Delany College - Granville

Newsletter Term 3 Week 10

Principal's Message

Dear Delany community,

I wish to thank all staff, students and parents for your support this term. We have so much to celebrate academically and culturally. In particular our NAPLAN results indicate significant growth beyond our expectations in reading, spelling and numeracy. We also are extremely grateful for people’s generosity in giving to the Delany Foundation.

We wish Mrs Findlay well in her future endeavours as she leaves us at the end of term. Thank you for all your efforts in the classroom and supporting the school in Debating and Literacy.

Finally, I have included my Principal address at the Year 12 Graduation ceremony which I believe can be a lesson for all students as they end the term and prepare for the next semester:

Walt Disney spent his entire life dreaming. He came from humble beginnings from a stable family with parents that valued hard work, persistence and simplicity. He was known for his imaginative mind and skill in drawing.

Disney faced enormous challenges in his early career from failed business ventures, bankruptcy and lost opportunities. Nonetheless, Disney never gave up on his dreams.

I have included four of his most popular quotes and a comment as to what you can learn from Walt Disney’s life experiences.


1. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Life has you believe that if you comply and be a follower than all will be provided. While we spend most of our time abiding to the rules, we begin to forget what it means to dream. For example, when we dreamed of becoming an author, an explorer, a scientist, and an artist. Most dreamers die due to the pressure of social norms and burden of economic production. Being a dreamer is not easy, you’ll most likely face hardships, have to forgo meals, and constantly worry about next month’s rent. But fulfilling that dream is worth all the hardships. You need to have the courage to take the risk and follow your dreams.


Don’t be a “Wantrepreneur”. That is, someone who wants to build a start-up, but doesn’t actually take the leap. Don’t be the person who would spend hours drawing wire-frames and writing down ideas, while not actually creating a single product. It’s better to simply start. Start creating an incomplete product and learn from doing. The unknown is terrifying and meaningless procrastination always seems like the safe bet. But procrastination is just a Sisyphean stroll inside your own closet.


There’s a certain thrill that comes from beating an impossible level in a game when you were little. And it gets more interesting when you build reusable rockets when everyone disagreed with you. When you’re trying to achieve the impossible you eventually just mute out all the naysayers. Despite all the negative comments one may encounter, all you have to do is provide evidence in the contrary. It’s fun to do the impossible.


It’s hard to imagine nowadays that Groupon started off as a single blog post. That AirBnb started by renting off a single airbed in their apartment. And Instagram simply started off as a photo filter app. “Big things have small beginnings” — Lawrence of Arabia. You don’t have to have a grand plan to start the next unicorn start-up, you just need to start with a small MVP to validate your hypothesis, then scale from there. After all Disney started from a single cartoon of a mouse.


I remember wanting to grow up quickly so I could experience being an adult. Have the freedom of buying what I want, going to the movies on my own and driving my own car. When we grow we become lost in the busyness of adult world and lose that burning passion of wanting and playing with our simple surroundings. I used to be able to spend hours with a simple Lego block. Hours filled with imaginations are now just items in a garage. While growing up has its benefits we mustn’t forget the simple ideas and dreams we had when we were younger.


My challenge for you, Year 12, is to be dreamers and not let your circumstances or other people or negative experiences get in the way of your successes.


Thank you


God Bless

Robert Muscat

Assistant Principal

This newsletter completes Term 3 - whew. I wish all of our families relaxation and recreation and a break from routine. Students: make your family breakfast at least once this holiday!

The Delany community

The highlight of every year is the graduation of the Year 12 students. Yesterday, Tuesday 26 September, we acknowledged the great work this cohort has done and farewelled them from Delany College for the final time (they will, of course, have to return for their HSC examinations). It was a day of tears and cheers; excitement tinged with sadness; future opportunities with reflections on the past. Our Year 12 students made the day memorable as they celebrated with each other and their families.

Congratulations to those many families who had a child graduating yesterday. In particular, I extend a very sincere thanks and our prayers for those families whose association with the College finishes this year. Some have had just a few years, some exactly six high-school years, and several with well in excess of 10 years belonging to the Delany community. To each and every family, and each and every student, we pray for a future filled with hope, service and love.

During the Graduation Mass we also took the opportunity to induct the new student College leaders. Below is the list of leaders for 2020:

College Captains: Toaila Liutai & Charbel El Khoueiry

Formation leaders: Peta Mapapalangi & Charbel Younan

Media leaders: Aisha Kabba & Aydin Kilciler

Events leaders: Izabel Anae & Laura Awad

Campion house: Charles Malkoun                   

Chisholm house: Kaylee Heuving

MacKillop house: Ashleigh Baledrokadroka

Tierney house: Kevin Guo

The academic community 

The good news for our HSC students is that they now have three and a half weeks of preparation before their first examination. Will the exams be stressful? Yes! But students should understand that stress is not necessarily a bad thing. Being stressed is a normal human reaction, and can heighten our ability to respond when under pressure. The problem is that students become stressed about being stressed - and that IS a problem.  When (not if) you are feeling stressed before or in an exam (just like every other HSC candidate at that moment in time), embrace it, recognise it, and accept it as normal… then get on with the job. 

Year 11 students recently completed their end of Preliminary examinations, and their school reports will be published early next term. Within the first few weeks of Term 4 they will officially commence their HSC coursework. From this point every assessment task counts! Do not be complacent in term 4, but begin as you mean to end.

The Patrician community 

One of the lovely traditions we have at Delany is the way that staff farewell our Year 12 students at the conclusion of Graduation Mass. After students have received a lit candle to symbolise their carrying of the light from the Delany candle out to the world, staff form a guard of honour down the centre aisle of the church. As students depart we sing the Irish blessing:

May the road rise up my friend to meet you

May the wind be always at your back

May the sun shine warm upon your face today

And the rain fall soft upon your fields

And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

Summer uniform 

On our return in term four all students should be wearing the College summer uniform. The sport uniform is not an acceptable alternative.

Note that each Tuesday during Term 4 will see students from years 7 to 10 participate in a basketball coaching clinic hosted by the West Sydney Wolves. Students in these year groups are required to wear the sport uniform on Tuesdays.


Please remain proactive in sending your children to school. Term 4 is not a “slack” or unimportant term. I want to repeat that absences quietly but consistently add up. As we have reviewed attendance for Term 3 we have identified a number of students whose attendance rate is around or just below the 90% mark. We looked at the 2018 data for some of these students and have found the same pattern. What does this mean?

It means that students with apparently ‘reasonably good’ attendance rates have actually missed up to one full term of schooling in the past two years. How will these students perform at their best? The answer is - with great difficulty.

St Patrick, pray for us.

Mr Anthony Blomfield

Assistant Principal

Religious Education

Basketball V Priests and Seminarians

A few weeks ago, our students were fortunate enough to verse the Seminarians in a friendly game of basketball. Providing our students the opportunity to interact with men and women who have been called to the religious life is important, as it helps them discern the unique vocation God has ordained for them. We are deeply grateful for the seminarians witness to our students. It was a great game and both teams eagerly await a rematch. 

Why play against students in basketball? 

I think it's necessary to do such things as it puts a human face on the priesthood. Most youth perceive the priest as this mystic figure who spends day and night on his knees in prayer. While there's certainly a need for that, recreation is also essential. In playing basketball against students we want to show the human side of the priesthood. Hopefully there are some students considering the priesthood after such a great event.

Father Chris

Why do you enjoy playing basketball against the priests?

When it was mentioned that we would be playing basketball against the priests we weren’t entirely sure what this meant. After the first game the priests came to play we were in two minds. A priest seemed to be this unrelatable, holy being, how could they play basketball?

That thought led us to question; ‘What does a priest actually do in their spare time?’

We find these matches to be challenging yet rewarding. It is a nice feeling to play against someone not from the school, especially the priests. The unique nature of the event allows us to see they are human and do have hobbies and interests just like ourselves. We hope that we can participate more regularly in events like this.

Brandon Zaiter, Lorenz Valenciano and Altan Unsal 

Year 10 students

Vinnies Van

The first Vinnies Van shift for Year 12, 2020 was on Tuesday, 24 September. Students Aaliyah, Brianna, Dania and Ellah were joined by Mrs Findlay, Miss Ortiz and Miss Katrib to service the van at Mt Druitt and Parramatta. The night was eventful, to say the least, and the girls finished the shift feeling a heightened sense of empathy and desire to help those in the wider community.

Miss Kelsey Ortiz

From The Pedagogical Leader

It was my great pleasure to attend the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta Post School Options " On Track " Presentation on Friday 20 September. 

The two Delany College graduates were Jay Filo and Tevita Latu who were outstanding representatives throughout the duration of the course. Comments from the boys included: “ This was an eye-opening experience as to how different the workforce is compared to school life. At school, we often say we want to enter the work force

but do not realise how difficult work-life really is.” Jay Filo, and  “ I learned what to say in an interview and what clothes to wear to impress a future employer.” Tevita Latu.

On Track is a work preparation course that includes work orientation, effective communications, White Card accreditation, resume writing and job-seeking activities that culminate in a mock interview. Students are then provided with feedback and suggestions to improve in the above areas.

Post School Options provides students with opportunities including “short pre-vocational courses for students in Year 9 and 10, work experience, mentoring, enterprise training, culturally specific supports and vocational education opportunities. Teachers and workplace trainers support students undertaking workplace learning tailored to the needs of the student.” More information may be found at

Ms. Sharon McManus

Teacher Learning Leader - Pedagogy

Year 12 Graduation 2019

From The Year 12 Student Learning Leader

As I’m sure you’ve learnt throughout your time at Delany, sometimes the seemingly simple lessons are the ones that have the most value. For example, the age old saying that “ friends are the family you choose” - is one which I’m sure you’re starting to realise on this momentous day as you say goodbye to the family you have created here at Delany. Even our own school motto “ love serve hope” is simple in words, and yet as you have lived these words throughout your time here at Delany, you know how important these simple words are in living out the Gospel in our everyday actions. So today, I’m going to follow in suite and give you some seemingly simple advice, taken from the childhood author Dr Seuss... 


Graduating class of 2019, today is your day. 

You’re off to great places!

You’re off and away!

You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

Today, we bid farewell to you, Year 12. It seems like just yesterday that you walked through the gates of the College in 2014, yet here we are, gathering to celebrate you, all that you have achieved and the mark you have left on Delany College. 

Let’s take a look back at your journey. 

2014 was an exciting year for you and all of us here. In your oversized blazers, with oversized backpacks and skirts that were actually knee length, you were welcomed into a new learning space by Mrs Rancic and you embarked on a year of great innovation and learning. As scientists, artists, navigators, communicators and designers, you collaborated, created, communicated and critically reflected. I look out at you at all, and see how much you have grown since that time in the “Year 7 Space”. 

In Year 8, you became a little more confident as high school became a little less scary. You were ever enthusiastic, both on the sporting field and in the classroom, giving everything a go. As a group, even then, you certainly had drive, and it was only a matter of time before you started to consider what you could use it for. 

Year 9 was when I had the great fortune of getting to know you better as a group. I have fond memories of our time in the Drama Space. 2016 saw you become representatives of the UN, champions of historical causes, writers of war poetry, backpackers in Sydney and ultimate survivors. 

In 2017, Year 10 was the year for big decisions. All of a sudden you were making decisions that would affect the rest of your life… subject selections, career market days, staying at school, starting a job. You felt more like an adult than you ever had… and sometimes your teachers and I’m sure your parents had to remind you that there was still a lot more growing up to do! Standing at the edge of these big decisions, you looked into Year 11, and graduating still seemed so far away.

As Year 11 students in 2018, you embarked on a new adventure together and became senior students.  Academically you were pushed more than ever before and you had to learn the life skills around balancing school, family and a part time job. You had the opportunity to choose your leadership team that would represent you through your final year at Delany College and at your retreat you started to wonder what kind of a legacy you would leave at the end of 2019. Year 12 still seemed quite far away and I distinctly remember being told by my Modern History class at the time to “lighten up, the HSC is ages away” anytime I made mention of the HSC year. 

Well, here you are. You’ve made it. This year, as a group, you have tackled many challenges together, championed many causes, celebrated your differences and created many memories. Now it is time for you to move into the great unknown, the world beyond the gates of the College and your future. 

Oh the places you’ll go!

You’ll be on your way up!

You’ll be seeing great sights!

You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights.

Graduating class of 2019, as you leave the gates of Delany College today, with your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet... step with care and great tact and remember that life’s a great balancing act. As you begin the next phase of your life, I encourage you to accept the future as a new challenge, always having confidence that you can accomplish all that you set out to do. I ask that you continue to hold close the values of love, service and hope.  


Be your name Ta'a or Tavishi or MJ

Or Taleb Salameh

You’re off to Great Places!

Today is your day!Your mountain waiting.

So...get on your way!

Mrs Renee McCarren

Student Learning Leader

From The College Captain

Good afternoon friends, family, staff and alumni, I stand before you representing the illustrious class of 2019, Christ and Delany College, to tell you what a privilege it has been to serve and represent you as College Captain for 2019. Just like my 73 paged presentation on young drivers and the law, I shall enlighten you on the class of 2019, so strap yourself in for a long journey ahead. 

My motivation has been rooted in my Armenian heritage and migrant culture. I am the proud daughter of two migrants who have worked tirelessly from sunrise to sunset to provide for my sister and I. 

While my sister and I did not reflect the lifestyle of an ideal Australian Family, what I gained was far more valuable. Instead, my family has given me intangible gifts. The gift of a strong work ethic, the gift of resilience and the will to succeed. A phrase that has always inspired me is; “Tun ches grnal pochel ovesneh. Inch bes for znades, anancal ge mernis.”  “You can't change who you are. The way you were born is the way you will die.” A phrase that distinguishes the inherent uniqueness of every individual, and that rather than choosing a path disguised as practicality, we should nurture our own intrinsic gifts. And what my parents have taught me is exactly that, to be a thorn, a thorn in the side of injustice; disruptive, talkative, a distraction, with a passion, that transcends the confines of societal expectations, beyond the school curriculum and beyond standards. 

Current statistics indicate that some of us should not have made it, we come from refugee, migrant and disparate racial backgrounds, yet we made it! Even you Joey. We made it because we chose how to construct meaning from experience, to determine the lense from which we see the world, to be a part of an institution that teaches us how to think, not what to think, to exercise control over our own thoughts, not the thoughts of others. 

They say great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget, yet I have been so blessed to have met all of you and to have watched you grow into the young men and woman you are today.

And while some judged us for not being ripe enough and others rejected us as we were turning rotten, Delany College welcomed us as we were, nurtured us, and made us into better versions of ourselves. 

Therefore whatever we do and whoever we become, we must never forget our Patrician roots, those teachers, mentors and staff administrators that guided us and moulded our identity. Thank you to our educators, who rather than raising their voices over the rustling of our chains, and the weeping of our hearts, took them off, uncuffed us for the systemic ignorance, discrimination and academic poverty we previously experienced. Thank you to those that heard us, beyond our race, religion and gender, those that encouraged and guided us to find our voice, introducing us to the sound of active citizens, the sound of change makers and policy breakers, the sound of people who we are today. For leading us to the stairs rather than the elevator, to be hard workers rather than workers who find it hard. Because to educate requires patience, persistence and creativity. So on behalf of the graduating class we thank you for being the artists of our tapestry, symbolic of the sheer emotional richness of life and the strange patterns it takes on, taking the time to connect the dots to mould a group of educated leaders. 

So I ask the graduating class of 2019, that as you venture into a wider world, to continue opening your hearts and minds to society, to be a thorn and stand out in the crowd; unapologetic, well versed and ready to show people how amazing you all are.

And so, to the class of 2019, whether you are a banana, an apple or a durian or even if you don't identify as a fruit and prefer to be a vegetable, I challenge you to take every opportunity, appreciate every experience, every adversity, every challenge, and take a bite, because the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.

Mary Ghribian

College Captain 2019

Maths Olympiad

The final round for Maths Olympiad was held on Wednesday 11 September for students in Year 7 and 8. These students are commended for their resilience in problem solving over the course of this competition. I am very proud of their efforts and enthusiasm for mathematics!

Miss Kelsey Ortiz

Throughout term 3, a number of students from year 7-8 volunteered to participate in the NSW Olympiad competition.

The Olympiad competition is a math test consisting of a series of 5 questions. This may not sound challenging, though there was a catch. These five questions were really hard, some from senior tests up to year 12!

However, this didn’t stop us from attacking these questions. I myself have greatly improved, along with many others from succeeding, and failing.

To conclude, on behalf of all attendants I would like to thank Miss Ortiz. If it wasn’t for her hard work, dedication, and love for math we wouldn’t of had this beneficial experience.

Khan Salicioglu-Achi 

Year 8 student

The APSMO Maths Olympiad is a competition held in Australia and New Zealand, where students in year 7 and year 8 participate in answering difficult, mathematical problems. Between the 22nd of May and the 11th of September, students in stage 4 volunteered to participate in solving these complicated mathematical problems. Each round, we would receive 5 questions and 30 minutes to complete the test. Even though some questions were hard all the students gave it their best. We attempted each question and felt more confident in our problem-solving abilities. A special thanks to Miss Ortiz for organising the Maths Olympiad and arranging these sessions. Also, congratulations to all the students who volunteered and gave it their best. 

Annie Hara 

Year 7 student

Dear Miss Ortiz,

It was a really good experience in Maths Olympiad, as it was difficult and challenging. I personally love doing challenging things because life is nothing without challenging times and because Maths Olympiad was really challenging I really admired doing it.

I thank you so much for picking me as one of the Olympians and I hope that our school comes first in the APSMO Challenge.

Sehaj Bajwa 

Year 7 student

Mathematica Matters

STEAMpop facilitated the most recent Mathematics Matters workshop held at UTS. They value the intersection between the Arts and STEM: STEAM.

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Pop = curiosity; the spark emerging from learning by making and the experience of creating something beautiful. 

The mathematical concepts underpinning the activities include making patterns and creating structures through the application of geometry symmetry, iteration and glide reflection.

Miss Kelsey Ortiz

On Thursday the 19th of September, a group of Stage 5 students and Miss Ortiz partook in Mathematics Matters in UTS. There, we crafted a flexible shape made of mostly triangles in a cylindrical form. This shape was quite flexible, as it was able to be twisted, squeezed and stretched. We used very precise folding and we punctured holes within the shape. To finish it, we used LED lights to illuminate this shape. After an hour andof maths work, we finished the night with a hefty dinner.

Rhys Ramos 

Year 9 student

Delany Shield Debating Competition 2019

For the past seven weeks, students from St Patrick’s, St Margaret Mary’s, Holy Trinity, OLQP, St Oliver’s and Holy Family competed in the Delany Shield Debating Competition. 

It was wonderful to witness the talent and confidence that each of the teams possessed in terms of their argument structure and public speaking abilities.

Week in and week out, teams attended Delany College and took part in an intense yet friendly debate. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the teams that competed, along with their coordinators for their dedication and involvement this year! 

Thank you also to all of the Delany Helpers that dedicated their time to help set up, adjudicate and assist with the end of round refreshments!

WELL DONE, to St Patrick’s for being the overall winner of the Delany shield Debating Competition for 2019!!!

All the best,

Mrs Misty  Findlay

Tasmania Trip 2019

Delany’s Weekend Exploring Unique Hobart

Several year 10 students from the HSIE and Art faculties attended an excursion to Tasmania from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 September. We caught the early flight, destination Hobart Tasmania. On arrival our first stop was the Mona, (Museum of New and Old Art). This experience greatly enriched our comprehension of topics learned in the classroom and enabled students to decipher the hidden messages in artworks. We then took a historical tour of Port Arthur, where we visited the ruins and we were taught the rich Australian history firsthand,  how we as a civilisation have evolved over time. We concluded the evening with a big group dinner at the Shipwrights Arms. The second day consisted of multiple activities beginning with a visit to Salamanca markets, an opportunity to explore and get a sense of the community and culture, breakfast and some souvenir shopping. The highlight of the trip was visiting Hasting Caves. Through a small forest walk, we arrived at the entrance of the cave, and down 500 steps we were in awe of the crystallised formations that make up this natural phenomenon. We were given the opportunity to touch a 250,000-year-old crystal and explored the beautiful scenery.


Our second evening ended with a ghost tour through Port Arthur. Here we explored the convict grounds at night, visited the second most haunted building in Australia and were fortunate enough to learn about the Australian past and the individuals who altered the course of history. After the 90-minute tour, and a tiring day, we were off back to the motel to rest for our final day. Our final day had sadly come, and the students and teachers drove to two key locations, the first being the oldest Australian bridge which was built by convicts when civilisation began to increase in Tasmania, we were also met with some cute animal friends. Additionally, we attended the oldest Catholic Church in our nation, the intricacy and beauty of this site was undeniable, however, this was sadly our last location before heading to the airport. Before we knew it, we were off and away back to Sydney, where everyone who attended this trip now had an enriched learning experience that benefited their learning and apprehension of topics in both the HSIE and Visual Arts subject areas.


Thank you to Ms Broué, Mrs Akkouche & Mr Waters for all the planning and fundraising efforts that made this trip an unforgettable reality. Also, a big thanks to Mr Muscat for his generosity and amazing bus driving/tour guide skills. If you get the opportunity next year, I highly recommend you go! 


Naomi Habib




PDSSSC Girls Basketball Gala Day

On Monday 16 September students in Year 8, 9 and 10 represented Delany College at the PDSSSC Girls Basketball Gala Day held at Penrith Sports Stadium. This was the first year that Delany has had a girls basketball team, and we were honoured to be there. We played a number of teams, including Caroline Chisholm, Nagle, St Agnes, St John Paul II, St Marks and OLMC. Despite losing each game we played, the day was an amazing experience that we all enjoyed.

Taylor Salloum - Year 10 student

I played 11 games, as I was given permission to help the Intermediate team. For me this day was unforgettable, I had so much fun. It was a day full of laughter and excitement, where we had the opportunity to meet new people. I was surprised about how talented the other schools were and it made me want to be more involved in school sport. I cannot wait to participate in more gala days next year.

Daniella Taouk - Year 8 student

The following students are commended for their efforts on the day; 

  • Junior Team: Jezail Al Qass, Sandra Marqus, Tayyabah Rehman, Lisa Ruwali, Rahima Sankoh, Mariah Sleiman, Suzanne Tannous, Daniella Taouk, Eftalia Temel and Shifah Wahid.

  • Intermediate Team: Justina Boudolh, Bree Hercules, Ashiatu Kamara-Peacock, Begonya Lacin, Mira Fahed and Taylor Salloum.

For the majority, this was the first time that they had played basketball and with each game they competed in good spirit, giving it their all. We are excited for the opportunities that this experience will lead to.

Congratulations to the Junior and Intermediate Girls Basketball Teams.

Miss Kelsey Ortiz and Mr Warren Johnson


On  5 September, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 Delany College students attended the PDSSSC  Futsal Gala Day at Penrith. It was a good day for both junior and intermediate teams, with all people taking part in every game. Our juniors scored in all games although we did not win, our intermediate team won a few games and placed fourth on the ladder. In true Delany spirit, we kept our heads held high and persevered with great sportsmanship. Congratulations to the following students who participated on the day Alex Basha, Ali Barri, Krish Shrestha, Joel Carder, Charbel El-Zreiby, Deng Aguok, Abdul Jalloh, Daniel Kouaider, Nathan Bechara, Joseph Koroma, Anthony Dib, Sharookh Subash, Milad Bilouni, Christian Hatzikalimnios, John Koroma and Umaru Bah

We want to thank Miss Whitfield and Mr Peronance. 

Joseph Koroma

Year 8 Student

Year 12 Visual Arts - Street Art St Peter's to Newtown Walking Tour

To complete the Year 12 Visual Arts Case Study on Street Art students from the 2019 Visual Arts HSC class combed the backstreets of St Peter's and Newtown discovering Sydney's Street Art talent. Four hours of exciting discoveries later it was time for students to head home and off to prepare for the excitement of Graduation week. Over and Out.

Ms Louise Broué

Creative Emergence and Design Leader


Year 7 Music Band

On Wednesday 18 September, our Year 7 Music Band class performed 'Power Rock' and 'Star Wars Theme Song' to their cohort.  Their performance was exceptional!  These students attend rehearsal every Wednesday at 8:40am and practice for 30 minutes as a band.  During these rehearsals, they learn not only how to improve their technical skills but also understand the importance of collaboration and dedication.  They also attend 30 minute private lessons every week to improve their performance techniques, which helps them realise the importance of responsibility and resilience.  The whole Year 7 cohort was so amazed and impressed by their performance that some students gasped 'wow!' at the end.  We are so proud of our band students and are looking forward to more performances throughout the year and next.  Well done Year 7 Band!

Ms Lauren Kwon

Music Teacher

Najem Anoujoum 2019

Magie Fahed, Year 10 student, was a contestant of the singing competition "Najem Anoujoum 2019". The event this year was at the Bryan Brown Theatre and Function Centre, Bankstown. There were 8 finalists that went up against each other in front of a crowd of 200+ people, with the aim of taking the title and winning the prize.

Important Dates

Staff Formation Day-Pupil's free dayFriday 27 September
End of Term 3 Friday 27 September
First Day of Term 4

Monday 14 October

HSC examination period beginsThursday 17 October

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HSC Workshops at Parramatta Library

Parramatta Library will be conducting a full day of HSC Workshops for Years 11 & 12 students on Saturday, 12 October. The workshops are for students studying Chemistry & Maths.


On Tuesday, 22 October we will also be presenting “Get Ahead of the HSC Now!" to show students how to approach Y12 assessment tasks and exam questions.

Also Parramatta & Epping Libraries are providing study space for students

-       Epping Library

-       Parramatta Library


Homework Help is also available throughout our libraries

Upcoming Parish Events