Delany College - Granville

Newsletter Term 4 Week 2

Principal's Message

Dear Delany Community,

Although Christmas is around the corner, I remind all students to resist the urge to lose focus on learning but make the most of all opportunities. Our thoughts and prayers go to our Year 12 cohort as they sit their HSC exams. We understand the pressures they would be feeling but also assure them they can only do their best and they will be rewarded accordingly.

We welcome the following members of staff to the College this term: 

Mr Michael Thompson, Attendance Support Officer 

Ms Gabrielle Chidiac, English Teacher

We farewell Ms Sharon McManus, Pedagogical Leader, who has been seconded to the CEDP as Teacher Educator Literacy. Mrs Marie Greenberry will assume the role of Communication leader until the end of the year.

We are excited about the new basketball programme which commenced this term. The West Sydney Basketball Club have players leading a basketball programme at Delany every Tuesday. They will not only focus on the fine skills of the sport but develop skills in fitness, team work and goal setting. The programme will culminate in a day outing at Auburn Basketball centre on Thursday, 5 December.

Our Literacy goal this term is developing and enhancing writing skills. Our teachers and leaders are in the process of creating a plan forward which will involve conducting regular assessment and intervention to lift writing results. I would recommend that parents support this venture at home by giving opportunities for your child to write on any subject appropriate and relevant to them.

God bless,

Mr Robert Muscat


Assistant Principal

Welcome back to the final team of 2019. I trust your children have returned refreshed and ready for a busy concluding term.

The Delany community

It is always a pleasure to get back to the school community after holidays. Really, I mean that! It is good to see students reconnect after the break. The yard is a little quieter now that our Year 12 students have finished classes, but the Year 11 students are quickly filling their leadership roles.

The academic community 

Please keep in your thoughts and prayers all of our Year 12 students now sitting their Higher School Certificate exams. The feedback from students, as they have completed the first of the exams, has been expectedly mixed - happy, disappointment and relief. Exams continue through to early November, and then the anxious wait for results.

Term 4 begins a new HSC class for 2020. Our Year 11 students are now HSC students! I encourage students to make a good start. The first assessment tasks for most courses will fall due during this term and it makes such a difference if this first task is completed with confidence and a high degree of effort. It sets the benchmark for the remainder of the course.

The Patrician community 

Term 3 concluded our fundraising for the Delany Foundation. By our next newsletter I will be in a position to announce the final tally, and then in week 6 we will, at our College Assembly, present the Patrician Brothers with these important funds.

Each year during Term 4 the newly appointed student leaders of each Patrician school gather for a two day retreat. During this time students get to know each other and talk about their hopes and plans as leaders of their respective schools. We will include an update in a future newsletter.

Summer uniform 

Thank you to families and students who have returned well groomed and smartly dressed in the summer uniform. Please keep up the good work..

A reminder that on each Tuesday during Term 4 students from years 7 to 10 will participate in a basketball coaching clinic hosted by the Western Sydney Wolves. Students in these year groups are required to wear the sport uniform on Tuesdays.

College Mufti Day

On Thursday 31 October all students are invited to wear mufti (casual) clothing for the day, and they will be asked for a $2 donation.  In particular, the library staff are hosting a halloween themed competition. Students are permitted to bring, or wear to school, costumes in that theme. It is otherwise a business-as-usual day of classes and learning.


Please remain proactive in sending your children to school. The work we complete during this term is the building block for successive years.

Policies and Procedures of the College

If you have any questions or queries regarding the College’s policies or procedures, please go to our website where you will find links to these. Please call the College if you’re looking for something that is not listed.

St Patrick, pray for us.

Mr Anthony Blomfield

Assistant Principal

Religious Education

Basketball Vs Priests & Seminarians

Why play against students in basketball? 

I think it's necessary to do such things as it puts a human face on the priesthood. Most youth perceive the priest as this mystic figure who spends day and night on his knees in prayer. While there's certainly a need for that, recreation is also essential. In playing basketball against students we want to show the human side of the priesthood. Hopefully there are some students considering the priesthood after such a great event.

Father Chris

Why do you enjoy playing basketball against the priests?

When it was mentioned that we would be playing basketball against the priests we weren’t entirely sure what this meant. After the first game the priests came to play we were in two minds. A priest seemed to be this unrelatable, holy being, how could they play basketball?

That thought led us to question; ‘What does a priest actually do in their spare time?’

We find these matches to be challenging yet rewarding. It is a nice feeling to play against someone not from the school, especially the priests. The unique nature of the event allows us to see they are human and do have hobbies and interests just like ourselves. We hope that we can participate more regularly in events like this.

Brandon Zaiter, Lorenz Valenciano and Altan Unsal - Year 10 students

Kelsey Ortiz

School Learning Leader 

Vinnies Van

Each month an eager group of Stage 6 students head out to Mt Druitt and Parramatta as volunteers to help service Vinnies Van. This month Ashleigh, Alim, Peta and Jeanette were joined by Miss Mutabdzija, Mr Charter and Mr Simic. The experiences and community engagement that all participants receive after a night with the van is indescribable. We look forward to the month’s shift!

Kelsey Ortiz

School Learning Leader 

What's Happening In HSIE

Commerce Market Day

Commerce Market Day was an in-school event held at our College on Friday 13 of September. The event was held in conjunction with the Stage 5 Commerce elective class and their topic of ‘Running a small business’, where we study the structures, operation and legal functions of business, and the effective planning necessary to ensure success. 

The Market Day provided us with the opportunity to further develop our understanding of businesses, though running our own small business during one lunchtime at Delany. 

This year, the Market Day theme was linked to the R U OK? Organisation, and became the closing event of the R U OK? week, which is held at schools throughout Australia to raise awareness about mental health. 

Within our allocated teams, we were given the role of establishing a business idea linked to R U OK? theme, and then developing our business goals and objectives, and composing a business plan, outlining the procedures and financial requirements of our businesses. We were also tasked with creating our own promotional materials to ensure our customers were aware of what we were selling.

Our Commerce class delivered a range of creative business ideas with the R U OK? theme,  with some businesses selling food products such as ice cream and nachos, whilst others providing merchandise such as journals and stress balls. 

On the day, we organised and set up our business stalls and attempted to attract customers by decorating the stalls with banners, balloons and posters and began selling to customers during lunch time. The event turned out to be a success, as many businesses were able to sell their goods and services with a high caliber of customer satisfaction. Overall, the event adequately captured the experience of running a business for students, allowing us to understand the factors which affected our business success. We collectively used $100 of our profits as a class to donate to the Delany Foundation.

Personally, the Market Day reinforced the importance of effective planning, and allowed me to reflect on the areas which my business could have improved on inorder to attain greater success. 

Thank you to Miss Mutabdzija, Miss Chidiac and all of the teachers for their support and help on the day.

Soheil Nik Andish 

Year 10 Student

Important Dates

DEEP @ St Margaret Mary’s 11am - 1pmMonday  21 October
Grandparents DayMonday  28 October
West Sydney Wolves

Tuesday 29 October

Y9 Fast ForwardWednesday 30 October

Halloween At Delany

Thursday 31 October

Don't forget, you can use the SkoolBag App to add events directly to your phone's calendar! 

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