Caroline Chisholm College Newsletter

Term 2 Issue 6 2019

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Friends, Staff and Students of Caroline Chisholm College,

It has already been a busy beginning to Term II – Happy Easter and welcome back. The greatest gift of Christianity is that our faith is centred on God who renews us and brings us to new life constantly. We are Easter people who continually rise again and bring new life through the Gospel to the people in our lives. We don't get stuck on the suffering of Good Friday. Rather, we celebrate the abundance and hope of Easter morning, and try to live a resurrected life every day. I pray that the recent feast of Easter was a time of great blessing for you and your family.

The school vacation was also a time for our students to stop and evaluate their learning from Term 1. For our Year 12s, time is so precious as they face the biggest learning challenges of their lives. It is a current reality that good performance in Year 12 brings with it more choices about what they decide to do beyond school. Any previous student could tell our girls that this final year is a year of hard work and some serious sacrifices. Attendance should be 100%. Students should inform their employers that they can't accept as many shifts, and even the all-important social life may need to move down the list of priorities a little bit. It is the college’s expectation that students in Year 11 and 12 are spending several hours a day working on their assessments, their learning goals and their regular study. If your daughter is struggling to find a good study routine, she should speak with her homeroom teacher or year leader.

We have changed the date of our Professional Learning day (Pupil Free Day) for this term. For your calendar, please note that the pupil free day on June 3 is now moved to July 5 – the last day of Term II. The parent and teacher interviews scheduled for 5 July will now be held on 23 July, in Week 1 of Term III. I apologise if this has caused any inconvenience and I thank you for your flexibility. A more detailed explanation of this will be sent to all parents in Skool Bag.

As part of our 5 Transformations agenda that was launched last year, we are working to make learning as real as possible for our students by bringing them into contact with our partners from industry, universities, the commercial world and civic institutions. As we continue to explore how to deploy these partners to enhance students’ learning, we are also wanting to reach out to our parent community to invite you or your business to become a partner for learning at Caroline Chisholm College. Whilst we cannot guarantee that every partnership introduction will lead to a learning experience for our girls, we would like to have a broad and diverse database of businesses and partners on whom we can draw to support the design challenges and learning experiences developed by our teachers. If you are interested in partnering with the college for student learning, please contact our partnerships manager, Dianne Mills on 0437359921 or email her at

During the holidays nearly 100 students proudly represented the college in an annual tradition, at the Warragamba ANZAC Day March. It was very impressive to see so many girls turn out in their holidays. 73 students marched while another 25 or so were in the combined Caroline Chisholm and St Dominic’s band and choir. I’d like to thank all the students involved in the march, the parents who brought them along and the many teachers who marched and supported the band and choir. As usual, Ms Junelle Dunne was the main organiser of the college’s involvement in the ceremony. This ceremony was particularly special for Ms Dunne, as the occasional address was given by her daughter, Lily Marmont of Year 12.

Lily’s inspirational speech focused on the involvement of Australian forces in the Pacific in World War II. Lily gave a concise outline of the fighting in which Australian forces were involved before taking her speech in a more personal direction when she talked about the involvement of her paternal grandfather J J Marmont whose wartime service between 1943 and 1945 involved active duty transporting wounded soldiers to dressing stations, setting up medical staging posts and transporting soldiers to air evacuation points on the north eastern coastal strip of New Guinea – a total of 728 days in country.  

Lily’s concluding words are worth quoting in full:

“My Grandfather was posthumously awarded the Australian Service medal 1945-1975 for “non warlike” services to country – post-WWII. It bears the Australian coat of arms attached to a ribbon of green and gold stripes flanked by the navy blue, khaki and light blue of the WWII pacific service medals. The clasp bears the initials PNG.

I wear it with pride of place alongside his original service medals each year on ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day. As the proud custodian of his legacy of service and sacrifice for our nation – I pledge to maintain this family tradition.  Inspired by the contributions of all service men and women to our history, unified by the rising sun – linking our past to our present and shaping our future.

Most of this generation of brave courageous Australians are now gone but we will remember them.

To the veterans here today: what you left behind at Kokoda, Lae, Buna, Gona, Rabaul, Guadalcanal, Sanananda, Gili Gili, Milne Bay, Kokoda and Isurava was not only those seventeen hundred mates, but you left something else for us.

In the granite of the Isurava memorial are four words, everything that you represent.

Courage: nothing of value in life is achieved without taking a risk.

Endurance: you never, ever give up.

Sacrifice: in order to achieve the objectives that we’ve set for ourselves we have to make sacrifice, we have to give things up and often with immense physical and or emotional pain.

And mateship: that in the end what we need most is one another.

These veterans put principle above position, values ahead of value. They regarded their responsibilities to one another and our nation and its future as transcending their responsibilities to themselves. We remember them every day, for we are young and we are free.”

On Friday, as part of our regular college assembly, we had an ANZAC Ceremony, organised by Mrs Vella and the elective History students. The particular focus of the ceremony was on the links of our community to service men and women. Students carried up photographs of family members who had served in the armed forces, from many years ago to quite recently. In the midst of the noise of building and construction around us, the focus and silence shown by the whole college community during the ceremony clearly showed the respect they felt.

This was the prayer form the college’s ANZAC Ceremony:

Remember, O Lord, all those the brave and the true, who have died the death of honour and are departed in the hope of the resurrection to eternal life. In that place of light from which sorrow and mourning are far banished, give them rest, O Lord, thou lover of men.

And grant to us who remain the spirit of service which may make us worthy of their sacrifice, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Mr Greg Elliott

Year 12 Semester 1 Principal's Awards

The College Principal’s Award is given to students who have demonstrated outstanding commitment in all areas of their learning. It encourages all girls to strive for excellence in their work.

We congratulate the following recipients of the Principal’s Awards for Semester 1 for Year 12.

Madison Andrew

Channie Arancon

Isabelle Attard

Kaitlyn Attard

Lauren Betts

Tenealle Bijoux

Phoebe Burgin

Maddison Craig

Chloe Cunningham

Chloe Daley

Holly Desmond

Claudia Dixon

Serena Doppala

Casey Douglas-Torrie

Jada Edwards

Rachelle Ellis

Jade Ellison

Victoria Ellul

Rida Faridy

Katelyn Fenech

Alisha Ford

Lily Franich

Sophie Garde

Ellen Gibbons

Mary Go

Sonya Grabez

Chloe Haes

Kate Hanigan

Claudia Harvey

Mercedes Heiler

Brooke Hoban

Joy Issa

Tayla Kaye-Smith

Johanna Kroon

Amy Lampard

Niamh Le Breton

Ellie Loughman

Belle Lucas-Smith

Ashleigh Macerola

Danielle MacKay

Natalie Makis

Lily Marmont

Georgia Mayor

Isabella Meekings

Isabella Morlin

Samantha Morrison

Brooke Naicori

Briannan Nand

Hannah Norrie

Meg O'Keefe

Prapti Palma

Erica Pannone

Laura Parker

Emma Parrish

Carla Penza

Chloe Petterson

Isabella Roberts

Savannah Roberts

Lilly-Rose Saliba

Caitlin Sheridan

Abbie Simmons

Abha Sood

Simone Spisiak

Rita Tamer

Renee Taylor

Mikayla Thorpe

Jasmine Tooth

Heather Townsley

Alyssa Turner

Rachel Van Dijck

Brittany Van Doorn

Eliza Vella

Sophie Walker

Kiera Wall

Caylie Wallace

Casey Watts

Tanner Wilson

Isabel Winter-Clinch


From the Assistant Principal - Pastoral

Uniform reminders

Thanks to everyone for the great start to the term with uniforms. A final reminder that students need to wear their blazers to and from the college EVERY day until told otherwise towards the end of Term 3.

Two reminders:

  • There is no official school scarf but students may choose to wear one. However, they must be plain (not fluffy) and either navy or black only.

  • Students may only dye their hair in a single, natural colour. This would also apply to hair braids. Braids which are markedly different in colour or not of a natural colour will have to be removed which could be quite a waste of money.

“Doing the Right Thing Awards”

Students who provide service to the college for a variety of reasons are eligible for a “Doing the Right Thing Award”.  Congratulations to  Grace Ralton (7 Gilmore), Mikayla Castillo (7 Macarthur) and Montayah Astruc (8 Gilmore) who receive vouchers for the canteen for being the students drawn from the box.  All students who put in award slips will have points credited to their house.

Appreciation of Honesty

Students at Caroline Chisholm College regularly display outstanding honesty in returning items they find on the college grounds. Often these can be of quite substantial value. Students handing in found items receive a certificate of appreciation. I would like to congratulate the following students who have handing items in over the last fortnight: Cadence Jeffery (7 Kenny), Peony Paul (7 Kenny), Gemma O'Hara (12 Jackson), Isabelle Smith (8 Jackson), Zena Madrajat (7 Wright), Holly Saxby (7 MacKillop) and Taylor Van Dyke (10 Kenny).

Mr Greg King -  Assistant Principal

From Assistant Principal - Learning


A reminder that students in years 7 and 9 will sit the NAPLAN online tests between Tuesday 14 May and Friday 24 May 2019. Tests will be scheduled at Caroline Chisholm in the first week of testing, allowing time for any missed tests to be completed in the second week of testing. The online tests include:

Writing:                                    42 minutes

Reading:                                   65 minutes

Conventions of language:     45 minutes

Numeracy:                                65 minutes

For the NAPLAN tests each student will need a fully charged device and a set of headphones. Students need to ensure they have downloaded the NAP Lockdown Browser.

Students have had an opportunity to complete practice online tests which have assisted them to become familiar with the online test environment. Parents may wish to access the Public Demonstration Tests by clicking this link: NAPLAN Online - public demonstration site. Further information is available on the CEDP site - 'Information for Parents'.

These tests should not be a source of concern for students or parents. Please be assured that the teachers are working with your daughter to ensure she is developing the necessary skills to complete these tests successfully. If you have any questions about the NAPLAN tests, please contact Mrs Lans or Ms Scollard at the College.

Ms Deborah Scollard - Assistant Principal


Food for Thought

Subject: English

If you could say one sentence that the world could hear, what would it be?

Email your thoughts to:

Simone Spisiak:

Ellie Loughman:

Leaders of the Learning Committee


On Friday 3rd May 28 students from all age groups represented Caroline Chisholm College at the PDSSSC Cross Country Carnival held at Jamison Park. It was a great day – even if it was overcast and raining. It was filled with a friendly competitive atmosphere, with all schools gathered under cover in a central area near the finish line.


All students performed well, especially Tayla Gallen, who came 2nd in the 16 Years age group, Jessica Preston and Keira Geoghegan 5th and 6th respectively for 12 Years, Chloe Gill and Jessica Gallen 7th and 8th respectively in 14 Years and Catalina Lecaros who finished 6th in the 18+ age group.

Participants are listed below:

Year 12

Carissa Paduch

Kiera Geoghegan

Jessica Preston

Amelia McDonald

Matilda Vella

Abbe May

13 Years

Cadence Jeffrey

Teagan Hinds

Alicia Mizzi

Raphaila Idris

Kyla Grosse

14 Years

Chloe Gill

Jessica Gallen

Ella Grennell

Yashu Banypal

Noufina Conde

Holly Northey

Anique Pantazakos

Lauren Preston

15 Years

Monique Buksh

Emily Obereigner

Ashleigh Gill

Haylee Vella

Olivia Bennett

16 Years

Azahlia Stevenson

Tammin Danby

Tayla Gallen

18+ Years

Catalina Lecaros

Mrs Brooke Hughes

Athletics Carnival

On the 29th April, we kicked off the term to a colourful start with our annual Athletics Carnival. On the day, each house was represented with passion and pride as year groups came together to compete in a variety of track and field events. These included the 100m sprint, high jump, long jump, shotput and discus, as well as the competitive early events (200m, 400m, 1500m) that were completed to an exceptionally high standard.

Whether students were racing to achieve their best results, or to simply have fun and earn house points, they displayed enthusiasm, competitiveness and celebrated with great team spirit. The day was extremely enjoyable and energy filled, as Blacktown Athletics Centre was filled with colour and competition.

Many of our students have achieved outstanding results, and will be representing Caroline Chisholm at the PDSSSC Athletics Carnival. We congratulate them on their achievements, and wish them the best of luck as they represent our school with pride, displaying our competitive school spirit in all they do.

Results for age champions were:

12 Years : Jessica Preston

13 Years: Emma Mathias

14 Years: Katelyn Smith and Herbertta Williams

15 Years: Ashleigh Gill

16 Years: Mia Gleeson

17 Years: Renee Taylor

House Winners

Kenny: 893

MacKillop: 760

Jackson: 691

Gilmore: 691

Wright: 630

Macarthur: 558

Congratulations to Emma Mathias who beat the College record for Shot Put with a throw of 11.16m. This record has not been broken since 1998. Well done, Emma.

Special thanks to all the teachers and PASS students that assisted in the smooth running of the day, and to all the parents who came to offer support. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Written by Haylee Vella and Anique Pantazako

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

The students in Primary Industries and Agriculture have had the fun time of raising chickens for the 2019 Sydney Royal Easter Show.

We entered the Steggles Meat Chicken Pairs Competition and journeyed down to Homebush to meet with industry professionals from Steggles and pick up our day old chicks. The students chose 12 chicks to bring back to the school to raise for 55 days until they would be judged against commercial standards and the other schools participating in the competition.

After showing off our chicks and settling them in at school, we spent lots of time trying to keep our chickens both warm enough and cool enough as meat chickens have a very fast metabolism and need a lot of cooling.

Mr Clerke was kept very busy as fans stopped working and timers were not playing well but the chickens coped pretty well with hot days and cool nights and rain and a heat wave. We ended up with a great set up in our shed with crosswinds to cool the chickens, a fan, large water containers and lots of space for the chickens to spread out in.

Year 9 Agriculture helped out with weighing them each week - this ended up being done in a bin lid as the birds grew larger.

The Wednesday before the show we matched up the best pair of males and the best pair of females, gave them a wash to have them looking lovely then drove our chickens down to the Showground. At the Poultry Pavilion we weighed them in and put them into their pens.

We were very excited to come out with the Champion Meat Bird Pair for both Live Bird and Carcass judging. Our male pair were the best at the show! Our female pair were close behind, placing 5th for live pair and 4th in their carcass judging. Part of the competition was to create a presentation about how the meat chickens were raised at the school.

We were also very happy to be awarded the Most Successful School in the Steggles Meat Bird Pairs School Competition for 2019!

We couldn’t be happier with the results of our hard work and look forward to the 2020 Easter Show.

Mrs Amanda Moore

Year 9 English - Slam Poetry

Year 9 English - Slam Poetry This year, World Poetry Day fell on Thursday the 21st of March. Declared by UNESCO in 1999, it is a day that encourages people to read, write, teach, and publish poetry and to recognise the great cultural contribution poetry makes to human society. In Year 9's Term 1 Unit of Work - Slam Poetry, a form of performance poetry, students were given the opportunity to compose both a group, and an individual slam poem on any issue the speakers may have been passionate about. Students wrote from the heart, abandoning nerves to share raw and genuine experiences through spoken word.While all students gave of themselves selflessly through the writing and performance process, four students - Venee Roy Chowdhury, Courtney Hamilton, Jamie Wilkinson and Georgina Child, deserve noteworthy congratulations for their group slam poem 'Splinters'. Their slam poem left their audience in awe of their rhythmic and passionate performance. In support of World Poetry Day, these four girls submitted their poem 'Splinters' to Poetry in Action, one of Australia’s premier touring theatre companies which provides opportunities for students across Australia to express themselves and enter a monthly poetry competition. Venee, Courtney, Jamie and Georgina have been successfully named April's winners! The poem has subsequently been performed and filmed by one of Poetry in Actions' troupes and is available for viewing online at  Venee, Courtney, Jamie and Georgina are to be commended for their outstanding achievement, which resulted from their hard work and dedication in combining all elements of performance poetry to impressively communicate the power of words.

Ms Weaire - English Teacher


Eggshells littered, glass shattered,

Wooden splinters scattered

Beneath the wall, the fence, the wires...

Of my foolish heart

… Mind your step.

I’m sitting on the fence, the middle of right and wrong.

It’s a thin line, I tell you, the fence; centre of it all.

What’s the use of past tense? We all know it’s just pretence. We place the blame, something lifelong, so wrong but emotions too strong in the song of ambiguity, unable to belong.

The same brick wall of Humpty Dumpty’s big fall.

Invisible, invincible, implausible, impossible... to move.

Building ladders of self-doubt, climbing above shadows of uncertainty. I once believed I wouldn’t be crushed.  

But now I warn you...

White picket, iron wrought

Twisted metal rods of thought

Wrenched apart, minds now fraught

Picking nails, feeling distraught

Twiddling thumbs, choices caught

And I'm still sitting… on the fence

Prepare to decide, the weight of your world in your hands

Borderline insanity, trying desperately to understand

Is is too late?

The pressure too great.

Pencil tip, thin as thread, toppling into traps, intangible.

Straight as the path to our fate, unchangeable.

If I could warn myself, the person of tomorrow, today, and yesterday.

I would tell myself...

Don’t sit on the fence

Unless you like splinters. >;)

Messages from Busway

Three Messages from Busways

Please check to see if these changes affect your daughter.

1 Change of routes

Commencing Monday 13th May 2019, due to the road closure on Caddens Rd at intersection of Cadda Ridge Rd (East end) there will be a change to the direction of Route 781 and School Bus 4004 in the morning and School Bus 4631 in the afternoon as per the following information.


Route 781 – AM SERVICE

Route 781 service will depart Sunflower Dr & Gipps Rd at (7:26am) (3 minutes earlier) then travel via Sunflower Dr (full loop) (R)Gipps Rd (R)Caddens Rd (R)Cadda Ridge Dr (L)O’Connell Ln (L)Caddens Ridge Rd (R)Ulm Rd then continues via current route & time to Schools.


School Bus 4004 – AM SERVICE

School Bus 4004 will depart Trinity Dr & Pasturegate Dr at 6:58am, then continue via current route to Gipps Rd & Caddens Rd. School Bus 4004 will then travel via Caddens Rd (R)Cadda Ridge Dr (R)O’Connell Lane,

O’Connell St to Second Av then continue via current route to Schools.


School Bus 4631 – PM SERVICE

School Bus 4631 will depart from Caroline Chisholm (3:00pm), Penrith Christian School (3:12pm) & Penrith Anglican College (3:20pm) then travel via (R)Wentworth Rd (L)Kingswood Rd (R)Castle Rd (L)Ulm Rd (L)Caddens Rd (R)O’Connell Ln (R)Cadda Ridge Dr (L)Caddens Rd (L)Gipps St (L)Sunflower Dr (full loop) to Gipps St (3:40pm).


2 Proposed permanent change


Consultation Period – 30th April 2019 – 14th May 2019

The proposed afternoon School Bus 4631 will depart from Caroline Chisholm Catholic High School at (3:10pm) (10 minutes later) then travel via (R)The Lakes Dr (R)Surveyors Creek Rd (L)Glenmore Pkwy (L)The Northern Rd (R)Frogmore Rd (R)Simeon Rd to Penrith Christian School at (3:24pm) & Penrith Anglican College (3:35pm). School Bus 4631 will then travel via (R)Wentworth Rd (L)Kingswood Rd (R)Castle Rd (L)Ulm Rd (L)Caddens Rd (R)O’Connell Ln (R)Cadda Ridge Dr (L)Caddens Rd (L)Gipps Rd (L)1st Sunflower Dr (full loop) to Gipps Rd (3:57pm). Omitting St Andrews Dr between Glenwood Pkwy & Garswood Rd & Garswood Rd between St Andrews Dr & The Northern Rd.


3 Proposed changes to incorporate Mulgoa Rise into School Bus routes

Consultation Period – 30th April 2019 – 14th May 2019

Busways propose to operate School Bus 4080 and School Bus 4514 via Glenmore Rise, therefore changing the direction of the route.



School Bus 4080 will travel via current route to The Northern Rd & Longview Rd, then propose to operate via The Northern Rd (L)Bradley St (R)Darug Av (L)Glenmore Ridge Dr (R)Bluestone Dr (L)Ridgetop Dr (R)Ridgetop Dr (L)Shearwater Dr (L)Woodlands Dr (R)Glenmore Pkwy to Glenmore Park High School(7:52am) continues Glenmore Pkwy (L)Muru Dr (L)Bija Dr (L)The Lakes to Caroline Chisholm Catholic High School (7:56am) (L)The Lakes (L)William Howell Dr to Bethany Catholic Primary School (7:59am).



The proposed afternoon School Bus 4514 will depart from Bethany Catholic Primary School at (2:55pm) then travel to Caroline Chisholm Catholic High School at (3:03pm) then travel via (R)The Lakes Dr (R)Bija Dr (R)Muru Dr (L)Glenmore Pkwy (R)Shearwater Dr to Ridgetop Dr (3:09pm) continues Ridgetop Dr (R)Ridgetop Dr (R)Bluestone Dr (L)Glenmore Ridge Dr (R)Darug St (L)Bradley St to The Northern Rd (3:16pm) (L)The Northern Rd (R)Frogmore Rd (R)Simeon Rd to Penrith Christian School at 3:23pm. School Bus 4514 then continues via Current route to Saddington St & Mamre Rd (3:59pm).

Diary Dates

Term 2 Weeks 2-4

Friday 10 MaySchool Photo Day
Monday 13 May

NSW All schools Swimming Carnival and Diving - SOPAC

Photo Day (catch-up)

Tuesday 14 MayNAPLAN Writing Tests
Wednesday 15 MayWorkshop with Erth Incursion
Thursday 16 MayNAPLAN Tests - Language Conventions
Friday 17 MayYear 12 Chemistry - Virbac Site Vist, Penrith Excursion
Monday 20 May

Year 11 Legal Studies Supreme Court, Downing Centre Parramatta

Year 7 2020 Interviews

Tuesday 21 MayTraining for Extraordinary Ministers
Wednesday 22 May

Year 9 Japanese Amazing Race with St Dominic's College

National Simultaneous Storytime at Bethany

Thursday 23 May

Year 11 Reflection Day - Mt Schoenstatt

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