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2019, Term 3 Week 6: Friday 30th August 2019

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents,

This Sunday’s Gospel focuses on our Lord’s invitation to join him for a meal. We make the choose to go to mass in response to Jesus’ invitation to be with him at this Eucharistic table, where we celebrate his last supper, in preparation for the ultimate sacrifice he made for us all. The meal analogy is one of “community” where we assemble in Jesus’ name.  we remind ourselves that Jesus is really present with his people. He is present first and foremost in us as an assembled people, for we are his Body, living by his Spirit. He is present secondly in the various ministers who act as icons, representing him and giving him voice. We think of the priest who is the sacrament of Jesus, gathering his people, speaking to us and accepting our offerings. We think of the Readers who are sacraments of Jesus giving voice to his Word. We think of the Eucharistic Ministers, sacraments of Jesus giving himself to us to nourish us. We think of those who minister to us with their music and their voices, sacraments of Jesus lifting our hearts to join him in praising his Father and rejoicing in his love. And thirdly, we believe that God accepts our offering and, through the power of his Spirit, our gifts of bread and wine are transformed into the real presence of the risen Jesus who gives himself to us to nourish us on our journey. [Fr Michael Fallon]


Happy Father’s Day to all our Fathers and the significant men in our lives. Sunday is a great opportunity for us all to thank our dads for all they do and sacrifice for us. Let’s take the time on this special day to tell dad we love him. Thanks to all those who contributed to making our breakfast and celebrations this morning. Thanks to Natalie Bertie and her team for providing a most hearty breakfast. Thank you to Mrs Burley and the teachers or organising our liturgy and the mega maths morning. Have a great day on Sunday!

(Please see below Ben Horne's reflection from our Father's Day Liturgy this morning). 

As you would be aware Mrs Burley [Vella] and Mrs Matthews will be finishing up at the end of the term and taking maternity leave to have their babies. In their absence for the remainder of 2019, we welcome Mrs Bev Hermans who will join Miss Ford in Year two and Miss Alley Casey who will be teaching alongside Mrs Searson Year 1. We look forward to welcoming these ladies into our community for term 4. As the term draws to a close we will take the opportunity to farewell our “two mums to be” and wish them good health and happiness for the birth of their babies.  


Congratulations to our three Voice of Youth finalists who competed in the Cluster Final at CTK last Wednesday Our three finalists Olivia Kaddis, Isabella Yeoman, Emma Maroun all spoke with great knowledge, poise and confidence representing both their school and families. All three students performed to the best of their ability challenging us all with their speeches and the underlying messages and themes contained in their presentation. Congratulations to Olivia Kaddis who won the cluster final with her speech on “Organ Donation”. Olivia will now proceed to the Diocesan Eastern Region Voice of Youth semi-final to be held at St Pauls Greystanes on Monday 9th September. Year six will be travelling to St Pauls to support Olivia on the day. We wish Olivia all the best for the upcoming semi-final.    


Please continue to pray for our stage 3 children and their families in our parish who are preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. This significant event will complete the children’s initiation into our catholic community. The Confirmation mass will be held on Wednesday evening 4th September commencing at 7:30pm. All members of our community are welcome to attend.


Just a reminder to all parents that children who are late to school of a morning are asked to drop in at the office accompanied by a parent or adult to complete a partial absence note. This is a Parramatta Diocesan Education protocol that needs to be adhered to. If a student who is late is accompanied by an adult to the office the partial absence is recorded as “explained”. If a student presents themselves at the office without an accompanying parent or adult, it is recorded on their attendance record as an “unexplained” partial absence.  Irrespective of whether or not a child is accompanied by an adult on being late to school, they are to drop into the office before proceeding to class. If they don’t, their teacher would of already have marked them as absent for the day as office staff not classroom teachers, are responsible for recording late comers to school. Your assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated and will avoid inaccuracies pertaining to your child’s attendance records in the future.


Congratulations to all our students who represented CTK at the Diocesan Athletics last Friday. Our athletes performed very well on the day, achieving several PBs with several athletes progressing to the next level, where they will represent the Diocese at the Mackillop Inter Diocesan carnival on Monday 16th September. Good luck and best wishes to those participating athletes.

Have a great fortnight

Tony Hughes


Father's Day Reflection

My journey to understanding what it means to be a father

Good morning everyone, my name is Ben and I am one of the year 3 teachers here at CTK. Like many people here today - I am lucky to be able to call myself a dad - although it is a word that is still quite new to me. 

When Monica very kindly asked me to talk today I wasn’t quite sure what to focus on - I have only been a father for around 2.5 years - but after a little bit of time I thought that it might be nice to focus on what being a father is like and what it means to me. 

I am very blessed to be the father of three beautiful children. We received a double surprise during my wife’s first pregnancy when the doctor informed us that we were having twins and 9 months later we had a baby boy and a baby girl - Samson who is the eldest by one minute was given his name due to the strong kicks whilst in the womb - and our daughter Fleur-Marie name means Mary’s flower. The twins are around 2 and half years old. Our 3rd child, Felix, turned 9 months this week - and is our youngest. 

When my wife and I first found out that we were going to be parents - the most common question i was asked was ‘how does it feel to know you will be a dad?’ Apart from feeling excited I wasn’t quite sure how to answer the question. I knew how I was feeling but I certainly had no idea what to expect and definitely had a very limited understanding of what being a father meant. Nothing can really prepare you for the challenges that you face becoming a parent for the first time - despite all the advice people give. 9 months seemed like a long way away and at times the thought of becoming a dad did not seem entirely real. It was exciting - but 9 months felt like forever between the news and the day itself. 

The first few months of parenthood I must admit are a little bit of a blur. I do remember there was plenty of crying and screaming - sometimes from the children - and the nappies never seemed to stop. I quickly realised how babies manage to stay so small whilst eating so much - and I finally understood what no sleep meant. I had been warned - but no warning can really prepare you. I have no idea how I used to spend my time before children arrived. Even the simple act of leaving the house felt near impossible. Yet through all these difficult times - there were moments of complete joy. 

Their first smiles / their first laughs / the first time they sleep through the night / the first time they roll over / the first time they pick something up - the world is full of firsts. Their milestones were like little rewards for us parents to witness and they kept me going and reminding me that we were going ok. It was amazing that through all the hard work - it was seeing my children complete the most simple of tasks that made it all worth it. Having twins forced me to be a much more active parent - something I am very thankful for. Yet despite all that had happened - the question still lingered in my mind about what being a father actually meant and it wasn’t until a hospital visit in the late hours of the night doing an unexpected activity that for me - the answer finally clicked. 

Samson - who had jaundice from birth was still suffering the effects from it- and the hospital wanted to run a few tests to make sure that his liver was functioning correctly. After taking some blood and inserting a cannula into his arm - which was a rather horrible experience -after being in the emergency department for what seemed like an eternity - the nurse informed me that they wanted to take a urine sample. At 1:00 in the morning - functioning on auto-pilot - My first thoughts were - please tell me that this is something as simple as absorbing some urine from the nappy - because we had plenty of those. But - those hopes were soon dashed as the nurse produced a little cup and handed it to me. ‘This is your job dad’ is what she told me. Upon receiving the cup - I kindly asked her - how exactly was i meant to collect this sample from a 3 month old baby - do I just have to wait and hope he goes - catching it before it goes all over the carpet? No was the simple reply - but most babies - when they are feeding from mum - if you tap their bladder in a simple beat - they generally will go. So at about 1am - on a school night of course - with one baby screaming in the pram - and the other feeding from my wife - there i was tapping my sons bladder, holding a little cup underneath and praying that it went in. This was my moment - when fatherhood clicked. 

(the cup and tapping works by the way)

But how can this possibly be my moment you may be wondering - well the answer was not too far from me the whole time. 

Fatherhood for me is modelled perfectly by St Joseph. Married to Mary - the only person who never sinned - and raising a son who is God - was probably a very different experience that the normal family life. Despite this - it is St Joseph who is the patron of the church and of all fathers. We do not even here too much about St Joseph in the bible - but we can see just how good a father he was by his actions and the life of his family. He accepted his responsibilities with humility, he protected Jesus and Mary on the way to Bethlehem, into Egypt and back into Nazareth. He took Jesus to the temple, he taught him his craft but most importantly he taught him to love his mother, his God, the poor and even those who would persecute him. He guided Him in all areas of life with patience, care, gentleness and without any desire to be recognised. He never had any money - we know they were quite poor - but whilst they were poor in terms of income - they were rich in all the areas that matter most. St Joseph - who was a foster father to Jesus - could be called his father due to his actions in raising his son - which he did without any fuss. He allowed his son to shine through - not himself. He worked tirelessly and always did so in the background. For me - fatherhood is modelling this example. Working for my children, in the background, so that they are able to shine. That they are able to become the people they are meant to be. My children may never know the story of the hospital visit, nor will they know about the sleepless nights, the worries parents have, the endless nappies, food preparation, sterilising bottles that they immediately drop all over the dirty floor etc. But they will know that we love them and are there for them. In our house - no day is ever the same / despite how monotonous some days feel.

Nothing gives me greater joy than watching my children grow, learning, playing and exploring. Sure there are tough days and some days were nothing ever seems to go right and I make all the mistakes in the world. Yet a simple smile from my children is enough to turn it all around. I can no longer remember what life was like without them - it feels as though they have been with me forever. Some days can be difficult to go to work - but knowing that their smiles will be waiting for me when I get home helps me through every day. 

Christ the King students - this Sunday is fathers day - it is a nice day to remember all the things that your father - does for you 365 days a year. It is a time for you to say thank you for everything that he has done to raise you. If your dad is unable to be here today - or had to leave after breakfast - then it is most likely because he is once again working hard for you - earning a living so that he can afford to send you to school, to learn, have clothes, food and a safe place to live. Whilst I am sure he will love receiving your gifts of mugs and after shave lotions and sports gear - the best gifts that you can give your dad this Sunday are free - your time, your smiles and your love. Obedience I am sure would also be most welcome. This Sunday - say thank you for all the things that your dad does for you - most of which you will never see. 

For the fathers that are here today - you have been entrusted with a very special job. I hope that this Sunday is a special day for you and your family - and that you enjoy watching your children grow. Thank you.

Upcoming Events

Term 3 (Week 7)

Monday 2nd September


  • Sports Program - All students in Sport Uniform
  • Cool Kids Music 3.00-4.30pm

Tuesday 3rd September

  • Uniform Shop 8.00am-12.30pm
  • Literacy Club 8am
  • ICAS: Digital Technologies (Online) 8am
  • PE: Year 6,Year 2, Year 4 (Group1) 
  • Drama Club Years 3 & 4
  • Wakakirri Rehearsal 1:15pm - 2:00pm

Wednesday 4th September

  • Maths Olympiad Team Session 8am
  • Pe: Year 5, Kindergarten 
  • Drama club Years 1 & 2
  • Wakakirri Rehearsals 1:15pm - 2:00pm
  • Chess (3 - 4pm) 
  • Sacrament of Confirmation Ceremony

Thursday 5th September

  • PE: Year 3, Year 1, Year 4 (Group 2)
  • Year 5 Reconciliation
  • Write a Book in a Day
  • Drama Club Years 5 & 6

Friday 6th September

  • Band (7:45 am) and groups throughout the day
  • Year 5 at Mass
  • CTK Playgroup 10am-11.30am
  • Assembly presented by Year 1
  • Diocesan Athletics Carnival

Term 3, (Week 8)

Monday 9th September

  • Sport Program - All students in Sport Uniform
  • Cool Kids Music Club 3.00-4.30pm

Tuesday 10th September

  • Uniform Shop 8.00am-12.30pm
  • Literacy Club 8am
  • PE: Year 5, Year 2, Year 4 (Group1) Please note change Year 5 Tuesday
  • Drama Club Years 3 & 4

Wednesday 11th September

  • Maths Olympiad Team session 8am
  • PE: Year 1, Kindergarten Please note change Year 1 Wednesday 
  • Stage 2 & 3 Cricket Gala Day
  • Drama Club Years 1 & 2
  • Chess (3 - 4pm)
  • Sacrament of Confirmation practice evening

Thursday 12th September 

  • PE: Year 3, Year 5, Year 4 (Group 2) Please note change Year 5 Thursday
  • Drama Club Years 5 & 6

Friday 13th September

  • Band (7:45 am) and groups throughout the day
  • Father's Day Celebrations 8am-10:30am Breakfast + Liturgy + Mega maths Session
  • CTK Playgroup 10am-11.30am

Advanced Notice: Mark in your diary

Friday 20th September

Grandparents Day Celebrations Liturgy + Morning Tea from 9am and Book week Hat Parade

Friday 27th September

Last day Term 3


Thursday 12th December

Christmas Concert

Wednesday 18th December

Year 6 End of Year Function (Parent/Student Dinner) Last day of school for all Students

Thursday 19th December


Friday 20th December


Other School News

CTK School Captains 2019

Father’s Day

As you know, Father’s Day is this up-coming Sunday. I'm sure he won't let you forget. This joyous celebration brings us together with our wonderful father’s who have been there from the beginning, from our first steps, to our first day at school, and still are here today. We can't thank them enough for everything they’ve done for us. Lot’s of us have a special connection and bond with our dad’s.

Our fathers have believed in us and are our hero’s. They have taught us how to live a life that is worth living. They helped us to learn how to ride our bikes. Our dads give us the gift of time to be there whilst we grow and learn. They might not have superpowers but they have the powers to encourage us and that’s a real hero. 

Think about all the times your dad has been there for you. Now it’s your turn to be there for him! Make sure you spend the whole day with your dad, it is HIS special day!

Henry Abood & Emma Maroun.


For six out of the last seven years, Christ the King have been outstanding in the Wakakirri Competition.

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FIAT Visit Mary MacKillop Museum

Mary MacKillop is Australia’s first ever saint. Our FIAT (Faith In Action Team) decided to help our school to understand and learn more about Mary Mackillop by visiting the famous Mary Mackillop Museum at North Sydney to learn more about her life story.

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Year 1 Students Visit Sydney Olympic Park

On Friday 16th August, Year One travelled to the Sydney Olympic Park to study for their Geography unit - The Features of Places.

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Succeed in Voice of Youth

We would like to congratulate Olivia on a fantastic achievement as the 12 speeches were of a very high quality. Olivia will now present her speech at the Diocesan semi finals in September to try and move to the final for Voice of Youth. Congratulations to Isabella and Emma for their fantastic speeches also.

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Christ the King Participates in Write a Book in a Day 2019

Twenty Year 6 students from Christ the King competed in Write a Book in a Day for Book Week 2019.

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Students Compete at the Hills Zone Athletics Carnival

On Thursday 15th August, 30 students from Christ the King made their way to Blacktown International Sports Park for the Hills Zone Athletics Carnival.

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Sarah's Chop for Charity

A Christ the King Year 5 student, Sarah is raising money and cutting her hair for the Kids with Cancer Foundation. She has already raised nearly $11 000.

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