Newsletter Term 3 | Week 6

Message from Ms D'Aloia

Dear Parents and Community Members,

You may recall that the Staff Formation Day at the beginning of this term started our journey of reviewing and developing the Mathematics Curriculum at St Joseph’s.  The day was facilitated by the President of the Primary Mathematics Association, Lisa-Jane.   Last week, Lisa-Jane, Helen Clark and I met with each learning team to discuss how we could enhance our delivery of Australian Curriculum Mathematics Curriculum and continue to provide rigorous and authentic learning opportunities.  We ALL certainly learnt a lot. Whilst in various classrooms this week, I noticed teachers were already introducing some of the new initiatives discussed.  I noted that after the learning intention was shared, the teacher asked, which drawer they would be focussing on in the lesson?  It was fabulous to see students engaging in deep conversation and reflection.   Whilst developing our delivery of the Mathematics curriculum is listed on the Annual School Improvement Plan for 2020, this will continue to be a focus in 2021 and we will continue to be inspired and challenged by Lisa-Jane. 

You may wish to continue the conversation with your child?  What does a Mathematician look like?  What does a Mathematician do?  What is Mathematics?  When do I use Mathematics in my life??

Parent Workshops

CyberSafety Workshop

Next Term there will be two parent workshops.  The first will be held on Wednesday 14th October and will focus on CyberSafety. This workshop will be facilitated by the Carly Ryan Foundation.  I would strongly encourage parents to attend this workshop.  It was apparent at the recent Primary Years student workshops on Cybersafety, facilitated by SA Police that there are many children who have multiple social media accounts, and some are conversing with strangers online which is concerning.  Understanding how to navigate this ‘space’ is so important in keeping our precious and impressionable children safe.

RSVP before 5th October. Fill out this form to secure your place.

A creche will be available.  Please RSVP so the appropriate level of staff can be arranged. 

Bill Hansberry Workshops

On Wednesday 21 October, educational consultant, Bill Hansberry will present two workshops:

Workshop 1: Raising Kids with Grit

Workshop 2: Will you two just leave one another alone?

His presentations are enjoyable and humorous! 

These presentations are possible because of the Parents in Education Grant that the Parents and Friends applied for. 

RSVP before 16th October. Fill out this online form to secure your place.

A creche will be available.  Please RSVP so the appropriate level of staff can be arranged. 


Next week we celebrate Father’s Day.  Let us take a moment to pray for all Fathers, Grandfathers, Stepfathers and significant males in the lives of children. 

Our SJSH Parents & Friends Father's Day raffle tickets are on sale now via our Qkr! app for just $1 per ticket.

We have FIVE fantastic prize packs up for grabs for some lucky Dad's!!

THE PRIZES will be randomly drawn, in no particular order, after lunch on Friday September 4th.

These will be available for collection from the front office.

  • $100 voucher for Matt Morris's Built at Home services + $45 Bella Vita Pizza Voucher
  • AFL Max Family Ticket + $100 Bunnings Voucher donated by Sophia at Reliable Affordable Tree & Stump Removal
  • $100 Adrenaline Voucher, thanks to Leath the Lending Therapist + 1 x bottle of wine, kindly donated by Megan Papadoupoulos
  • $100 Bunnings Voucher donated by Sophia at Reliable Affordable Tree & Stump Removal + Gift Basket, with thanks to Jessica Pollice - Para Hills Painters & Decorators
  • 1 x Magnum of wine thanks to Richard Ellerman / Patrick of Coonawarra + 1 x bottle of wine thanks to Rachel Cini

What a loot!

Please support this valuable fundraising drive. Like Mother's Day, it is not without a little sadness that the kids can't buy from a stall. This decision was made in the best interest of everyone, and in line with the school's Covid Policy.

A Prayer for Father's Day

God, Bless all the fathers, Grandfathers, Step-fathers and significant males in the world.

Father, we ask that You guide them to be good role models and loving to their children.

We also ask that You help them to be a father like You are, always loving, always forgiving, always walking alongside offering care and compassion.

Give them grace and patience to handle situations in a loving way.


Learning Conversations

In previous years Learning Conversations were held in Term 1 and Term 3.  With the disruption of COVID-19,  Learning Conversations took place late Term 2, just before Semester 1 reports were issued, instead.  Learning Conversations in Term 3 can be arranged directly with your child’s class teacher if required.  Staff can be contacted by email, Seesaw or Microsoft Teams.  As always, the staff are available to meet with you at a mutually beneficial time to discuss your child's learning or any issues that may arise.

Learning Journeys

Learning Journeys are usually held on the Thursday morning in Week 10 of each term.  Students and teachers alike look forward to showcasing the learning and insights gained throughout the term.  It is certainly a joyous time.  Unfortunately, due to current restrictions we are unable to open the classrooms this term. 

Reminder about Stranger Danger

“Students and families are reminded to be wary of approaches from strangers, especially when they are unaccompanied or travelling to and from school. If they are approached, students should not respond and should not accept offers of rides or gifts.

Students should seek the assistance of other nearby adults if they feel unsafe and should report the event to a trusted adult (parent or school staff member) as soon as possible.

SAPOL advises that taking out a mobile phone and calling police can deter the offender and they recommend the student making a formal report to their closest police station.”

Class Masses and Liturgies

Thank You

Thank you to the SRC who led our Mass around the theme of ‘teachers.’ We gave thanks for all that our teachers and staff do to make St Joseph’s such a special place. We also remembered our first teachers, our parents, during this celebration.

Sacramental Program

Please keep Sebastian M, Ruby, Lina-Marie, Maria, Alexander C, Shayla and Luca in your prayers as they prepare to receive the Sacraments of Confirmation (September 12th) and Eucharist (November 22nd) over the coming months.

Important Dates

Confirmation Practice: 7th September

Confirmation: Saturday 12th September @ Sacred Heart Church, Hindmarsh

First Communion Parent Meeting: 20th October @ 6:30pm in St Joseph’s School Hall

First Communion: 22nd November @ Sacred Heart Church, Hindmarsh

Parish Mass

Thank you to Jordina, Nikolai, Chiara, Johann and their families who came along to our Parish Mass on Sunday. Thank you also to Mrs Elmendorp, Mrs Falanga and Ms D’Aloia for reading at this Mass. It was a beautiful celebration and a great opportunity to be in community with our Sacred Heart, Hindmarsh Parish.

We are invited to Mass each Sunday at 9:30am at Sacred Heart Church, Port Road, Hindmarsh.

Social Justice Sunday

This Sunday ( August 30) is Social Justice Sunday, an initiative of the Australian Catholic Bishop’s Conference(ACBC) Office for Social Justice. Each year the ACBC chose a contemporary social issue and develop a statement outlining the situation and relevant Catholic Social Teaching and produce an annual social justice statement.

This year the ACBC are focussing on mental health. The social justice statement is called - To Live Life to the FullMental Health in Australia Today.  The statement addresses mental health in the Australian community with particular regard to issues for young people, older people and families in the context of drought, bushfires and the pandemic. It challenges the treatment of those experiencing mental illness and the importance of a commitment to the common good in our support of First Nations people and communities; and refugees and asylum seekers.

A copy of the statement and additional supporting resources are available here.

Helen Clark

Mini Vinnies Happenings

Making Soup for those in Need

Parish Bulletin

? Congratulations!

Congratulations to children who received awards at Assembly recently.

Classroom teachers select students who demonstrate our School Values: Respect, Compassion, Hope, Forgiveness and Service.

Week 5 Recipients
Deng - RM
Taksh - RS
Sadie - 1/2C
Mia - 1/2GM
Jada - 1/2R
Hardik - 3T
Lachlan - 3T
Ruby - 4M
Xavier - 4M
Darcy - 4/5C
Aaron - 5/6ED

Congratulations to our SRC Reps for Semester 2

Our Community Service Recipients

Please remember your child's hat next week

Book Week has been postponed until Term 4

Reminder: Winter Uniform

Have you seen Zion and Jordina at the Brickworks?

Ramp Investigation

This week the children made cards for their Grandparents. On Wednesday we attended the school liturgy that celebrated Grandparents Day. As we could not have Grandparents visit the school as we would normally do this year, the whole ceremony was live streamed, and a video posted on Facebook.

The introduction of a large cardboard lid and plastic reels enabled further challenges and fun to our ramp investigations. On Friday a group of children created their own ramps and used them as launch pads for toy cars.

ELLA App: The Zoo

The children continued to make elaborate structures with blocks and other props for zoo animals. This work is to compliment and make connections with ELLA app 4 THE ZOO and zoo stories that we have been reading.

This stage of block building corresponds to the “realistic” stage in art development. Children use blocks to represent things they know, like cities, cars, airplanes, houses and animal enclosures. Language flourishes in this setting as the children talk about their structures, explain the workings of their designs and share information. Building with materials such as blocks, lego and other props such as plastic animals, etc, invite problem solving and mathematical thinking.

Learning About Turtles

We have been learning about the importance of keeping our oceans free of plastic and other rubbish to ensure sea creatures such as turtles are kept safe. Stories and props featuring turtles were the inspiration for art work created by the children.

Our investigations and discussions about the impact of human activity on our natural environment were to honour the theme of Science Week 2020 Deep Blue: Innovations for the future of our oceans.

Turtle Inspired Art

RAA Street Smart Visit

To help keep your kids safe on the road, RAA runs Street Smart Primary – free, interactive road-safety lessons held in primary schools across SA.

RAA believes road safety is an important skill that should be learnt from an early age. To help, they’ve partnered with the Government of South Australia and the Lifetime Support Authority to offer free road-safety lessons in primary schools across South Australia. Since the program launched in 2014, they’ve visited more than 700 schools.

Last week 3T and 4M had a session with Christina from RAA. They learnt that we are all road users - whether as a passenger, pedestrian ?‍♂️ ?‍♂️ , cyclist ?‍♂️ or scooter ?. We all have a responsibility. We learnt what to do as a pedestrian crossing a road and what we need to do when walking along the footpath, as well as our responsibilities as cyclists. Take some time to talk with your child about what they learnt - especially about bells on bikes.

They learned how to use their ‘Bike Brain’ and how to do a ‘Bike Check’. They also learned how to do the 2-V-1 check to make sure our helmet fits correctly. When using a road crossing as a pedestrian, you should always STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK and hold the hand of an adult if you are under the age of 10 ?????

Thinking my way through...

Year 3T have been discussing about ‘Thinking my way through...’

They discussed, when we are involved in learning situations, it is necessary to consider what type of thinking we need to utilise to best help us learn and solve problems. In a learning situation, do we need to think as:

? Mathematicians
? Writers/Authors
? Linguists
? Theologians
? Technologists
? Engineers
? Designers
? Geographers
? Scientists
? Historians
? Artists
? Collaborators
? Communicators
? Researchers
? Self-managers
? Inquirers

Indigenous Inspired Artwork

Little Biologists ?

Koby and Jack explained how their class made models of the brain.

Last week we were using plasticine to make our brain and we tried our best to make our brain.
The plasticine was a little bit hard but we melted it so it was a bit more brainy and flat so that the brain would stand out to us.

We are very happy with our brain.This brain is hard, we have got the plasticine in our fingernails and it’s really annoying under nails, they keep effecting our hands. We did our best on the ?.

The brain is wonderful in many ways, like the front part of your brain is called the prefrontal cortex, hippocampus, amygdala, this is why the brain is wonderful.

We are Proud of our Brain Models ?

Using our Road Safety session as a prompt students were given the opportunity to demonstrate their learning and understanding by creating either a rap or a video to demonstrate a road safety concept.

OSHC Gate - After School Pick Up

When picking up your children from OSHC after school please use the new OSHC gate on Albemarle Street in front of the Preschool.

The Front Office Hours are from 8.30am - 4.00pm which means the Front Office gate will be closed from 4.00pm.

We ask that parents use the new OSHC gate for pick up from 4pm onwards. If the gate is not open by this time it would mean that no one is in the Hall. If you have any trouble please call the OSHC Mobile (0408 809 107) to get in touch with an OSHC Staff Member.

We're Loving OSHC's New Space

The children were so excited on the first day we moved in, and their excitement has continued.

The hall has provided new opportunities for each child, as it is a big space and there is so much to do. Some children love to engage in sports and others love craft. With lots of space at our disposal, the opportunities are endless. Some of the children have been practising gymnastics both in the mornings and during after school care. Others have been engaging in play-based experiences such as dodgeball, handball, Electric Piggy and Red Rover in the main hall area while we still have craft area for our daily activities.

During National Science Week some of the children participated in STEM based activities. 

Parenting Insights

Article: Staying the course in COVID times

Encouraging kids to stay the course when the pandemic has denied them access to the classroom, peers and community activities is now a common parenting challenge.

Article: Encourage kids to occupy themselves

While it's tempting for parents to prevent children from becoming bored, they may be robbing them of the chance to develop valuable life skills.