provide any feedback, whether positive or negative in writing to prior to 12th August 2019.


Generally, I have been pleased with the way students have been wearing their uniform at the start of this term. Students are reminded that it is still compulsory to wear the college blazer to and from school each day (other than sport uniform days) for the rest of this term or until otherwise advised.


“Doing the Right Thing Awards”

Students who provide service to the college for a variety of reasons are eligible for a “Doing the Right Thing Award”.  Congratulations to Emily Walsh (7 Kenny), Alana King (7 MacKillop), Olivia Renshaw (7 MacKillop) and Rachel Wilkinson (7 MacKillop) who receive vouchers for the canteen for being the students drawn from the box.  All students who put in award slips will have points credited to their house.


Appreciation of Honesty

Students at Caroline Chisholm College regularly display outstanding honesty in returning items they find on the college grounds. Often these can be of quite substantial value. Students handing in found items receive a certificate of appreciation. I would like to congratulate the following students who have handing items in over the last fortnight:  Charlotte Wood (7 Macarthur) and Katamara Vukic (11 Macarthur)


 Mr Greg King - Assistant Principal



From Assistant Principal Learning

National Science Week - LAUNCHING SOON!

This year, Caroline Chisholm College will be celebrating Science Week. This celebration of Science will take place in week 5 this term, 19-23 August. The theme for National Science Week 2019 is ‘Destination Moon’ in semi-centennial celebration of Neil Armstrong’s, Buzz Aldrin’s and Michael Collin’s Lunar Landing on the 20th of July 1969. The Learning Committee are organising and leading this event which aims to build a sense of appreciation for the great achievements of humanity which have led us to the moon and beyond. We will also explore how these achievements have changed our understanding of the world and our place in the world.


A series of activities will run during Science Week including rocket building sessions, classroom activities such as creative story writing and the viewing of the space themed movie, Hidden Figures, which celebrates the contribution of women to space exploration. The week will culminate in the ‘Rocket Launch Competition’ on Friday 23 August.


We encourage all the girls to participate in National Science Week and to learn the value of scientific endeavours for humanity.

Design Challenge

On Tuesday this week Mr Mills and Mrs Blakers launched a Design Challenge with their Year 10 iSTEM and Year 10 Design and Technology classes. During this Design Challenge, students will engage in activities that foster creative and critical thinking and which enable them to offer innovative solutions to real world problems. Students will be working with external partners and will be supported by Dr Jacqueline Melvold and other members of staff from the Faculty of Interdisciplinary Innovation at the University of Technology Sydney. The ‘Design Thinking Process’ on the left will be used to frame the Design Challenge.

During the Design Challenge, students will explore this question:

How might we promote a positive and inclusive student well-being experience at CCC?

Here are some of the students’ initial responses to the Design Challenge and to the question, ‘what are you most excited about in this Design Challenge?’ 

  • I am interested in seeing new ideas and to see what everyone comes up with. Yashini Rupasinghe
  •  Using the new design thinking strategy. -  Ella Desmond
  • Prototyping. - Tiffany Harvey
  • Not having strict constraints and I get to design what I want. - Tahlia Godfrey
  •  I like how we are going to create something to address an issue in the school. - Imogen Scully
  •  Working with new people that I normally don't work with. - Monique Buksh


Updates will follow in future newsletters.

Ms Deborah Scollard - Assistant Principal Learning

What are you learning today?

Food for Thought

Answer to the last ‘Food for Thought’: ‘Z’ belongs on the top as all the letters at the top are made using straight lines. The letters in the bottom rows all have curved segments.

Subject: Social Justice

If you could help one person in our community, would you eagerly volunteer your time?

For more information, Please see Social Justice Committee Leaders;

Lily Marmont and Carla Penza


Email your thoughts to:

Simone Spisiak:

Ellie Loughman:

Leaders of the Learning Committee

PDSSSC Netball Gala Day

On Wednesday 24th July, our junior, intermediate and senior teams once again represented our College with excellent sportswomanship and pride. All teams played incredibly well in what was a very exhausting day for them. We are very proud of their efforts and achievements.


Junior Team

The girls played incredibly well winning all 7 of their round games proceeding to the semi finals. After a close first half, we were successful in taking the win against OLMC and progressing to the grand final playing Marian Catholic College. The girls were able to finish off the day with another win in the grand final meaning they were undefeated throughout the whole competition. It was an incredible effort from the girls, they showed great sportsmanship and gave every game 110%.


Thank you to Mikayla Cooper of Year 9 who umpired for the junior team throughout the day, and the wonderful parents who came along to support the girls and help umpire and score.


The team consisted of:

Year 7

Milaya Cleary

Madison Cooney

Judith Gould

Year 8

Jessica Gallen

Ella Grenell

Kaitlyn Hatcher

Raphaila Idris

Caitlin McCaw

Charlize Risse

Hannah Selby

Well done ladies. Such a great achievement and you should be incredibly proud of yourselves.

Mrs Tenniel Todd


Intermediate Team

We dominated in most of our games and were undefeated all day except for the grand final. Unfortunately, we lost our grand final match which was an absolute nailbiter to watch and an excellent exhibition of the extremely talented netballers at our College.


I would like to once again especially thank Caitlin Maher of Year 9 who was our team umpire for the day. Thank you Caitlin. A big thank you also to Mr Preston who provided a shade shelter as well as being our back-up scorer for the day.


The team consisted of: 

Year 9

Alicia Langford

Lauren Preston

Abby Ridding

Year 10

Tayla Gallen

Emily Hatcher

Shae Healey

Paige Lownds

Emily McMillan

Madison Whiteley

Bridie Witjes


Game 1: CCC verse Cerdon - WIN 8-4

Game 2: CCC verse Xavier - WIN 19-8

Game 3: CCC verse St Clares - WIN 22-4

Game 4: CCC verse Emmaus - WIN 22-7

Game 5: CCC verse Marian - WIN 15-13

Game 6: CCC verse Nagle - WIN 20-6

Semifinal: CCC verse Catherine McAuley - WIN 23-13

Grand final: CCC verse Marian - LOSS 20-18.


I am so incredibly proud of this team and all of their efforts. Well done ladies!!

Mrs Suzanne Muscat


Senior Team

Congratulations to the Senior team for a successful PDSSSC carnival. The girls played well, rotating throughout various positions highlighting their versatility and teamwork throughout the day. We successfully won all but one of our pool games and advanced through to the Semi Final against Marian College. After taking the lead in the first half and putting up a great fight they were unfortunately beaten, ending a great carnival for the girls. It was a pleasure working with these ladies and I look forward to our next carnival together.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Samantha Gallen for stepping in at short notice to fill umpiring duties on the day. She did an exceptional job and is commended for her efforts.

The senior team consisted of:

Year 11

Rebecca Dunn

Alanah Eisenhuth

Mia Gleeson

Ruby Lowe

Jasmine Ridding

Year 12

Tenealle Bijoux

Brooke Hoban

Lily Marmont

Savannah Roberts

 Mrs Desley Hodges

St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal

Thank you to the community of Caroline Chisholm College for all the generous donations to the St Vincent de Paul Winter appeal. Year 10 Food Technology students enjoyed giving their time to sort the variety of food staples and blankets which will be collected over the holidays for distribution by representatives from St Vincent de Paul.

Focus on an athlete at CCC


Krystal Daly


7 MacKillop


Artistic Roller Skating

What has been happening?

From 29 June to the 5 July Krystal participated in the 2019 Australian Artistic Roller Skating Championships. Krystal participate in 2 group events, the first being quartet team Les Petites Etoiles which placed fifth. The second event was Small show group which she place First.

Well done Krystal. We are extremely proud of you at Caroline Chisholm College.

Australian Geography Competition

Congratulations to the following students who participated in the Australian Geography Competition in Term 2: Isabella Hargrave Year 7, Jade Ronald Year 9 and Meg Whittaker Year 9. Special congratulations to these students who achieved Distinction results: Jayapreet Bhathal Year 9, Brooke Young Year 9, Stephanie Young Year 9, Monique Buksh Year 10 and Summer Northey Year 10. Azahlia Stevenson Year 10 achieved the outstanding result of  High Distinction.
A wonderful effort for all of these girls and we congratulation them on their enthusiasm to undertake this challenge.

Mrs Natalie Vella - Leader of Learning HSIE

Nepean Rotary Youth Service Award

Lily Marmont our College Social Justice Leader was recently awarded the Nepean Rotary Youth Service Award. She was commended for her significant position of leadership in which she is an outstanding and exemplary ambassador for the college. During her six years at Caroline Chisholm Lily has involved herself the Social Justice, Communications and Liturgy committees, as well as the Agriculture Club and Student Representative Council.

Mrs Sonya Peters -  Leader of Learning Year 12

ACARA Collection Student Background Data Notice

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) collects data from schools to determine the Index of Community Socio-educational Advantage (ICSEA). CEDP is currently working to provide relevant details to the Catholic Education Commission of NSW.  Data collected is de-identified of personal information.


Parents and caregivers must advise their school if they don’t want their child's data included in this report by 30 August 2019


Copies of Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP) Standard Collection Notice and Privacy Policy can be obtained from the school office.

School Fees

The Catholic Education Office at Parramatta facilitates the billing of all school fees and levies.  Term 3 fees were sent to families last week and are due on the 28 August, unless an arrangement is in place.

Please contact Mrs Wendy Slaughter should you need to discuss arrangements on 4737 5500.


Diary Dates

Wednesday 31 July

CCC Youth Group 3-4.30 pm

HSC Drama Showcase Bethany School Hall 6.30 pm

Thursday 1 August

Year 8 Japanese Day

Mental Health First Aid Course

Friday 2 August

Year 12 Study Day

Year 11 Imaginations Church Excursion

Years 7-10 Reflection Day

Year 7 - CCC

Year 8 - Baptist Church

Year 9 - UWS

Year 10 Mt Schoenstatt

Tokyo Junshin Exchange students farewell - Library 6.00-8.00 pm

Monday 5 August

HSC Trial Examinations commence

Tokyo Junshin students depart - CCC 8.30 am

Tuesday 6 August

HSC Trial Examinations

Wednesday 7 August

HSC Trial Examinations

Year 9 ViD Australia Museum excursion

Year 9 Drama Commedia dell'Arte incursion

Thursday 8 August

HSC Trial Examinations

Mental Health First Aid Course

Friday 9 August

Saturday 10 August

HSC Trial Examinations

Year 9-12 Agr/PI students WSU School Steer Liveday excursion

Monday 12 August

HSC Trial Examinations

HSC Dance Exam Rehearsals - Joan Sutherland

Tuesday 13 August

HSC Trial Examinations

HSC Dance Exam - Joan Sutherland

Year 11 2020 Subject Selection Individual Meetings -
Library 8.40 am -3.00 pm

Education Mass including Mission Expo - St Patrick's Cathedral Parramatta

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