Newsletter Term 3 | Week 8

Message from Ms D'Aloia

Dear Parents and Community Members,

It was great to meet with the Parents and Friends Committee last week and to welcome some new faces!  You are all invited to attend meetings.  To accommodate the needs of all in our community, meetings are held alternately on Monday afternoon from 2pm or Monday evening at 7pm.  The next meeting will be held here at school on Monday 21 September at 7 pm.  It will be lovely to see you there!

The Living Learning Leading Framework

You would be aware that The Living Learning Leading Framework was launched this year across all Catholic Schools in South Australia. At the heart of the LLL Framework is a commitment to our students and our understanding of all people – we see them as ‘thriving people, capable learners, leaders for the world God desires.’ The Living Learning Leading Framework underpins everything we do, ensuring our students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to thrive in a rapidly changing and complex world.

During 2019 the Catholic Education Office worked to develop the Living Learning Leading Standard to support the LLL Framework.

The Living Learning Leading Standard has been developed as part of a system-wide school improvement strategy and defines the benchmarks which are applicable to all South Australian Catholic schools against which actual performance can be measured.

The Living Learning Leading Standard has been designed to:

    • raise aspirations for excellent schools within a continuously improving system;
    • raise student voice, agency and achievement;
    • ensure high quality teaching and learning for all students;
    • support communication with the wider school community and other stakeholders;


The Living Learning Leading Standard has four defined areas:

  • Catholic Identity
  • Curriculum and Co-constructed learning and Assessment Design
  • Student Agency, identity, learning and leadership
  • Community engagement

  • The Staff and School Board have been examining the performance standard indicators and have conducted a self-review.  We have identified long and short-term goals which will help shape the schools next Strategic Plan.  Once this process has been completed it will be shared for your comment and feedback.  We are all in this together!

    The P & F Committee have been involved in reviewing the Community Engagement component.  Many great ideas have emerged.   We would love to hear from you too! 

    We aim to be a school ‘excelling’ in Community Engagement!

      • Are we a school that is inclusive and has a collaborative culture where everyone is welcomed?
      • Does the school give agency (provide a voice) to staff, students and families in decision making?  Is this reflected in policies and procedures?
      • There is a genuine respectful partnership between families, parish and school who have a shared responsibility for student faith development, student learning and wellbeing. 
      • The school regularly evaluates the impact of its community engagement strategies. 

    Please send any suggestions/feedback/questions to or

    You may also send feedback to the chairperson of the P & F, Leath Margrie:  Or the Chairperson of the School Board, Richard Ellerman:

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    National Child Protection Week 2020

    This year National Child Protection Week will celebrate its 30th year with the theme:

     Putting children first…

    ‘Putting children first’ was front of mind when the National Child Protection Week campaign was launched in 1990, with the aim of bringing abuse and neglect out of the shadows and putting child wellbeing on the national agenda.

    Since then, the need to put children first has been recognised time and time again as an important pillar for boosting the wellbeing of all children in Australia.  

    Last year’s National Child Protection Week campaign was based on research that shows the importance of putting children first when talking about parenting, and continued the message that conversations are a key part of engaging the whole community in caring for children.

    Under this year’s theme of ‘Putting children first’ we invite all Australians to look at how they can prioritise children in their lives and communities and to engage in National Child Protection Week – as individuals, and as part of families, organisations, communities and society.

    Putting children first means prioritising the safety and wellbeing of children. To grow up well, children need to feel safe and loved, have a chance to play and explore, have a say in decisions that affect them, and access to essential things like food, shelter and healthcare. 


    Gracious God provide us with a listening heart that we see and hear the voice of each of our children.

    We ask you God to strengthen and guide all in our Catholic communities. Grant us the ability and time to listen carefully when children come to us seeking help.

    May our institutions and families respect, listen and do what is required to help all children feel safe.

    Let your grace and love fall gently upon our children giving them the inner strength, peace, and resilience to seek out assistance when required.

    We ask you God to provide each us with the wisdom to involve children in making institutions and communities safer.

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    Sports Day

    We are currently preparing to proceed with our annual Sports Day next term.

    Sports Day - Friday 23rd October - 9.00am until 1.00pm
    at the Henley Beach and Grange Memorial Oval,
    Cudmore Avenue, Henley Beach. 

    It has been decided after many discussions with the School Board and feedback received from parents in our community, to trial a venue that has the capacity to include more athletic events such as, long jump and high jump.  As this location is home to the Henley/Grange Little Athletics Association ​they have the athletics resources required available for our use.

    As Sports Day will be held off site, we are working with the venue to ensure that Sports Day is meeting all current health advice and restrictions.  

    Unfortunately, due to COVID requirements, it has been decided NOT to have a Sausage Sizzle or Cake Stall this year.  Parents are welcome to bring a picnic lunch.  However, please note that the communal sharing of food is not permitted. 

    Other matters which we will need to address are:

      • ensuring the provision of hand sanitiser on entering the grounds
      • put in place toilet marshals 
      • ensure there is no sharing of food and drinks
      • and using non-contact greetings and ​celebrations.

    To ensure we comply with social distancing and density requirements only 2 spectators per family are permitted and EVERYONE attending Sports Day will need to register.  This will assist with contact tracing should this be required.  More information will be forwarded closer to the date.  (Please keep in mind this may change should further restrictions be reinstated)

    Inclement Weather

    If the weather is predicted to be inclement a decision will be made 24 hours prior as to whether the event will be cancelled. This will be posted on school social media sites and email sent to all families.  If Sports Day is cancelled it will be a normal school day. 

    As in previous years detailed information will be provided including Sports Day Uniform requirements, Bus Transport for students in OHSC, recess and lunch for all students.

    This information is based on current information as of the date of publication.  We will continue to monitor the SA government website and will let you know by email, Facebook or Seesaw if there are any changes to the information provided in this newsletter.

    National Health & PE Day

    To celebrate National Health & PE Day last week, the students jumped, ran, skipped and cartwheeled all day long! Thanks to Mrs Keller for organising a great day and for setting up the BEST obstacle course!

    National Health Day Obstacle Course!

    Parent Workshops

    CyberSafety Workshop

    Next Term there will be two parent workshops.  The first will be held on Wednesday 14th October and will focus on CyberSafety. This workshop will be facilitated by the Carly Ryan Foundation.  I would strongly encourage parents to attend this workshop.  It was apparent at the recent Primary Years student workshops on Cybersafety, facilitated by SA Police that there are many children who have multiple social media accounts, and some are conversing with strangers online which is concerning.  Understanding how to navigate this ‘space’ is so important in keeping our precious and impressionable children safe.

    RSVP before 5th October. Fill out this form to secure your place.

    A creche will be available.  Please RSVP so the appropriate level of staff can be arranged. 

    Bill Hansberry Workshops

    On Wednesday 21 October, educational consultant, Bill Hansberry will present two workshops:

    Workshop 1: Raising Kids with Grit

    Workshop 2: Will you two just leave one another alone?

    His presentations are enjoyable and humorous! 

    These presentations are possible because of the Parents in Education Grant that the Parents and Friends applied for. 

    RSVP before 16th October. Fill out this online form to secure your place.

    A creche will be available.  Please RSVP so the appropriate level of staff can be arranged. 

    Learning Conversations

    In previous years Learning Conversations were held in Term 1 and Term 3.  With the disruption of COVID-19,  Learning Conversations took place late Term 2, just before Semester 1 reports were issued, instead.  Learning Conversations in Term 3 can be arranged directly with your child’s class teacher if required.  Staff can be contacted by email, Seesaw or Microsoft Teams.  As always, the staff are available to meet with you at a mutually beneficial time to discuss your child's learning or any issues that may arise.

    Learning Journeys

    Learning Journeys are usually held on the Thursday morning in Week 10 of each term.  Students and teachers alike look forward to showcasing the learning and insights gained throughout the term.  It is certainly a joyous time.  Unfortunately, due to current restrictions we are unable to open the classrooms this term. 

    Reminder about Stranger Danger

    “Students and families are reminded to be wary of approaches from strangers, especially when they are unaccompanied or travelling to and from school. If they are approached, students should not respond and should not accept offers of rides or gifts.

    Students should seek the assistance of other nearby adults if they feel unsafe and should report the event to a trusted adult (parent or school staff member) as soon as possible.

    SAPOL advises that taking out a mobile phone and calling police can deter the offender and they recommend the student making a formal report to their closest police station.”

    Class Masses and Liturgies

    Thank You

    Thank you to 4M who led a Liturgy to celebrate all father figures in our lives. This Liturgy can be viewed on the St Joseph’s School Facebook Community page.

    3T led our Liturgy in Week 8 celebrating the birth of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

    Sacramental Program

    This Saturday Sebastian M, Ruby, Lina-Marie, Maria, Alexander C, Shayla and Luca will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

    God Bless,
    Helen Clark - APRIM

    Important Dates

    Confirmation: Saturday 12th September @ 2pm, Sacred Heart Church, Hindmarsh

    First Communion Parent Meeting: 20th October @ 6:30pm in St Joseph’s School Hall

    First Communion: 22nd November @ Sacred Heart Church, Hindmarsh

    Confirmation Prayer

    Spirit of God, grant me:

    The gift of wisdom

    To see the world through your eyes,

    The gift of right judgment

    To make difficult decisions,

    The gifts of knowledge and understanding

    To use my mind to know you and to love you,

    The gift of courage

    To have the courage to live in the faith

    Despite the difficulties and disappointments,

    The gift of reverence

    To be able to express my special love

    And commitment to you,

    And the right kind of awesome fear

    That makes me pause to wonder and revere God’s Love.


    Mini Vinnies Happenings

    Parish Bulletin

    ? Congratulations!

    Congratulations to children who received awards at Assembly recently.

    Classroom teachers select students who demonstrate our School Values: Respect, Compassion, Hope, Forgiveness and Service.

    Week 6 RecipientsWeek 7 Recipients
    Xavier - RMKhai - RM
    Italica - 1/2GMDaphne - 1/2C
    Hannah - 1/2RLivingstone - 1/2R
    Michelina - 3TMaria - 3T
    Roshan - 4MOrlando - 4M
    Grace - 4/5CAbdulmalek - 4/5C
    Aaron Z - 5/6EDRodger - 5/6ED

    Nude Food Wednesday

    The SRC have reinstated ‘Nude Food Day’ on Wednesdays in Term 3. They are encouraging people to bring a lunch box that has no wrappers in in it.

    SRC are keeping a record of the number of nude food lunches. Each nude food lunch box generates a point for the student’s House Team. The point will go towards our Community Team of the Year at the end of the school year.

    In Term 4, Nude Food Days will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Please remember your child's hat

    Order your donuts via Qkr by 10th September!

    Book Week has been postponed until Term 4

    Reminder: Winter Uniform

    Turtle Art Investigations

    Turtle art investigations continued this week with the creation of turtles with air dry clay. Once dry the children have been painting them and creating ocean homes to place them in.

    Exploring Minibeasts

    Minibeasts in the garden have been a source of curiosity and interest for the children in the Blue group. They discovered several snails in our celery patch on Wednesday and created a snail house that enabled them to observe the snails more closely.

    OSHC Gate - After School Pick Up

    When picking up your children from OSHC after school please use the new OSHC gate on Albemarle Street in front of the Preschool.

    The Front Office Hours are from 8.30am - 4.00pm which means the Front Office gate will be closed from 4.00pm.

    We ask that parents use the new OSHC gate for pick up from 4pm onwards. If the gate is not open by this time it would mean that no one is in the Hall. If you have any trouble please call the OSHC Mobile (0408 809 107) to get in touch with an OSHC Staff Member.

    Vacation Care - Term 3 Holidays

    OSHC is now taking bookings for Vacation Care. Please make sure all forms are returned to OSHC by Monday 21st September. 

    Forms are available from OSHC or you can view it on our website.

    Bookings will only be accepted when a deposit of $20 per day for each child has been paid.

    If you have any queries please contact Catherine, our OSHC Director.

    Vacation Care Program

    Parenting Insights

    Article: Wellbeing strategies for parents

    The uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic takes a heavy toll on families. Here's how parents can prioritise their wellbeing and cope better with adversity.

    Article: Help kids tap into their inner resources

    Times of hardship, frustrations and difficulties are opportunities for parents and teachers to develop the resourcefulness and inner strength of children and young people.


    Brochure: Listening to Children

    Tips on interacting and communicating with children.

    St Joseph's Old Scholars

    ST. JOSEPH'S OLD SCHOLARS SPRING LUNCHEON  -  Wednesday October 7th 2020.

    Lockleys Hotel - 493 Henley Beach Road, Lockleys. 11.45a.m. for 12 noon start.

    SENIORS MENU - $17.90 (includes complimentary drink). BOOKINGS with Josie (8295 3667) or Joyleen (8337 9500) by FRIDAY 2ND OCTOBER. Seating will not be allocated. Invitation for ALL students/teachers/staff (male and female) who have ever had a connection with a Josephite School/College and/or St. Mary MacKillop. 

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    Sport Come & Try