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Term 4 Week 2 - 22nd October, 2020

From the Principal - Yvette Baird

Praying together 

Article in the parish Bulletin last week 

“ONE MILLION CHILDREN PRAYING THE ROSARY The pontifical foundation Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) once again invites parishes, nurseries, schools, and families to participate in the initiative “One Million Children Praying the Rosary” on 18th October. The focus of the prayer campaign is worldwide unity and peace. This year provides a very special context because never before has there been such a worldwide healthcare and existential crisis. “A crisis in which the entire world has been and continues to be exposed to an invisible virus that has brought death to hundreds of thousands of people and devastating, and as yet unforeseeable, economic and social consequences. Our world is no longer the same world, and what was taken for granted until now will no longer be so,” stated Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, President of ACN International. In a letter to the children, he said that in difficult situations like these it‘s very important to work together and help one another. “But we must also not forget that the biggest help of all comes from God”. That is why the pontifical foundation once again has issued the invitation to take part in the worldwide prayer initiative „A Million Children Praying the Rosary“, on October 18 – or alternatively to pray the Rosary with the children in schools or kindergartens on Monday, October 19 (since 18 October falls on a Sunday this year).”

Being one with God in prayer is a state of being that enriches the mind, the soul and the heart. The invitation from last week’s bulletin to pray the Rosary was an invitation we could not refuse. On Monday morning the school community prayed one decade of the Rosary following Monday morning assembly. The children were invited to think of an intention, a sick relative, a person they know who is sad and needs hugs and love, the people suffering from illness, those who are homeless in Lebanon or a personal intention to think about as they prayed to Mary our Mother.  This was a very special way to start our week. Special thanks to Mrs Hyson for sharing this article with me last week and initiating our whole school prayer experience. 

Congratulations to our Year 12 friends

This week commenced the start of the Higher School Certificate exams. This is usually a very stressful time for our students and their families.  We ask the Holy Spirit to guide them and give them the strength they need  to do the best they can do. Special thanks to our College friends for the support and dedication in preparing the students for these exams.  

New Kindy Transition dates Confirmed this week

This week, children involved in the Kindergarten transition program were informed of the new dates.  If you did not receive confirmation, then your child will just participate in the orientation day scheduled for Thursday the 3rd of December.  Details of this day were also sent to parents this week.  If you need clarification regarding these two events, please contact the school.  

Parents and Friends Association Term 4 meeting

On Monday the 26th of October the P&F executive committee will meet via Zoom  to plan our vision for 2021.  This year with the many restrictions placed upon all schools, we have only had minimal communication.  I am looking forward to moving forward and continuing to build our school faith community  working together for the good of the students and their families. 

The next P&F event will be an exciting Christmas pop up store.  Further information will be sent home closer to the event.  

Continued Maintenance of our amazing school site

Over the holiday break many maintenance projects were completed.  New drainage went in around the Cola area to minimise the water pooling under the shade cloth, the artificial grass was given a facelift and areas of deterioration was addressed.  The administation block has a new security door in the main foyer, with a safety screen being installed very soon.   A new safety fence was installed around the Parish oval.  This initiative was undertaken by St Andrew’s  College.  It will provide additional security for our students during break times. I wish to sincerely thank Mr Kannough for this. 

School Fee statements 

School fee statements were sent to families in recent weeks with a due date of the 18th of December.  If you have any issues, please contact the school office and speak with Reshma Kerai.  All conversations are confidential. 

School Photos

Since my last video message to the community on Tuesday the 13th of October, we are now able to hold normal school photos. Children will have both group class  photo and individual/family photo opportunities.  Unfortunately, a whole group staff photo is still not permitted. I know this is welcome news for all our families and for our school.  Photo Day is still on the 30th of October.  Full summer uniform please.

Student Of The Week Term 3 Week 10 & Term 4 Week 1

Kindergarten Students

  • Zachary deGuzman
  • Ava Conlan
  • Blake Petersen
  • Shenouda Shaker
  • Jason Tarra
  • Arya Shah
  • Annabelle Issa
  • Denise Li

Year 1 Students

  • Lily Raymundo                   
  • Ethan Rekham
  • Atoosa Nejad
  • Adriana Trevail
  • Antonio Fernandez
  • Kieran Arndell

Year 2 Students

  • Nouriel Naiem          
  • Hanan Goyal   
  • Dominic Russo
  • Joseph Watkins
  • Elaina Kirkham
  • Aarushi Singh

Year 3 Students

  • Vibu Krishna             
  • Chloe Wilson 
  • Malaar Kaur

  • Uriel Labo
  • Georgie Carrier
  • Tamaha Powell

Year 4 Students

  • Cali Pielago 
  • Melissa Eskander     
  • Matilda Watts
  • Adriana Trevail
  • Athan Galaxidis
  • Fiona Doshi

Year 5 Students

  • Resh Singh
  • Aryan Sharma
  • Jasmine Fowler                
  • Lucas Luong
  • Nathaniel Peterson
  • Seeya Kanbi

Year 6 Students

  • Brendan Espiritu
  • Aluel Mac Acuek  
  • James Reid
  • Krish Taneja
  • Akol Athieu
  • Amelia Manks

Term 4 Calendar

This Week's News Update

Math a thon

This year we will be holding a Math-a-thon fundraiser.  A letter went home to families this week with the details of the event including a sponsorship card.  This is a great way to continue to build competency in Mathematics in a fun and engaging way while raising money for much needed iPads and laptops for student use.  I thank you in advance for supporting this initiative. The Math-a-thon  will begin in Week 5. 

Parent Helpers - BCSC Volunteers

Building Child Safe Communities - Volunteer Undertaking

Dear Parents/Carers 

In Catholic Education Diocese Parramatta (CEDP), we see parents and carers as partners in your child's learning journey. Parents and carers are encouraged to become involved in our schools in many important ways such as supporting classroom learning, being part of advisory groups, mentoring programs, coaching sporting teams and supporting other extra-curricular activities, canteen support and other kinds of help.

 A range of checks and undertakings are required for people who work for or provide services to CEDP. These checks reduce potential risk and form part of our strategy to build child safe communities.

 CEDP has launched a new Building Child Safe Communities form and online training module that all volunteers are required to complete. 

The purpose of this training is to inform you of the standards of behaviour and other requirements that must be adhered to when volunteering for CEDP.

The undertaking should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and the training module      approximately 10 minutes. Once the form and training modules are submitted, an automated email will be sent to you within two business days to confirm the status of your submission.

The undertaking form will expire within two years or when your Working With Children Check expires (if applicable), whichever is sooner. At that time you will need to complete the undertaking form and training module again. You will receive an automatic reminder email when this occurs. 

Further information on the new online form and training module can be found at and clicking on about us/building child safe communities. Within the form you will also find help sheets and a video tutorial to assist you. 

Thank you in advance for your support.

Parents & Friends News Update

School Fundraising

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