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Issue 21 – 15 November 2019

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • 21 November: Colour Fun Run Fundraising money due today
  • 22 November: Room 4 Assembly
  • 22 November: School Colour Fun Run
  • 28 November: Churchlands Senior High School Orientation for Year 6 students 
  • 4 December: School Board Meeting 6.00pm
  • 16 December: School Presentation Night 6.00pm
  • 18 December: Year 6 Graduation and Morning Tea
  • 19 December: Last Day of the Year

Principal's Message

We are now at the halfway point of a very busy term, with lots of exciting events having already occurred and several more still ahead. Weeks 3 and 4 saw our students participating in swimming lessons at the Scarborough Beach Pool for the first time. This came with several positives but also a few challenges, as often occurs with change. The short bus ride meant that it saved our students around 30 minutes of travel time per day. It was also great to make use of such a wonderful, modern, local facility. There were a few challenges with so many of our students being in the younger grades and needing access to the relatively small shallow pool. This issue, we hope, will rectify itself over the next few years as our higher number of students start to filter through to the senior grades and the numbers across the school balance out. All in all however, the students had a mainly positive experience and experienced success in developing their swimming skills. Our staff will now discuss what worked well this year and what could be improved for next time when planning our in term swimming sessions for 2020.

Our wonderful P&C will be running our next school event, a Colour Fun Run, next Friday at 2.00pm. This is a great opportunity for community involvement and fundraising so please read the P&C notice below for more information.

On another note, thank you to our School Board who met last week. At the meeting, the Board reviewed, discussed and endorsed the Contributions and Charges and the Booklists for 2020. We also started the development of a Mobile Devices in School policy to comply with the Education Departments recent announcement that such a policy will be mandatory for schools in 2020. As always, the work of our Board members is greatly appreciated in supporting the governance of our school.

If you have any queries about any of the above information please don't hesitate to contact me by email or phone on 9222 9200.


School Photos Update

Thanks to all parents who have registered your contact details to view your school photos. You can relax and will be notified by email when they are ready to view.

Parents who have not provided details will need their photo codes before they have access to view photos.

Shoot codes were provided on the blue registration notes sent home last week.

If you have lost (or never saw) your blue note, you will need to contact the school office.

It’s free to register and view your photos online

From the office

Lost property in the office. If these belong to you or someone you know has lost a scooter please come and collect from the front office. They will be kept at the office for another week.

P&C School Colour Fun Run

Amazing fundraising effort so far! Fundraising can continue until Thursday 21 November. Please drop off any cash donations and your form into the P&C box in the office, otherwise all fundraising is done through the portal at

Parents are invited to join the colour run festivities on Friday 22 November at 2.00pm on the oval. There will be plenty of opportunity  to get involved. Remember a plain white t-shirt will need to be provided for each student and can be packed in their bags or worn under the students school t-shirt. Its going to get messy (and colourful) so please provide a white t-shirt that you don't need to keep clean! All the dyes used are hypoallergenic vegetable based dyes. 

Water-guns will be positioned at the colour run stations, as wet t-shirts hold the colour better (and make it fun for the students of course!). If you have a water gun in your house please either pack it into your childs' bag (with instructions that it is not to be used at all in school before 2.00pm) or bring it along with you for the excitement on the day. Also can you please label everything with your childs' full name.

Please direct any further questions to and we will get back to you asap. 

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