eNewsletter Term 3 Week 4

From The Principal

Dear Members of the St Andrews College Community,

Much has been happening at the College as can be seen by the events of this Newsletter and our past edition for Term 3. The Year 12 students have been very dedicated and focussed during their Trial HSC exams, we have our Showcase Evening happening next Thursday demonstrating the great work that students have produced for their major works, and the whole College is building up for another high class CAN. Thank you to all members of the community for the part you play in our success. 

 ‘It’s All About Learning’

Gospel Reflection:

Martha welcomed Jesus. She had a sister named Mary who sat beside the Lord at his feet listening to what he was saying…… there is need of only one thing.    ~ Luke 10:38-42 ~


The Assumption of Mary was defined by Pius XII in 1950 after consultation with the universal church and in the context of a long history of celebration of this feast from the 6th century in both the Western and Eastern rites.  In the latter, it is given the beautiful name of the ‘Dormition’ or the ‘Falling Asleep’ of the Mother of God. 

It was a response to the horrible human carnage of two world wars and the horrors of concentration camps, to reaffirm the dignity of the human body and rekindle faith in the resurrection of the body. This feast affirms that our human bodies and that of the world and cosmos are not mere shells but created in God’s image and likeness.

The Church wanted to say something not only about the body of Mary, but about the body of all of us and all creation. The celebration of Mary's Assumption celebrates the dignity of every human being's bodily presence and history.

Thomas Merton wrote that the Assumption is not a glorification of a “mother Goddess,” but rather an expression of God’s love for humanity and a unique expression of God’s reverence for the body of those created in the divine image. Nothing is wasted in God’s eyes. It is all meant to come to perfection through Christ and the power of the Spirit. What it requires is our ‘Yes!’ as Mary said ‘Yes’ to all that she was created to be.  If human nature is glorified in Mary, it is because God desires it to be glorified in every person. It is for this reason that Jesus became human flesh and dwelt among us in our world.

The physical body of Mary, like the glorified body of her risen Son, shares in the fullness of eternal life.  Does this feast distance Mary from the rest of humanity, divinising her? Far from it! Mary’s entry into heaven, her “crowning glory” like her Son before her, is also ours!  Death is conquered and we are raised unimaginable to the glory of heaven.

God wants all of me and you!

‘Creator of all things. Behold the Virgin, the daughter of Adam and Mother of God; through Adam she gives her body to the earth, her soul to her Son above in the heavenly courts... Let the earth be sanctified by contact with that body. Let the air rejoice at the Assumption.’ St. John of  Damascus.

Fathers Day Breakfast and Mass 29th August:

All fathers and significant males are invited to a breakfast and Mass on the Senior Campus in recognition of the wonderful contribution they make to the lives of their children and our community. Could you please reply to the invitation ASAP for catering purposes?

Student Leadership Election Process:

Thank you to all every one of the Year 11 students who put themselves forward to be leaders from Term 4 2019. We have started an extensive process of formation with the students applying in writing, then being interviewed, then the elected students travel to Gerringong for a Formation Retreat before the Student Leadership Team is elected. This system will be replicated for Years 7-10 in early Term 4 as well. We are committed to challenging and forming our student leaders to be key players in a positive future for our college as well as the wider community.

Interviews for Year 7 2020:

Thank you to all staff who assisted with the interview process on Thursday. We are an extra class coming into Year 7 2020 due to the wonderful learning opportunities that are happening at the College. With St Andrew’s Primary being on an excursion on the last date we concentrated on the many students who were unable to attend last afternoon. We are looking forward to welcoming our new Year 7 cohort for our Orientation Day in Term 4.

PDSSSC Football:

Congratulations to our Junior Football team who went through the regular PDSSSC competition as the only undefeated team in their age group. The team played a determined Xavier College in the semi-final and won 2-0 and play St Columbas in the grand-final next Thursday. Congratulations on a wonderful season so far as Undefeated Minor-Premiers.

Our focus at St Andrews College is to develop each student using the SPIRE Framework

Fidem in Christo

Stephen Kennaugh

From the Assistant Principal Students

Online behaviour- What do you “like”?

While using social media many people scroll through and like pages without having any understanding of what they are liking. The companies that control the sites use that information to make suggestions and build your profile, which is then linked to advertising.

There can be a negative impact of pressing like without knowing what it is. When people see your profile and what you like it can potentially be a negative impression of you as a person.

At school students sometimes like pages of other students without looking what the page is about. Sometimes the posts and pictures that are liked are negative pages and sometimes cyber bullying. If a student likes a page that is bullying or negative it is telling the College that they support the bullying or negative behaviour. If there is a problem online students must tell a parent or teacher so the problem can be rectified.

The following web address is from the Office of e-safety and has resources and areas where you can get help.

Mufti Days

Our next mufti day is to be held next Wednesday the 21st  of August. The $2 donation will be sent to the works we support training teachers in East Timor. Education is the key to getting communities out of poverty. The training of teachers means that the future of East Timor is going to be in the hands of an educated population. Please support this worthy work that the teachers do in the school.

Just a reminder to parents to ensure that College appropriate clothing is worn during these days.

What’s in the Planner?

Sleep and adolescents is a major issue. Young people are connected 24/7 with the world through their devices. There is an impact on a young persons brain and many of them suffer from fatigue and their mental and physical wellbeing suffers. Sleep is a time to recharge your brain and body and being online at night prevents that from happening. Deep sleep is required and as we go into REM sleep the material learned during that day goes into long term memory. 

Teenagers need at lease nine hours of sleep per night.

Mindfulness is about waking up , connecting with yourself and others and focusing on what is happening right now. We need to train our rational mind and our emotional mind. There is a time to be emotional and a time to be rational. Learning when to be in the right mind is important.

Just a reminder, when we think about resilience we need to ensure we are developing a positive mindset. Understanding our strengths and weaknesses and working hard is the key to success in everything we do.

Nick Thrum

Assistant Principal Students

From the Assistant Principal - Teaching & Learning

Sydney Morning Herald Study Guide Year 12 Study Guide

Please view the study guide provided by the Sydney Morning Herald. It is a yearly publication of tips for study across subjects.

Various subjects -

English -

Year 12 Assessments are completed - BUT there is still a Lot of Hard Work To Do!

It is imperative after the Trial HSC Examinations are completed, that ALL students in each subject work together to improve the results of all students. The final ranks have been determined from the Trial Exams. Therefore now EVERY student contributes to the success of the whole class. 


  • Form a study group or have a study buddy
  • Challenge each other with questions
  • Help students that might need clarity
  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Practice exam techniques
  • Ask questions
  • Make summary sheets you can revise anywhere
  • Reread texts
  • Hand writing is important - not typing
  • Remember if you feel you are not where you would like to be with your final assessment results, with determination at this point, you will improve. 

Year 9 Elective Evening and Elective Selections for 2020

Students have attended their subject selection evening in Week 4. Now students need to select the electives they would like to do in 2020. Please ensure students meet the deadline for elective submission so classes can be determined for 2020.

HSC Minimum Standards Testing

Students who did not reach the HSC Minimum Standard will have the opportunity to sit practice tests in the next few weeks. This will enable students to feel confident when they resit the actual test(s) in Term 4. 

Also students are encouraged to practice the online tests at home on the following link:

Assessment Tasks Term 3 Years 7-10

Semester 1 Reports have been completed. All students now have the opportunity to set personal goals for improvement which will be reflected in Semester 2 Reports in Term 4. 

  • Remember to read the task carefully and the marking rubric. 

  • Make yourself a timeline so you work on the assessment consistently from the time it is handed out. Don’t wait until the last minute!

  • Ask your teacher for feedback.

  • Carefully look at your assessment and consider where you have achieved against the marking rubric. What do you need to do to edit your work?

  • Ensure you have in your assessment on time, every time. 

    Michelle Deschamps

    Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning

Sydney Tower Food Technology Excursion

On Tuesday the 6th of August, Year 10 Food Technology students ventured to the big City. Our students are currently studying food service and catering. Within this unit the students have an assessment where they will cater for the staff luncheon.

We met at Blacktown Station to catch the train to Town Hall. We arrived at Sydney Tower to participate in a tour of this wonderful facility. As we toured we were able to see the operations of the back of house and front of house. It included information on how the kitchen operates, how food is ordered, stored and prepared, how to prepare for large events and provide excellent customer service.

After an informative tour, we were able to enjoy the Sydney Tower Buffet. They provided a wide variety of seasonal and nutritious food options with the addition of some very delicious desserts.

 Some quotes from Year 10 students:

"We enjoyed the buffet lunch! The food was great."

"It was very informative learning about the operations of the kitchen."

"It was good to see things that we have learnt in class being implemented in the industry." 

I would like to thank Mrs Van Der Werf, Mrs Bennett and Mrs Forster for their companying  on this wonderful learning opportunity for our students.

We are all looking forward to seeing Year 10, cater for the staff luncheon and seeing them apply the knowledge they have learnt during this excursion in their assessment.

Cassandra Carlos

Food Technology Teacher


Empower by FIAT Conference

On Monday the 29th of July, eight students from Year 9 attended the Empower by FIAT (Faith in Action Team) Conference at West HQ, Rooty Hill. The students were selected based on their leadership skills and/or their commitment to their faith. The conference was attended by a large number of schools within the Parramatta Diocese and the MC was an ex-SAC student, Sebastian Duhau. 

The theme of the day was The Power of Stories and how through stories we can empower others. The students participated in various activities including SLAM poetry with Franco De Joya and What's my story. The students all had the opportunity to tell their story and to listen to the stories of others. 

After lunch the students were involved in sharing stories with Youth Minister Richie Leilua. One of the most powerful quotes of the day was “There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you’ve heard their story. ”

Grace Flaihan and Alexander Dunaeff 

Catechists are still going strong

Recently some of our dedicated catechists assisted in teaching Kindergarten Catholic students from Marayong Heights Primary School some actions to hymns. The primary school students are always so excited when our students attend their lessons!

Kellie Robinson

Leader of Learning Religious Education

Vinnies Van Training

This was held on August the 9th on the Senior Campus with well over 30 students and three new teachers choosing to sign up to help with the van once a month on a Monday. They learned of the plight of  those less fortunate. It was pointed out that whilst some people may be homeless, others come for the company as the Vinnies Van crew may be the only people that they have a conversation with. Thank you for being the ‘hands of Christ’

Kellie Robinson

Leader of Learning Religious Education


St Andrews College presents our Creative Arts Night (CAN) 2019 on 5th of September 2019.  Great Entertainment, Great Food and Beverage available for purchase.  Bring your fold up chairs or blankets and enjoy the entertainment.  Family, Friends and Community Welcome.  Tickets on Sale Now from the Senior Campus Office and the Junior Campus Office for $10.  No sales on the night.

See you all there for the biggest party in the West !!!!


Click on the Link to check it out !

From the Careers Counsellor

The University of Sydney Teacher Education Personal Statement Workshop

Students wishing to apply for education degrees are required to submit a Teacher Education Personal Statement to UAC. This is a requirement for most universities. 

On Saturday the 12th of October, from 10am to 1pm The University of Sydney will be holding a workshop to assist students with their Teacher Education Personal Statement. 

 This workshop is an opportunity for students to meet with academic staff and to learn more about the personal statement process and suggestions for what to include in the statement. Attending the workshop will also give students the opportunity to find out more about the education degrees offered at The University of Sydney.

Students should note that the Early Childhood Degree does not need a Teacher Education Personal Statement.

Registration is essential for the workshop. Interested students are to visit the link below.

Teacher Education Statement Workshop

The University of Sydney Open Day

The University of Sydney invites students and their families to Open Day on Saturday 31 August. Open Day is an opportunity to immerse yourself  in campus life for a day. It is also an opportunity to discover a new level of flexibility in their undergraduate degrees that will prepare graduates for a future full of possibilities.

Follow the four steps below to plan and have a wonderful day:

Step 1 Set your own agenda

  • Register at

  • Build your schedule to plan your day

Step 2 Explore what’s on offer

  • Attend a mini lecture or two

  • Visit the “Plan your degree” zone to find out how you can structure your own degree, follow your interests across various disciplines and combine study with travel

Step 3 Ask your burning questions

  • Visit the course advice centre to discuss your study options and get personalised advice

Step 4 Think outside the square

  • Join a tour to explore the campus and see where you will be studying

  • Check our some of the 200+ clubs and societies

  • Discover scholarships and exciting global opportunities

Click to register for The University of Sydney Open Day 2019

University of Technology Sydney

UTS will be holding their Open Day on Saturday 31 August 9am till 4pm. This is an opportunity to walk through the newest building, UTS Central and chat with academics about recent course updates.

Click on the link below to register and plan your day.

Register for UTS Open Day

UTS Coop Scholarships

Information Technology

This is a cooperative education scholarship program in computer information systems, developed by UTS in cooperation with a group of leading organisations. It differs from other cooperative education courses in that, during the industry-based sessions, students follow a structured program designed jointly by UTS and the employer group, including formal coursework delivered by industry.

Applications close on Sunday 8th of September. For more information and to complete the online application click on the link below.

UTS Information Technology Coop Scholarship

Women in Engineering and Information Technology

As a female studying engineering and IT, UTS know just how valuable you are. The academics at UTS want to support female students through their studies to be the best engineer or IT professional that they can be. If you are a highly motivated female student with a passion and interest to pursue a career in Engineering or IT, UTS encourage you to apply!

Applications close on Sunday 8th of September. For more information and to complete the online application click on the link below.

UTS Women in Engineering and Information Technology


If you are a high achieving Year 12 student and believe you could be one of Australia’s future business leaders, then the Bachelor of Accounting cooperative education scholarship program has been designed just for you. The Bachelor of Accounting provides students with a multi-skilled accounting degree with strong emphasis on both accounting and financial management, both essential business tools.

Applications close on Friday 18th of October. For more information and to complete the online application click on the link below.

UTS Accounting

Landscape Apprenticeships

Landscape Solutions is holding its annual Apprentice Information Session at their Seven Hills Head Office. This is an opportunity for students to meet the Landscape Solution Team to find out if an apprenticeship in landscaping is the best career path for them. It is also an opportunity to find out where an apprenticeship in this exciting industry can lead.

Registrations are essential. Interested students should visit the link below:

Landscape Apprenticeships Information Session


Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Open Day

Open Day at ADFA is an opportunity for students to see the unique, world class training and educational facility at the Australian Defence Force Academy. Students who are interested in combining a challenging and exciting career in the Australian Defence Force and wish to study a relevant degree are encouraged to attend.

Defence Force Recruiting Sydney will be providing a free bus which will leave from Rhodes and travel to Canberra and return to Sydney.

Date:      Saturday 24 August 2019

Time:      Meet the bus at 6:45am at -

                Defence Force Recruiting - Building F, 1 Homebush Bay Drive, Rhodes

                Bus will return from Canberra to Rhodes at approximately 6:00pm

Location:   ADFA - Northcott Drive, Canberra

Cost:           Free Event

To book a seat on the bus students are to email and advise their name, phone number, email address and the number of seats on the bus they required.

Once you have registered your seats Defence Force Recruiting will send out a confirmation email with all of the details. Places are strictly limited!

Macleay College

Macleay College make offers to their degrees not only on a student’s ATAR. Offers are made also on a student’s involvement in the following areas:

  • Community Service

  • Leadership Roles

  • Sport

  • Portfolio of Work

 Why choose to study at Macleay?

  • Students learn by doing, through project-based learning and real-world briefs 

  • Students get professional experience and industry networks through internship programs

  • Students learn from current industry leading experts

  • Students receive personalised learning in classes of 25 or less

  • Students complete their degree in two years with relevant industry ready skills

Macleay College offers Early Entry into their Bachelor programs. For more information and to complete the online application click on the link below.

Early Entry into a Bachelor Program at Macleay College

Torrens University Australia

Torrens University Australia is part of Laureate International Universities, a leading international  network of quality, innovative institutions of higher education comprising of nearly 70 universities across 23 countries. 

At Torrens University Sydney students can study courses in the following areas:

  • Business

  • Design

  • Education

  • Health

  • Hospitality

  • Project Management

  • Sports Management

  • Technology

Students at Torrens University will complete an industry placement and ongoing work-experience opportunities throughout their course to ensure they are highly skilled and employable upon graduation. These placements are offered throughout Australia and around the world. Students study in small classes under the supervision of industry-experienced lecturers.

Torrens University is a private university and is offering an Early Entry Program. Applications are now open and will close on Friday the 27th of September. Interested students are encouraged to visit the website below and seek assistance from Ms May.

Torrens University Early Entry Program

Bedford College

Established in 1944, Bedford College is a leading training organisation with a reputation for excellence in vocational education. Their industry links and formal university pathways provide graduates with ‘the edge’ in employment and further education success.

Bedford College offers courses in the following areas:

  • Aged Care

  • Business

  • Child Care

  • Community Services

  • Education Support

  • Leadership & Management

  • School Age Care

Open Days will be held on:

Saturday 14 September 9:30am-2:30pm (Glebe Campus)

Saturday 21 September 9:30am-2:30pm (Norwest Campus)

Open Day is a great time to visit the College, view the facilities, talk to teachers as well as past and current students, attend information sessions and seminars, discuss university pathways and payment options. Open Day is an opportunity to generally see what Bedford College has to offer and what makes Bedford different than other training providers.

The University of Notre Dame

On Saturday the 31st of August, The University of Notre Dame will be hosting their 2019 Open Day.

Open Day is an opportunity to get to know the courses on offer at Notre Dame and the Academics that teach them. Prospective students will be able to attend lectures and information sessions to discover which course is right for them. Students will participate in activities across different disciplines such as: 

  • Learn CPR with our School of Nursing 

  • Sit in on a mooting skills workshop with the School of Law

  • Attend a Theatre Production run by the Arts Department. 

Indigenous Engineering Summer School 12th - 18th January 2020

Engineers play a vital role in the way we live. They provide creative and practical solutions that promote positive change and support communities around the world. 

The Indigenous Australian Engineering School is an annual event established by Engineering Aid Australia. Open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students entering Years 10, 11 and 12, the six-day live-in school gives students a taste of engineering as a university course and career. It involves hands-on and challenging activities within the Faculty of Engineering as well as site visits to engineering companies. The summer school will be held at The University of Sydney. 

What does the school involve?

The school is a challenging and exciting week of fun activities to help students discover how amazing engineering really is. Students will meet engineers and find out just how important engineering is to the community. They will get to take part in design work and other hands-on exercises that will develop their new engineering skills. Students will spend each morning trying out different types of engineering activities and in the afternoons go on site visits to engineering companies, where they will find out about the work engineers do and the diverse careers on offer. 

Students will live on the university campus for the six days. This is an opportunity to get a taste of university life and gain a better understanding of engineering as a course and career. 


Participates will also qualify for an Engineering Aid Australia Continuing School scholarship. This is to help with some of the education expenses in Years 10, 11 and 12. For students who are successful in gaining a place at any university in Australia to study Engineering or a related course may be eligible for an Engineering Aid Australia Tertiary Education scholarship.

Interested students are encouraged to download an application form and see Ms May for assistance with their application. All applications need school support.

 Indigenous Engineering Summer School Application


Therese May

Careers Counsellor

Woolies Earn and Learn Promotion

Thank you to everyone for all the support with this promotion. Through your efforts we were able to redeem a total of 15806 points which will be used to purchase STEM equipment to support those areas of work at the College. This will enable an exploration of engineering on a small scale as well as improving numeracy & money literacy.

We will let you know when the items are received and can be introduced to the curriculum.

Coming Events

Monday 19th August

HSC Trials

Year 10 Food Technology Staff Luncheon

Year 12 2019 - 2020 Student Leaders Conference - Gerringong

Year 11 Information, Digital Media and Technology Work Placement

Tuesday 20th August

HSC Trial - Music Practical

Year 12 2019 - 2020 Student Leaders Conference - Gerringong

Year 11 Information, Digital Media and Technology Work Placement

Wednesday 21st August

Year 8 Retreat

Year 10 Food Technology Staff Luncheon

Year 11 Information, Digital Media and Technology Work Placement

Thursday 22nd August

Showcase 2019 - St John Paul II Centre, Senior Campus

Year 11 Information, Digital Media and Technology Work Placement

Friday 23rd August

PDSSSC Dance Gala Day - Joan Sutherland Centre Penrith

Year 12 Geography Enrichment Day - Western Sydney University

NECA Training and Apprenticeship Excursion

Year 11 Information, Digital Media and Technology Work Placement

Monday 26th August

Year 9 Camp

Tuesday 27th August

Year 9 Camp

Year 12 Judaism Incursion

Wednesday 28th August

Year 9 Camp

Thursday 29th August

Year 7 Mass - Polish Chapel

Friday 30th August

Year 8 Mass - Polish Chapel

PDSSSC Athletics Championships

Leadership Teams 2019

College Leadership Team

PrincipalStephen Kennaugh
Assistant Principal Staff and InnovationMrs Gabriela Osterlund
Assistant Principal Teaching and LearningMs Michelle Deschamps
Assistant Principal StudentsMr Nick Thrum
Leader of Learning Religious EducationMrs Kellie Robinson
Leader of Learning Religious Education (Acting)Mrs Theresa Ciantar
Business ManagerMrs Melissa Welch
Principal's Secretary and College RegistrarMrs Julie Sabine

College Leaders of Learning - KLA

Leader of Learning EnglishMrs Marsha Edwards
Assistant Leader of Learning EnglishMr Travis Kolek
Leader of Learning Creative and Performing ArtsMrs Pauline Ryan
Leader of Learning HSIEMr Daniel Camilleri
Assistant Leader of Learning HSIEMr Jarryd Leaves
Leader of Learning LOTEMs Mariko Mizukami

College Leaders of Learning

Leader of Learning DiversityMrs Pauline Xuereb
Leader of Learning TechnologiesMrs Sarah Anzellotti
Leader of Learning SportMr Martin Gillogly

Senior Campus Leaders of Learning - KLA

Leader of Learning MathematicsMs Tracey Thomson
Leader of Learning PDHPE (Acting)Ms Dominique Goldie
Leader of Learning ScienceMrs Caroline O'Hare
Leader of Learning TASMr Bill Robson

Junior Campus Leaders of Learning - KLA

Leader of Learning MathematicsMrs Gilda De Guzman
Leader of Learning PDHPEMr Nathan Weaver
Leader of Learning ScienceMrs Wendy Rudman
Leader of Learning TAS

Mr Michael Said

Leaders of Learning - Pastoral Care

Leader of Learning Pastoral CareMrs Sue Cooper
Leader of Learning Year 7Mr Martin Gillogly
Leader of Learning Year 8Mr David Frankham
Leader of Learning Year 9Ms Melissa Blackwell
Leader of Learning Year 10 (Acting)Mr Rick Lopez
Leader of Learning Year 11 (Acting)Mrs Cassandra Carlos
Leader of Learning Year 12Miss Emily Pett
Careers Counsellor and Publicity OfficerMs Therese May
School CounsellorMs Kerrie Castle

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